Scar has just ascended the throne at Pride Rock, but what fate awaits his younger sister Veni who ran away from home so many years ago.  She’s now presumed dead, and yet she makes a visit to the Pride Lands in part 2.  This story, however, starts the morning after Scar takes over; Veni didn’t return until a couple of years after that happened.  Let’s see what she’s been up to those past two years.  The following characters belong to Disney:  Mufasa, Scar, Ahadi, and Uru.  Any other characters, a.k.a.:  Veni, Trapa, and Ouilee are my original ideas and I will not tolerate them being used without my permission.  Again, this is another tale that I made up so any similarities to other stories are purely coincidence.  Please send feedback, questions, comments, or any other relevant info to



From Disney:

Mufasa (Deceased)

Scar (6 Years)

Ahadi (Deceased)

Uru (Deceased)


My Original Characters:

Veni (6 Years)

Trapa (5 Years)

Ouilee (3 Years)


Royal Family Tree:



                                             Igunoi + Frehda (Ahadi) + Uru

                                                         |                                  |

                                                         |              -------------------------------

                                                         |              |                   |                   |

                                                    Sarabi + Mufasa          Scar + Zira    Veni

                                                                |                               |

                                                        ------------                               ----------

                                                        |               |                  |            |

                                                   Simba      Kimba         Nuka               Vitani


                                                                                    Ethigi + Varimi




Part 3:  Veni’s Adventure – Misjudgments

Chapter 1:  Alone in the Dark

Chapter 2:  The Savior

Chapter 3:  Paradise

Chapter 4:  A New Life

Chapter 5:  Unknown Pain

Chapter 6:  Ouilee Comes to Visit

Chapter 7:  I Can’t Believe This

Chapter 8:  Homecoming

Chapter 9:  What Am I Doing?


Chapter 1:  Alone in the Dark


            Veni and Trapa are sitting on the edge of a rock, Veni’s in heat and they’re both on their fifteen minute break before sessions.  Veni decided to use her time to think about how she ended up here and what she had been doing all of this time.  Trapa just fell right asleep.  She started thinking back to the day that she ran away from home, it was so many years ago…


            After wandering through the wastelands, just to the west of Pride Rock, for many days Veni collapsed from dehydration.  Her consciousness was detached from her body, in fact, she couldn’t even feel her body; her consciousness remained stagnant, separating her from her overheated body.  She no longer felt the hot sun beating down it’s rays deep into her fur, she no longer felt the hot dirt that sat beneath her, she no longer felt like she was going to throw up, and she no longer felt thirsty.  All of these negative physical feelings remained with her body; but her consciousness could still feel sadness, desire, envy, loneliness, and hopelessness.

            Veni was sad that she had abandoned her family, “YOU’RE NOT MY REAL FATHER!!!!” were the last words that left her mouth before she ran off.  She knew deep down inside that they all missed her, that they wanted her back; but if she returned then it would just prove to everybody that she was wrong, she needed to prove herself by living on her own for awhile.  She desired to return home, she desired food and water, and she envied those that she left behind.  She wished that she could be happy like them, and she wished that she could live in her home like them.  She was all alone out here; she didn’t know where she was or where she was going, she needed someone, anyone, beside her so that she wouldn’t have to feel alone anymore.  But mostly she felt hopeless, she was sure that she would die out here.  Water was sparsely scattered around and there were no animals to hunt, she completely lost her sense of direction and the sun showed no mercy on her.

            All that she could do was wallow in her despair, without the physical pain bothering her she suffered only from the emotional pain.  She never thought that it would come to this; fighting with her family, running away from home, and worst of all, facing death at such a young age.  Suddenly it dawned on her, she was still a cub.  Separated from her family she was absolutely helpless and vulnerable to the world around her.  She didn’t really know what she was trying to prove, she just knew that she couldn’t return to Pride Rock until she proved it, if she ever got a chance to return home.  She was actually more miserable out here than she was at home; at least at home she got all of the food and water that she needed, she had shelter, she had friends, and she had security.  Out here she had severe heat, fatigue, starvation, fear, and boredom.  It was overwhelming; and to make matters worse she had no idea what condition her body was even in anymore, she could be physically dead right now and not even know it.  In fact, she was fairly certain that she was dead.  She couldn’t see, hear, smell, feel, or taste, but she was still aware.  It was actually terrifying for her to be in this state, she could do nothing but think; she could literally be eaten alive and remain completely unaware of it.


            She just remained like that, not doing anything, just existing, albeit only somewhat existing, still existing without any reason or purpose.  It’s not that her life has no purpose, just that this state is purposeless, she couldn’t do anything.  This only added to hopelessness, if her dying was sped up for any reason then she couldn’t do a thing to stop it.  All of a sudden a splash of water was shot at her face, but she could actually FEEL it.  She felt the first drop land right above her right nostril tickling as it made contact with the skin.  Only a split second after that first droplet of water hit her on the nose hundreds more flew right into her face.  She felt the sharp, stiffening sting pulsing from her nerves to her face and slowly the nerves began to vibrate turning the sting into an inner tickle forcing her face to shake suddenly… her face was cold.  Slowly the water trickled down her face into her nostrils, eyes, mouth, or just fell off of her face completely.  The water that fell into her nose tickled, the water that fell into her eyelids made her eyeballs feel soggy, and the water droplets that fell down her cheeks tickled all of the way down.


Chapter 2:  The Savior


            “Ugh… hmm…?” Veni groaned as she lifted her eyelids.  Her eyes were still adjusting when the figure standing before her spoke.

“Oh, you’re all right.” Said a masculine voice, he sounded relieved.

Veni’s pupils shrunk and the blurs of blue, green, brown, red, and yellow that surrounded her began to take shape.  Although she could’ve identified her immediate surrounding by the blurred colors it was much better to see the exact shapes that they formed.  Every blade of grass is different, every tree is different, every cloud is different, and the blurs make it too difficult to differentiate the individuality of every object in the savannah.  Still she was shocked, this was not the same spot where she had collapsed; in fact it looked like she was miles away from that deathtrap that almost took her from this world.  Here there was grass, trees, greenery and a fairly large pond.  It was similar to the Pride Lands, there was life here; animals, foliage, insects, and colors other than brown dirt and gray skies.  She looked around, observing the grand landscape surrounding her, but about halfway through a lion stood right in her view.  He was rather muscular and stood there sticking out his chest prominently.  He proudly showed off the off-white fur of his underbelly by showing off his chest.  His predominant golden yellow fur and reddish colored mane flowed in the wind.  He was looking at her with his yellow-orange eyes which seemed to glisten in the sunlight.  He appeared almost godly to her, everything from his posture to his voice suggested that he was some kind of a divine entity.

            “Huh!” Veni gasped.  “Am I dead?”

The lion tilted his head and gave her a puzzled look, “Dead?  What makes you say that?”

“Look at this place, it’s gorgeous; look at you, you’re-” Veni decided to cut herself off right there.

“Aw, come on.” Said the lion as he gave an appreciative smile, “You know you want to finish that sentence.” He said trying to egg her on.  “Unless of course…” his smile now faded, “You didn’t really mean it.”

“No, it’s not that, it’s just-I mean-ugh.” Veni just stuttered as she scrambled for the right sentence, “Who are you?”

“My name is Trapa.  I live in the Reed Lands beyond the Quantanabe Fields that sit before us.” He turned and gazed out into the wilderness around him.

“Quantanabe Fields?” Veni repeated.

“Yes…” Trapa deeply inhaled and let it out with the utmost content, “It’s paradise here.”

“Paradise?” Veni repeated.

“By the way, who are you and why are you here?”

“I’m Veni, I ran away from home… it’s a long story and I really don’t like to think about it.”

“It’s okay, you don’t have to tell me.” Said Trapa with a smile.

“So why did-” Veni’s stomach growled mid-sentence.

“Oh yeah, here, this is left over from yesterday.” Trapa pushed an animal carcass up to Veni, “It’s a little stale, but it should still taste okay.”

“You don’t have anything more fresh?”

“Hey, what do you expect, huh?  Do you think that I wander around here looking for lions to save?  We just happened to have leftovers from last night so I went back home and got some before returning here.”

“And while you were there you couldn’t have gotten something more fresh?”

“No.” Trapa said casually.

 Veni just gave him a weird look, “Uh, okay then.” She said a little freaked out.

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s just the way you said no after that question I asked you, it’s just not… not normal.”

“What’s so abnormal about not having any fresh meat?”

“Nothing, I suppose.” Veni bent her head down towards the meat and sniffed it.  It smelled a little rotten but it wasn’t too bad, just as long as she could tear off the upper layer of fat the meat on the inside would be fresher.  She was really too hungry to be picky, so she started at it.  She gently used her claws to scratch off the rotted, stale meat on the outside and gorged herself on what remained on the inside.

“Whoa!  Take it easy there; you don’t want to make yourself sick, do you?” Trapa said between chuckles, but Veni paid no attention to him.  She quickly ate all of the remaining meat off of the carcass, then she looked up at Trapa.

“Hey, you said that you live around here, right?  Could you take me to your home?” Veni asked.

“What about your home?” Trapa asked.

Veni sighed, “I’m not going back, I can’t go back yet.”

“Why not?”

“Look, are you going to take me to your home or not?” Veni said with tenseness in her voice.

“Okay, okay, come on.” Trapa said trying to maintain a level of calmness.


Chapter 3:  Paradise


            Once Trapa and Veni reached the Reed Lands, Veni stood in astonishment.  “It’s beautiful.” She said in pure amazement.  And it was very beautiful; all around her stood a perpetual field of grass broken up by several small ponds of clear blue water that glistened in the sunlight.  Off in the distance stood a mountain range, the tallest mountain of the range was no more than a purple triangle which stood about a centimeter above ground.  It was sunny with clouds only sparsely populating the sky above her; she saw a few lionesses and even multiple males wandering around near a swampland in the distance.

            Veni perked her ears up in curiosity and started examining the swamp very closely, “What’s over there?” she asked.

“Over where, in the swamp?” Trapa asked, confused.

“Yeah, why are there so many lions over there?”

“That’s where we live.”

“You live in a swamp?!” Veni shouted in disgust.

“What’s wrong with that?” Trapa said defensively.

“What’s right with that?  I mean, it’s a swamp for crying out loud!  Swamps are for frogs, and lizards and other filthy creatures.”

“But it’s cooler in the grass around the swamp.  Besides it’s not like we actually live in the water.”

“But still… it’s a swamp.  I mean, doesn’t it make you feel inferior living in there?”

“Not at all.  The grass is tall enough to protect us from direct sunlight and it helps the lionesses hide better when they hunt.  There’re fresh water sources all over the place and we get to hear the water flow from the swamp through the many streams that protrude from it, it’s very peaceful to listen to when you’re stressed.”

“Well…” Veni still showed reluctance in her voice and her stance, “…I guess you have a few good points.”

Trapa became very insistent, “Come on, try it before you judge it.” he started nudging her back trying to force her to move forward.

“Okay, okay, FINE!!!” she roared, “I’ll try it, just stop that!”

Trapa jumped back a little bit and watched as she walked over to the swamp, he followed closely behind.


            “Shouldn’t you be leading?” Veni asked.

“Don’t worry about it, you know where you’re going and nobody’s going to mind.” Trapa reassuringly said.

“What about your king?”

“King?  We don’t have a king, actually we don’t have any leader, everybody just does whatever they want out here.”

“Wait, you don’t have a king?  Why?  How do you survive without one?  What if someone needs help?”

“If someone needs help then the pride helps him or her.  We don’t need a single lion carrying all of the burden, in fact, that’s way too much responsibility to have.”

“So, basically everyone just takes care of everyone else?”

“Basically, yes.”

“What if nobody can agree on something?”

“Then we compromise or we vote.”


“Yes, voting is when you see what everybody wants and whatever it is that the most of us want is what happens.”

“That’s weird.”

Trapa started laughing.  “What’s so funny?” Veni asked, irritated.

“It’s only weird to you because you’re not used to it.  I’d find it weird to have one lion deciding every little thing.”

“But that’s how most prides do things.”
“Yeah, well we’re not most prides.”

            After their conversation ended they walked in silence for a little while longer.  Veni was still taking everything in; their way of life was fascinating to her, but she didn’t know how to vote or decide political issues for herself.  As they made their way closer to the swamp many of the lions and lionesses looked up at Veni, but only briefly, they only glanced up before returning to their everyday lives.  “They don’t even care that I’m an outsider…” Veni thought to herself.  “Man there are so many males here, there’s at least one male to every two females… this is too weird.  I feel lost, will I even be accepted here or will anybody even care; it seems like nobody even cares.”  She saw that there were many families here, it wasn’t just one lion with a bunch of lionesses and his cubs all over the place; here there were actually families, some with two moms and one dad and easily half a dozen cubs.

            “Um, I feel very uncomfortable here.” Veni suddenly blurted out.

“Why?  What’s wrong with this place?” Trapa asked.

“It’s just too odd, I’m not used to this carefree lifestyle; everyone just does whatever they want without any consequences?”

“We still have morals and a basic set of rules.  If the pride decides that someone’s actions are unfavorable then we kick them out.  You can’t just go around killing, raping, and stealing.  Luckily we’ve never had problems with that before; without any one person in charge there’s no struggle for power, there’s no fighting over who gets to mate because everybody gets to, there’s no fighting amongst ourselves because everyone gets their way at some point in time.”

“Sounds nice.  Where I came from I was fighting with my own family, and my older brother was always fighting with my oldest brother because he wasn’t chosen to be king.”

“You see?  Nothing like that ever happens here, never.” Trapa excitedly said.


Chapter 4:  A New Life


            Over time Veni got to know everyone in the pride, but she could never get over how bizarre everything was.  Everybody seemed to make the important decisions around here together, rather than one lion making every decision for everyone else to follow.  If there were disagreements then they would work out a compromise, if there was any sadness then everyone was there for you; it was peaceful, but it didn’t make any sense to Veni; it took some time but she finally adjusted to their way of life.  She became an active member of the pride and helped in all of their decision making.  She and Trapa grew very close to each other and had become mates after a couple of months.  She assimilated herself to their way of life, but she never felt completely comfortable with their methods.

            She continued living there for several years, nothing major happened; once she knew everyone she just lived amongst them in peace.  She never really thought about her home much, sometimes it wouldn’t even cross her mind for months; other than Mufasa she had nothing to miss, her home was horrid compared with this place.


            Suddenly her mind started filling up with thoughts of Trapa, she couldn’t get him out of her mind and her hormones started going crazy.  Even though he was laying right next to her, she longed for him.  She wants him over here, not there; her hormones began titillating her, stimulating her senses and tickling her nerves to the point where she can’t sit still anymore.  Estrus started to overwhelm her, her body reached its peak of excitation and began to give off scents.  These scents are the signal of her readiness, Trapa sniffed in some of the wonderful fragrance that started to work their way through his senses helping him reach the state of excitation that he needs to get the blood flowing to the right spot.


Chapter 5:  Unknown Pain


            Veni was just sitting there waiting for Trapa to finish getting ready, after only a few seconds she could hardly even contain herself.  After a few seconds Trapa finally started positioning himself for the job.  They continued until Trapa finished and got off; Veni is now relieved for another fifteen minutes before she’d become excited again… or so she thought.  Trapa began to lie down in his spot right next to Veni, but she started to groan.  Trapa, in worry, asked, “Are you all right?”

“I don’t know…” Veni replied giving a look of sudden painful shock.

“You look like you’re hurt.”

Veni, now nervous, felt another sharp sting go down a system of nerves leading directly to her gut fell to the ground.

Trapa ran up to her and nudged her on the back, “Are you all right?” he asked once more.

“No, I’m not.  It feels like I’m being stabbed in the gut by a sharp rock.”

As Trapa imagined that feeling he could actually feel it on a minimal level, he gave a look of pain for Veni showing that he understands what she’s going through.  “Can you get up?” he asked.

“I think so.” And Veni slowly rose to her feet and started walking around very slowly to figure out how to feel the least amount of pain as she did so.

“Come on, let’s go back.  You don’t look too well.”

“No, no, there’s no need, I can handle it, I really can.”

“I really think we should go back.”

“I said I’m fine!  I can take care of myself.  You go back if you want to, I’m staying right here.”

“I’m not just going to leave you here like this.  Come on-”

“Ouch!” Veni shrieked, “That one hurt like hell!”

“Then let’s go back.” Trapa insisted, but Veni just growled at him.  “Alright, fine, we’re staying put.” And with that, Trapa once more attempted to go to sleep.


            Veni started thinking to herself, “I can take care of myself.  I know I can… right?  I mean, I’ve been away from home for so long; here I am living on my own, I can take care of myself.  At least, I think I can, or maybe I do need others around me.  If it wasn’t for Trapa and the Reed Landers I might not even be here right now.  Am I really that independent?  Maybe I should just-”

“Owww!!!” Veni shrieked at the top of lungs, this awoke Trapa with a jolt.  Trapa turned and saw Veni collapsed on the ground once more, he approached her cautiously.  As he inched closer and closer he saw Veni twitching a little bit, he saw the look of intense pain clenching her face.  She turned and looked right at him, “I think I’m ready to go back now.” She said weakly.

“Okay, come on, I’ll carry you on my back.”  Trapa grabbed Veni by the scruff and carefully lifted her onto his back.  He heard her give a whispery, shrill cry of pain as he tried moving her to a position that would keep gravity from pushing her off.  He was walking slowly to avoid causing any more pain for Veni; he walked around any possible obstacle such as a stone that might be just a little bit too big to step over, or a crack in the Earth that might cause him to trip.  After spending an hour walking a fifteen minute distance they were finally back at Reed Swamp.  Trapa gently set Veni down and told her to rest and wait for the pain to go away, he told everyone else about her pain but nobody had an explanation or a solution for it.  Veni fell asleep after a few moments.


Chapter 6:  Ouilee Comes to Visit


            Veni was rudely awakened by a push; someone ran into her and forced her already sensitive nerve into a major frenzy sending sharp stings up and down her spine.  “Ouch!” she roared at the lion that stood in front of her.

“Oh, sorry.” He said as he ran off.

“What a jerk.” Veni thought to herself, “Wait a minute, where’s everyone going?” she looked around and saw the entire pride rushing right past her.  She still wasn’t able to rise to her paws because of the pain.  She managed to stop one of the lionesses, “Hey what’s going on?” she asked.

“He’s here!” replied the lioness excitedly.

“Who is?”


“Who?” Veni thought.

“Hey, come on, hurry up!” said the lioness as she ran off.

“But, I can’t get up.” Veni said helplessly.  “Trapa!!!” she yelled, “Trapa!!!” but there was no response.  “Did he leave too?” she wondered, she looked around and saw that there was nobody; nobody was in sight, and nobody was in earshot, she was essentially stranded due to her crippling pain.  She could do nothing but sit and wait for someone to return.  For many moments Veni just sat around, her nerve always on the edge; ever since yesterday the pain in her gut persisted, it felt as if her stomach were being compressed, and at seemingly regular intervals that one nerve would act up again for a few seconds creating that really sharp pain once more.  About five sharp pains after everyone left she saw Trapa walking towards her from the horizon, he was accompanied by another lion whom she didn’t recognize.  “Could he be Ouilee?” she wondered.  She watched as they got closer to her, she tried to give some indication that she was awake but didn’t want to put herself in more pain than she was already in.  Once they were within earshot she called out to them.


            “Well, that’s her.” Said Trapa who was looking at the lion beside him.

“Okay, what’s her name?” he asked.

“She’s Veni.”

“Ah, yes, that’s right.”

Just then they finally made it to Veni’s location.  “Veni,” Trapa began, “this is Ouilee, I brought him here to help you.”

“What can he do for me?”

“He was actually raised by humans when he was a cub.  I found him a few weeks ago and told everyone in the pride about him.”
“Why wasn’t I informed?”

“Because I wanted you to actually meet him yourself.”

“And you couldn’t have told me beforehand?”

“No.” Trapa said in that same tone that he used the first time they met, Veni still didn’t know how to respond to it.

“So, what’s going on?” Ouilee asked.

“I have a sharp pain in my belly, most of the time it just feels like there’s pressure on it but occasionally it’s a sharp stinging sensation.” Veni said.

Ouilee pondered this for a moment, “When did you first notice this pain?”


“And what were you doing yesterday.”

“Well, that’s actually pretty private.” Veni looked over at Trapa shyly, he gave her a grin.

“Oh… I see… well that’s actually what I thought.”

“What do you mean?”

“Congratulations you two!”  Veni and Trapa exchanged confused glances at one another, then they looked at Ouilee.  “Veni, you’re pregnant.” He said with a smile.

“Really?!” said Veni and Trapa in unison, except their tones were very different.  Veni was excited while Trapa was angry.

“What do you mean by THAT?!” Veni said irritated.

“How…” Trapa said with his head hung low.

“You know how it happens, but what are you so sad about?” Veni asked.  She never got an answer, all that Trapa did was walk off.

“Well, I’d better go see what everybody else is up to.” Ouilee turned around and walked off in the direction that the rest of the pride ran off to.


Chapter 7:  I Can’t Believe This


            Trapa was sitting alone in a field of grass, “Not again.” He thought to himself, “Dammit, why can’t I control myself better; I actually do like her too…”

“Hey.” Trapa turned around, it was Veni.  “What’s going on?  Aren’t you excited?” she asked sadly.

“Get out.” Trapa said coldly as he turned away from Veni.


“Get out.”

“You can’t be serious.”

“Get out… now.” Trapa was growling now.

“Why?  Dear, what’s going on?”

“If you don’t leave now, I may do something that the both of us will regret.”

“Oh come on, let’s jus-”

Trapa spun around and slashed Veni down one of her legs, “Dammit, why the hell don’t you just leave already?!!!” he roared.

Veni was shocked, with tears in her eyes she managed to say, “Why are you doing this?”

“Do I need a reason?”

“Yes, you do.”
“It’s because you’re pregnant, I don’t do the whole pregnant thing.”

“But we were getting along so well, you must’ve seen this coming when you-”

“I said GET OUT… and never return here, you’re not welcome here.”

“Let’s see what the rest of the pride has to say about that.”
“I’ll kill you and your cub if you return here.”

“You wouldn’t.”
“Try me.”

Veni decided that she didn’t want to take her chances so she ran off bawling like a newborn cub.


            She wasn’t halfway through the Quantanabe Fields when she started thinking once more, “Why Trapa, why…?  What are you thinking?  This isn’t normal behavior, you were so nice and kind; now you’re just a jerk, it’s not like it’s my fault that I’m pregnant.  Oh who am I kidding, I don’t know what I’m doing.  I’m miles away from home, my mate just went psycho when he discovered that I was pregnant.”  Suddenly she longed for home, more so than she ever thought that she would.  Veni sighed, “I really miss everyone, I wonder how they’re all doing.  They probably hate me for leaving them, maybe they don’t even want to see me anymore.  I have to go back home, I don’t know what else to do; I’m lost, I don’t know my place in this world, and I don’t know how to really live on my own.”  She made her decision, she would spend days walking back to her home; sure she was pregnant but she wouldn’t even start to show for awhile, she could make it back to the Pride Lands.


Chapter 8:  Homecoming


            After several days of traveling Veni finally made it, she was back; it was her home, the Pride Lands, she was overjoyed but also very sad.  “What happened here?” she wondered to herself.  “Everything’s… dead.”  She noticed a lioness watching her closely, she decided to walk right up to her and explain her situation.

“Excuse me, but…” the lioness looked at Veni with a shocked expression, “You’re Veni, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I am, I have returned to the Pride Lands.” Veni said.

“Oh my gosh!  How have you been?  Where were you anyway?  We’ve needed you here, you’re our only hope.”

“Whoa, whoa, slow down here.  What do you mean, ‘your only hope’?”

The lioness looked down to the ground and deeply sighed, “Scar’s in charge…”
“What?!!!  How did this happen?” Veni asked in outrage.

“Mufasa died, so did his son.”

“Oh no… Mufasa, dead?  Mufasa, son, dead?  H-how did this happen?”

“There was a stampede, they were both caught in the middle of it.”

Veni started crying, “What about mom and ‘dad’?”

“Your father died in a wildfire caused by lightning, and your mother… she simply lost the will to live.”

“Why didn’t anybody come and get me?”

“We didn’t even know that you were alive!  We searched for you for an entire night, nobody ever found you, where the hell did you go?!”

Veni wasn’t even listening; all that she could think about was that her brother was the only one who remained, other than her of course.  Now she was really lost and confused, “What do I do now?” she wondered.  “If Taka sees me then he’ll surely get rid of me.  He’s never cared about me, and now he’s the only one that I have left to turn to?  I won’t have it!  I can’t be here, but where do I go now… what do I do now?” she looked up and saw the lioness staring at her waiting for an answer; she just said the first thing that came to her mind.

“Don’t worry about it; I guess that I shouldn’t be here either.” Veni sighed as she took off while the lioness wasn’t looking.


Chapter 9:  What Am I Doing?

            With her trip back to the Pride Lands a nightmare she found herself wandering alone once again.  This time she was running somewhere else, a direction that she had never gone before.  She had no idea where she was going or what would become of her, and she honestly didn’t care.  She had nothing; no family, no friends, no place to call home, and nowhere to go.  She just wandered around waiting for death to come and take her soul away, there was no reason for her to continue living; she knew that if she had this cub then it would only grow up suffering, she didn’t want that.  She decided that things would just be easier if she died with the cub still inside of her.

            “Why did my life have to come to this?” she thought aloud, “Sitting here, the only living member of my family who’s sane.  Here I am; pregnant, suicidal, unwanted, a nuisance to society, and utterly miserable.”  She felt ugly and used; it seemed that nobody wanted her around, she was nothing more than a fly stuck on a windshield.  Then the biggest question of all came up, “What am I doing?  What am I doing with my life?  What am I doing here?  What am I doing still alive?  What am I doing all alone?  How did I end up this way?  Does fate really hate me this much?” Veni started to break down crying; sobbing uncontrollably, miserably, and relentlessly.  She collapsed onto the ground under the weight of her own misery, she lost the energy to stand up.  She fell into a deep sleep.



Well, there’s an ending to keep you on your toes.  Don’t worry though; she’s not dead, she really is sleeping.