Posted by: Icer (
Date: Wed Jan 8 09:16:02 2003
About a year ago, I saw the van of a tradesperson (a plumber maybe) when I was driving past in a speeding car. Every square inch had been painted with an enormous Lion King mural. There was a savanna and sky and Mufasa and young Simba and Nala and I think a few other characters (Rafiki? Sarabi? Zazu?).
When I was in 8th grade (1996), in Music, we got to play songs in class - people who could play 'real' instruments did so, and everyone else played the glockenspiels. All the songs were really old ones, except 'Can You Feel The Love Tonight' (Elton John version). The whole class loved to play this song the best. When we got a substitute teacher, we told her we had to 'practice' it, and played it and one other song we liked over and over the whole lesson.
Go to the zoo and look at a meerkat exhibit. If you stay there for any length of time, someone will eventually say 'Oh, that's that little thing from The Lion King'! or 'That's Timon!'. (Except the time when someone said 'Look, there's a warthog!')
Also, has anyone mentioned the popularity of people naming their cats Simba? I saw a top 10 list of Australian cats names, and Simba was still on it (though I'm not sure if it meant new cats' names, or names of cats which were kittens around the movie time.)