El Rey Leon: The Prequal

                                                               Part Three













Taka, Shasa, Sara,Asha, and Shanni walked out of the birthing cave, and down pride rock to lounge in the shady area at the back of Pride Rock. "Asha and I will be here if you need us" Shanni told Taka, Shasa,and Sara, who nodded. "Where's Muffy?" Sara asked. "With my parents" Taka said. Sara went up there to get him. Taka and Shasa smiled at one another. Taka touched her shoulder, and the chase was on. Taka stopped in the outer pridelands, far away from Pride Rock, when Shasa snucked up behind him and pounced. Taka rolled onto his back and looked up at her. She smiled. They nuzzled for a minute. "We could get into trouble once our parents find out we practiced to see what it was liked" Shasa said, bumping her nose against Taka's nose. Taka smiled,knowingly. His father would never let him see Shasa if he found out about what happened between them, and shouldnt have happened until they were full grown. "Would you want to do it again in the near future?" Taka asked Shasa, who nodded and licked his muzzle in a deep sign of respect and love. "How about right now?" she asked him, rolling over. "Taka, look" Shasa said, touching his neck, and lower throat. "What?" Taka asked. "Your beginning to spout a mane" Shasa said, proudly. He smiled. "Our pledge is almost near Shasa" Taka said. 



unknown to them,their mothers watched in horror, at a safe distance. "Their love runs deep, very deep,so deep that they would take the time to find out what bines a lioness to a lion" Akase commented. "Ahadi can not find out" Shanni said. "Their almost grown, why didnt they wait?" Shanni asked Akase, who shook her head. "If the king finds out, he will ban them, and they wont be pledged" Shanni said. Akase nodded, knowing that was the tradition, for lionesses and lions who mated before their intended pledge. That is why she and Ahadi never did before their pledge. But it was obvious Shasa and Taka couldnt wait, and they hadnt wanted to either from the looks of it. They slunk back to Pride Rock, and as they neared the massive structure, they straighetn up, and made their way up to the summit to watch for Shasa,and Taka, who were going to be the king and queen of the pridelands after Muffy, and Sara, if they had no heirs when they died, than after Taka, would come Chako, and if he had no heirs, Roo, and if he had no heirs, Mohatu jr. Now hopefully he had heirs. But if Muffy had heirs, they would rule, and if Muffy's cubs had no heirs, it would go back to Akase's line of cubs. First Taka, then Chako, than Roo, and then finally Mohatu jr. Night was beginning to blanket the pridelands. Suddenly, Shanni pointed. Shasa and Taka were making their way to the summit, wrestling around it appeared. Shanni and Akase made their way to the base. They could hear Shasa and Taka purring, loudly. Shanni cleared her throat. "Oh mom" Shasa said,bumping heads with Taka, her mate. "You scared me" she addded. "I bet I did. Did you have fun together?" Shanni asked, her voice revealing that she knew what had happened between them. Taka smiled, not at all embarressed. Shasa smiled as well, not exactly embarressed either. Shanni scowled at this, slightly annoyed with the fact that neither of them were embarressed. She turned and began making her way to the cave. Akase smiled at them, happy with the fact that they chose each other, but  not pleased with the fact that they didnt wait to mate. "Come on. We're going to bed" Akase told them. Taka and Shasa followed Akase into the cave. They watched as Akase laid down next to Ahadi. They made their way to their usual spot, and laid down to sleep.




Come on...



The next morning Shasa awoke. She wasnt with a child, she just had headache. "Shasa where's Papa?" Roo asked. Roo was the second of the triplets, and her favorite. Taka liked  spoiling  them, a thing he would surely do with their cubs one day. Roo was betrothed to Sarabi. Mohatu was betrothed to Tanga. The oldest of the three cubs was Chako, and he was betrothed to Finny, Sarafina her full name was. Suddenly, Chako, and Mohatu Junior appeared with Finny, and Seri. "Hello you guys, what are you up to?" Shasa asked. Sara came in then. Shasa smiled at her. Her smile widen when Taka came in. Taka walked up, and laid down beside her, licking her ear, and muzzle affectionately. She purred. Chako, Roo, and Mohatu giggled at this. Taka smiled. He remembered being their age. Actually, he and Shasa were very mature for their age. Muffy and Sara were still not comfortable with the fact that they were mates,and expected to produce heirs to the throne. They would grow into it. He pawed Shasa's neck, playfully, and she smiled privately at him. They got up, and exited the cave. They saw Ahadi and the rest of the lionesses on the summit talking, about something, that seemed very serious, and important. "Taka, Shasa, come here please" the king called, from high above their heads. Taka glanced up, while Shasa seemed to be reading the king's thoughts. "Coming Father" Taka said, hurrying to the summit, with Shasa by his side.




We'll Praise Your Name...




Ahadi and Akase were sitting around on the summit with the rest of the pride talking about his.. manlament taking place very soon. "Son, your father and I have been planning your manlament, and it will take place tomorrow, your mane is in full bloom, and you Shasa are a full grown lionness, a member of the pride, since your hunt three nights ago, congratulations again" Akase said. "Thank you your majas-" Shasa began to say. "No, Akase is fine" the queen said. Taka smiled. "Did Sara have hers?" Taka asked. "No she and Muffy are still not in tune with the fact" Ahadi said. "And if they are still not comfortable, you and Shasa will become the new heirs in their place after Akase and I go on to heavan" Ahadi said. Taka's mouth dropped open. Shasa gasp. "Can you really do that Ahadi?" she asked. He nodded yes. "So tomorrow is fine son?" Ahadi asked his heir. Taka and Shasa rubbed heads, while Akase and Ahadi looked on surrounded by Shanni, Asha, Seria, her cubs, Sarafina,Sarabi, and Tanga, who giggled. "Hush you three" Seria told them sternly. "That will be you one day" Seria explained, but they werent paying attention. Seria rolled her eyes. Taka and Shasa left, probably to be alone. Ahadi left to go patrol and offered Finny,Seri, and Tanga to come, sensing they wanted to have a adult conversation. "So Akase" Asha said, once they were gone.

To You Be The Glory...





The next morning Taka stirred awake hearing his father roar,knowing he was calling the animals to Pride Rock for his manlament. Muffy and Sara were so uncomfortable with the idea of producing heirs and being mates while he and Shasa were so comfortable with the idea,and each other. He nudged her  awake. "Mm Taka" she answered. "It's time" he said. She was on her feet rather quickly. They smiled at one another, and headed to the waterhole for some refreshing up, before the ceremony began. "Good morning Prince Taka"  a  monkey said, smiling at Shasa, who smiled back. "Good morning Chaka" Taka said to the monkey. "Taka, Shasa hurry up" Ahadi said, from high atop Pride Rock. The animals cheered. His brothers Chako,Roo, and Mohatu were watching very closely. Their betrothals Sarafina,Sarabi, and Tanga, stood next to their mother Seria, who smiled at Taka. Taka took his place next to his father Ahadi, and his brother Muffy, who still did not yet have his manlament. Shasa took her place next to Taka's mother Akase. Her mother Shanni stood watching with the rest of the pride. Sara's mother Asha was standing to Shanni, and Sara who watched as to see how Muffy's would go. Rafiki dipped his finger into the gord, and annoited Taka's forhead with the juice, and dust. Taka sneezed, and everyone roared with laughter. Ahadi held up his paw for silence. Ahadi spoke to the pride and animals present, then told his son to bit his throat. Taka, crying a little bit, did as he was told. "To you be the glory forever my son" Ahadi said. The animals cheered, just as they  did  that day so long ago when he was presented to the kingdom as their future king. Taka kissed his father, and mother goodbye, then went up to Shasa and kissed her goodbye as well. He turned to leave, and he roared with a happy feeling now that he was on his way.





Light of the world...






Ahadi and Akase watched as their three youngest sons played with thier betrothals. Their manlaments were a long way off. Ahadi and Akase were happy with that. Akase spoke in a quiet tone to her mate, when they suddenly heard a roar, and feet pounding against the earth. They smiled. Chako,Roo,Mohatu,Sarafina,Sarabi,and Tanga cheered. Taka was back. They ran out to greet him.  Shasa laughed watching Chako,Roo,Mohatu,Finny,Seri,and Tanga climb all over him. She stood on the summit with the king watching the seven of them wrestling. "Boys come back" the king called his three youngest to his side. He nodded to Shasa. Shasa made her way down to the base and to Taka, who waited slightly impaitently. "Hey" she purred. He smiled,and they walked off together.








Shasa touched Taka's shoulder,and the chase was on. Taka laughed as he tried to keep up with her. Shasa laughed as well. "Come on! I'm waiting" Shasa called, running to their spot. She stopped, and smiled at Taka behind her, who had that look in his eyes. It paid off well she knew.pregnant Shas" he told her. "Probably" she told him, her eyes glowing with love. He kissed her nose, and they began to fall asleep, Taka cuddling her to him. 




Our father...






Taka,and Shasa walked back to Pride Rock, seeing Ahadi at the top, a solum and almost worried espession on his face. He glanced and saw them. "Hello Taka, and Shasa" he called down to them. "Hello father!" Taka shouted up to him. Shasa bumped noses with her mate. "We must talk" Ahadi said, as they made their into the cave. "Both of you" he said. Taka and Shasa walked around the bend, and up onto the summit,which revealed the entire kingdom. "What is it?" Taka asked. "Taka, Muffy and Sara, I really dont think want to rule the kingdom, actually they dont, they told me so" Ahadi explained. "So who's gonna rule?" he asked. "You and Shasa" Ahadi said. Taka smiled, deeply honored, while his mate stood beside him shocked, and elated. "Does the kingdom know?" Shasa asked. Ahadi nodded yes. "Ok thanks for telling us father" Taka said, smiling as he and Shasa made their way down to the royal cave. Ahadi smiled, and turned back to the summit, wondering what was to become for his firstborn.





With New Eyes...




Months came and went, soon Taka and Shasa would give birth to their first child. Ahadi and Akase were quite pleased. One morning, Shasa woke with a start, relizing it was time. She shook her mate awake. "Taka. Get Rafiki. it's time" she said. He nodded and hurried off, roaring to the king and queen that their grandchild was on the way,and to Muffy, and Sara who had just got married, but to late to become the next lion rulers of the pridelands. "There's three,Taka" Rafiki said,smiling at the shocked lion.   Rafiki came quite quickly, and delivered Shasa of triplets. "Two boys, and a girl Taka" Rafiki announced to the stunned lion. "Taka" Shasa purred, rolling onto her side, so their children could eat. The couple nuzzled, as squeaks filled the air. Chako, Roo, and Mohatu were getting bigger, but still their manlaments were a long way off. They came to look at their nephews and neice. Ahadi and Akase smiled. "Father when do you wish to present them?" Taka asked. "As soon as you and Shasa choose who becomes the next lion king, athough their all heirs. "Well father, we've havent named them yet" Taka said, with a laugh. Shasa looked up and smiled. "Let's leave them alone" Ahadi ordered Roo,Chako,Mohatu,Akase,Muffy, and Sara. Everyone left. "What do you think for him?" Shasa said, indicating the one that had three spots running down the middle of his back. "Mm. Thembi. It means spot" Taka said. Shasa nodded. "I like it" she said. He smiled. "What about him?" Taka asked, indicating the one that had the black around his ears. "Mm. How about Nuko. it means hope, I think" Shasa said. "And what about our daughter?" Taka asked. "Mm.How about Elanna for your sister, or Ava?" Shasa asked. "Ava sounds good" Taka said, rather quickly. Shasa narrowed her eyes thoughtfully. "No, I think the mention of your sister bothers you" Shasa said. Taka looked away. "It's ok. You have the right to be bothered by it"Shasa told her mate. Shasa smiled suddenly. "Go get your father, and tell him we have names" Shasa said. "We need to decide who becomes the next Lion King" Taka said. Shasa nodded. "Well it's either gonna be Nuko or Thembi" she said. He nodded. "Father!" Taka called. Ahadi came quickly. "We have names" Taka told him. "The one with the three spots is Thembi. The one with the black around his ears is Nuko, and our daughter is Ava" Taka said, proudly. One of the lionesses is having triplets in a few days, they will have betrothals" Ahadi said. "Now who is the next future king, my son?" Ahadi asked. Taka and Shasa traded a look. Nuko, and Thembi looked up at him. "Nuko" Taka said, finally. "Are you sure,honey?" Shasa asked her mate. He nodded, his eyes still closed. "Kisha has her cubs. Two girls and a boy. Their names are Isha,Ashaki,and Jabari" Akase told everyone. They smiled. "Thembi, and Nuko will be betrothed tomorrow, and Ava will be betrothed right now" Shasa said, after she and Taka had decided. "Jabari means fearless, dont it Ahadi?" Shasa asked. he nodded. Shasa smiled. "Lucky you Ava" Shasa told her infant daughter, who squeaked in response to her mother. Taka smiled at his girls. His sons however were trying to crawl around. "These two boys of yours Taka, dont want to stay still" Akase told her son. Taka smiled. "Your right mom. they dont" he said.  

Looking Through The Eyes Of Love...






Taka,Shasa,King Ahadi, and Queen Akase went over to the birthing to cave to see Kisha's triplets. Her two sons and her only daughter. "What are their names Mom?" Taka asked, gripping Thembi by his scuff. He and his wife Shasa traded a look. Shasa tighten her grip on Nuko, while the queen carried Ava as gentle as possible. They heard Kisha's mate laughing at one of the cubs. Kisha's mate was a rogue lion by the name of Jarhari, he was very nice and gentle, very funny as well. "Hello Kisha" Ahadi said, smiling as best he could since he still held Thembi in his mouth. "Come in and meet the children" Kisha said. "Well what are their names?" Shasa asked, setting Nuko down near one of the female cubs. "This is Isha" Kisha said, pointing to a female cub, who was crawling around on her belly. Her belly was very light, and her eyes were purple, and she had a white spot in the middle of her back. Shasa watched as Isha made her way to Nuko. Taka remembered his and Shasa's first meeting. She had bit him on the foot. He still had the scar from that day. Taka smiled remembering. Shasa noticed and smiled as well. "What's so funny?" she asked. "This is Ashaki" Kisha said,pointing to the cub that was playing on her mate's back. Eveyone laughed as the cub bounced on Jarhari's stomach, rolled to the middle of the floor,crashing into Thembi, knocking him down. "Looks like Nuko and Thembi found their mates" Taka whispered to his wife, who smiled. "Well depends on who you wish to betroth Thembi or Nuko to" Shasa pointed out. "We get to choose, they dont, if they choose that breaks tradition. "Remember you were betrothed to Tangi, but then she died, and you became betrothed to me" Shasa told Taka quietly. He smiled, remembering. "But she choose you as well" Shasa said. "Who have you decided to betroth them to?" Ahadi asked. "Thembi is betrothed to Isha" Taka said, noticing how his older son was getting along with Isha, and how Nuko kept biting her ear. "Nuko is betrothed to Ashaki" Shasa said. "And Ava is betrothed to Jabari" Shasa said, noticing how Jabari and Ava were sitting quietly together in the corner watching everything with interest. Ava yawned, and Jabari cuddled her to him with his little paws. Shasa and Taka smiled. "Look at that" Taka said. Ahadi,Akase,Jarhari,and Kisha smiled.





I believe...






As Nuko,Thembi,Ava,Isha,Ashaki,and Jabari grew,Chako,Mohatu,and Roo were nearing their manlaments,and pledges to Finny,Sari,and Tanga. Sari and Roo,like Muffy,and Sara didnt wish to marry. Ahadi tried to explain if something happened to Chako and Finny someone would need to take over, if they didnt have any offspring. "Taka you must talk to your brother" Ahadi told him one evening as they sat atop Pride Rock, patroling the kingdom. Down below,Taka's son Nuko was trying to pounce on a bug. Jabari and Ava were sitting together quietly, having a intense conversation. Taka's children were now four months old. His brothers' were getting up there. They were almost adults, their manes were just begining to come in,while Finny,Sari,and Tanga's fur were changing from fluffy coats to sleek pelts,and bodies for hunting with the pride. Finny was nearing her first season, and it was making his younger brother, Roo's head spin. So Zazu was chaperoning her everywhere. "Taka" a female voice called. "Back here, under the shade of the barbados tree" he answered. He glanced up as his wife came near, and laid down beside him, keeping him warm. He licked her ear, and she smiled. "I finished talking with Finny, she told me  she wishes Roo was her mate to be, not Chako" Shasa told Taka. Taka grunted in response. Something was wrong Shasa knew. He always had a answer even if he wasnt feeling well. But he was perfectly okay. She pawed his neck. He rolled on his side,grunting in response. She got a idea. She lay on her stomach, her paws in front of her,waiting for her mate to get up. Sure enough, he got up, and as he crossed over her,her hind leg shot out,tripping him,and causing him to land on her back. As she pretended to get up, she felt his nose slip,and a puff of air chill her behind for a second. He was aroused. She got up and made her way down the back of Pride Rock, and into the tall grasses. Taka smiled, and followed his mate. She stopped about half way from Pride Rock, and looked behind to see if Taka was there. "You'll have to chase me" Shasa said. "Now we're gonna talk" she told her mate. He nodded. "So what's up?" she asked. "I think Muffy should rule instead" he explained. She stared in surprise. "Isnt it to late to do something?" she asked. He shook his head.








Carry On...  


As the months passed, Taka and Shasa both noticed something was wrong with Ahadi. He appeared to be getting older, or maybe it was something else. "Taka" Ahadi called from Pride Rock's summit. Taka left his mate in the shade of the tree, and went to see his father. "Yes father" he said, coming up and sitting next to him. "Taka soon I will be gone, and you will need to carrry on. So I will need you to know what being a good king is" Ahadi told his youngest son, now to be king before Muffy, which was not required by Taka's birthright. "Now Taka, listen closely" Ahadi said. "As king you must respect all subjects, never be selfish, and be very wise, and make good decsions that help the kingdom as a whole" Ahadi explained. Taka gazed off at the distance for a moment, and noticed... smoke rising in the distance. "Father look!" Taka said. Ahadi gasped. "Rally the lionesses Shasa" Taka called to his mate. Shasa glanced at the tiny speck moving swiftly along the border of the kingdom, and gasp in horror. It was her father, a evil and dangerouse rogue lion that wished to seek the throne from Ahadi. "Taka look" She told her mate urgently. Together,the pride, Shasa,Taka,and Ahadi raced to the border. Once there, they spotted a female lion lying motionless on the ground. Taka walked closely, and sniffed the body, surprised to find the smell of Shasa's mother Shanni. "Why you!" Taka growled at his mate's father, who gloated. "Father take Shasa back to Pride Rock" Taka instructed the king. "You cant give me orders son, your not king yet" Ahadi said. "Now" Taka said,slamming his paw on the ground in anger. Taka glanced behind him to see Ahadi leading his mate back to Pride Rock. "Oh! poor Shasa" Asha,Sara,and Muffy said. The pride glanced at the mangled body of the future queen's mother, who would never see the ceremony. Taka growled in anger at this pitful excuse of a lion, who just so happened to be a grandfather to his cubs,Thembi,Nuko,and Ava,and a father to his mate Shasa,and who just murdered his own mate, Shasa's mother Shanni. Taka roared, and charged at the lion, swiping his paw across the lion's face, leaving claw marks. The rogue reared back, and slashed Taka across the face. Taka roared,signaling the pride to his aide. The pride charged at the rogue lion, who reared back, running in the other direction. Taka caught his breath and turned to the others, glancing at Shanni's body ocasionlly. He shook his head. "What are you gonna tell Shasa?" Ahadi asked. "I have no idea. Any suggestions?" Taka asked, looking around. "That wasnt a fire drill, that was a hoax to get us to come out here" Ahadi said, in disgust for the rogue that had once been his friend. "Father who was that?" Muffy asked. "That was Shasa's father,and Shanni's mate" Ahadi explained to everyone. "Remember Akase?" Ahadi asked the queen. Akase wrinkled her nose in distaste. "Come on, let's go back to the rock. Let's Roll" Akase said. Everyone turned to see Taka standing alone, thinking. "Go ahead. I need to tell Shasa what happened" Taka explained. "Where is she?" he asked. "She is in the barbedos tree, son" Ahadi said. Taka smiled sadly, and went to tell his mate. "Would someone please tell the children" he said. Muffy and Sara nodded, and said they would.

The Lord's Prayer/How great thou art




                   Our father who art in heavan

                   Hallowed by thy name

                   Thy kingdome come

                    Thy will be done

                    On earth as it is in hevan

                     Give us this day

                     Our daily bread

                     And forgive our trespasses

                     As we forgive those who trespass against us

                      And lead us not into temptation

                       But deliver us from evil

                      For thine is the kingdom

                      The power and the glory

                       Forever and ever






 Taka prayed, looking up into the stars,hoping they were the eyes of god, than went to find Shasa. He found his mate lying beneath the tree, probably wondering where he was. Sure enough she glanced up and smiled. He walked over and sat down,taking a shaky breath. She smiled, wondering what was wrong. "Um Shasa, I well,I need to tell you something" He began. "Your father harmed your mother" he said. Shasa nodded,not saying anything. "She died from injures, to the underbelly" Taka said. Shasa looked away, and stared off at the distance. Taka waited. Shasa glanced at him, and slipped into the tall grasses. Taka sat, and just thought. Shasa walked alone, not beliving the truth- her mother was gone, and at the paws of her own father. What a disgusting lion. Who would do that type of thing she wondered to herself. She searched the stars,trying to find her mother's star. "Shasa" someone called. "It's Ahadi" Asha called from behind her...





Dont ask why...



"Mother was seemed to be the problem with father?" he asked Akase, who shook her head. Muffy was watching in the distance. Sara was sitting next to him,smiling sadly at Taka, who just nodded. "Well what type of disease does he have?" Taka asked. "He isnt sick in that way. He's aging" Akase explained. Taka shook his head,obviously scared,knowing that soon he would be King, and he wasnt up to the task, he shook his head again,and cleared his throat. "Father I think Muffy should be king,besides he will do a better job than I could" Taka told Ahadi,who seemed surprised. "Muffy you should do it" Shasa said to her brother- in -law who nodded. Sara smiled. Then suddenly,Ahadi took one more breath and was gone. A month after the mourning period. Mufasa,not Taka, would ascend to Pride Rock's summit and roar three times singling that he was the new king.





Who els could it be...



After everyone was gone,Shasa looked at her mate in surprise. "Why did you do that Daddy?" Ava asked her father. "Why does Uncle Muffy get to be the king,and not you?" Thembi asked. "Because your uncle is the first born,that means since he was born first,he becomes king before your father does" Shasa explained. "Um kids would you leave us alone for a few minutes?" Taka asked, laying down on his side. "Are you upset that you wont become queen?" Taka asked,once they had gone. Shasa shook her head. Taka smiled. "But I'm defintily happy that you made the right choice that suited you, I mean to you who else could it be" Shasa said. Taka smiled.






The new king...



A month later, Muffy and the pride gathered at the base of Pride Rock to watch Muffy ascend the throne. Sara and Muffy nuzzled, and Muffy rubbed heads with their mother now the former queen. Rafiki shook his staff,and the gords that were tied to it rattle,singling everyone's attention. Muffy smiled at Akase,Taka,Sara,Shasa,Asha,Tanga,Isha,Ashaki,Chako,Roo,Mohatu,and Taka's children-Thembi,who would be king after Mohatu,if he and Mohatu had no heirs,Nuko,and Ava,who all smiled back. THen he went up to meet Rafiki,and begin the next chapter of his life. Rafiki smiled,and told Muffy solumly "It's time". Muffy turned and began to slowly ascend to the summit. Once there,he looked up into the sky,searching for his father's star,but didnt find it. A lone voice filtered from the heavans above; Remember" Muffy smiled,and roared, than roared again. Down below the pride echoed him,letting the pride lands know they had a new king.






                              The end of part three.

                                       the fourth and final part will expalin

                                           why Taka(in the film,Scar is his name)

                                      became bad..



                                            until next time...





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