Since I’m such a major geek I decided to mix together Science Fiction and “The Lion King”.  Some people complained that my other stories were too rushed, so I believe that I’ve remedied the problem with this story.  Although I’ve split this story up into five parts every individual part is still pretty long.  You can email me with feedback, questions, and/or the ability to use my characters or locations at: (of course I’m referring to my made-up characters and locations).


Part IV:  The Plan Gets Set in Motion


The Royal Family Tree:


                                                                Mohatu + ?


                                         Igunoi + Frehda     Ahadi + Uru

                                                     |                             |

                                                     |              ---------------------------

                                                     |              |              |                                |

            Xygolapo + Sarafina   Sarabi + Mufasa    Scar + Zira   Veni + Trapa

                             |                              |                          |                    |

                             |                  -----------         ------------(--------)       |

                             |                  |             |         |              |           |        |

                          Nala     +   Simba   Kimba  Nuka    Vitani   Kovu     ?






                                                Ethigi + Varimi           Phantooh + Kura

                                                           |                                                     |

                                                        Zira                                  Kovu



Simba (age: 4):  Simba is the king of the Pride Lands and well liked by everybody.  He has a mate named Nala and together they had a son named Kopa who vanished.  Simba’s fur is a goldish-orange and his mane and eyes are red.  Simba is kind of distant and tends to shirk his responsibilities, but he’s really a nice lion and a great king.  He’s saddened by all of the horrible things that happened in his life and it affected his mental stability a little bit.

Ouilee (age: ??):  A lion who was rescued by humans after being abandoned as a cub.  Due to a certain experiment performed on him he never really got close to anybody.  Ouilee is very wise because he’s seen it all, he’s seen much more than any being in existence should ever see and it’s left him permanently scarred.  It’s very hard to tell what he’s thinking.  Since he was raised by humans he can understand their language.

Trebb (age: 67):  The mayor of Nairobi.  She is widowed and without child.  She’s very dark brown in color and she has blonde hair all of the way down to her knees.  Her eyes are green and she usually wears bright colored clothing.  She has spent her life studying all of the animals in the African savannah and understands their language.



            Yaguie                                  |     |       

            _________________           |     |        Ruins of Harbach

           /                                  |       /      /         (a huge metropolis

 ____/        Lake                    |___/      /           of over 5million.)

|Dam|                                                 /                              \____|________________________/



ß                                                        Skyway 8994570841                                              ą


                                                                        Pride Rock



Sahara Desert                            Gorge               Hill


                                                                                    Nairobi city limits


The Jungle is further west and slightly north of the Sahara Desert



Pride Rock:  Pride Rock is no longer the magnificent sight that it once was, it’s now crumbled to the ground and all that remains are tiny rocks that once made up this wonderful structure.

Savannah:  No longer called the Pride Lands it’s just a regular savannah, nobody still lives there.  It’s completely ruined, all of the grass has been uprooted, it’s horribly muddy, there are sharp rocks everywhere, and there’s no life left anywhere.

Sahara Desert:  Still a huge desert, but due to human activity it has shrunk significantly.  What remains of the desert is uninhabited due to harsh conditions.

Jungle:  On the border of the Sahara Desert and what is now a village lies a jungle called the Jungle.  It’s been massacred by local people in the area, a lot of the trees have been cut down.

Ruins of Harbach:  Crumbled ruins standing where the Elephant Graveyard used to be.  It was once a major metropolis but it got ruined during an acid rainstorm one day.

Nairobi:  A megalopolis of over five billion people.

The Wormhole:  (Called the Portal here).  It’s inhabited by nasty creatures and the inside resembles a medieval castle or fortress.  It’s huge and the layout is just plain weird.  There are many chambers and hallways located throughout the compound meant to trap outsiders.



This is a list of everything that inspired me to write this particular story:

The Lion King (of course) along with

Chrono Trigger


The Time Machine

Quantum Leap

Final Fantasy VII


Star Ocean:  Till the End of Time

Quantum Physics

Philosophical Ideas that I created


Part IV:  The Plan Gets Set in Motion

Chapter 1:  The Meaning of Life

Chapter 2:  Language Barrier

Chapter 3:  Ouilee Returns

Chapter 4:  Venture Deep Into Harbach

Chapter 5:  The Sphere of Time

Chapter 6:  Opening the Rift Once More

Chapter 7:  Dimensional Shift

Chapter 8:  Back to Where it All Started

Chapter 9:  The Showdown

Chapter 10:  A Brief Collapse of the Space-Time Continuum

Chapter 11:  Falling Down



            You will be lost if you haven’t read the first three parts of this story.  Also you won’t know who some of the characters are if you haven’t read my first two stories either.  Part 3 ended with Simba facing a dilemma, he had to go back to his own time, but he didn’t know if he should tell anyone about the fate of the kingdom.


Chapter 1:  The Meaning of Life


            Simba continued to stare at his once great kingdom; knowing not when ruin would befall, knowing not the true horror of his kingdom’s apocalypse, knowing not what would happen to Nala.  He just stood there; looking, thinking, grieving.  The realization that everything will end one day, everyone will die, everything will crumble into ruins, everything will become insignificant, or perhaps, everything already is insignificant; maybe nothing truly matters in the end, one day everything that everyone has ever known will be gone, disaster strikes in the blink of an eye and it annihilates everything in its path; this huge realization ran through Simba’s head, it’s a very overwhelming feeling.  Too much thinking about these things will kill your mood, Simba didn’t know what else to think about, everything seemed hopeless.  Simba started thinking about forever and what it truly meant for something to actually exist forever.  In order to live forever your soul would always have to roam around, you would always be there, it would never end for you because you’ll always exist… and there’s nothing that you can do about it.  Simba was now starting to understand just what Ouilee is going through, even an afterlife has to end… but Ouilee can’t even make it that far.  Simba thought about Ouilee living on forever, always existing beyond the moment time stops, beyond the moment the universe is ruined, beyond whatever the hell comes after that; it would never end for Ouilee, he will live on, he will reach infinity (or as close to infinity as he can since nothing can truly reach infinity), Simba thought about all of this and felt butterflies in his stomach, it really lowered his mood and caused him to tear up just a little bit.


Chapter 2:  Language Barrier


            It was almost evening and Ouilee still hadn’t returned from Nairobi, Trebb looked a little worried as she stared up at the moon.  Simba was about to ask her what was wrong until he remembered that although she can understand him, he can’t understand her.  Simba too was sad, all of the kind of thinking he’s been doing can really kill a person’s mood.  Trebb and Simba waited in silence, soon the sun left the sky and the sounds of night filled the air, Ouilee still didn’t return.  Trebb gave Simba some more food and water knowing that Ouilee wouldn’t need it.  After a few more hours Trebb was tired and fell asleep right on the ground, because of Simba’s nocturnal nature he got most of his sleeping done during the day and waited for Ouilee all night.


Chapter 3:  Ouilee Returns


            Simba waited up all night for Ouilee, but it wasn’t until mid-afternoon the next day that he finally showed up.

“Sorry it took me so long, every time I tried to escape they caught me.”

“That’s all right, at least you showed up.”

Trebb turned around and started patting Ouilee on the head.  They both smiled then walked off where Trebb spoke to Ouilee.  Ouilee nodded then walked over to Simba, “Okay we’re going to send you back to your own time, but first we need to gather some supplies.”

“What do we need to get?” Simba asked.

“First we need to obtain a means to reopen the portal that sent you here.”

“…and where would we find such a thing?”

“Don’t worry, Trebb said that she’d take care of that.  Now we need to know the exact spot where you entered this time.”

“Umm, that would be the Jungle out in the desert.”

“Alrighty then, I’ll be right back.”

Ouilee reported the news to Trebb, she nodded then headed off towards Nairobi.
“Okay, she’s returning to the city to purchase an era activator.”

“A what?”
“It’ll help you get back home.”
“Okay then…”
“Come on, I need you to take me back to the spot where you first arrived.”
“Whoa!  I am not going through that desert again.”
Ouilee laughed, “What about the tube.”

            Simba walked up next to the tube and found that it was now letting out a cool breeze to counteract the heat outside.  Together Simba and Ouilee walked through the desert; Simba stood next to the tube to stay at a comfortable temperature, Ouilee walked further out in the desert prepared to eliminate any danger that the two might face.  Luckily it turned out to be an uneventful trip.  Simba had to stray away from the tube for awhile but it wasn’t too long.  Once Simba and Ouilee returned to where Simba first woke up they found an odd looking device.  It was metallic and cylindrical in shape, it had many knobs sticking out of it, and it was just barely small enough to fit in Ouilee’s mouth.  Ouilee picked up the object and headed back to the campsite with Simba.  They couldn’t speak because Ouilee had that device in his mouth.

            Once they returned to the campsite Ouilee set the device down inside of Trebb’s tent, she still wasn’t back yet and considering the amount of time that Ouilee and Simba were gone she was probably just now reaching Nairobi.  Once Ouilee emerged from the tent Simba asked him what it was that he carried all of the way out here.

“That device is a bomb… it left the portal with you but it materialized a couple of days after you did.  It needs to be activated by a human and tossed up into the air so that it can start drawing in matter, that matter would be you.  This bomb is necessary to send you back through the portal and into your own time.  But before you leave, you must face the creature that sent you here.”

“Why must I do that?” Simba said complaining a little bit, “Why can’t I just go right back home?”

“Oh, you could go right back home, nothing is stopping you from doing that.  However, if you don’t stop the creature in there then it may open the portal again and send you somewhere where you can’t make it back to your own time.  Plus you seem to have forgotten that you still need to get your soul back.”
Simba remembered that he never did get his soul back.  He knew why he had felt so empty inside ever since his second awakening in the Jungle.  He couldn’t just let these foul creatures get away with it.

            After being reminded of his full mission he waited for Trebb to come back to the campsite.  While they waited Ouilee talked mostly of his life after “The End” happened.  After going on that mad rampage taking out as many humans as he possibly could he ran off.  With nowhere to go he just stalked about the Pride Lands where he killed any humans that decided to pass through his territory.  One day he saw a whole group of humans passing through, judging by the way they were dressed he believed that they were hunters.  He knew that they were out to get him because of the now hundreds of missing people from the villages nearby.  He hid in the bushes, he didn’t want to cause a commotion among the hunters and allow one of them to get away and decide to bring more people with him next time.  Ouilee waited for them to go back to their homes, but one they did one of them decided to stay behind.  Once the other humans were long gone Ouilee lunged at the man from the bushes, pinned him, slashed him across the face, then he bit a hole in the guy’s neck.  He kept the guy pinned to the ground and let the blood flow out of the wound until the man’s face turned white, and his struggling began to slow down and become less frantic, finally the struggling stopped as the man’s head fell to the side.  Just as Ouilee was about to walk away from the kill he heard a click from behind him, before he could turn around he felt a sharp pain in his neck, then he passed out.

            Ouilee awoke inside of a cage, he listened to the humans that were in the room.

“How could he have possibly survived his own specie’s apocalypse?”

“I don’t know, maybe it’s something in that serum we gave him several years ago.”

“Wait, that was him?!”
“Yes, this is Ouilee.”

“Oh, but he’s still a lion, we need to kill him immediately.”
“No we don’t.”

“Why not?”

“He’s the only one left.  He can’t possibly reproduce.  We’ll just wait for him to die of natural causes.”

“How do you know he’s the only one left?  There could very well be others still around.  I mean, if he survived then-”

“He’s only alive because we gave him the serum.  I’m sure of it.”

“I don’t care how sure you are.  We don’t know this, I’m going to kill him, he needs to die for what he’s done to our friends and family.”

“Well, I guess you’re right about that.”

            One of the scientists pulled out a needle which they injected right into Ouilee’s head.

“There, he’ll be dead within a matter of hours.”

“Good, now let’s go.”

After the two scientists left Ouilee felt dizzy, and he passed out once again.  Eventually he started coming to and he heard the scientists speaking in a very muffled manner, the kind that you hear when people are speaking just as you’re waking up.

“It’s been days now, how come he’s still breathing?”

“I don’t know, even if the poison didn’t kill him he should’ve at least died of dehydration.”

“We have to take more drastic measures, get the gun out of the closet.”

Ouilee still layed there he couldn’t move his mouth so he thought to himself, “A gun?  What’s a gun?”

Suddenly he heard a loud bang and the most intense pain that he’s ever felt right in his forehead.  He heard the scientists gasp in amazement and fear.

“Oh my God!!  It’s healing itself!!  This is no lion, this is a demon from Hell!!!”

Ouilee felt his forehead getting better, it didn’t hurt for very long but the pain was intense for a brief moment.  His forehead continued to burn for a few more days, but it was manageable.  He spent days in that cage, and not once did the humans come in to check on him.  He began talking to himself since there was nobody else there, “What’s wrong with me?  I thought that I was supposed to die… I haven’t eaten in at least a couple of weeks and I’m not dead, despite my stomach eating away at my insides I’m still alive.  What have they done to me?!!!!”

            Ouilee went on a wild rampage and tore through the cage that he was in, he killed all of the scientists that tried to stop him, he raced out of the building and out of the city.  He looked around for somebody, anybody… but there wasn’t a single creature left in the Pride Lands, he wasn’t surprised.  He left the Pride Lands and began to search all of Africa, he scaled the entire continent and even ventured to the Middle East and southern Asia only to discover that the disaster struck everywhere that he looked.  He didn’t bother going too far north or too far east because those areas were absolutely overrun by humans, he knew there couldn’t be any wildlife roaming those areas.  He searched for nearly a decade but found absolutely nothing but humans.  He was captured several times along the way but he couldn’t die, so he always escaped and always killed those who captured him, if he could find them.  He returned to Africa, back to Kenya, back to where the Pride Lands are, or rather, where they were.  He spent an entire millennium just sitting around and waiting for someone to show up… nobody ever did.  He waited all alone; he had nobody to talk to, he had nowhere to call home, he had nothing, after a while he didn’t even have the will to live.

            Ouilee then spent a lot of his time trying to kill himself, but every attempt ended in failure.  “There’s nothing left for me here!!  Why can’t I die?!!!  I need to end this misery!!  Everyone is gone, everything is gone, and none of it is ever going to come back.”  Ouilee spent the next seven-hundred thousand years all alone, he spent almost every night crying himself to sleep until it didn’t even get to him anymore; it wasn’t that he didn’t want to cry, but that he couldn’t cry, he had no way to let his emotions out.  His life was empty and meaningless so he quickly lost his emotions altogether and just roamed about.  He had all of the time in the world and more, he realized just how horrible it truly is to have all of the time possible to exist.  “Maybe if I’m lucky when time stops I’ll just freeze in place and technically be dead.”  Of course he had no way of telling when, or even if that was ever going to happen.

            There wasn’t much more to say after that, all that he could do was exist.  He spent a lot of his time sleeping or thinking, in fact, those were the only things that he really could do anymore.  Other than constant attacks by the humans he didn’t have anything else exciting to say, and even after a while getting captured by the humans was getting very old and boring.  It wasn’t until the day he met Trebb that he felt his life had meaning again, it was probably because she could speak with him.  Ouilee always felt calm around her, he knew she wasn’t bad like all of the other humans seemed to be.  He told her everything, about what he’s been up to, about life before the acid rain, about what the humans have done to him, he told her everything that there was to tell.  Trebb had no idea to respond to all of this information, even though she didn’t hear it all at once.  She apologized to Ouilee and wanted to become his friend so that he wouldn’t have to be alone anymore.  They got close very quickly but they always had to meet in secret because of the humans.  Trebb wanted to help Ouilee, she still does, she’s trying to figure out a way to kill him so that he can finally rest in peace.

            “She lies to them and tells them that I keep attacking her but that I’m not strong enough to leave any marks.  Normally I’d be so offended that I’d leave a huge scratch right across her face, but given the circumstances…” Ouilee looked down and sighed, “…I’m in no position to do harm to the only person that can help me.  Plus she’s the only human that I like, she’s my friend, I don’t want to hurt her anyway.”

            They were silent for a while longer, then Ouilee looked at Simba, “I’m sorry for talking so much, but I already know everything about you; I mean after all, I did live in your pride.”

“No, it’s no problem… I had no idea what you were going through.  All of this time alone, I don’t know if I could handle living like that.”

“Nobody can Simba.  I’m used to it but I still can’t handle it.”

            Simba and Ouilee sat in silence, both of them looking down at the ground as thoughts raced through their heads.  After a minute or two the silence was broken, Trebb had returned with the era activator.


Chapter 4:  Venture Deep Into Harbach


            “Okay good, I’ll tell him right away.” Ouilee left Trebb’s side and approached Simba, “Okay Simba, we have just one more thing to collect.”
“What’s that?”

“The Sphere of Time.”

“And what does this thing do?”

“It’ll send you to any time that you want to return to, all that we need to do is have Trebb set it to the exact second after you left your own time.”

“Alright, who’s going to go retrieve it?”
“All of us.”

“All of us?”

“Yes, it rests within the Ruins of Harbach to the north of Pride Rock.”
“There?!!  I don’t want to go back there!!”

“Don’t worry, the humans won’t patrol the area for a few more days, we still have time.”

With a little hesitation Simba agreed to assist with the search.

            Altogether Simba, Trebb, and Ouilee headed north through what was once the Pride Lands all of the way up to The Ruins of Harbach.  Now a strange mist filled the ruins, it had the musty smell of mold and the thickness of a cloud.  Neither Ouilee nor Trebb said anything about the mist so Simba thought that it didn’t matter.  They passed through a few familiar sights including the building with bugs fluttering around the top floor.  Suddenly they turned left, whereas Simba just went straight last time he was here.  They walked around the buildings almost as if they were trapped in a maze, there was a four way intersection every couple hundred feet.  Eventually Trebb stopped which of course caused Simba and Ouilee to stop as well.

            Trebb looked around before turning to her lion companions, “I don’t know exactly where it is.  But I do know that it’s somewhere around here.”

Simba perked up his ears, “What?”

“She said that we have to do a little bit of searching for it.” Ouilee said.

“Oh, okay.”

            So they searched everywhere for it, they looked inside of buildings and even dug into the Earth a little bit.  Suddenly Simba realized something, “Hey, wait a minute.  I don’t even know what this thing looks like.  How will I know if I find it?”

Ouilee turned to Simba “It looks like a turquoise sphere with clouds inside of it, it’s transparent and very fragile looking.”

“Oh, okay.” Simba said.

For about a half an hour they searched but couldn’t find it.  They looked as thoroughly as they could.  Simba tapped one of the buildings with his paw which caused it crumble right in front of him.  Out of the ashes Simba found an object that looked exactly like Ouilee’s description.

“Hey guys, I think I found it.”

Trebb and Ouilee ran over to him.

Trebb grabbed it and observed it for a moment, “Yes, this is it!!  You’ve done it Simba!!”

Ouilee turned to Simba and said, “Yep, you found it.”

Trebb started to pat Simba on the head, this was a new experience to him.  He was a little irritated at somebody hitting the top of his head very lightly.

Ouilee laughed, “Yeah, you get used to that.”


Chapter 5:  The Sphere of Time


            “So, why can’t I just use this to go back?  I know that I need to retrieve my soul but I can’t use this to avoid this whole experience from ever happening?”

Ouilee stared at Simba, “Do you really want me to explain why you can’t stop that from happening again?”

“Uh, nevermind.”

“Anyway even if you didn’t have to get your soul back you still couldn’t go back with just this.  Using this will return you to your desired time, but you won’t actually be there.  Only your spirit will be there, nobody will be able to see you or hear you or even be able to sense your presence.  You’d be like a ghost.”

“Oh, I see…”

“But it’s just perfect for you Ouilee.” Trebb butted in.

“What are you-”

“I’ll explain it to you later.  Right now we must return to the Jungle that Simba woke up in.”

            Trebb, Ouilee, and Simba used the tube to get from The Ruins of Harbach to The Jungle, or at least as close to The Jungle as they could.  Once they arrived at The Jungle Trebb took everything out of her knapsack.  “Ouilee, I need you to translate this to Simba.”

As Trebb spoke Ouilee slowly translated it to Simba, “Before I can send you back to your own time I finally figured out a way to help Ouilee.  This sphere will shatter once I reopen the portal so I must help Ouilee first since he doesn’t need to use the portal.  I can send Ouilee back to the moment that the humans developed the serum, all that he has to do is reprogram it so that it’s set to kill him only a few minutes from now.  He can’t destroy the serum together because that would alter the space-time continuum and mess up everything.  So Ouilee, I need to reprogram the computer that developed the serum so that it will kill you at 2:33 p.m. today.  After you’ve done that, then I will return Simba to his own time.”

Ouilee was excited but also sad, “You mean I can finally die?”  It was a very mixed feeling for him; he no longer had to suffer, but to end his suffering he had to face his own death.

“Yes, I will miss you.”

Ouilee started crying, from both happiness and fear, “Thank you Trebb.  I no longer have to live in solitude, I can join all of my friends in the afterlife.  I don’t know how I can ever repay you.”

Trebb started sobbing a little bit, “Don’t worry, you don’t have to do anything.”

Simba started crying as well, “Ouilee, I’ll miss you.”
“Don’t worry Simba, you’ll see me again over seven-hundred thousand years ago.”
“Yeah, but after I die, I won’t see you at all for seven-hundred thousand years.”

“Well, you can always watch me from the stars.”

“It’s not the same.”

“I know it’s not, but you will see me again, it’ll just be a while that’s all.”

“Goodbye Ouilee.”

“This isn’t goodbye, this is I’ll see you later… and I’ll see you before.”

Simba let out a small chuckle amongst the tears.

Ouilee looked at Trebb, “I’ll see you later as well.”

            Trebb continued to cry but she activated the Sphere of Time for Ouilee’s sake.  She set it to the lab that Ouilee was taken to as a cub, she set it to the day that the serum was developed; she gave Ouilee a minute to accomplish his task, this would be more than enough time.  Ouilee looked at the sphere until he actually warped inside of it, Trebb and Simba could see him in the sphere, they could even see the room he was in and everything.  Ouilee messed around on the computer, due to his interactions with humans he was very skilled at handling a computer.  He set the time for the serum to kill him, then in the sphere the Ouilee of the past was injected with it.  Trebb looked at her watch, it was only seconds away from 2:33 p.m.  Trebb held the sphere for both her and Simba to see, after a few seconds Ouilee (the one who was transported into the sphere) slowly keeled over.  Once he fell to the ground they knew that he had found peace, Ouilee finally died; he no longer had to live alone, he was able to reunite with everyone he ever knew, he was finally able to rest in peace, he found his salvation…


Chapter 6:  Opening the Rift Once More


            After Ouilee’s work was finished clouds enshrined the Sphere of Time once more, covering the inside with a thick, gray haze.  Trebb put everything in place, she activated every device that was sitting in front of her.  She set the Sphere of Time to the correct time and place, then she threw it up in the sky and pointed the era activator at it.  The era activator shot out a laser and once it hit the Sphere of Time it shattered.  The glass of the Sphere of Time didn’t fall to the ground, instead it rose up into the air and formed the infamous portal that Simba knew all too well.  Once the portal sat in the sky once more Trebb tossed the bomb up towards it, the bomb flew up into the portal before it exploded.  This explosion caused the portal to open up and begin sucking in anything that was beneath it, other than the Earth itself.  Trebb backed up so that she wouldn’t get caught in it; but Simba, along with a few trees and rocks, was drawn into the portal.  Simba was rising up into it and he saw Trebb waving at him from below with a smile on her face, that was the last thing that Simba would ever see from this time period…


Chapter 7:  Dimensional Shift


            Simba was once again standing in the fifth dimensional field, but the world seemed repaired and was no longer collapsing.  Simba saw everything stretch out all around him, the whole world seemed to stretch as if a piece of rubber would.  He then found himself back on the road of dimensions, he was being pushed backwards from the fifth all of the way down to the third once more.


Chapter 8:  Back to Where it All Started


            Simba found himself inside of the castle-like area where he saw the weird creatures once before.  He was standing right outside of the dimensional door, he didn’t know exactly where he had to go.  Actually he was clueless as to his destination, he wandered through the hallways hoping to discover something that would help him out.  He headed through the place, he would randomly turn right or left whenever he felt necessary but he was lost.  Every corridor, every hallway, every chamber was identical to one another; he was horrified, it was dark, musty, and cramped.  Occasionally he would spot one of those horrid 5-D creatures that inhabited this place, but every one that he saw was chained up and locked inside of one of the chambers.

            Simba continued to wander until he eventually found a hallway that was full of locked chambers with those creatures chained up in them.  At first it was every few chambers, then as he continued further on there was one in every other chamber, then every chamber, then there were two per chamber.  Every one of the creatures lunged at him but were pulled back by the chain, even though they were choking after being forcefully flung backward they still tried to attack him.  At the end of the hallway Simba saw a mirror, it was a gigantic mirror that stretched from the floor up to the ceiling that was a good twenty feet above the ground.

“…Another dead end.  Where am I supposed to go?”

            All of a sudden a giant corpselike hand emerged from the mirror attached to a corpselike arm that stuck halfway out.  Simba was terrified, he couldn’t move at all, he was paralyzed with fear; the hand took advantage of this and grabbed him.  Once Simba felt the hand’s grip crushing his body he had an adrenaline rush, it cancelled out the paralysis and allowed Simba to fight back.  He bit at the hand, he squirmed, and he tried escaping; but the hand’s grip was too tight, he couldn’t do anything.  Slowly he pulled into the mirror.


Chapter 9:  The Showdown


            Simba finally saw his foe face to face.  “So, you’re the one who took my soul… I’m here to get it back; either hand it over, or fight.”

The creature gave a wide grin which exposed two fangs from his upper jaw.  He then smiled which showed off his teeth, they were brown, some were black, and they had many holes in them which maggots freely crawled in and out of.  His eyes were dark red with golden-yellow irises, his nose hung down over his mouth, his ears seemed non-existent.  This was a very large creature; a good thirty feet tall and a good fifty feet wide, Simba was nothing more than an insect to it.  It was dark black, or at least as far as Simba could tell it was pitch black; the creature was draped in a shadowy mist so it was hard to distinguish it’s true color.  Except for the eyes which seemed to pop right out of the mist there weren’t any real identifiable colors other than black, brown, dark purple, dark blue, and gray.

            “Well, are you going to hand it over or not?”

The creature laughed hysterically, then it bent right down so that he was face to face with Simba.  It let out a shrill cry so high pitched that Simba fell over from the pain in his ears.  Simba knew it was pointless to negotiate, nothing that he could possibly say would change the creature’s mind.  Simba rose to his feet as soon as he could, the creature was still right in his face; before the creature could let out another cry Simba jumped on his face and began slashing and biting away.  After being momentarily stunned the creature grabbed Simba by the tail and held him several yards above the ground.  It laughed loudly before dropping him on his face.  Simba wasn’t in too much pain so he could quickly rise to his feet.  Simba started hearing the voices again, but this time they were helping him.

“We want this thing dead…”

“Please stop him, and end our suffering…”
“Go for the heart of the beast…”
“We will send you back…”

“Go for the heart… go for the heart… go for t-”

            The voices were suddenly cut off as the creature shrieked in anger.  Simba decided to aim for its heart, he leapt for its chest and actually cut right through it.  He could see the creature’s beating heart connected to the artery that he had his claws dug into.  He tore up that part of artery before climbing up to the heart itself.  He bit at it, he clawed at it, and he worked on it until he tore a hole where the creature’s black, oily looking blood oozed out.  Suddenly Simba was forced out of the creature, he continued to fly backwards until he was outside of the creature; he watched it die right in front of him as he continued to fly backwards.  He was flung through walls, eventually he hit one wall that stretched behind him; as he hit this wall everything around him began to stretch as well.


Chapter 10:  A Brief Collapse of the Space-Time Continuum


            Simba was stuck in a perpetually stretching out world.  Everything stretched out so far that everything shattered like glass.  All of the 3-D universe cracked and shattered into seemingly endless pieces.  It was as if you were watching all of this on T.V. and the T.V. screen suddenly shattered then broke, everything shattered together not individually.  For hours and hours our entire 3-D world ceased to exist, everything ever known to anybody trapped within the confines of this universe was destroyed, it laid in tiny pieces scattered in… whatever lies beyond.  It didn’t take long for this to affect other 3-D universes as well; many others shattered, some shrunk and got sucked into themselves, some of them just froze in place.

            Although this happened for hours it really happened in no time at all.  Time can’t exist if there’s nothing for it to perpetuate, therefore once all of the 3-D universes collapsed in some shape or form time ceased to exist within the entire 3-D realm.  So the event was hours long, but for the people in the 3-D world everything was repaired the exact millisecond that it was destroyed.  Slowly, little by little, all of the 3-D universes rebuilt themselves exactly as they were at the exact moment of collapse.  This created a nine hour gap in the timeline, it allowed for something to take control of everything during those nine hours, and those nine hours only.  Because of this weird gap the timeline became very unstable, no more time rifts would ever be opened in this entire dimension.  Because every second of existence itself exists side by side a hole opened up, a hole of exactly nine hours.  This was the only time that things could be changed, the universe had to play itself out from the very beginning in order for the changes to not overlap each other and cause confusion.  Everyone and everything remained oblivious to this nine hour change, and it was an excruciatingly slow process for the universe as well.  It had to restart from the very first second ever and play through it for nine hours, any changes made within that time that would affect the next second (before the nine hours that is) would have to be taken into account.  Next the universe would go back by exactly nine hours but move on to the next second, then it would play out the next nine hours to see if any changes would affect the very next second before the nine hour gap.  This happened until eventually it reached the point when Simba disappeared from his own time.  Nothing different ever happened to affect that nine hour gap, everything that happened before still happened exactly as it always had.


Chapter 11:  Falling Down


            Simba was falling out of the sky, he looked down and saw the Jungle that he knew.  He could see the Pride Lands below him off in the distance, they were the same Pride Lands that he had been in charge of for about a year.  He saw Pride Rock in all of its glory, he saw creatures roaming through the savannah, everything was as it should be.  Simba landed gently on the ground, wind resistance picked up heavily just before he crashed into the Earth, and he looked up to see his soul returning to his body.



            Sounds very conclusive doesn’t it?  Well it’s not over yet, although it might as well be.  There are still a few things left to wrap up in this story, unfortunately the conflict is gone at this point.  Plus part 5 is going to be very short anyway, it’s basically just there to wrap up all of the loose ends.  It’s really up to you whether or not you want to read it (of course it’s up to you whether or not you want to read anybody’s stories on here, and since you chose mine you might as well finish up what you started, besides it’s only two very short chapters anyway so you might as well) you don’t have to read it in order to understand any of my future stories though.  Nothing new is introduced in part 5 other than the true ending of the story.  Well I hope you had as much fun reading this as I had writing it.  I am sorry that I’m not better at writing battle scenes though, I realize that The Showdown is a very weak chapter; I’ll try to do better in the future.

            Heh, this epilogue is longer than some of my chapters are.