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Some of these animated GIF images come from the Lion King Animated Storybook program, in which they are used as storytelling features. They were extracted by Myra Weber, so thanks should be directed to her. :) Others are taken from the film itself and other sources.

      Name                    Size  Description

[IMG] Scar.gif 7k Animated Storybook (Myra Weber) [IMG] pc simba.gif 8k Beerit [IMG] SimbaPounceLetter.gif 10k Animated Storybook (Myra Weber) [IMG] Nala.gif 11k Animated Storybook (Myra Weber) [IMG] poor zazu.gif 11k Beerit [IMG] SimbaNalaButterfly.gif 15k Animated Storybook (Myra Weber) [IMG] hula!!!.gif 15k Beerit [IMG] SimbaZazu.gif 18k Animated Storybook (Myra Weber) [IMG] GrowingUp.gif 23k Animated Storybook (Myra Weber) [IMG] character tablet.gif 35k Beerit [IMG] mufasa talks.gif 44k Beerit [IMG] on bird.gif 44k Beerit [IMG] nala drinks.gif 49k Beerit [IMG] say that.gif 53k Beerit [IMG] simba's reflection.gif 60k Beerit [IMG] scar talking.gif 63k Beerit [IMG] crazy ed.gif 65k Beerit [IMG] simba listening.gif 66k Beerit [IMG] timon dancing.gif 74k Beerit [IMG] rafiki talks.gif 79k Beerit [IMG] Timon-Moore.gif 81k [IMG] sad simba.gif 86k Beerit [IMG] step down.gif 96k Beerit [IMG] SimbaWind.gif 99k José Pérez De Castro [IMG] look harder.gif 104k Beerit [IMG] loop.gif 114k Beerit [IMG] simba sees ghost.gif 138k Beerit [IMG] them!.gif 143k Beerit [IMG] scar singing.gif 171k Beerit [IMG] scared simba.gif 191k Beerit [IMG] hug.gif 194k Beerit [IMG] looong fall.gif 265k Beerit

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