Posted by: Dusky (
Date: Mon May 14 16:36:09 2001
Okay, the other day I was doodling in my text book(whoops) during math and then the teacher says: "Okay the CRES tests are coming up soon" and we all stared at her and she said "Hakuna Matata!" and then the class laughed. I went back to doodling and in my mathbook there was a picture of two ticket stubs from TLKoB!
Then when I went to see Joel Grey LIVE at the Weinberg Center for the Arts(the local theatre here) he was making fun of a lot of things and one of the things he said was "Hakuna Matata, no worries...hah! You're supposed to say that and have no worries! Hakuna Matata! I have worries! That doesn't work blah!"
If you play the game HM64(Harvest Moon 64) there's this festival called the Firefly Festival. They celebrate the return of lost souls and Karen or Popurri say "Our ancestors are watching over us from those stars" what scene does it make YOU think of?