Posted by: Ashley (
Date: Mon Sep 5 14:54:45 2011
Hi. I found 2 sightings.
The first one appeared in a book called Garfield goes to the movies. It is a parody called "The Lyin' Around King". The people called "Snack Previews" gave it one paw, which means "Gagger". They said the only good part was when the meercat and warthog stole the show from the snoozing star. Yes, they spelled "meerkat" M-E-E-R-C-A-T! They might have been Timon and Pumbaa spoofs. The bad part was that inane songs got stuck in their heads. Really funny! And then after the pros and cons, they say "A cure for insomina" or something similar.

The second sighting was on my brother's eletronic keyboard he gave to us! Song 4 was Can You Feel The Love Tonight (Lion King Theme). I was shocked, even though I don't remember the full song, I only remember most parts of the chorus, but they are blurry, because I was not born when the first movie came out. I was born in the year Simba's Pride came out, but anyway, the song played on the radio many times.