Posted by: Kai Cubster (
Date: Wed May 11 05:44:39 2005
In the book by Erin Collie, the one who wrote the Artemis Fowl series, in one of her latest books 'Benny and Bebe'.

The two main characters Benny ( a Boy) and Bebe (a Girl) are two teemage kids from a fishing town in Ireland, are forced by Benny's Mum (a city person) to do a play in attempt to inject some culture into their country bumpkin mimds, Benny is dismayed as hes has to kiss Bebe in the play after a 'Can you steal my Blood tonight' Scene, in front of the whole town.

Also before that there is a disco in an near by town where the music alternates between the pop music that the City kids like and the heavy metal that the country kids enjoy, each group goes on and off the dance floor as the music changes and so goes on 'the great metal circle of life' as Benny puts it.