Since I’m such a major geek I decided to mix together Science Fiction and “The Lion King”.  Some people complained that my other stories were too rushed, so I believe that I’ve remedied the problem with this story.  Although I’ve split this story up into five parts every individual part is still pretty long.  You can email me with feedback, questions, and/or the ability to use my characters or locations at: (of course I’m referring to my made-up characters and locations).


Part V:  Homecoming


The Royal Family Tree:


                                                                Mohatu + ?


                                         Igunoi + Frehda     Ahadi + Uru

                                                     |                             |

                                                     |              ---------------------------

                                                     |              |              |                                |

            Xygolapo + Sarafina   Sarabi + Mufasa    Scar + Zira   Veni + Trapa

                             |                              |                          |                    |

                             |                  -----------         ------------(--------)       |

                             |                  |             |         |              |           |        |

                          Nala     +   Simba   Kimba  Nuka    Vitani   Kovu     ?






                                                Ethigi + Varimi           Phantooh + Kura

                                                           |                                                     |

                                                        Zira                                  Kovu



Simba (age: 4):  Simba is the king of the Pride Lands and well liked by everybody.  He has a mate named Nala and together they had a son named Kopa who vanished.  Simba’s fur is a goldish-orange and his mane and eyes are red.  Simba is kind of distant and tends to shirk his responsibilities, but he’s really a nice lion and a great king.  He’s saddened by all of the horrible things that happened in his life and it affected his mental stability a little bit.

Nala (age: 4):  Nala is the queen of the Pride Lands.  She is Simba’s mate and had a son named Kopa who suddenly vanished.  Nala has tan fur and deep blue eyes.  She’s a fierce hunter and can easily take down an animal bigger than her.  Nala always says what’s on her mind and she believes very strongly in justice.  She keeps Simba in control and doesn’t let him fall victim to his anger.

Sarabi (age: 10):  Sarabi was the queen of Pride Rock until her mate died.  Sarabi has dark tan fur and red eyes.  She’s very intelligent and knows how to handle her son Simba (he was very hyper as a cub).  She was barely alive, in a mental sense, after losing both her mate and both of her sons.  She was living a very shallow existence until Simba returned.  Until then she would only do what was necessary to survive; she didn’t communicate much, she didn’t smile or laugh, she really had no life in her at all.  Once Simba returned she started getting better and she eventually got the strength to overcome her sadness.

Sarafina (age: 8):  Sarafina is Nala’s mother and Sarabi’s best friend.  Her mate Xygolapo suddenly disappeared a few months after Nala was born and hasn’t been seen by anybody since then.  Sarafina is a very light tan and she has blue eyes like her daughter.  Sarafina’s known for not saying very much and having small roles in movies, but she’s very nice and she is kind of the godmother for all of the cubs in the pride.

Timon (age: 6):  Timon is a meerkat, and a part of Pumbaa and Simba’s trio.  Timon has tan fur with brown stripes down his back.  He has a tuft of orange hair on his head and has white eyes with small black pupils; his ears are a very dark brown along with his feet, his fingers, and the tip of his tail.  Timon is the happy-go-lucky one who is always trying to keep everyone around him in a good mood by cracking jokes.  He’s very friendly and also very skittish.

Pumbaa (age: 5):  Pumbaa is a warthog, and a part of Timon and Simba’s trio.  Pumbaa has brownish-red fur and yellow eyes with small pupils.  He has a warthog style mane, black in color, and two big tusks by his snout.  He’s much more intelligent than he seems and is usually the only one who’s right when debating with his peers, but they usually dismiss his ideas as fictional.  He’s very shy because of his problem with gas but lives a better life now that he has friends that don’t mind the problem.

Zazu (age: 11):  Zazu is a hornbill bird with blue and black feathers and a white feathered chest.  He’s the majordomo of the Pride Lands and delivers all of the news to and from the king and queen of the kingdom.  He panics quite easily but he’ll give his life to defend the royal family.  He takes his job very seriously and is always urgent to deliver any news, but he also gets stuck with tasks such as cubsitting.




               To The Outlands               |     |        |Elephant Graveyard|

            _________________           |     |        \___                ____/

          /                                   |        /      /                 |               |

____/         Swamp                |___/      /                    \             /

                                                          /                        \_      _/



                                                Pride Lands


                                                                        Pride Rock



Sahara Desert                            Gorge               Hill


The Jungle is further west and slightly north of the Sahara Desert



Pride Rock:  A gray boulder that juts out of the ground in the center of the Pride Lands.  It sticks out at about a 45Ż angle and the peak is held up by a column shaped rock.  Pride Rock has a bunch of caves located inside of more rocks at its low point (basically where the rock meets the ground) this is where all of Pride Lander lions live.

The Pride Lands:  A section of the African savannah that is owned by the royal lion family of Pride Rock.  It is just an ordinary grassland with waterholes, trees, and the like but it’s considered high-end real estate in the animal market.

Gorge:  This is where the stampede that killed Mufasa was.  It’s basically just a canyon south of Pride Rock that opens up into the vast Sahara Desert.  It’s completely desolate and barren now.

Sahara Desert:  The biggest desert on Earth (I believe) and it’s in The Lion King universe.  It’s well… a desert with sand, cacti, and desert creatures; there’s really nothing exciting there.

Jungle:  This is a vast jungle on the border of the Sahara Desert and more grasslands.  Timon, Pumbaa, and Simba once lived here because it’s absolute paradise.  There is a giant mesa in the center with two glistening waterfalls leading to the lake at the bottom.  This jungle is full of life and contains very few predators.



This is a list of everything that inspired me to write this particular story:

The Lion King (of course) along with

Chrono Trigger


The Time Machine

Quantum Leap

Final Fantasy VII


Star Ocean:  Till the End of Time

Quantum Physics

Philosophical Ideas that I created


Part V:  Homecoming

Chapter 1:  The Return

Chapter 2:  The Legacy Lives On



            I don’t know why anybody would immediately skip ahead to part 5 but for obvious reasons that’s not advisable.  Part 4 ended with Simba falling back down into his own time, he finally made it back; he’s ready to return to his home.


Chapter 1:  The Return


            Upon once more landing in the Jungle where he grew up Simba looked around, he was overjoyed.  Everything was as it should be; the waterfall and lake were there, every tree was in its place, normal looking bugs roamed about, the temperature was normal, all was well once more.  Simba was ecstatic, at last he knew he was home; he could finally see Pride Rock, he could finally see his pride, he could finally see his parents, he could finally see his friends, and of course he could finally see Nala.

            Simba took a drink from the lake in the Jungle before he headed for home.  Despite his happiness he was still haunted by what he saw and what he knew.  Many thoughts raced through his mind as he trekked through the desert.  He was debating whether or not to tell anybody about what he saw; he debated what lies he’d use if he decided not to tell them.  He wondered if everyone thought he was all right, he wondered how long he’d been gone.  Simba couldn’t get any of this out of his head the entire trip home.  By the time he reached the gorge he decided to keep his mouth shut, he didn’t want to create a panic by telling everyone that their kingdom would be demolished; especially since it was out of everyone’s control.

            One of the Pridelanders spotted Simba coming through the fields, she quickly ran off towards Pride Rock.  Once Simba got closer he saw Timon and Pumaa racing out to him followed by Sarabi and Sarafina.  Zazu was trailing a little bit behind them but quickly cut in front of all of them, he landed in front of Simba.

“Sire, where were you?”

Simba looked down at the ground, “I’m sorry, I really don’t know what happened back there.”

Sarabi looked a little worried, “What do you mean you don’t know what happened?  Did you get lost?”

“Well, I guess you could say that.  I think that I fell asleep, it feels like I’ve been gone forever.”

“No, it’s only been about a day.”

Simba thought for a moment, then he remembered that he was sent back to the exact second that he left, “That’s right!!” he exclaimed.

“What’s right?” Pumbaa asked.

“Uhh, nothing, I was just thinking aloud.”

“So, what were you dreaming about buddy?” Timon said.

“Well, uh, where do I start…?”

“Why don’t you start from the beginning?” Sarafina said.

“Ha, of course.  Why didn’t I think of that?  Well, I went off to the Jungle to think, and then I got tired and fell asleep.  Every time I tried to return here something would stop me, it was always something weird.  I could never make it back though; it feels like it's been an eternity…”

“Well at least you finally woke up.” Sarabi said.


Zazu looked very worried, in fact the entire time he looked very worried, “Oh, there’s no time for this sire.  What’s the danger that’s facing this kingdom?”

“Danger?” Simba inquired.

“Yes dear, you told me that our kingdom was in danger, remember?” Sarabi said.

“Oh, I thought that I was dreaming when I said that.  I’m sorry, but that whole incident is a blur to me, I didn’t really mean that there was any danger.”

“Then why’d you tell me-”

“It must’ve been because of one of my dreams.  In my dream danger had befallen the kingdom and I guess when I saw you I was awake, I did believe that I was still dreaming though.”

“So, there’s no danger.” Timon said.

“Yeah, there’s no danger, I’m sorry.”

“So you get me all worked up for nothing!!  I tell you, us small creatures panic so easily, especially living in a place filled with dangerous carnivores.  AND when your best friend has many enemies, you have even more reason to panic!!  Don’t ever do that again, you hear me?!”

“Sorry Timon, geez take it easy.”

“Ugh, kings… oy.  Come on Pumbaa let’s go back.”

“Okay Timon.”

Timon sat on Pumbaa’s back as the warthog rushed back to Pride Rock.


“By the way,” Simba began, “where’s Nala?’

Sarabi and Sarafina looked at each other and smiled, Sarabi was the one to answer the question, “She’s waiting for you.  She has something important that she wants to tell you.”

Simba was anxious now, “What’s going on, what are you two hiding from me?”

“Hey, that’s a secret!  Go see Nala.”

“Alright mom.”

            Simba raced off towards Pride Rock, he was filled with excitement.  He was excited not only for seeing his mate again, but because of the big secret that his mother and mother-in-law were keeping from him.  Simba saw Zazu flying towards him from Pride Rock, the bird landed right at his feet.

“How’d you get here so fast?  I didn’t even notice you leave before.”

“Now Simba, you need to be more observant than that if you’re going to make a good king.”

“Okay, okay.  So what’s up?”

“I told everyone that there’s no danger coming, everyone’s relieved but some are a little bit annoyed.”

“I understand.  You may go now, I need to see Nala.”
“Very well sire.” Zazu flew off.


Chapter 2:  The Legacy Lives On


            Simba made it to the mouth of Pride Rock’s royal den.  He entered and found his mate Nala sitting on one of the rocks way in the back of the cave.  She immediately perked her head up as soon as she heard footsteps.  She quickly turned around and rushed up to Simba, she licked him on the cheek before affectionately nuzzling him.

“I’m so glad to see you.” She said.

“I’m so glad to see you too.  I’m never going to run off like that again.”

            Once they were done nuzzling they gazed deeply into each other’s eyes, then they nuzzled once more.

“If you want to run off then invite me to go along.” She purred.

“I promise.” He said.

For several minutes the two of them nuzzled, licked, and purred soothingly.

“Wait a minute… you’re not in heat anymore are you?”

Nala smiled, “Simba, I’m pregnant.”

“Really?!!!  That’s awesome!!!”  Simba couldn’t contain his excitement, he was jumping around like a little cub chasing a flying bug.

Nala couldn’t help but laugh at her mate’s antics, “Simba, calm down dear.”

Simba didn’t sit still for a few minutes, “Sorry about that, it’s just… I’m so excited.  We’re having another cub!!”

“Yes, and we need to think of a name.”

“You know I was thinking…”


“My father always said that if I was born a female he would’ve named me Kiara.”

“Really?  Hmm, Kiara… I like it.  That’ll be a good name for a girl.”
“Really?” Simba said.

“Yes, if it’s a girl we’ll name her Kiara.”

“Thanks Nala, that really means a lot to me.”
“I know dear.  But I’m choosing the name if it’s a boy.”

“Okay that’s fair.”



            Well there you have it.  It’s Simba’s big adventure between the first two Lion King movies.  This has to be the most “out there” story ever written about The Lion King, honestly I’m surprised that I could combine Sci-Fi and TLK.  Also a lot of my stories from here on out won’t have very pleasant endings, so be prepared (great song by the way) because a lot of my stories will be very tragic.