Scar has just ascended the throne at Pride Rock, and his will is to control the kingdom with fear.  Whenever an uprising will occur he’ll send an army of hyenas that greatly outnumber the lions in to break it up.  Whenever anyone questions his judgment, even the hyenas, he’ll exile them.  Anyone who he sees a threat to his position of power he’ll immediately execute.  If the lionesses won’t let him have his way then he’ll starve them by letting the hyenas take all of the available food.  Scar knows that he’ll enjoy being the king, to rule with an iron fist, to always get his way no matter what it takes.  All of the following characters belong to Disney:  Simba, Mufasa, Scar, Zira, Sarabi, Sarafina, Nala, Zazu, Rafiki, Nuka, Vitani, and Kovu.  Any other character in this story (a.k.a.:  Veni and Kimba are mine and can’t be used without my permission).  Send anything relevant to this story to



From Disney:

Simba (7 Months -- He’s 3 Years when he appears in the story)

Nala (7 Months)

Sarabi (6 Years)

Sarafina (4 Years)

Mufasa (Deceased)

Scar (6 Years)

Zira (4 Years)

Nuka (1 Year)

Vitani (Non-existent)

Kovu (Non-existent)

Zazu (7 Years)

Rafiki (????)

Shenzi (????)


My Original Characters:

Veni (6 Years)

Kimba (Embryonic)


Royal Family Tree:



                                             Igunoi + Frehda (Ahadi) + Uru

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                                                    Sarabi + Mufasa          Scar + Zira    Veni

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                                                            Simba                       Nuka


                                                                                    Ethigi + Varimi






Part 2:  Ruler With an Iron Fist

Chapter 1:  The Next Mourning

Chapter 2:  Nothing More Than a Distant Memory

Chapter 3:  An Unknown Pregnancy

Chapter 4:  Elimination

Chapter 5:  An Uneventful Period of Time

Chapter 6:  Homecoming

Chapter 7:  Addition to the Family

Chapter 8:  Nala’s Hunt


Chapter 1:  The Next Mourning


            To the lionesses of the Pride Lands everything happened so quickly, their king and their prince died shortly before sunset yesterday.  Scar had just taken over and chose to live in a coexistence with the hyenas.  Clouds seemed to rule the sky casting darkness over the vast savannah but also grieving with hundreds of tears sprinkling down from the sky.  Shortly after the sun rose every lioness looked up to the sky, they continued to stand there shocked at what they were witnessing.  They could all swear that they were looking right at Mufasa, his eyes were focusing on the Jungle off in distance beyond the desert.  He paid no attention to Pride Rock or it’s residents, he just stared at the Jungle sitting miles and miles in the distance.  Sarabi stepped forward, “Mufasa?” she said in astonishment.

“Scar’s coming!” cried a lioness.

“What did I hear about Mufasa?!!” Scar snarled.

“Look.” said a lioness pointing at the sky.

“I don’t see anything.”

“Huh?” but when she looked Mufasa was no longer in the clouds.

“Okay, I’m now enacting my first law as king.  From now on nobody, and I mean NOBODY, ever mention the name Mufasa again!”

“You can’t ban a name!!” yelled a lioness.

“Watch your tongue, lady…” Scar said coldly.

The lioness gave an expression of utter shock; she can’t believe that he just said that, she can’t believe that he just outlawed saying his own brother’s name.  What’s even more shocking to her is how she had just been treated, Mufasa would’ve never reacted that harshly.  It dawned on her, not just her but the entire pride, that Scar is going to abuse his power as king.  They all want Mufasa back, Scar appears very cold and creepy; also none of them really know Scar all that well, he’s always just been lurking in the shadows.  This realization; their old king is gone, and their new king is a power-mad nightmare; everyone knew that their lives would never be the same again.  Everything that they would do would be dictated by Scar, everything that they know will become distorted, everything that they know and believe will become useless to them.  The Circle of Life no longer applies in the Pride Lands.  This realization is too much for them to bear when piled on top of the death of their previous king whom the still mourned.


            Very quickly all of the energy drained out of the lionesses; their rations being depleted by the hundreds of hyenas leaves them lethargic, lethargic and physically weak.  Soon the lionesses were all skinny and malnourished; with the hyenas overeating they can easily overtake the lionesses at any given moment if they need to.  Luckily it never came to that, the lionesses didn’t even have enough energy to care about what was going on.  They lost the energy to hunt, they lost the energy to fight the well-fed army of hyenas, they lost the energy to mourn.  They were just barely getting by, a few of them starved themselves to end their misery.


Chapter 2:  Nothing More Than a Distant Memory


            Only a few days after Scar took over Sarabi was sitting alone on Pride Rock while the others went off to hunt.  She had to not only deal with the loss of her mate but also the loss of her son.  She sat and thought of the last moments that she had with them; her last memories of both of them are happy ones, she had never really been very sad or depressed before, but the loss of the two that she cared for the most was too much to bear.  She thought of Simba first; his young smiling face always seemed to brighten the day, he was always so full of energy and innocence.  She remembered the last bath that she ever gave him and how upset he was to be clean, she remembered how she had scolded him the night before for going into the Elephant Graveyard.  If she could just see his bright, cheerful smile one more time… but she knows that she won’t, as far as she knows, her only cub is dead.

            Next she thought of Mufasa, this only saddened her more.  Mufasa, he was so wise, so peaceful, so prominent in his position as king, he never let anyone down or break any promises.  Mufasa was always there to solve any problems; as far as Sarabi’s concerned Mufasa is the greatest lion in the world.  No matter how much work he had to do as king he was always there for his family; he protected them, making sure that no danger would ever befall them, and he gave his life for their son…  She started thinking of her last memory of Mufasa as well; it was also the night before he died.  Now that she thought about it she hadn’t seen either Mufasa or Simba on the day that they died.  Scar took Simba for a walk early in the morning and Mufasa had to go off on some official business.  Her last real memory of Mufasa was in Pride Rock’s den the night before; she had to cheer him up for scolding their son.  Although he knew Simba felt better about it he still thought that he was the bad guy.  They talked about it and exchanged “I love you”’s at the end, they gazed deeply into each other’s bright red eyes that glowed in the night sky.  They left Pride Rock and had one of the most romantic nights of their lives, there was joking, laughing, talking, nuzzling, licking, purring, a bright full moon, a grand starry sky, no obnoxious insects buzzing everywhere, it was the perfect night.  Even the act of copulation took place several times throughout the evening.  After their night together they returned to Pride Rock shortly before sunrise.

            Without getting much sleep Mufasa was awakened by Zazu, he had to go off and sort out an argument between the rhinos.  Simba, as usual, was up at the crack of dawn and Scar offered to take him off of Sarabi’s paws for the day.  She accepted and the two walked off so Sarabi could continue sleeping.  She woke up in time to join Sarafina and the other lionesses in their daily hunt, but when they returned there were still no males around.  No Mufasa, no Scar, no Simba; it was very perplexing to them that none of them had returned in time for lunch, it just wasn’t normal.  At the very least Scar should’ve returned with Simba, but neither of them were anywhere in sight.  Everyone waited anxiously; noon passed, nothing; the sun was more than three-quarters of the way through the sky, they heard a stampede but there was no sign of them; the sun was setting, still nothing; about a half an hour after the sun set Scar returned to Pride Rock with his head hung low.  Sarabi rushed up to him ready to smack him for keeping her son out all day and worrying her to death, but she didn’t see Simba with him.

“Scar,” she started worriedly, “Where’s Simba?”

Scar looked up at her and sighed deeply, without saying a word he headed for the den.

“What’s wrong with him?” Sarafina asked as she approached Sarabi.

“I don’t know, but Simba was with him.”

“What?!” Sarafina gasped, “Then where is he?”

“That’s what I intend to find out.” Sarabi said with an angry tone.


            Just as Sarabi was about to give Scar a piece of her mind he walked out of Pride Rock with a glum look on his face.

“Everyone!” Scar commanded.

All of the lionesses gathered in front of the stone that he was sitting on.

“I’m afraid that I have some bad news, it’s about Mufasa… and Simba.” Scar continued.

Sarabi looked very nervous, she didn’t like the sad tone of his voice; Sarafina was worried for her as were many of the other lionesses.

Nala picked up on the vibe of the adults and felt their sorrow, “What’s wrong with Simba?” she said sadly.

“It all started earlier this afternoon…” Scar announced.

            As he was telling the story, Sarabi started getting upset and angry.  He kept talking about ‘this afternoon’ and ‘I did this’ without once mentioning Mufasa or Simba.  The anger was boiling inside of her, she wanted Scar to just come out and say what happened to them, she didn’t care about how his afternoon went.  She was containing her anger and tried to avoid going berserk as much as possible, she just sat there pretending like she was listening intently when in reality she wasn’t listening to a word that he said.  “Just tell me what happened to them!!!!” she started screaming in her head, “Why can’t you just get on with the story?  I don’t care about what YOU were doing all day!!!!  Quit torturing me and let me know what happened to them!!!!”.  It took only one word to snap her out of it, the moment that he said the name Mufasa her ears perked right up and her mind shut up.

“Mufasa died in the stampede.” Scar continued.

Sarabi’s heart sank deep into her gut, “No…” she cried softly.

“He couldn’t hold onto the cliff, I tried to reach out to him but I couldn’t reach.”

Now Sarabi felt guilty, “If we hadn’t been out all night then maybe he would’ve slept and had the energy to climb up the cliff.”

“…and that’s not even the worst part.” Scar sighed.

“Oh no, what now?” Sarabi thought nervously, “Please don’t tell me Simba’s dead… please.”

“I couldn’t save Simba either.”

“No…” Sarabi cried even louder than last time as the tears rolled down her face.  A lot of the lionesses looked at her and felt her pain.

“Simba’s… dead?” Nala cried out weakly.

Sarafina looked down at her daughter and nuzzled her, “Yes dear, Simba is dead.” she said sadly.

Nala said nothing, she just cried and hid underneath her mother.

Together all of the lionesses stood around in a circle, not one of them had a pair of dry eyes, they all had their heads bowed respectfully, and they were all quiet.  Sarabi didn’t know if she could handle it; losing just Mufasa was one thing, losing just Simba would’ve been worse but she would still have her mate, but to lose them both… her entire family was gone, her parents died a long time ago and now the family that she and Mufasa had started, their family, was gone with her as the sole survivor.  Her sadness slightly subsided once Scar introduced hyenas into their immediate ecosystem, but the thing replacing that sadness was fear.  By the end of the night her sadness would turn into anger, she was angry at Scar for not trying harder to save her family.  She wanted to smack Scar for not trying harder, she wanted to hurt him, she wanted to kill him; he should’ve done something more, if he could not have handled it then he should’ve sent Zazu off to Pride Rock.


            Sarabi saw a rather slender looking lioness into the cave who she had never seen before.

“Hello.” Said the lioness with a sinister looking grin.

“Who are you?” Sarabi said defensively.

“I’m Zira, I’m Scar’s mate.”

“Oh are you now?!” Sarabi yelled.

“Sarabi!  Let her through.” Scar commanded.

Sarabi stepped aside and allowed Zira and an adolescent lion to go to the back of the den with Scar.

“Is he your son?” asked Sarabi in shock.

“Yes, this is Nuka.”

“How come I’ve never seen these two before?”

“Because they haven’t been here before.”

“So you had a family in secret?”

“I couldn’t let my brother find out, he would’ve been so angry if he knew that I had a son before he did.”

Sarabi growled lowly, she didn’t really trust these two newcomers, but she had no choice other than to let them in.  Sarabi became angrier with Scar until she suddenly felt sick to her stomach, she resisted the urge to vomit and lost, shortly thereafter she fell asleep.


Chapter 3:  An Unknown Pregnancy


            Sarabi continued to sit there, she went over everything many times in her head.  She was just sitting, contemplating it all; with every memory buzzing around in her head every second seemed like days.  Time seemed to move painfully slow, every second she would relive those two days; every second she would go from the best moments of her life to the moment when everything fell apart and beyond.  It seemed impossible to tell from the perfect night before that anything like that would happen the next day.  It’s amazing how instantly your world can be changed upside-down, something switches the lever changing everything that you know and believe into an ugly mess of confusion.  Once you reach the switch to reverse it you discover that it only moves one way, the best that you can do is keep it from moving even further in that direction.  Even trying to prevent it from moving isn’t guaranteed because so many things in our lives are out of our control, why is it like this?

“Why here, why now, why them?” Sarabi shouted in futility at the sky.

“Sarabi?” Sarafina said quietly from behind.

Sarabi didn’t bother to turn around, she knew exactly who was speaking to her, “Yes, it is me.” she said without expressing any emotion.

“Sarabi, come on we all miss them.”

“Yeah, but they’re not a part of your family.  You didn’t know them like I did, nobody here did, and everyone that did is now dead themselves.”

“What about Scar?”

“Scar could’ve helped them if he wanted to.”

“But Sarabi, he said that he couldn’t do anything.”

“I don’t care, he should’ve done something!!!”

“Come on, we’ve caught some antelope, you’ve gotta eat something dear.”

“I’m too sick.”

“What do you mean you’re sick?”
“I don’t know… but I’ve thrown-up a few times.”

“Well, take it easy.”

Sarabi finally turned around and sighed, “…I think I’m pregnant.”

“What?!  Are you serious?!”

“Yes, but don’t tell ANYONE, not even Nala, I don’t want Scar to find out.”

Sarafina started whispering, “So what makes you think that you’re… pregnant.”

“I feel something moving inside of me, but it’s too hard to tell at this point.  It could just be an upset stomach or something, I need to wait and see if my belly starts to grow.”

“What are you going to do, it’s only a matter of time before someone sees that you’re pregnant.”

Sarabi sighed once more, “I don’t know… I just don’t know.”


            As the weeks passed Sarabi discovered that she is pregnant, her belly started to grow, very slowly at first, until it swelled up into a huge bubble.  She remained behind a rock in the den of Pride Rock, she was always standing or sitting with her stomach facing the rock so only her back was exposed.  Scar started getting very suspicious and now suspects that Sarabi is hiding something from him.  It’s an easy enough task to get her to move; all that he has to do is send one of his hyenas to bring her to him.

“Shenzi!” he yelled.

Shenzi walked up to Scar, “What sire?” she said dutifully.

“I want you to bring Sarabi to me.  I think that she’s hiding something.”

“Yes Scar.” Shenzi said saluting.

“I’ve never trusted her.” Zira snarled.

“Yeah, me neither.” Nuka said proudly.

“Even our one year old son can see it.” Zira prodded at Scar.

“Stop that!” he yelled.

Zira and Nuka began to laugh as Scar growled lowly.

“Sir!  Sarabi refuses to leave.” Shenzi said out of breath.


Chapter 4:  Elimination


            “I think that he knows.” Sarabi said worriedly.

“What do you mean?” Sarafina asked.

“He wants me to go and see him.”

“Maybe he just wants something.”

“That’s what I thought, but the hyena said that I had to go see HIM he wouldn’t come over here to me.”

Sarafina cringed, “Ohh, that’s not good.”

“Please, I want you to eavesdrop on them, if they say anything about me being pregnant start spreading a rumor around.  I don’t care what that rumor is, he’ll kill me if he finds out that I’m pregnant.”

“Okay, I’m on it.” and with that Sarafina ran off.

“So, you’re pregnant are you dear?” came a sinister voice from behind her.

“No, Scar.” Sarabi thought to herself.

“Well, are you?”

“So what if I am.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t KILL you.”

“Of course I didn’t mean that literally, it just seems like something you’d do.”

Scar growled, “Watch it missy, don’t forget who your king is.”

“My king is Mufasa, and he always will be!!!” Sarabi said defiantly.

Scar growled and slashed Sarabi across the face.  As Sarabi laid there, a pool of red covering her eyesight, she saw the faint figure of Scar moving towards her.  He lifted one of his paws and quickly dropped it, once she saw it stop falling she felt a pain in her abdominal area.  She heard Scar say, “I am the one and only king around here.” right before she passed out.


            Sarabi felt something nudging against her back, whatever it was it was pushing her a little bit.  She tried screaming “Stop it!” but no words escaped her, she doesn’t even have her eyes open.  Slowly she raised those eyelids and made a low moan.

“Oh, Sarabi.  Thank goodness you’re awake!”

“What happened?” Sarabi asked in a daze.

“I don’t know, when I came back I found you like this.  Nobody saw anything.”

“Wait a minute… Scar, huh!!!  Oh no!”

“What?” Sarafina asked nervously.

“My cub.”

“What about your cub?”

“Sarafina, come over here.  Tell me that it’s still alive, that I still have something in my stomach.”

Sarafina walked around Sarabi to get a better look at the situation.  Sarafina gasped for what stared her right in the face is the last thing that Sarabi wants to hear.

“What?” Sarabi said alarmed.

“Well, your stomach is still normal sized.”
“Oh thank goodness.”


“But what?”

“Um, did Scar scratch you anywhere but your face?”

“No, why?”

“Because, there’s a small pool of blood sitting here, right between your legs.”

“No, no, no, no, no, no, it can’t be!!!  Why would he do this to me?!!!” Sarabi was sitting and crying.

“It’s okay dear.”
“NO IT’S NOT!!!” Sarabi roared, “And there’s nothing I can do about it, the only other male around is his son.  If I kill him then we’re screwed.”

“Then let’s find another male.”
“Oh yeah, like that’s ever going to happen.” Sarabi said sarcastically.

“You never know.”

“No, I do know.  Scar isn’t good, he’s evil; and there’s nothing that any of us can do to stop him at this point.”


“I want to be alone.”

“I said I want to be alone.” Sarabi said in tears.

“Okay fine…” Sarafina sighed and took one last look at her friend before walking off.


            Later Sarabi gave birth to a stillborn cub who’s a mirror image of Simba.  Although he hadn’t fully developed before he was killed Sarabi sees Simba in him.  Sarabi cried even more because this cub reminded her of Simba in every way, except he never even got a chance at life.  “Little Kimba…” she said softly, “I would’ve named you Kimba.”


Chapter 5:  An Uneventful Period of Time


            For a long time nothing really happened, actually for a full two years nothing major happened.  Scar and Zira still reigned supreme and enforced all kinds of unnecessary laws.  Nuka was being taught how to be the next king; Nala eventually got over Simba’s supposed death and moved on with her life.  Sarabi actually did the exact opposite of Nala; she cried for days on end after Kimba was born.  She cried to the point where she just couldn’t anymore, because of her inability to cry she couldn’t let her emotions out; leaving her nothing more than a lifeless robot, she became a shell of a lioness.  Sarafina continued to watch over Sarabi trying to cheer her up whenever she could.  Zazu was imprisoned to become Scar’s jester, Rafiki never set foot on Pride Rock anymore.  Hyenas still roamed around like they owned the place, will they really did kind of own the place, and the lionesses just didn’t hunt much anymore.  The Pride Lands slowly withered away and after only three months of Scar’s kingship all hope seemed lost.


Chapter 6:  Homecoming


            While on patrol someone spotted a lioness walking into the Pride Lands.

“Excuse me but…” the lioness on patrol examined the wandering lioness, “You’re Veni aren’t you?”

“Yes, I am, I have returned to the Pride Lands.”

“Oh my gosh!  How have you been?  Where were you anyway?  We’ve needed you here, you’re our only hope.”

“Whoa, whoa, slow down here.  What do you mean your only hope?”

The lioness looked down to the ground and deeply sighed, “Scar’s in charge…”
“What?!!!  How did this happen?” Veni asked in outrage.

“Mufasa died, so did his son.”

“Oh no… Mufasa, dead?  Mufasa, son, dead?  H-how did this happen?”

“There was a stampede, they were both caught in the middle of it.”

Veni started crying, “What about mom and ‘dad’?”

“Your father died in a wildfire caused by lightning, and your mother… she simply lost the will to live.”

“Why didn’t anybody come and get me?”

“We didn’t even know that you were alive!  We searched for you for an entire night, nobody ever found you, where the hell did you go?!”

“Don’t worry about it; I guess that I shouldn’t be here either.” Veni sighed.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

But before she could get an answer Veni already started off due north.  The lioness watched her puzzled, “No, you are our only hope… where are you going?” if she could she’d dart off after her, but if she doesn’t report to Scar soon then he’ll have her tail.  She also can’t tell Scar, or anyone for that matter, that Veni was here; it would create panic and Scar would just send his goons off after her.  The lioness sighed, “It just can’t be helped…” she thought to herself.


Chapter 7:  Addition to the Family


            The lioness waited, she waited for seven grueling months, but Veni never returned.  She never told a soul about it, she never knew where the hyenas lurked, they always seemed to pop out of nowhere at the worst possible moment.  There was nothing for her to do but wait for Veni to return once more, if she ever returned.  Right now that was actually one of the last things on her mind.  There’s talk of Scar and Zira having another cub since Nuka can’t seem to handle the pressures of being king.  It seems as if the hyenas are ready to revolt, there’s also talk of Mufasa’s ghost watching over the Pride Lands from the clouds.  They may all have to move to another location, there haven’t been any new cubs in years; there was too much going on, way too much to keep track of.

            Inside of Pride Rock Scar and Zira were talking while Nuka stood in the corner endlessly bawling.  “So, what’s the word Zira?” Scar asked.

“I think I am.” Zira said sinisterly.

“Excellent, but what do we do about him?” Scar said gesturing towards Nuka.

“Him, he’s useless to us now.  So pathetic and weak, he wouldn’t make a good king, he wouldn’t even make a decent king.”

Nuka was thinking through his own sadness, “All that I ever wanted to do was make you guys happy.  I just wanted you two to be proud of me, I’m sorry that things didn’t turn out that way; why can’t you just be happy that I tried?”

“Just look at him sitting there, crying like a cub; he’s so weak.” Scar said.

“I AM NOT WEAK!!!” Nuka’s thoughts raced through his head.

“Ugh, I know, how could we have such a child?”


“It must be leftover genes from my lame family.” Scar concluded.

“It’s not fair… I love you guys…” raced through Nuka’s mind.

Zazu stood in his prison shaking his head in disappointment, he himself couldn’t believe what he was hearing.  As Scar and Zira continued putting down their child right in front of him he suddenly darted out of the cave.

“What a drama king.” Scar said coldly.

“It’s okay little one.” Zira said to her belly, “I promise you that you won’t be as weak as he is.”

            Nuka was sitting all alone on the peak of Pride Rock, he’s still very depressed about his parents.  “I can’t believe they called me weak.” He thought to himself, “It’s not my fault, they couldn’t do anything to stop the damn termites… nobody could of.  It’s not fair, not only those termites but the worms as well.  It’s the worms eating all of my food, they won’t let any nourishment get to me where it’s needed the most.  Why can’t you guys just be happy with me?  I need to do something, something that will show them that I’m worthwhile, something to prove that I can be a good king.  But what?  What can I do to prove it to them?”  Nuka kept thinking but he didn’t have an answer, he ran off to try and find something to prove himself.


            “No!!!” Scar roared, “A girl?!!!  How could we have a girl?!!!”

“I’m sorry.” Zira pleaded.

“You’d better be, man a girl.  We can’t have a girl, we need somebody to be the king, Nuka can’t do it, besides he’s never home anymore anyway.”

“Maybe we could adopt?”

“Adoption…” Scar pondered this for a moment, “Yes, adoption!  That’ll work perfectly.”

“You see, everything works out fine in the end.”

“Yes, I know… I’ll go and look for someone in the Outlands tomorrow, there are always rouges there.”

“I love you Scar.” Zira said lovingly.

“Yes, I know.” Scar said grumpily, then he walked off.

“Hey there Vitani.” Zira said to her newborn cub, “Although he’ll never say it, your daddy does love you.”


Chapter 8:  Nala’s Hunt


            Nala is the strongest and the fiercest lioness in all of the Pride Lands, because she was still a cub when Scar took over she got first dibs on any food that was caught, after the hyenas of course.  She’s the only one that ever has the energy to go off to distant places in search of food.  Actually, she’s now the only lioness that ever even bothers to hunt because there’s no prey left in the Pride Lands.  No other lioness can make it through the Pride Lands without collapsing, much less go beyond the Pride Lands.  She always goes on secret hunts and brings back food for only the lionesses.  One day she decided to go on one of her secret hunts out in the Jungle beyond the desert.  She never told anybody before she left, but once all of the lionesses noticed that she suddenly vanished they all figured out what she was doing.

            Nala quickly runs through the desert to avoid getting caught in the heat for too long.  She enters the Jungle and wanders around with a growling stomach.  She only walks on the flat dirt, no grass, no mud, no twigs or branches; the dirt is the quietest ground to tread on.  Suddenly she hears a couple of creatures off in the distance, one of them sounds like a meerkat and the other sounds like a warthog.  They’re singing “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” and Nala believes that to be an omen of some sort.  She wanders around the bushes separating her from the juicy warthog to get a better look.  “Perfect.” She thought, “He just walked away from his friend.”  She laid down low in the field of yellow grass beyond the log where the warthog was standing.  “Ooh, so plump and juicy looking.” She thought.  “He’ll make a great meal.”  Nala steadied her breathing trying to match it exactly with her prey, she crouched down in the grass creating a sonorous crumple which caught the warthog’s attention; but he didn’t see her.  After the warthog hopped over the log she stood up a little bit more, the warthog seemed fixated on the bug that he was stalking.  After the bug flew away she was spotted, she was getting ready to run as he stood there screaming.  Before he could even move she darted off after him.  “This is one fast warthog.” She thought to herself.  She chased him for several seconds before he got caught in a loose tree root.  “Alright!  Now I’ve got him.” She thought to herself as she continued to run towards him.  His meerkat friend tried to push him out, but to no avail, “Hah!  Try all that you want, you’re not going to break him free that way.”  As she quickly got closer and closer she began to salivate and she could practically taste that nice, juicy warthog in her mouth.  “Get ready to die in three, two, one-” but a roar came out from behind the warthog.  “What the?!” she thought as she saw a lion leap out ready to ambush her.

            “Hey back off man, this is MY prey!  I saw him first!” She roared.

“I’m not letting you eat him.” He roared back!

“You can’t stop me, I’m the fiercest hunter in my pride!” she said as she slashed at him.

“I can take you!” he said as he slashed back at her.

“Good luck!” she said as she actually made contact.

“That didn’t hurt!” he said as he grabbed her by the head and bit her ear.

“Ouch!  I’ll get you for that!” she said as she stood still waiting for him to make the first move again.

            They continued fighting and roaring at each other until she finally pinned him which made him give her a weird look.  “What is going through is head?” she thought as she looked down growling at him.
“Nala?” he said confused.

She looked very surprised and had to get up off of him, “What?  How did he know my name?” she wondered.  She quickly backed off and tried getting a closer look.

“Is it really you?” he asked.

She still didn’t recognize him, “Who are you?” she asked.

“It’s me, Simba.”

“Simba?” she was confused.  “You can’t be Simba, you’re dead… right?  But wait, you do look very familiar, oh my gosh!  It is you…” she felt overjoyed at the sight of her long-lost friend.  All of the endorphins rushed down and flowed through her entire body not allowing her to stand still.  She has so many questions to ask him, she can’t believe that he’s still alive; she’s the happiest that she has been in years.  She kept jumping around and yelling excitedly, Simba was doing the same, neither one of them could help it.



Well you know the story from there; actually you already knew the last part as well, but it fit into the final chapter so I just included it in more detail than the movie gives.  DISCLAIMER:  The plot through the last three paragraphs is not my original idea, Disney created that plot.  All that I did was show it from a different perspective.