Posted by: Princess Fine (
Date: Wed Feb 29 20:59:02 2012
I have a couple of sightings, many of them involving covers of Hakuna Matata.
On one of the Reggae For Kids albums, one of the songs is Hakuna Matata.
On a 1994 UK Disney TV Special, someone sang Hakuna Matata.
On the album Mannheim Steamroller Meets the Mouse, one of the songs is Hakuna Matata.
Both the Baha Men and Debby Ryan did Hakuna Matata for DisneyMania
On the online game PonyIsland, I was looking at a CMC Marathon when I saw that one of the ponies was named "Simba"! How cool is that?
On one Animaniacs episode I saw, they did a spoof on the opening sequence of Lion King.
In the movie Chicken Little, they try to find a different way to open the movie, one of them being "The Circle Of Life".
In an episode of Green Wing, the character Sue White sings the song after giving birth to a lion herself, parodying the opening sequence.