Since I’m such a major geek I decided to mix together Science Fiction and “The Lion King”.  Some people complained that my other stories were too rushed, so I believe that I’ve remedied the problem with this story.  Although I’ve split this story up into five parts every individual part is still pretty long.  You can email me with feedback, questions, and/or the ability to use my characters or locations at: (of course I’m referring to my made-up characters and locations).  This story takes place after Kopa’s death and before Kiara’s birth.


After reading this over once it’s really more of a horror story until Chapter 9.


Part II:  Lost In a Never-ending Vortex


The Royal Family Tree:


                                                                Mohatu + ?


                                         Igunoi + Frehda     Ahadi + Uru

                                                     |                             |

                                                     |              ---------------------------

                                                     |              |              |                                |

            Xygolapo + Sarafina   Sarabi + Mufasa    Scar + Zira   Veni + Trapa

                             |                              |                          |                    |

                             |                  -----------         ------------(--------)       |

                             |                  |             |         |              |           |        |

                          Nala     +   Simba   Kimba  Nuka    Vitani   Kovu     ?






                                                Ethigi + Varimi           Phantooh + Kura

                                                           |                                                     |

                                                        Zira                                  Kovu



Simba (age: 4):  Simba is the king of the Pride Lands and well liked by everybody.  He has a mate named Nala and together they had a son named Kopa who vanished.  Simba’s fur is a goldish-orange and his mane and eyes are red.  Simba is kind of distant and tends to shirk his responsibilities, but he’s really a nice lion and a great king.  He’s saddened by all of the horrible things that happened in his life and it affected his mental stability a little bit.

Tunuki (age: 12):  Tunuki is a leopard who began seeing visions of the future since he was a young cub.  Because of these visions he attained the rank of prophet by his peers.  Eventually these visions became something much more; he was able to gaze into any creature’s consciousness and discover anything about them.  Then he started to unravel the mysteries of life.  He became a sage after he discovered many things no animal has ever even thought possible.





Jungle                                                              |Savannah

                                                                        |                                   Pride Rock



                                    Sahara Desert                            Gorge               Hill




Jungle:  This is a vast jungle on the border of the Sahara Desert and more grasslands.  Timon, Pumbaa, and Simba once lived here because it’s absolute paradise.  There is a giant mesa in the center with two glistening waterfalls leading to the lake at the bottom.  This jungle is full of life and contains very few predators.

Sahara Desert:  The biggest desert on Earth (I believe) and it’s in The Lion King universe.  It’s well… a desert with sand, cacti, and desert creatures; there’s really nothing exciting there.

The Wormhole:  Without giving too much away this is the cloud in the sky.  It’s inhabited by nasty creatures and the inside resembles a medieval castle or fortress.  It’s huge and the layout is just plain weird.

Dimensional Rift:  This is the one spot where every dimension connects.  It’s a horizontal line that grows dimensionally with the corresponding dimension of that area (if that makes no sense to you then read the story and you’ll find out what I mean).  This one line stretches for an infinite length as the number of dimensions never ends.

Fifth Dimension:  The only difference between the fifth and third dimensions are the fact that they’re two dimensions apart.  The only part of the fifth dimension that Simba even sees is the area that became overrun with those weird creatures from the wormhole.



This is a list of everything that inspired me to write this particular story:

The Lion King (of course) along with

Chrono Trigger


The Time Machine

Quantum Leap

Final Fantasy VII


Star Ocean:  Till the End of Time

Quantum Physics

Philosophical Ideas that I created


Part II:  Lost In a Never-ending Vortex

Chapter 1:  Simba’s Dream

Chapter 2:  A Dark Haze

Chapter 3:  Voices

Chapter 4:  Flashes

Chapter 5:  The Sage

Chapter 6:  The Great Multiplying Simba

Chapter 7:  The Ray of Light Dissipates…

Chapter 8:  Simba Goes Mad

Chapter 9:  What Lies Beyond the Door?

Chapter 10:  Entering the Fifth Dimension

Chapter 11:  Is This the End?

Chapter 12:  Breaking Out, and Heading Into the Unknown…



            For obvious reasons you should read part 1 before reading this part.  It’s helpful if you’ve read my other stories as well so that you can fully understand this one, but it’s really not necessary.  When we left off in part 1 Simba had just collapsed in the Jungle from dizziness that seemed to come out of nowhere.


Chapter 1:  Simba’s Dream


            “Ugh.” Simba slowly rose to his paws and started looking around, nothing seemed out of the ordinary.  “Did I just pass out?” Simba wasn’t completely sure what had just happened, “How long have I been out?” he wondered to himself.  He then looked around some more, although everything looked normal something didn’t feel quite right to him.  He continued looking but he saw everything as it should be:  the sky was very dark blue and the stars were in the sky shaping several familiar constellations, all of the trees in the forest were still there, as was the rest of the fauna; he looked behind him to see the mesa with both waterfalls pouring over its edge, then he glanced ahead and saw the two trees that marked the entrance to the Jungle.  Although things appeared to be normal Simba couldn’t help but feel that something just wasn’t right.  He thought that it may be because he just passed out, so things don’t really seem normal even though they are.

            Simba felt dirty so he raised a paw to begin licking it but quickly retracted it when he saw his leg.  Simba looked at the rest of his body now and was horrified at what he saw, he closed his eyes and blinked frantically to ensure that his eyes weren’t fooling him.

            “Oh man, what happened here?  This can’t be real, this must be a dream.  This isn’t normal; this doesn’t make any sense, what’s going on here?  How come I can see through myself?  This isn’t right.  No, no, no, no, no!!!!” Simba was frantically shaking his head trying to wake himself up from what he believed to be a dream.  After his neck began to ache from the constant shaking he stood there with his eyes closed,

“Do I dare open my eyes?” he wondered.  “I don’t know if I can handle it.  What if I can’t?  What if this isn’t a dream?  What am I supposed to do now?  What if it doesn’t go away?  I shouldn’t look, I really shouldn’t, I don’t think that I’m ready to know.  I can’t look, no, I won’t look… not yet anyway.”  So Simba stood there for several moments with his eyes closed, he didn’t dare to open them; but he knew that he couldn’t stand there like that forever, he would have to open them eventually.

            Once he got the strength he began to slowly open his eyes.  At first all that he could see was the back of his eyelids.  Even slowly he was hesitating to open his eyes, he didn’t know if he could do it, but he slowly persevered.  Then Simba had enough space between eyelids to allow light to rush in creating a major blur as his pupils adjusted, though not much since it was still dark.  Once his pupils adjusted he still didn’t have enough vision to see more than blurs, he could make out shapes and objects but he couldn’t really see them.  Slowly Simba opened his eyes more and more, and just before the blurs took shape he looked up and faced ahead rather than down at his body.  He chickened out but at least he finally opened his eyes all of the way.

            “Okay, I’ll just walk around a little bit first, maybe that’ll help.”  As Simba tried to get up and walk he suddenly fell through the ground beneath him.  Simba was falling with nothing but complete darkness surrounding him; he couldn’t even see his own body an inch away from his eyes.  Simba was falling for a very long time, so long in fact that he got tired of falling; he laid there in the air yawning and flipping his mane around.        Simba closed his eyes for a few minutes and pictured Nala.  Simba thought of Nala for quite a while; he thought about the day that they first met, the day that they fell in love, the day that they got married, their honeymoon, the day that they had their first cub, and then he thought about just Nala.  He thought about Nala’s voice, her eyes, her tail, her fur, her jokes, her mannerisms, and her singing.  Simba smiled at these thoughts of his mate, he couldn’t wait to wake up and go back to her.  Once Simba opened his eyes he found himself floating, he was hovering a good fifty yards above the ground and he was slowly rising even higher.  Simba looked down and saw the Jungle, the Sahara, the Gorge, and even the Pride Lands, but Simba saw all of this through his own legs and paws.  Simba looked up and he saw the vortex cloud right above his head, he was headed right for the mouth of the cloud, it seemed as though the cloud was engulfing him.  Simba was frightened he couldn’t stop himself from floating, nor could he decrease his altitude; he just rose further, and further into the sky, getting closer, and closer to that cloud.

            Just as Simba was only feet away from the cloud he suddenly felt like his insides were being ripped apart.  It was as if every individual cell that made up his body was floating away from him, and he could feel every individual cell being ripped out away from his body; billions and billions of cells were just being torn out of him, and he felt each and every one of them.  Simba turned around to see his tail which is where the pain started before moving to his lower back and eventually to his chest.  Simba was shocked at another fact… his tail and lower back were completely gone!  Right now he felt the pain in his lower chest, now he actually saw his body breaking up into tiny pieces which broke into even tinier pieces, and they were all heading up inside of the big vortex cloud.  Simba tried to roar as loud as he possibly could, but part of his lungs had been sucked into the vortex and all of the oxygen and carbon dioxide diffused into the outside air.  The pain grew more intense as his more vital organs began to dissipate into the endless void above him.  As his lungs, his heart, and much later his brain began to decompose he felt as if millions of tiny needles were poking at those organs, after the stinging sensation came the feeling of that organ being ripped into microscopic pieces.  It seemed to last forever, the pain that is, but it was completely gone after the cells had broken up; but as Simba’s body floated into the vortex his consciousness remained hovering in the air.

            It was a sad fate, having a consciousness but no body in which to manipulate.  Without a body a consciousness cannot move, so Simba was stuck in midair; still alive, still aware, and yet he could do nothing but float there.  He was left behind, he was betrayed by his own flesh.


Chapter 2:  A Dark Haze


            “Noooo!!!!!” Simba roared out.  “Huh?” Simba looked around, it was nighttime and he was laying in the Jungle where he had been before.  He looked around very cautiously everything was normal, and he couldn’t see through himself.  “Was it all just a dream?” Simba wondered.  Simba once again had a feeling that something wasn’t right so he examined everything closely.  He looked in every direction, then he wandered around and continued searching to make sure that everything was normal.  Everything seemed fine, Simba double-checked, then triple-checked everything.  Nothing was out of place, nothing was the wrong shape or color or size or whatever, and nothing seemed to activate a trap door.  Once again things appeared to be normal, but there was one thing that Simba failed to notice…

            “I think it’s time I headed back home.” Simba thought to himself.  As he left the Jungle he searched for an oasis in the desert, in his haste to make sure that everything was all right he forgot to drink from the lake in the Jungle.  It didn’t take long for Simba to reach the oasis that he had been to as a cub when Timon and Pumbaa rescued him.  He drank from the water and suddenly had the urge to lie down in the grass, so he did.  Simba was looking up at the sky, “Wait a minute!” he thought to himself.  “Something isn’t right with the sky, I can’t quite put my paw on it…” Simba sat there for several minutes trying to figure out what was wrong.  “That’s it!!  That cloud is missing!” Simba was relieved at first but then he thought about what that truly meant, “Wait a minute… the cloud is missing?!!  Could I have gone through the vortex like Pumbaa said…”

            Suddenly the vortex reappeared in the sky and Simba gasped, the vortex began to open up until it engulfed the entire sky.  Everything was quiet, everything was pitch black, Simba felt the cool breeze of night across his face.  He stood there trying to get some kind of an idea of what was happening, minutes passed but nothing happened at all.  He continued to stand there and wait, so he waited, and waited, and waited; but it was an odd kind of silence, a creepy and tense kind of silence.  It seemed as though the big vortex had created a vacuum blocking out all sound and air molecules, it was dead silent and it became harder and harder for Simba to breathe.  Suddenly the wind stopped blowing entirely and a strange scent began to fill the air.  It was an unidentifiable scent and it smelled absolutely horrendous.  Simba gagged at the smell but it only lingered in the air for about three seconds, then Simba heard something.

            In the sky it sounded as if a zipper had been pulled down, Simba looked up but saw nothing.  Then Simba heard something that sounded like breathing, he saw a white hole open up in the center of the sky.  Simba watched the hole with great curiosity, he wondered what was going to happen next; it scared him but it also fascinated him.  He continued to watch this new hole in the sky, but for several moments nothing happened.

            Simba decided that enough was enough and he wanted to get back home to his family so he turned around… except he didn’t know which way Pride Rock was, he completely forgot which direction he was facing and it was too dark to identify any landmarks.  Simba heard the breathing getting heavier and heavier now, several obnoxious sounds began to spew out of that hole in the sky and they were making Simba start to go a little insane.  He heard lots of heavy machinery, screams of anguish, glass shattering, bones crunching, sadistic laughter, explosions, hearts beating, nails scratching on a chalk board, demonic voices, and lots of banging sounds.  He couldn’t take it, all of these sounds were too much for his sensitive lion ears; in fact a lot of the noises were scaring the crap out of him.  He heard the demonic voices talking about eating the faces of dead babies followed by the screams of anguish and sadistic laughter.  The sounds of hearts beating, bones crunching, and nails scratching on a chalk board are enough to drive anybody to madness on their own, but these sounds were all going off at the same time along with the demonic voices and whatnot.

            Simba had to collapse on the floor and fold in his ears because he just couldn’t take it anymore.  Just when Simba was about to give his own scream of anguish the noises all stopped abruptly.  Simba arose cautiously; he stood there waiting for something, anything to happen so that he could just get this over with.

All of a sudden Pumbaa’s voice emerged from the hole in the sky, “Once you’ve reached the void, there’s no telling where you’ll come back out, you could exit three seconds in the past or fifty thousand years in the future.”

“What?  Pumbaa is that you?!!” Simba called out, but he got no response.  He stood there for a few moments, then suddenly the voice repeated itself.

“Once you’ve reached the void, there’s no telling where you’ll come back out, you could exit three seconds in the past or fifty thousand years in the future.”

            After the voice spoke a loud static noise emerged from this white hole.  Simba heard another noise and as he looked up at the hole in the sky he saw a dark purple mist seeping out into the atmosphere below.  As the mist slowly filled up the area Simba was standing in he began to run away, he didn’t know where he was running to and he didn’t care; he just wanted to get away from that mist as quickly as possible.  Simba ran and ran but he couldn’t outrun the mist, eventually the mist surrounded him completely.


Chapter 3:  Voices


            Simba was now completely surrounded by the deep purple mist, he couldn’t see through it very well and he began to feel a little woozy.  Simba was fighting the urge to pass out again as he staggered through the thick haze.  Simba didn’t know if he was still in the desert but he no longer cared anymore, he knew that he just had to get out of here as quickly as possible.  Simba’s mind was racing, he began to wonder if he’d ever see his home again, he wondered if he’d ever see Nala again, he wondered if he’d ever see his friends again.  Simba continued wondering “How is my kingdom doing?  How long have I been gone?  Who will rule after I pass?  What’s mom doing right now?  When will I finally return?”  Just then the noises from earlier started up again.

            “Ugh… please, I can’t take anymore, please…” Simba’s voice grew weak as the sounds began to overpower him once more.  Now the demonic voices began describing to Simba their lives’ work, “On the day that we came to this Earth our mother died and our demon father tortured us all.  So many of us were born at the same time that we shattered our mother’s hip and our youngest sibling had to escape by ripping through our mother’s chest.  We ran away from home at a young age and we began plotting our plans to take over the planet.  We killed many as brutally as we possibly could, and we did this to gain power…”

            “What does any of this have to do with me?” Simba asked.

The voices replied by saying “We are the reason for Scar, we are the reason for Kopa’s-”

“WHAT DID YOU DO WITH KOPA?!!!!” Simba roared out in fury.  Simba got no reply then he thought for a moment before asking another question, “Why are making my life so terrible?”

“We make all lives terrible.” Replied a voice.

“What purpose does this serve?  What are you getting out of this?” Simba asked, disgusted by the whole conversation.

“…We want to create a new world.  We want to create a better world, a world controlled by fear.  We are ridding the world of all of its creatures either directly or indirectly.  Everything seems to multiply by the tens of thousands daily, we must keep the world in balance until all creatures stop reproducing.  On that day we will reduce the population of all creatures down to less than one hundred, and we will rule all of them.  Our world will be gloomy, completely devoid of sunlight, and we will show no mercy to anybody.  All who oppose us will die.”

“I’ll never let you do that!!” Simba roared out in anger.

“Oh, what a poor little lion; trying to defy fate and kill that which is untouchable by mortals.  What do you plan to do anyway, you can’t do anything, it’s out of your control.”

“I’ll do what I can, I must also avenge my father and my son.”

The demonic voices just laughed.

“Why don’t you come out and show your faces you cowards.”

            Then the noises grew louder and louder until Simba had to keel over from the pain it was causing his ears.  Then all of the noises stopped again abruptly, Simba stood up and realized that nothing was moving… time was standing still.  Simba moved around a little bit then he heard a faint whisper off in the distance, “Why don’t we test him?” it said.  Simba spun around quickly and saw a pair of giant red eyes with gray irises staring back at him.  Simba was stunned, he literally couldn’t move at all so he just stared right back into those eyes.  After a brief staring contest the eyes blinked and Simba’s head became heavy, he was trying to hold it up but it was hopeless… he succumbed to the exhaustion that the eyes seemed to inject him with.


Chapter 4:  Flashes


            Simba had another out of body experience; he saw quick glimpses of events, events that had already happened, events that were happening at this very moment, and events that had yet to happen.  He saw brief images of everyone he knew:  he saw Nala, Mufasa, Zazu, Rafiki, Sarabi, Scar, Zira, Nuka, Vitani, Timon, Pumbaa, and Kopa.  Simba also saw unfamiliar faces; he saw his father and uncle as cubs with three other lions, he figured that two of them were his grandparents and that the other one could possibly be his aunt.  He saw another Red lion with green eyes, but he had a brown mane that looked like it had a comb over; he saw this lion nuzzling a lioness that resembled a teenage Nala.  He saw a beat up lion standing amongst a ruined shelter, he saw a human that seemed to give him a sense of ease.

            Simba watched his life flash before his eyes, it started all of the way back to the moment he was born and when he presented in front of all of the animals.  He saw himself growing up with his parents at Pride Rock and being taught how to become the next king by his father.  He saw the day he took Nala to the elephant graveyard, then he saw the night that proceeded it… the last time he got to have a real conversation with his father.  Then came the one day Simba didn’t want to relive, he had to experience the entire day with the stampede all over again; he couldn’t handle watching it so he closed his eyes in a pathetic attempt to avoid seeing it, but to no avail.  Simba felt the warm tears drop from his eyes and down his cheeks.  Watching such a sad moment in his life for the second time was even harder on him because now that he was older he only thought of what he could’ve done to stop it.  He saw his Hakuna Matata days, his reunion with Nala, his slow motion fight with Scar, his wedding and his honeymoon with Nala, the birth of his cub Kopa, the day that he lost Kopa, and every other event that led up to this point.


Chapter 5:  The Sage


            Simba awoke once more in the Jungle, but it was daytime now; the sky was perfectly fine, there was no vortex cloud, there were other animals roaming about, and everything felt normal to Simba.  “Am I back?” he wondered.  Simba got up and started for Pride Rock, when suddenly a coconut fell on his head from a tree above him.  “Ow!” Simba cried out.

“Oh, sorry about that.” Said a voice from above.

“Who’s there?”

“My name is Tunuki.” Replied the voice, then a leopard jumped out of the tree.  “Hey, I know you, you’re the king.  What are you doing out here?”

“I just needed to get away for awhile to think things over, but it looks like I’ve been out here all night so I’m returning home.”

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” Warned Tunuki.

“Why’s that?” asked Simba.

“I’ve been seeing unfortunate things in that direction, if you go there you’ll surely be in grave danger.”

“What are talking about?  I was just there yesterday and everything was perfectly fine.”

“Yesterday?!!  How is that possible?!  A rockslide in the gorge has prevented anyone from heading out of the Pride Lands for over a week!” Said Tunuki.

“A Week?!!!” Simba was stunned, “How long have I been out?”

“Hmm, let me see…” Tunuki approached Simba and looked him straight in the eyes.

“What are you-”

“Shhhh!” Tunuki continued examining Simba’s eyes, then he continued to search the rest of his body; Simba stood there awkwardly as this leopard looked up and down his entire body.

“I’d say it’s been at least a week and a half.” Tunuki finally said.

“How could I have possibly been unconscious for that long?” Simba asked.

“You weren’t.” replied Tunuki.

Simba raised an eyebrow, “What are you talking about?”

Tunuki gave a grin then replied, “I’m a sage, I know all, and what I don’t know I easily find out.  That’s why I had to stare deep into your eyes, I needed your consciousness to tell me how long it was active without your physical body.”

Simba began to get a little irritated, “You still haven’t answered my question.”

“In good time, my friend.” Tunuki said.

“Oh come on now, I know that you’re full of it.  Now quit feeding me this garbage, I’m going home now.” Simba started walking away from Tunuki.

Tunuki began chanting, “Gnwabi thyjikiba yabo yabo kmajabeeya.”

Suddenly a huge wall of fire rose up in front of Simba, he spun around and confronted Tunuki.  “What did you just do?” Simba roared.

“I summoned fire to stop you.”

Simba was furious now, “What do you mean you summoned fire?!  Get rid of it now!”

“I will not.  Don’t you realize it’s dangerous over there.”                                  

Simba glared at Tunuki and started to growl, “I am the king, as my subject you WILL do as I say.”

“There’s only one problem with that.”

“And what is that?”

Tunuki got much closer to Simba until their faces were only inches apart, he looked Simba right in the eyes, then in a very calm but serious demeanor he said, “I’m not one of your subjects.”

“What do you mean you’re not one of my subjects, you addressed me as King Simba.  Did you not?”

Tunuki still looked Simba right in the eyes, “I did not address you as King Simba, as you will recall I simply stated that you were the king, your name just happened to follow it.”

“Then where do you come from?” Simba asked in a now calm voice.

Tunuki no longer had a serious undertone in his voice when he said, “I hail from the Grass Walls.”

“The Grass Walls, that’s where Rafiki is from.” Simba started to believe that Tunuki was a sage, but this wasn’t enough evidence for him.

Simba spoke once more, “Did you notice an odd looking Cloud in the sky before?”

“What cloud?”

“I didn’t know what it was, it was shaped like a funnel though and it had many swirling lines in it.”

Tunuki gasped, “That explains it!!” he exclaimed.

Simba looked more puzzled than ever, “Explains what?” he asked.

“It explains what’s going on in the Pride Lands.”

“Yeah, by the way you never told me what IS going on in the Pride Lands anyway.”

“There’s no time for that now.” Tunuki said as he began sketching something in the sand with his claws.  Simba growled but followed hoping to get some answers.

            Simba walked up behind Tunuki and examined what he was drawing in the sand.   It was a very intricate picture, it showed Pride Rock being overtaken by weird creatures who lit the fields on fire.  There were lions battling the creatures.  Lightning was striking the peak of Pride Rock which started a rockslide above the cave.  There was a giant hole in the ground that the creatures were crawling out of, and there were more creatures coming out of the vortex cloud in the sky.  Amidst all of the chaos stood a figure under Pride Rock, Simba couldn’t make out the figure.

            Once Tunuki finished drawing he turned around and allowed Simba to get a closer look.

“Is this what’s happening at home?” Simba asked worriedly.

“No, no, not yet anyway.”

“What do you mean not yet, I still have no idea what’s going on here.  When will this happen.”

Suddenly Tunuki fell to the ground, he looked as though he had been pushed by something.  His face clenched with a look of discomfort, then he screaming out in pain, and then huge gashes started forming all over his body from out of nowhere.  Tunuki was screaming then he looked at Simba, “Simba, listen to me.  What happened to you wasn’t a dream, you were almost attacked the other night by those creatures.  I don’t know why they spared you but you have to run… NOW!!”

Simba stood there in horror he couldn’t believe what he saw, “But-”

Tunuki screamed again as another gash slashed across his face, “Shut up and run!!!!  They know you’re here and they will kill you without hesitation.”

Just then Tunuki’s body rose up off of the ground, and then with a loud crunch his body was folded in half… backwards.

“Holy shit!!” Simba thought to himself, “What the hell’s going on here!!” he was horrified and dumbfounded.  Then he heard a voice whispering something to him but he couldn’t understand it.  As the voice began to get closer Simba turned around and ran.  Simba was absolutely horrified as he sprinted through the desert as fast as he could, he wasn’t heading home because he didn’t want to bring this… whatever it was with him.  He was getting tired and didn’t know how much longer he could keep running.  He then saw his mother way off in the distance, he increased his speed just a little bit more.  Once he reached her his paws were heavy and he was gasping for breath, he knew that he had been running for at least a few miles.

            huff…puff…Mom…” Simba called out weakly.

Sarabi turned around, “Simba!  Where on Earth have you been?!!  Everybody’s worried sick about you!!”

“Mom, I’m sorry… huff…puff…huff…but I need you to…puff…do something…”

Sarabi was worried, “Simba, what’s going on?  Why are you so out of breath.”

“Mom, go to Pride Rock…huff…puff…tell everybody that they’re in…”  Simba stopped to breath for a moment.  “They’re in danger…”

“Danger!  In danger of what?!!”

Then they both heard a voice whispering something incomprehendable to the both of them.

“Shit!!” Simba roared before he continued running.

“Stop!!” called a voice, and Simba froze.

“Tunuki?!!” he called out.

“Don’t panic, I’m going to save you now.”


Then Simba saw a huge flood of water headed his way.  “What the hell is this?!!”

“…Don’t panic.” Tunuki said.

Simba was overtaken by the water and got trapped inside of a bubble which floated him into the vortex in the sky.


Chapter 6:  The Great Multiplying Simba


            Simba awoke to find himself in a room that resembled the inside of castle dungeon.  “No!! What am I doing in here?!!  I thought that he was going to save me!!” Simba yelled out in frustration.

“Simba, you must confront this, you are much safer in here than you could possibly be down there.”

“Tunuki, what the hell is going on here?!!”

“Don’t worry, the creatures can’t camouflage themselves in here.”

Simba was very angry now, his eyes glared up in rage and his nostrils flared, “Tunuki tell me everything, I want all of the answers now!!!!”

            Before Simba could get an answer a grotesque looking creature came out of the wall to his left, then another one came out of the wall to his right, another from behind, then another right in front of him.  These creatures were the ugliest things Simba had ever seen in his life; they were a disgusting mixture of brown, gray, green, and yellow.  They had semi-transparent chunks of skin covering their eyes, their cheek bones were so pointed that it looked like the bones would pop out of their flesh at any given moment.  They had long stringy hair hanging off of their elbows and chins, they had finger and toe nails that were at least a few feet long and they were all yellow and crusty.  They had no lips, just a giant hole where their mouths were, and their teeth were covered in a layer of greenish-yellow plaque (if they had any teeth at all).  Simba had to keep himself from vomiting at their appearance.

            The four creatures began speaking with one another which made this all the more sickening.  Their voices were nothing more than deep agonizing moans with a few gag-like sounds on occasion.  They talked amongst themselves for several seconds, then one of them said something and got smacked in the head by another creature.  The creature who was smacked spat out blood, as his jaw unhinged from his skull so he had to reattach it.  Watching the creature spit out blood and rehinge his jaw made Simba retch.

            Simba decided to stand there with his eyes closed until the creatures stopped talking, but then something happened.  Simba felt a long fingernail lightly glide over his back, then he felt a wet, slimy, sticky hand grab a hold of one of his hind legs.  Simba immediately opened his eyes, turned around and slashed the creature holding on to him which knocked its hand several feet away.  Simba then wiped his leg on the ground as best as he could, but he could still feel that slimy hand with its fingers wrapped around his leg.  The creature gave out a moan then walked over to its arm to reattach it to his torso.

            “If only there was five of me...” Simba thought to himself.  He closed his eyes and thought of the number five, including himself there were five living members of his immediate family before Kopa disappeared.  Simba felt a tingle in his stomach so he opened his eyes to discover that there were four more Simba’s coming out of his body; they were perfect, flawless really, clones from appearance to personality.  Simba felt weak, like there was a part of him missing… he felt empty and it caused him to once again pass out.  He woke up seconds later to find his clones battling the creatures, Simba jumped in and discovered that it took two of him to take down one of the creatures and the only way to hurt them without them recovering was to remove their vital organs.

            After the battle the clones remained, Simba found out that they were indestructible; and he tested this himself.  He decided that the clones would keep the creatures occupied while Simba came up from behind and tore apart their torsos to rip out their hearts, lungs, or whatever else would do the trick.  The clones followed Simba around as if they were well-behaved children following their parents around the store.


Chapter 7:  The Ray of Light Dissipates


            The further into this structure that Simba traveled the darker things became.  He was instructed by Tunuki to follow the small ray of light to the heart of the compound.  It didn’t take long before Simba lost track of the ray of light, it wasn’t his fault, the light just disappeared.  It slowly grew dimmer and dimmer until there was no light left at all, “Am I in the heart of the compound?” Simba wondered, although he knew that he wasn’t.  Since he got no reply from Tunuki he had no choice but to press onward.


Chapter 8:  Simba Goes Mad


            Simba and his clones wandered around for what seemed like hours, he had no idea where they were or where they were headed.  They wandered into another chamber and almost gagged at what they saw, the walls resembled human flesh and blood… and they were moving.  These were walls that looked like the muscle tissue of a human that kept twitching, swaying back and forth, vibrating, and bulging out occasionally.  Suddenly all of the noises that were bothering Simba when he was engulfed in the vortex came back, just without the voices.

            Simba heard it all:  the beating heart, the nails scratching on a chalkboard, the heavy machinery, the breaking glass, the shattering bones, the explosions, and the banging noises.  He cracked under the pressure, hearing all of that noise made him lose control of himself.  Simba roared so loud that he gave himself a sore throat, then he ran up to the walls and frantically slashed at them.  Simba slashed and bit and head butted the walls.  Simba slashed one of the walls and tore a hole in it, he heard an agonizing moan come from the wall followed by huge torrents of blood gushing out of it.  Simba noticed that there was another chamber beyond the wall so he decided to go through, of course his clones followed.

            Entering this chamber was a trade-off; no longer did the haunting noises fill Simba’s ears, but the putrid creatures lurked all around the halls.  He could hear their agonizing moans echo throughout the twisted, almost maze-like, hallway.  Simba huddled together with his clones, “There’s just too many of them.” He said.

“Don’t worry, we know how to help you.” One of the clones replied.

“What?  How are you going to do that?”

“By unleashing your primitive instinct of bloodlust.”

Suddenly the clones began to change their forms, they became Simba’s most hated enemies:  Scar, Zira, Banzai, and Shenzi (he was indifferent towards Ed). Then they started taunting him.

“I killed Mufasa!!”

“I killed Kopa!!”

“I tried to eat you and Nala when you were cubs!!”

“I just wanted to eat Nala!!”

            The four of them continued saying these things to Simba until he went into another frenzy.  Once more he was blind with rage, his instincts took over his logical thinking and he easily took out all of the creatures in his path.  None of the clones were far behind him but they still kept their distance fearing that Simba would soon turn on them as well.

            Once Simba ripped out the heart of the last creature that anybody saw the clones reverted back to their Simba form.

“Oh my God.  What’s happening to me?” Simba wondered, “I’ve never done anything like this before… is this place making me evil?”

“Not exactly.” Said a voice that Simba recognized.

“Tunuki, where the hell have you been?”

“I’ve been right beside you the whole time.”

“What do you mean?”

“Turn around.”

            Simba turned around to see all four of the clones merge together into Tunuki.

“Okay, I want you to tell me everything now!!” Simba roared furiously.

“That can wait a minute.  Follow me.”

“Hey, I’m talking to you.” But Simba found himself speaking to Tunuki’s tail which was already a few yards ahead of him.

            Tunuki ran through all of the corridors, he seemed to know this place like the back of his paw.  He stopped at a door, then he turned to Simba who just caught up with him.  Tunuki began to speak, “Beyond this door…”


Chapter 9:  What Lies Beyond the Door?


            “HOLD IT!!!!” Simba screamed, “Tell me everything now, I’m tired of these riddles and I don’t want to hear ANY new information until I know exactly what has happened up to this point!!”

Tunuki knew he had to tell Simba everything, he had a defeated look on his face.  “Okay, fine.  I’ll talk.”

“Start from the beginning.” Simba commanded.

Tunuki cleared his throat to begin his very long explanation, “When you stared up at the ‘cloud’ in the sky it trapped your soul, as I’m sure you know we’re now inside of this ‘cloud’ but we’re not searching for your soul… not yet anyway.”

“Okay what is this, I don’t believe that it is a cloud.”

“It’s not a cloud, but rather a wormhole created by a disruption in the space-time continuum.  Something happened in the world to cause a major disruption altering the future, now it’s up to us to fix it.”

Simba looked confused, “How are we supposed to do that?”

“We must continue onward.  As for that so called ‘dream’ that you had the other night it was actually this portal taking your soul.  Everything that you saw, everything that you heard, everything that you felt was real; however there was something different about you, it took your soul but it could not take your consciousness.  You have a strong will, and because of it you were only left unconscious for about a week; but without your soul you will have no morals, no ethics, no sense of right and wrong, oh sure you have it now but it’s slowly fading away.  This is what caused you to snap twice since you’ve been here, that tie between your mind and what’s left of your soul was temporarily severed.”

Simba was beginning to understand but he still had many questions, “How are we supposed to get my soul back?”

“We must seal this wormhole forever; this will force your soul, and any other lost souls in here, back to their bodies.”

“Okay, but what are these creatures and how come you’re not dead?”

“I am dead.” Tunuki said grinning.


“I am dead.” Tunuki repeated himself.

“But, then, how are you here?”

“I told you before, I am a sage, my spirit will live on as long as I have tasks left to accomplish in this world.  As for the creatures, I know not exactly what they are but I am sure that they are the cause of this wormhole.”

“But what about the voices that spoke to me?”

“Those were your own thoughts and fears projected back at you… well most of it was anyway.  Some of it was the creatures of this place taunting you by using your own thoughts and fears.”

“Okay, so why didn’t you reveal yourself earlier?”

Tunuki laughed, “I thought that you would need help getting through here.”

“What about Pride Rock?  What was so dangerous there?”

Tunuki was silent for a moment, then said “…Absolutely nothing.”

“WHAT?!!  What the hell do you mean NOTHING?!!”

Tunuki gave another grin, “If I let you go back home you would’ve never ended up here, and then your home really would’ve been in danger.”

Simba grumbled under his breath for he knew Tunuki was right.

            Satisfied with all of his questions answered Simba stared up at the door, “So what were you saying about the door?”

“Ah yes, the door; I’d almost forgotten.”

Simba just stared at Tunuki.

“Oh, you know I’m kidding.  Anyway this door will take you were no being in our universe, or any universe, has ever been or probably will ever go.”

“What, makes us so special?”

“Nothing.” Tunuki stated, “We just happened to get this far, that’s all.”

“So you’re saying no other living creature will ever get to this point again.”

“…It’s very doubtful.  You remember that room with the flesh for walls.”

Simba shuddered at the thought of this room, “Yeah, how could I possibly forget.”

“That was the skin and blood of all those who have died here, and by killing more of those creatures in that final hallway you probably repaired that hole that you ripped open.”

Simba almost gagged, this forced Tunuki to let out a chuckle; and then Simba gave Tunuki a cold stare.

“Sorry.” Tunuki said, “But this door, it leads to a whole ‘nuther dimension.”

“What do you mean another dimension?”

“Well you see Simba, we live in a three dimensional world.  Now it’s easy to create 2-D and 1-D worlds with our bare paws, all that we need is dirt and a claw.  However it is possible to create an illusion of 3-D, a.k.a. Depth, to these worlds by adding shading.  Now here’s where things get a little bit tricky, fourth dimensional being can easily create 3-D worlds themselves and add that illusion of 4-D, a.k.a. Time, which is what brought us to life; because of this, time doesn’t really exist in our dimension, but it appears as if it does to us, this explains why we’re alive while 2-D and 1-D worlds aren’t and why we understand the concept of time but we have no control over it, in fact we don’t even really understand the concept of time… we just think that we do.”

“So we’re in the lowest living dimension?”

“Exactly, there could be millions of other 3-D worlds in one 4-D city alone, we’re most likely just somebody’s piece of art.  Anyway this door actually goes all of the way to the fifth dimension, they’re the ones with the ability to travel through time.”

“Then what special ability do 4-D beings have.”

“They can illusionally travel through time, the 5-D beings can illusionally do something that no mortal has ever dreamed of.”

“So we have to go through this door to save my soul?”

“No… YOU have to go through this door, I cannot go with you.”
“What, why not?”

“It wasn’t meant to work that way.”

“Don’t be ridiculous.” Simba said.

“Trust me, I can’t go in there with you, it will impede your journey.”

“So what am I supposed to do?”

“You’ll know once you enter.” Tunuki said.

“Oh will I?” Simba said sarcastically.

“Yes you will, just go inside.  Here I’ll open it for you.”

            Tunuki used his powers to open the door, and as he did this he said goodbye to Simba then vanished.  Simba bowed respectfully to where Tunuki was standing and thanked him, he then entered the door.


Chapter 10:  Entering the Fifth Dimension


            It was very weird standing there in that rift between dimensions.  Simba walked toward a figure off in the distance, everything around him was draped in shadow.  With every step Simba took he felt himself growing in a direction that was previously unknown to him, he was becoming four dimensional.  He noticed that from the first to the second dimension he would gain shape, and from the second to the third dimension he would gain depth, so to the best of Simba’s knowledge he must’ve been gaining time.  After moving forward a few hundred yards Simba turned around to find every universe in his dimension right behind him, he actually saw what infinity looked like… and it gave him the shivers.

            As Simba continued to move forward he felt himself growing in yet another unknown direction, he was now gaining time travel (which apparently does involve some direction that can’t be manipulated by 3-D beings).  No matter how far he walked Simba never seemed to get any closer to that being shrouded in darkness way off in the distance; he wondered if it was the end of all dimensions or are the dimensions infinite as well, maybe they don’t end; after all numbers don’t end.  Simba turned around again and saw the infinite stretch of the fourth dimension which once again gave him the shivers.

            Simba noticed himself stop gaining time travel and he knew that he was at the fifth dimension… but he had no idea how to enter it.  He sat there and pondered for a moment how to enter a completely different dimension but then he remembered that he now had two whole new dimensions that he could move through, he was no longer limited to just the x, y, and z axis.  He could now move through time so he tried it by moving in the newest direction that he had gained… sure enough it worked.


Chapter 11:  Is This the End?


            Simba found himself in a field of dead grass.  Because he was now in the fifth dimension he could now see in five dimensions.  Being in a five dimensional world when you’re only used to three is one of the scariest things somebody can go through.  Simba could now travel through time and see through time as well as seeing and traveling through the three dimensions he was already used to.  He was afraid to use the illusionary power of the sixth dimension here because he didn’t know what it was or what it would possibly do.  Simba moved up a small hill and saw more of those creatures that he saw in the wormhole.  “Dammit, what am I supposed to do now?” he thought to himself.  The creatures noticed him and suddenly disappeared.  “Shit, not again.” So Simba decided to use that sixth dimension power, but the problem was that it is unstable if used in the fifth dimension (after all it is only an illusionary power, could you imagine the catastrophe that would occur if we attempted to travel through time).  Simba accidentally opened a rift to the sixth dimension from within the fifth and a toxic substance began to ooze out of it.  Suddenly these rifts formed all over the place.

            Simba was trying to run from the oozing holes but soon the entire sky seemed engulfed in it, Simba was stuck standing on a rock.  “I’ll never get my soul back, Tunuki was wrong I don’t have a clue what I’m doing.  I’ll be stuck like this forever, it’s never going to end.”  Simba was so frustrated that he kicked a rock which flew right into one of the holes and sealed it.


Chapter 12:  Heading Out Into the Unknown


            The hole collapsed into itself after the rock was kicked into it and a portal opened up in place of the hole.  Simba didn’t know what to do, he couldn’t stay in the 5-D world because the ooze was dripping everywhere but he also didn’t know where this portal would lead him to.  Simba had no choice but to enter the portal and hope for the best, but he feared that the worst awaited him.

            Once inside of the portal Simba felt himself losing time travel and time, he was once again limited to the height and depth of the third dimension.  This portal pushed Simba down to the very bottom, then he remembered what Pumbaa had told him,

“…it’s a rift in time, a never-ending vortex pushing you deep into the void with an intense force of gravity, the likes of which you’ve never felt before.  Once you’ve reached the void, there’s no telling where you’ll come back out, you could exit three seconds in the past or fifty thousand years in the future.”  Simba knew that he was now in the void and the gravity was so intense that it felt as if a five ton weight had been dropped on his back.  The next thing Simba knew, he was falling…



Oh no!  Simba was left falling!  How long will he stay suspended in midair?  That’s for me to decide!!  Ha, ha, ha!  I’ve now got all weekend to write part 3 but I probably won’t even start until Monday, so Simba’s stuck there for 68 more hours until I come home that day (imagine falling for 68 hours, that would be crazy and boring).  I tied up all of the loose ends that I wanted to in this story, but I haven’t revealed everything yet… not to mention there are still three more parts to read.  Still I hope you enjoyed it, expect part 3 to be even longer than this; I know that most of you are groaning at the thought but you can’t just stop now, read on, read on.