Posted by: Stahi (
Date: Tue Aug 31 15:01:51 2004
There was an article in the Washington Post about LaVar Arrington, a linebacker for the Washington Redskins, and how he's become such a good influence to the community and such. Basically a bio about what kind of person he is. Page 3 of the article lists what he listens to when his nerves get the best of him:

"As confident and at ease as Arrington appears in front of the camera, he has a nervous core. That shy kid is still inside of him, and even speaking to a group of youngsters can give Arrington fits. His hands get clammy and his stomach churns. The anxiety is similar to the feeling that can overwhelm him before games.

Michael Arrington has seen his son become "a bundle of nerves" and said he listens to music ranging from "The Eye of the Tiger" to the theme from "The Lion King" to focus before a game or appearance, trying to relax. "He wouldn't want me telling you about 'The Lion King,' " his father said, "but he uses music from various movies or situations that are inspirational to kind of get that little oomph you need to go out and meet the challenge before you."

Sweet. Circle of Life.

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