Posted by: mimitchi33 (
Date: Sun Feb 5 20:03:27 2012
I would like to correct Meerkat Lover about the circle of life being first used in The Land Before Time. The book Tuck Everlasting probably invented the circle of life (The book was made in 1975). You see, the book revolves around a family who drank spring water and were given the ability to live forever. A girl named Winnie Foster stumbles upon the family while running away from home. One part of the book had the father, Angus Tuck, taking Winnie out rowing on a boat, and they talk about the "wheel of life". Tuck talks about everything living thing moving in a circle, and he compares himself to a rock, since he can't die. So, my guess is that the person who did Land Before Time read Tuck Everlasting to get a simple idea of the circle if life.