Posted by: ActionWolf ( ,
Date: Mon Feb 17 10:32:53 2003
Its been a while since I stepped foot in these lands! Heh. Anyway, wanted to all let you know how I spotted a kiosk (sales cart) In a local flea market consisting of abour 4 or 5 tables and a cart, in the city of Woodbridge, New Jersey, (Zip 07095) selling the elements of a compilation collected by one of the BIGGEST TLK freaks I've ever known, owning over 100,000 peices of odds and ends Relating to The Lion King. She stated:

"[I dont know,] since my husband passed away, I really had no lust or care to [collect] any more... even though its the one thing I have put all my heart and soul into. I just dont have that drive any more... [Hey,] Pez Dispensers 2 for $5!"

I feel sorry for Lady Sue, but I really hope she will be okay. Its a shame that someone can lose another and just forfeit all they cared about along side him/her, plus I think she needs the money now and she sees this as an expendable proposition.