Posted by: Momo-chan (
Date: Wed Jul 11 15:29:08 2012
I have 3 sightings, the last two I found were all in one day!

The first sighting was in a Huggie's commercial for their new Hawaiian diapers. Towards the end, a Hawaiian guy holds a baby the same way Rafiki held Simba.

When I went to see "Katy Perry: Part of Me", I saw a bit of the cinema's preshow. One thing they had was a trivia game. The question was "Which of these animated films were the first one to be nominated for Best Picture?" and one of the choices was "Lion King". The answer, of course, was Beauty and the Beast!

The final sighting was when I looked on the website for the movie "Garfield Gets Real", and in one of the "articles", it said this when it mentioned the two live action Garfield movies: "By the way, did you know that A Tale of Two Kitties was the most popular animated feature EVER released in China?! It's true. More popular than The Lion King!"