Posted by: Akida (
Date: Sat Sep 30 00:43:22 2000
Earlier this school year in Algebra 2 we were assigned our textbooks. When our teacher told us to open up to page 14 to start an assignment, my friend pointed at a picture in the book. Sure enough, I looked at the picture and it was a parody of the cover of TLK, only it said "The Line King", you know, as in linear equations. Cute.

Posted by: Alexandra (
Date: Wed May 11 16:49:23 2005
In my 8th grade Algebra I book, it had a picture of Simba and Rafiki in that scene when Simba's saying "You knew my father?" and Rafiki says "Correction:I KNOW your father."

I wish I could've torn out that page and kept it....