Posted by: Meg (-------@------------)
Date: Sun Aug 10 14:28:04 2003
OH NO!!!! ITS ALL OVER!! NEMO'S #1!!! Okay, I'll calm down- on top ten animated movies list TLK was #1 for almost 10 years- but now Finding Nemo's replaced it (I warned you). Oh well, there's always video sales...

I saw an ad for a Disney Adventures Magazene (in Disney Adventures...duh)for a specail (SP?) issue. It was a LION KING collectors issue- with Simba, Nala, ect. on the cover and all! But it's only in stores so it won't come in my mail... geuss I'll just have to buy it. ON SALE THIS SEPTEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went to a cartooning class and there was all these movie, comic and TV characters draw on large paper hanging on the wall. One paper had Scar and a TLK hippo on it- only Scar didn't have his scar. I corrected the guy (Sir Wacky, if you'll believe it) on this and one other thing on a PowerPuff Girl. And this was a proffesonal cartoonest...

Plus every once in a while Disney Adventures has a TLK comic.


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