Posted by: Pegasuss (
Date: Tue Jan 7 23:36:04 2003
Oh, please say it isn't so. There is now a cereal out called "Mud and Bugs" which had bug shaped marshmellows in it. On the cover, in front of a vivid green jungle, sit Pumbaa, Timon, and a puzzled looking cub Simba. There's a game on the back , although I didn't get a chance to see it. A tribute to coming out on IMAX? The makers are listed as "Kellogg and Disney".

I'll admit, TLK is a seller, but who presicly is the targeted buyer for a cereal named "Mud and Bugs"? Yuck. Talk about muddled advertizing strategies.

An interesting note, but the characters on the box all appear to be on model, except they are all darker than they appeared in the movies.