Posted by: Reepacheep (
Date: Sat Mar 3 07:17:48 2001
Starting from a week before, and leading up to when Simba's Pride was released in the UK (1st March), 95.8 - Capital FM (a very popular London radio station) was (to my utter delight!) the "Official Simba's Pride Headquarters". They held a competition to win holidays to go on Safari, and other goodies. The competition involved all the names of The Lion King cast and other African animals - you had to stop the "Circle of Life" when it reached a certain name or word. The radio station (the breakfast crew in particular) are also a big fan of the Lion King musical, as they sang its praise when they went to see it on its opening night! (I have also caught them using the pan flute bit of COL and the instrumental segment to CYFTLT from the The Lion King musical as backing music to several 'chatty' bits!! )