Posted by: Beth Baisch (
Date: Fri Jun 21 15:59:37 2002
There are a few here, all of which have been floating in my head for quite a few years now:)

#1. On some likely forgotton, short lived TV show with a name I don't remember, some kid was annoying his older sister. She said "If you don't cut that out I'll tell everyone you wear Lion King underpants!" so some other guy there was like "So what's wrong with that?" and she replies "He wears them backwards so that Mufasa's on the front"

#2. Back during the Pog craze, when I lived in Calgary, there was a news report on the game. In one scene they showed a store's selection of Pogs for sale, and there were quite a few Lion King ones!

#3. In some issue of National Geographic from a few years back, there is a pic in it somewhere of a little girl playing in an inflatable pook, holding a toy of adult Simba.