El Rey Leon: The Prequal












                                                           El Rey Leon: The Prequal

                                                Part Four: The Beginning of the End





                  To Be King


Taka smiled as his brother climbed down from the summit of Pride Rock. His mate Shasa smiled as well. Their cubs Thembi,Ava and Jabari  stood next to them,bord out of their minds,and wanting to go play. "Stay put" Shasa instructed them. "Congraulations brother" Taka said. "Oh yea, congraulations brother,not" said Shisy. Mufasa looked at him. "What's his problem? he always manges to ruin special ocasions" Taka said annoyed. Unknown to him at the time,Taka would oneday ruin his nephew's presenatation by not showing up,and then later... but that is in the future, for now Taka was happy for his brother. Their uncle Shaka appeared. "We have a problem. Thembi and Ava decided to go to the graveyards again" he said. "What do you mean again?" Taka and Shasa asked together. "Ahadi saved them a few months ago" Shaka explained. "We need to go over there" Shasa said. WIth this the four lions dashed off. "What about Sara?" Taka asked Muffy. "She is expecting cubs" Muffy said. Taka nodded,and leaped over a steep hill with his wife directly behind him. "Careful" he said. Shasa stood up and brushed herself off. Taka and everyone headed off to take care of business. "Something isnt right" Taka said to Muffy. "Yeah I see what you mean" Muffy replied. "They didnt come out here. we've been set up!" Taka shouted in horror. Taka heard a lionness's scream,and took offf toward the sound. Shasa and Shaka were surrounded by hyenas. Their brother Shisy seemed to be leading the pack. "Shisy you will be banned for this,let them go" Mufasa shouted. "I'll let them go on one conditon...What's that?" Muffy growled. "You step down,and I become king!" Shisy roared Their other brother Timba had been exiled many years before,right before their adulthood took place. "No" shouted Muffy. "Attack!" screamed Shisy. Tala,and Muffy jumped in front of the two lions who shook in fear. "Muffy, there are a lot of hyenas here,are we going to be able to fight them off?" Taka asked quietly. "Who knows" Muffy replied. Muffy and Taka jumped into the fray. Taka leaped at a hyena, slamming it against a rock. He kicked out his back leg, hitting a hyena square in the chest. Muffy hit a hyena across the face,his claws tearing into the flesh. "Ow!" the hyena howled. Muffy jumped at a hyena who was biting Shaka's forleg. Taka slammed a hyena into the ground. Taka leaped and ran after two hyenas who were biting his mate's tail. Muffy reared back,and smacked the hyena he was fighting with, hard in the side,  with his paw,sending the beast flying through the air. They heard a thump, than silence. Muffy watched as the hyenas scattered. Shisy sneered in anger. "Impressive big brother" he said, his voice heavy with sarcaism. "I passed my judgement of you- exile!" Mufasa shouted. "Taka follow him to the border,make sure he leaves" Muffy instructed. Taka followed his brother's retreating figure. Taka dashed to the outerlands,making sure his brother was gone. He reached a steep hill,which was almost shaped like Pride Rock,and glanced out,overlooking the border,and byond. He caught sight of a figure running in the distance. Taka threw his head back and roared in deep anguish.








Light In Your Eyes...



A few months later..




The early morning sunlight  met Taka's mane as it shifted in the morning's cold breeze. Taka blinked and yawned. "Where's Shasa?" he asked. "I dont know" Chako said,playfully biting his paw. Taka looked around,obivously searching for his wife,but to no evail. In the distance,he heard a lionness roar in pain. He took off toward the sound. He found Shasa in the shade of a tree,resting and licking her paw it seemed liked. "Can I be of some help?" he asked,stepping closer and licking her ear. They were still young,very young teenagers. His brother was now king,who was going to be having cubs. "Taka" she purred,rolling over on her side,and pawing at his face. He laid down,scooting closer. His nose brushed up against soft fur,and little paws. "How,when?" he asked,surprised. "Well a few months ago,the lionesses were out" she explained. "Oh yeah,now I remember" he said. "So what do we have?" he asked. A voice behind them,piped in. "Daddy!" Ava said. Thembi and Jabari were next to her. "What?" he answered. "Children,come here. we have someone to show you" his wife said. One by one,Thembi,Jabari,and Ava croweded around to see what was going on. "You have a little sister,Shakina,Shana for short" Shasa announced. Thembi looked surprised.





A Time of Anguish...




Taka heard a roar of anguish coming from Pride Rock. Muffy was signaling them or possibly Rafiki. His wife was cleaning the afterbirth off of their daughter who was mewling. "Go to Pride Rock" he instruceted Thembi,Ava and Jabari. He watched as they ran. He laid down next to Shasa,and watched as his daughter began to crawl and move around a little bit. He chuckled and moved her to his wife's milk so she could eat. After she ate,the newborn slept. Muffy roared again,signling them. Shasa picked up their daughter in her mouth,and they headed toward Pride Rock. Witehn seconds, they were at the base of the large rock that overlooked much of the kingdom. Taka glanced upward at the summit of Pride Rock,and saw Muffy standing there majesticly, a expression of deep pain written on his face. Muffy was about to roar again,but glanced down."Your here. Come up" he called down. Taka and Shasa treked up to the mouth of the cave. "Yes Muffy" Shasa asked,despite her mouth being full. Taka spoke to her with his eyes. Shasa set the cub down by her mate's feet. Muffy glanced down,noticing the cub for the first time. "Who's cub?" he asked. "Ours" Taka said. "I didnt realize you were pregnant" Muffy said. "I didnt know until this morning,when I felt the first natural signs of labor" Shasa expalined. "Sara lost the cubs" Muffy said. "I'm sorry, brother" Taka said,putting a paw on Muffy's back.  



The Tragedy...


A few months later....



Early the next morning, Taka awoke, and went to the waterhole for a drink. He yawned shaking himself awake. Somewehere above his head, Muffy's advisor Zazu called "Good Morning Taka". Taka smiled. "Good Morning Zazu" he called back. "Taka! there's trouble!" Zazu shouted. "Get Muffy and rally the lionnesses!" Taka shouted.on the move. "Where's Papa?" Thembi,Ava,Jabari,and Shakina asked,running up to Zazu. "He went to help someone" Zazu replied. Taka sniffed the air and realized the scent was familar. The lionness was Shasa. As he neared his mate's body,he realized there was a gash across her pelt and her forleg was ripped open. The blood was matted and hardened into her fur. It looked like a lion had killed her,but who? he asked himself,his anger and greif mixing.  He walked around to his mate's backside and realized there were claw marks on her lower back,and teeth marks on her neck. She had been in season and whoever this lion was he had been trying to... Tala's thought trailed off. He threw back his head and roared in anguish. Muffy heard the roar,and came running. Mufasa walked toward the obivously still lionness and realized the lionness was Shasa. "I'm sorry" Muffy said. "Who did this?" he asked. Taka shook his head. "I dont know. the lion left no trace". Taka and Muffy returned to Pride Rock. Muffy climbed to the very peak of the aging rock, that had seen as much joy as sadness,and roared,singling the pride. Everyone we need to plan a funeral. A pride sister is with our god who dwells in a sacred place known as heavan" Muffy said,his tears  threatening his composure. Everyone bowed their heads. Taka went into his cave,just below the summit. "Taka. someone must tell them" Sara said to her brother in law. "I know" he replied.







               Another Tragedy.....



a couple months after Shasa's death and funeral.....


"Father. Jabari,Ava and I gonna go play around the pridelands" Thembi said, nudging his paw. Taka nodded, slightly worried about this idea his son. His son had said" gonna go play" what he really ment was go to the bone yard where the elphants went to die. "Be careful" he warned. It had been couple of months since their mother had died. These stupid hyenas if he were king he would banish them from the pridelands. How he wished he was king. Maybe he if he was king. he could have it all. being king would be a distraction from his grief. Suddenly he heard a roar from pride rock. Muffy was signaling him. Something had happened. He could see a couple of the lionnes carrying two little bodies in their mouths. It couldnt be... could it. He made his way to the summit. It was Thembi and Ava. "I'm sorry Taka" Muffy said. "Dont touch me" he snarled harshly. "Father he wants to help you" Jabari said, trying to sheild his little sister Shakina froim looking at the bodies. "How did it happen?" Muffy asked his nephew. "um we were playing and two hyenas came up and took them for dinner" Jabari said. "we need rafiki" Muffy said, roaring in anguish.



A couple years passed, Jabari and Shakina left as they were full grown and they didnt wish to stay because of all the memories that remined them of their mother and siblings.





A Transformation




As the years passed, Taka became more and more heartbroken as a result of the deaths of those he loved, and more determined to have the throne. He wondered a lot about Jabari and Shakina, and how  they were doing. He needed a good solid plan to get of Mufasa. Everyone called him Scar now, because of a accident a few months back. He had been hunting and was kicked in the eye by a wilderbeast.



"How I wish I was king. If I were king i would have it all. But I need a queen" Scar said,quietly watching Sara in the distance. For a moment, he turned somber as he thought of Shasa his mate, and what had happened to her. He shook his head. His previous plan had failed. He got Mufasa stuck in the middle of a stampede. but the lion king had gotten out. He needed a better plan, and he needed help to make sure it was successful. He glanced up. Zazu was flying in the distance. The queen was going to have the cub soon. He didnt even know what it was. Damn he thought. if it was a boy he would never be king. wait... wht if he got rid of both mufasa and his pesty not yet born cub, He would definitly be king for sure, with no heirs to the throne. Awsome. He would get rid of both the king and cub, but how...?




"Hey boss" Shenzi said, smiling. "You aint king anymore" Banzi said, while Ed laughed. "Shut up. I will be king. We need to get rid of them" Scar said, evilly. "Alright. Let's get ride of them. but how...? Shenzi said. "How bout just getting rid of the cub. because we tried getting rid of the king and that didnt work" Banzi said. "Ok let's just get rid of the cub. that is much easier" Scar said.







The Newborn Prince



Early the next morning, Scar was awaken to hear the sound of a loud noise coming from somewhere unsure of what it was, he asked a mole, who popped up out of his hole, annoyed as well. "Excuse me, but what is going on?" he asked,faking politeness. "The lion king's child has arrived" the mole explained. "Yes indeed that must be the reasoning for all the noise" he said. he glanced up, and against the background of the rising sun, he saw the shadow of his brother Mufasa high atop Pride Rock, surveying his domain. "RRrrrrrrrrrrrrr!" Mufasa roared, his roar echoing across the kingdom. Down below, Scar shook his head in distaste. "What is the sex of the offspring" he asked the mole. The mole waited for a few minutes before a replying. "A boy, your majesty" the mole said. Without replying Scar went back into his cave. I will be king he thought, listening in disguist of his brother signaling the kingdom to pride rock to celibrate the birth of his child. 




This is where my imagnation ends, and the actual movie picks up. I hope yoy all enjoyed my version of Scar's growing up years, and what I believe led him to obssively stalk the throne.