Posted by: Dev (xx@x.x)
Date: Sun Nov 23 16:49:58 2003
HI! I have something really good! here goes:
first,my school newspaper had this small section of the 4 favorite movies this issue,rated from 2 to 4 stars,and with a short description of the movie.the movies were Holes:4 stars,daddy day care:4 stars,kim possible:2 stars,and lion king,3 stars.the description for lion king doesn't really match up with the movie,but I'll put it here anyway:
the lion king
3 stars
lions going through strength,love,and the power of fun and
also,once I saw an episode of disney's house of mouse where mickey's phone breaks and he has to go to the phone company with donald and goofy to get a new one.there are lots of rooms in there,and one of them has alot of cable-wire things.donald is trying to plug them into this circuitboard thing,but they keep coming unplugged because mickey is trying to plug the wire into another circuitboard.donald gets frustrated and ends up getting tangled until the wires cover up his whole body.goofy walks up to him and says to mickey,"looks like donald's the LINE king!"