Posted by: Masika (
Date: Thu Nov 16 20:02:50 2000
I found Lion King in my math book too! It was a timeline and in 1994 it said "Disney uses similar cartoon figures to create scenes of jungle animals in the Lion king" or something like that. then later on in the book, it has a picture of Simba and Scar in the gorge! cool!

Posted by: Sasha (
Date: Sat Nov 18 12:18:20 2000
The first page of chapter 3 in my math book contains a "chapter project" on movie ticket sales. There, among pictures of ET, Star Wars and Jurassic park is one containing the 3 hyena, Scar, Timon, Pumbaa, and above all, (young) Simba and Mufasa! Needless to say, I almost flipped when I saw it.

Posted by: nat (
Date: Sat May 19 18:45:04 2001
I saw this a long time ago last year, but, I had a math book and in the middle of class I decided to turn it throughout the pages and at the end pages it had Simba on top of Mufasa looking at the stars.At the end of the book someone graffitied "The Lion King lives on!" LOL

Posted by: Natalie (
Date: Wed Jun 5 00:49:26 2002
I want to make this more clear from what I posted last
I saw the certain math book, and it has the famous picture of Simba and Mufasa gazing at the stars..^_^ And yes it did say what I said before, and it also had (as it was a math book) The best movies in gross..or had TLK as one of the top sellers..:D I guess my middle school does have a certain appeal..:)
If you ever have 8th grade math, try looking through your text books. Maybe your school has the same books. =) Give it a never know..;)

Posted by: Nick Settle (
Date: Fri Jun 25 03:31:24 2004
I was bored in my math class, and I was browseing the pages, when I came across a picture of TLK, along with other movies that made a bunch of money. They said that TLK made over 4 million bucks.