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Live TLK Chat

The Lion King Chat has been closed. My apologies for the inconvenience.

People have been mailing me with complaints about people abusing the chat, acting lewd or immature, etc. XOOM/ParaChat does not support moderators. And yet I've tried out about a dozen other chat systems over the past three years, systems that DO support moderators. But as soon as I switch to one of those, I get tons of e-mail from irate users screaming at me to switch back to ParaChat.

I get yelled at if I change the chat. I get yelled at if I don't change it. I get yelled at if I take it down. I am sick of this.

Many other online Lion King chat and role-playing systems exist. Please see TLK Interactive for links to some of them. Please remember that is primarily a system for hosting web and e-mail and domains for TLK fans, as well as a home for about 500 fan-artists. Those are the reason the site exists. was never supposed to be dedicated to interactive chat and role-play. That's why I took down the Forum a while ago too. With things like that being taken over by other sites, the administrative headache is lifted from me, and other sites get the chance to become central TLK resources in their own right.

Please try The Lion King Chat Homepage for a central chat directory.

I ask for your understanding in this matter, and I thank those who have given me their support so far.
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