Posted by: Simba (
Date: Sun Oct 5 12:06:39 2003
Ok theres two sort of tv show sightings here.

1) I discovered that in the Nascar Winston Cup there are two cars made by dodge. As you may know dodge is a strong sponser of disney. And with the Special Edition of TLK coming out in 2 days, its a prime oppertunity. Both cars will display paint schemes from the lion king! Anyway car #9, driven by Bill Elliot, will feature asult simba (i think its the better of the two), and car #19, driven by Jeremy Mayfield, will featyre Timon and Pumbaa. Apperantly they have been racing all weekend (Oct 3-5 is race weekend for Winston Cup Banquet 400). However I also heard that they were onlr racing today (Oct 5). Almost the only place youl find any auto racing is on channels like Speed and XPS (extra channels). BUT if u want to c it the race is on for 3 and 1/2 hours sarting at 10 am Pacific time on NBC!!!!!
That means, from this point now... Its comes on in 1 hour and 3 minutes! Find those remotes, people! (ironically just before i wrote this i discovered the nascar press realease on this website, and then relized thats where i first found out about it)

The second (whew that was long) is a tidbit I noticed from TLK. During the song "CYFtLT" simba runs up behind nala and jumps in the water. Shes looking for him, but from under here he pulls her in. She gets out, about to have a nervous breakdown but when Simba comes out she pushes him back in. Hres the cool part. I noticed that when simba comes out of the water (with his hair straight so you cant see his eyes) he distinctly reminds me of Ozzy Osbourne! Anyone see that resemblance too?

Thats it for now. I really enjoy this site. Im going to be posting a big message on the guest sign-in on things i want to talk about TLK.