Two lions, Simba and Nala, were just walking through the Pridelands, taking in all the scenery it had to offer. The wind flowing through their fur, and making the grassy plains look like a sea with waves rolling though. Then they saw Timon and Pumbaa, Timon riding on Pumbaa's back, running through the greenery.

"Hey, Timon, Pumbaa! What are you doing?" Simba yelled as he watched them run.

"Eh, no time ta talk now Simba!" Timon yelled back.

"Pumbaa says he found a log with an endless supply of grubs in it! And we intend to get to 'em before anybody else does!" he finished. And with that, the two rode off into the jungle.

Meanwhile, three certain hyenas were picking at what meat they could find on a carcass they discovered. Well, it was more like Shenzi and Banzai were inspecting for meat, Ed was just chomping away on a bone, not really caring as long as he had something to use his teeth for.

Banzai plopped down beside it and Shenzi gave up as well.

"Bone-dry, as usual." Shenzi stated.

"Man can't those lions just let us in the Pridelands for once?!" Banzai said, annoyed.

"Oh sure they will--WHEN SCAR COMES BACK FROM THE DEAD!" Shenzi yelled at him.

Ed just watched them argue. This really wasn't unusual to him, in fact, you could say he'd gotten used to Shenzi and Banzai's almost constant fights. He even chuckled to himself a little, knowing of Banzai liking Shenzi since they were all pups.

And he knew fighting was just another (and sometimes the only) way Banzai could talk to her.

"Well, it's gettin' dark anyway," Shenzi said, "let's just go home."

"Fine." Banzai said as he got up. He and Ed followed her home back to their elephant skull.

Back at the Pridelands, Simba and Nala were headed for home as well, back to Priderock.

"Don't you wish everyday could be like this?" Nala asked him.

"It would be nice." Simba said. They nuzzled a bit and went home.

They all slept soundly that night, even the hyenas. Who, although they hadn't had much progress in finding a decent meal in the past few weeks, enjoyed each other's company whether times were thick or thin.

Yes everybody seemed very content, and yet completely oblivious of what events were to happen the very next day.

The very next day...

Banzai slept soundly and murmured as he switched positions from his stomach to his side. Then he felt a tap on his right shoulder. He figured it was Ed just trying to bug him so he ignored it.  But the tapping wouldn't stop, and judging by how hard it became, the tapper was becoming impatient. He switched positions again. The tapper still wouldn't stop.

"Go back ta bed Ed." he murmured.

Finally, he heard a voice whisper "Banzai, wake up." He opened his eyes a little to see Shenzi come into focus, looking down at him. He opened his eyes all the way and started to say something but she covered his mouth with her right paw.

"Shh!" she said, looking over at Ed.

"C'mon." she said quietly.

"We're goin' over ta hunt in the Pridelands. Ed's still asleep, so we'll be less likely ta get caught." she finished. Banzai looked over, Ed indeed still was asleep. He got up without making a sound, and followed her out.

Nala gave a yawn and smiled as she saw Simba sleeping beside her. She pushed him gently with her head to wake him up. Simba opened his eyes and yawned as well. He looked up at Nala and smiled. "Want to go for a walk before everybody wakes up?" she asked him. Simba yawned again while he stretched.

"Sure, why not?" he said to her. They got up from their sleeping chambers at Priderock and went for a walk in the grasslands.

"Ok, one last time, explain to me exactly why we're here." Banzai said to Shenzi as they walked through the dew-covered fields. "Shh!" Shenzi said turning around at him. "Are you trying to wake all the lions up?"

"Sorry." Banzai muttered. Shenzi sighed, annoyed.

"We're gonna look for some 'a the morning herds before everybody wakes up."

"Ya mean like that one over there?" he said, pointing to a herd behind Shenzi. She turned around to see a herd a wildebeests grazing on the grass and licking at the dew. Shenzi and Banzai smiled mischeviously at one another, crouched low in the grass and quietly moved in.

They failed to notice a certain king and queen walking through some grass a few feet behind them. The royals also failed to see the two predators just waiting for the right moment to pounce on a young wilderbeast with a limp. It was struggling to keep up with its herd.

A certain baboon's chanting could be heard from a tree not far from where Simba and Nala were taking their morning walk.  He was mixing fruits and plant seeds in a large turtle shell.

"Ahh, today's weather shall be rainy, I'll have to put away my gourds." Rafiki said. Then a strange wind blew in around Rafiki.

"What was 'dat?" he asked, cupping a hand over his ear. The wind blew again, softer this time.

Rafiki looked down to see Shenzi and Banzai hiding out of the view of the young wilderbeast. The wind blew to the right and Rafiki saw Simba and Nala. The two pairs were but a few feet away from each other.

"Oh, 'dis is not good." Rafiki said. The wind blew again, it seemed to be whispering, Rafiki was silent for awhile.


The wind blew strong and rattled all of Rafiki's gourds, sticks, and other medicinal items. Rafiki grabbed some of his gourds before they hit the ground and shoved his right shoulder into a shelf to prevent it from being knocked over.

"Ok ok! Alright, as you wish!" he yelled. The wind stopped.

"Personally, I think 'dis is a very bad idea, but I have faith in you. I just hope your son knows what he is doing!" he said to the sky.

Unfortunately, all that yelling Rafiki did spooked the wilderbeast herd and they all ran off, including the one Shenzi and Banzai had picked out. They watched mouths agape as the herd ran off. Shenzi then looked annoyed and turned around and started walking away.

"Forget it, let's just go home." she said as she walked back to the Elephant Graveyard.

Banzai took one last look at where the wilderbeast herd once was, and followed her.

Shenzi and Banzai walked through the somewhat drier grass now more carefully as the sun was now starting to come up; the lions would soon be up and prowling their land.

They just had to cut through a small clearing to get home. What they didn't know, is that the clearing they were headed for, was in the direct path of Simba and Nala.

The two pairs headed for the same clearing, but by the time they all realized they weren't alone, it was too late. All four of them had walked into the same clearing. Simba and Nala saw Shenzi and Banzai. Shenzi and Banzai looked to their left to see Nala and Simba looking right at them.

All four froze in their tracks.

"RUN FOR IT!" Shenzi yelled to Banzai as she and him were being chased through the plains by Simba and Nala.

They only needed to cover fifteen more feet to get back to the graveyard, but the lions were hot on their trail. They could hear them roaring behind them. Finally, they saw the elephant bones and relieved looks came upon their faces. But they stopped themselves when Simba and Nala jumped in front of them, blocking their escape.

Shenzi and Banzai's eyes darted around to try to find a getaway route. Simba and Nala lunged at them, but they dodged the attack and kept running for the graveyard. Simba and Nala quickly turned around and continued after them. They made one last attempt to trap Shenzi and Banzai by trying to grab them with their jaws.

Nala snapped at Banzai. "Whoa!" he said as he ducked, Nala just missing his left ear. Simba tried to take a bite to Shenzi as well. Shenzi saw how close Simba was to her and looked at her claws for a minute, then right as Simba was about to lock onto the right part of her face, she clawed him in his.

"How do you like it?!" she said to him, remembering back when he and Nala were just cubs and she and Banzai, along with Ed, were still Scar's closest hit men. Simba and Nala tried to make another bite at them but missed. Then Shenzi and Banzai used the opportunity as Simba and Nala were pulling back to strike again, to lunge into the elephant graveyard.

Simba and Nala were about to pursue them more until they saw where they were. Shenzi and Banzai breathed heavily as they watched Simba and Nala ponder their next move.

They looked at the border, then at them. Simba and Nala roared at them through gritted teeth, then turned around and went back to the pridelands.

Shenzi and Banzai finally made it back to the elephant skull, still panting from the chase they'd been in. By the time they both got there, Ed was already awake. Ed looked look relieved when he saw his out-of-breath friends back home.

Shenzi and Banzai both collapsed on the ground. "We are never--doing that again." Shenzi said to him, gasping for air.

They both slipped into unconsciousness from exhaustion, but not before seeing Ed drag breakfast from a spot in the skull, a small wildebeest that had wondered off from its herd...

"Those stupid hyenas!" Simba yelled as he and Nala walked back home. "Why can't those murderers stay on their own land?!"

"They were probably just hunting." Nala said. "You've seen how 'bone-dry' those graveyards are maybe they wanted to bring back a little 'life' to the place."

"Why are you trying to be funny?" Simba asked her.

"I guess I'm just trying to cheer you up. I hate to see you like this Simba. Can't we just forget about what happened and live out the day normally?"

Simba paused. "Ok. For you, anything." he replied, giving her a quick nuzzle. Little did they know, a certain baboon was watching them from a tree branch.

"Live out de day normally." he said, quoting Nala. He laughed a little. "My queen, 'dat won't happen today." he said and turned around and left.

A young hyena running with a zebra leg in her teeth had just made it into the elephant graveyard.

She wasn't from around this part of Africa and didn't know where the hyenas were supposed to stay put. Which is why a couple of lionesses had chased her all over the fields. She was a little puzzled when they stopped going after her after she entered the graveyard.

But she figured if the lions wouldn't go in it, it was either home, or very dangerous. She was too tired and hungry to think about it anymore, and picked up her kill with her teeth and dragged it into a certain elephant skull.

Shenzi and Banzai were just now starting to wake up. They could see Ed hastily pointing towards the entrance of their cave. He had seen the young female hyena walk into their skull. They groaned as they got up, because both of them had headaches now.

"What is it, Ed?" Shenzi groaned, rubbing her head with her paw. Shenzi and Banzai looked toward where Ed was pointing. Then they saw her, slightly helping herself to her kill. She looked younger than Shenzi, Banzai, or Ed. But she was just almost their age.

They didn't know who she was or where she came from. But that still didn't change the fact that she was trespassing. So they moved into the shadows out of her sight.

The hyena raised her head when she heard low growling, but she didn't know where it was coming from. She once again lowered her head to take bites out of her kill but kept looking up to see if anything was trying to sneak up on her.

Then she heard something that made her lose her appetite, another female's growl.

Since she sounded older and stronger, she forgot about her kill and slowly started to leave. She backed up to the only exit there was since she didn't see the eye sockets. And even if she did it wouldn't have mattered because the trio had her trapped.

She turned around and quickly tried to run out. But Banzai and Ed blocked her escape. She backed away from them but froze in her tracks to see what they were looking at, and she knew it was very close to her.

She turned around to see Shenzi growling at her, and her heart skipped a beat. She tried to find another way out, but gave up when she realized she was cornered. She knew this had to be this clan's matriarch. She didn't growl back because she knew that meant she was challenging her. And this matriarch looked stronger and faster than her.

"Who, are you?" Shenzi questioned her.

"I-I'm, u-uh-" she tried to talk but she was too hungry, scared, and tired.

"Ah for Pete's sake, spit it out girl!" Shenzi yelled at her.

"My name's T!" she quickly said.

"T?" Shenzi replied back.

"Mm-hmm." T replied quickly. She waited for her to speak again but the trio was quiet.

"Well now that you've got everything you need to know, I'll just be going now." she turned around to leave.

"Hm, mmm." Banzai said when he and Ed moved back in front of her, it was clear they weren't budging. Shenzi could see her shaking and thought she was either scared or about to pass out from lack of food.

"Are you going to kill me?" T asked her, turning back around.

"Now why would we do that?" Shenzi said.

"Yeah, she's such a shrimp, she don't even look worth killin'." Banzai said, looking at T.

"'Sides me and the boys haven't even had breakfast yet." Shenzi said. Banzai looked at Ed, angrily. T looked at her zebra leg, she hadn't eaten much of it and it would make a somewhat sensible meal for three. And maybe if she gave them it, they'd let her go.

T pushed her kill towards Shenzi. "I'm not so hungry anymore." she said, backing away.

Banzai and Ed ran past her and started chowing down on the leg. Shenzi then noticed a deep cut on the side of her face. Her expression softened a bit but she didn't let down her intimidation.

"What exactly were you doin' before you trespassed here?" she asked her circling around her to show she wasn't going to leave.

"I, was busy running from a couple 'a lions." Banzai looked up at Shenzi, as she did him, but Banzai went back to eating. Shenzi stopped in front of her.

"Uh, did these lions by any chance look like a blonde-furred one with blue eyes?" Shenzi asked her.

"And a big yellow one with a mane all around his head?" Banzai finished for her.

"Nah, they were two lionesses. I was just hunting and all of a sudden they started chasing me around. I'm not really from here so I don't know much." T replied.

"Doesn't take a genius ta figure that out." Shenzi said. T's ears drooped back and down. By this time Ed had finished off the leg and was licking his lips.

"Hey, you already scarfed down that wildebeest!" Banzai said angrily.

"Quit hoggin' all the food!"

Then they both saw there was a hunk of meat still left on the bone. Ed was going to finish it off but Banzai growled and tried to ward him off. Then they both started fighting and biting each other, Ed was winning but only because Banzai hadn't eaten much of what wasn't his kill anyway, and was tired from running that morning.

"Do your parents know where you are?" Shenzi asked T.

"I don't have any parents. Humans killed 'em off. I had to leave or else I'd be next." T replied. Shenzi was taken aback a bit and her eyes widened a little. Even Banzai and Ed had stopped fighting but only for awhile.

When Banzai saw that Ed was distracted he shoved him towards the cave wall and ripped the hunk of meat off of the bone and swallowed it down. Shenzi and T watched as they fought more. Shenzi quietly sighed, annoyed.

"One minute." she said to T. She then walked over to Banzai and Ed, and slapped them both across the heads.

"Hey! What was that for?! You saw 'em eat our breakfast!" Banzai said, rubbing his head. Shenzi ignored him and turned back to T.

"Where were you headed before you came here?" Shenzi asked her.

"Anywhere there weren't humans, that's for sure." T replied. Banzai looked and saw that the female's ribs were slightly showing. He went over to Shenzi, elbowed her and cocked his head towards T, trying to show her.

Shenzi saw them and was a little surprised but not completely. She and her two friends had been in similar conditions when they were her age. In fact, she was the same age as them in their last years of working for Scar.

"When's the last time you ate?" Shenzi asked her.

"I dunno. Maybe, four days ago?" T said. Again Shenzi was a little surprised, T said she wasn't from here, and she and Banzai and Ed figured that any place had more food than the elephant graveyard.

Some strange feeling grew inside of Shenzi, it was like every time she looked at this young female, she saw a little of herself. And the fact that she had a skinny body and was the same age as her when she was working for Scar, just added on.

She again noticed the deep gash on the side of her face, it was similiar to the three minor cuts Shenzi received from Simba when he was still a cub, only it was bleeding a little more, and it almost covered her whole cheek. T noticed she was staring at it.

"One of the lionesses who was chasing me did that." she said, looking away.

"I don't need any pity just because I'm a little young, I'll live." That did it. She even had the same attitude.

"Well, if you're not gonna kill me, can I leave now?" T said, walking out of the skull.

"Uh, wait." Shenzi called after her. T turned around towards her.

"You can't go out on your own in the shape you're in now."

"Why not? I made it this far." T said.

"Well that's as far as you're gonna make it for now." Shenzi said back. Banzai and Ed looked at each other; it wasn't exactly like Shenzi to want another female around, even if she wasn't exactly their type

"Go on and find a spot in the back, ya got bags under your eyes even a bat can see." T just stood there.

"Move it!" Shenzi yelled at her. T quickly moved to the back.

"What are you doin'?" Banzai whispered to her.

"Well we can't just send 'er out there ta get mauled by those lions. Look at 'er Banzai! She'll get eaten alive!" Shenzi said to him.

"She ain't the only one who's gonna if we ever go back to those Pridelands again." Banzai said.

"That's the last time I listen ta one 'a yer bright ideas!" By this time they were both yelling.

"Funny, that's usually what I'm sayin' ta you!" Shenzi said back. As they continued to argue, Ed walked to T who had already found herself a spot to lie down in at the back of the cave.

"Do they always fight like that?" T asked him. Ed nodded his head yes. Then he went back to his still arguing friends. Ed babbled some gibberish when they paused for a minute, and of course only Banzai understood him.

"Wha'd he say?" Shenzi asked him.

"He wants ta know if we wanna go find lunch." Banzai said back.

"Thanks, I think I'll get a couple more minutes 'a shut-eye." Shenzi said walking to the back of the skull.

"I'd say yes if you didn't eat breakfast!" Banzai yelled at Ed.

"But I'm gonna catch up on sleep too." he said, lying down in his spot in the skull. Ed walked towards the exit, looked back at his friends, and went out. T opened one eye and saw Shenzi lying down not far from her. She got up and walked over to her quietly. But when she walked past Banzai he woke back up just in time to see her carefully cuddle up next to Shenzi.

Shenzi then raised her head up and looked down at T, who was already asleep. Then she looked at Banzai. He shrugged and laid his head back on his paws. Shenzi looked down at T again and laid her head back onto her paws and went back to sleep.

"In order for dis to begin I must do what?" Rafiki said, hand cupped over his ear again.  The wind softly blew through the trees, whispering to him again.

"Bring one pair to de adah?" Rafiki said. He looked at the paintings of the lions and hyenas he made on his tree.

"Well radah dan risk de lives of de queen and king in dah graveyahd, I'd radah take dah hyenas from it. Dere really isn't much to lose from deir demise." he said, running a hand over the hyena paintings. The wind blew strongly again.

"Alright alright! But I still don't see how dis is going to werk." The wind blew softer this time.

"Yes I do want the hyenas and lions to get along from now on." The wind blew again.

"Fine den Mufasa, as you wish." Rafiki said.

"I will make sure no harm comes to any of de four. Dat, is a promise!"

Back at the graveyard, all the hyenas were starting to wake up. Shenzi yawned and raised her head up, she looked down to see T, still sound asleep at her side.

"Y'know you two look like sisters when you're like that." Banzai said.

"Well here's a little somethin' I thought you and Ed already knew; I don't have any sisters!" She yelled at him, but was careful not to wake T. She tried to get up, but T nuzzled her head into her side. She plopped back down, a little annoyed.

"Help me out here." Shenzi said, still not wanting to wake up T. Banzai quietly walked over and kept T supported off the ground by grabbing her side with his teeth until Shenzi got up. Then he laid her back down, T moaned in her sleep a little but didn't wake up.

Rafiki was watching them through the eye socket in their elephant skull. He didn't like the looks of the graveyard and wanted to leave it as soon as he could. When Rafiki saw Banzai and Shenzi with T, he looked puzzled.

"Hm, who is 'dat?" he said, scratching his head. "Did dose two have a pup? No no, she looks much too old to be diers."

He looked around, then got an idea of how to get Shenzi and Banzai out of the graveyard and to Simba and Nala.

Ed was still sleeping when Rafiki snuck up on him and hit him on the head with his stick.  Ed woke up, well actually it was more like jumped up, and growled in a way that said 'Ok ok, who's the wise guy?'

He looked up and saw Banzai right in front of him. Shenzi started sniffing T and a puzzled look came over her face.

"Banzai, get over here." She said.

"What?" He said, walking over to her, Ed sneaking behind him along the way.

"Does she smell, funny to you?" she asked him. Banzai sniffed at her.

"I dunno, maybe a li-" Banzai was cut off when Ed attacked him from behind. Shenzi forgot all about the peculiar odor on T as she watched Ed and Banzai fight. They'd wake her up if they didn't stop.

Shenzi tried to quiet them down. "Boys." They still fought. "Boys. You're gonna wake T up."

None of them noticed Rafiki watching from behind Shenzi. He slowly crept up behind some animal bones. Shenzi gave up on reasoning with them and decided to pounce on them to make them stop. She jumped and went straight for them, both completely oblivious to anything but the fight.

As Shenzi was about to land of both of them, Ed moved out of the way and she ended up running into Banzai. Ed turned around to face Banzai again but was confused when he saw that he and T were the only ones left in the skull.

The impact rolled them both out of the skull and landing on the ground; Shenzi on top on Banzai.  They shook their heads from the impact but saw the position they were in. They stared at each other for a few seconds until Shenzi quickly moved off of him.

Rafiki had followed them and was hiding behind an elephant tusk. He had them where he wanted them, out of the skull.

"What was that for?!" Banzai yelled at her after he got back up.

"Well you two idiots were gonna wake up T if I didn't stop ya somehow!" she yelled back.

"Since when do you care?" Banzai said to her. Shenzi didn't answer.

"Look let's just go back before Ed unknowingly does something that could end up killing her." she said, turning around.

"Whatever." Banzai said as he followed her. Rafiki quietly began chanting the same chant he always did, as he placed his hand on the ground. The ground began to crack open a bit.

"Wait a minute. Can ya hear that?" Banzai asked Shenzi.. Shenzi perked her ears up, and indeed she could hear something, it was like very faint chanting. Suddenly, they could see the ground cracking beneath their feet. Shenzi and Banzai screamed and both hyenas yelped as they backed away from the crack that kept coming at them.

Finally, they backed into a elephant's ribcage, which was huge, and had nowhere to go. They stared at the crack as it came towards them until both finally fell through the ground, screaming.

Flashback to earlier that day...

"Ya want us ta what?" Timon asked Rafiki, his whole meerkat colony standing behind him.

"I need you and your family to dig a tunnel linking Priderock, and de Elephant Graveyard." Rafiki replied.

"And uh, why per say should we do that?" Timon asked, which earned him a hit on the head with Rafiki's stick.

"Ouch!" Timon said, covering his head with his arms.

"Do not question your elders!" Rafiki said. "Now get going! Now, you silly 'ting!"

"Oy." Timon said as he and his family started digging a tunnel.

End of flashback.

"Ouch! Where are we?" Banzai said to Shenzi. She and him were in complete darkness in the tunnel.

"Gee, I dunno. Lemme ask the people who aren't here!" Shenzi yelled, annoyed.

"Man, it's darker than the graveyards in here." Banzai said.

"Well unless you've gone blind it shouldn't be a problem." Shenzi replied. Unlike most animals, hyenas could see in the dark. They both look up at the hole they fell through, and knew it was impossible to get back up that way.

"Well, there's no way we're getting' back through there. C'mon, maybe the stupid meerkats who built this thang put an exit on it." Shenzi said, walking through the tunnel.

"Yeah. Man if I ever see a meerkat again, it's lunch!" Banzai said following her. Rafiki smiled as he watched them both walk through the tunnel. His plan was working, now he just needed to find Simba and Nala.

Speaking of which, both of the lions were waking up themselves. It took him a few minutes of walking, but Rafiki managed to get to Priderock.  He walked up to the two lions as they were coming out of their sleeping chambers.

"Ha ha ha ha! Good morning my queen and king! Or should I say, good afternoon?"

"Hello Rafiki." Nala said.

"What brings you here?" Simba asked him. Rafiki just laughed again.

"Oh, you'll find out. Very soon. Eh, but first, I need you both to go to de empty cave on de left side of Priderock."

"Why?" they both asked in unision.

"I do not repeat myself. Now go, go you silly 'tings!" Rafiki said, shooing them off. Simba and Nala laughed a bit and did as he said.

Meanwhile, Shenzi and Banzai were still walking through the tunnel. Suddenly, Shenzi stopped in her tracks.

"Ooh ooh look!" she said, pointing her paw towards a light at the end of the tunnel. Banzai looked towards where she was pointing.

"Well whaddya know." Banzai said. Then he and Shenzi walked to the light.

"Wait a minute, are ya sure we're not just dead because that fall killed us?" Banzai asked her. Shenzi hit him on the head.

"C'mon!" she said, walking toward the light. Soon, they reached the exit, which was a hole not far from the ground. They both climbed through it and found themselves in a small cave.

"Uh, Shenzi, this doesn't exactly look like the Elephant Graveyard." Banzai said to her.

"Probably because, it's not." Shenzi said, looking out the cave's opening and seeing the green fields and herds outside.

"Do you know why Rafiki wanted us to come here?" Nala asked Simba. They were both just a few feet from the cave.

"Mmmm, no not really." Simba replied. But they just shrugged and didn't worry about it and just went inside like Rafiki told them.

"Maybe it'd be a good idea to go back." Banzai said.

"Good point." Shenzi said. They started to walk back towards the tunnel, but didn't get far when they heard footsteps outside.

"Wait, ya hear that?" Shenzi asked Banzai. He nodded his head. They looked towards the entrance to see Simba and Nala walking right in.

Simba and Nala looked surprised and gasped when they saw them. Shenzi and Banzai's eyes widened and they gulped and nervously started backing away. But when they turned around to run back into the tunnel, they saw it was covered with a large, flat, rock.

They knew there was no escape now; they'd have to face Simba and Nala's wrath on their own. And this time, Ed wasn't there to back them up.

"Uh, Timon?" Pumbaa asked him.

"Yes Pumbaa?" Timon replied.

"Do you know why Rafiki wanted us to build a tunnel linking the Elephant Graveyard and the Pridelands, and then put a big heavy rock on the only possible exit right as two hyenas stepped out?" Timon's family could be seen panting from carrying that rock.

"No Pumbaa, I don't." Timon replied. "But rather than risk another blow to the head, I'll just let the nutsy monkey do whatever crazy thing he's planning to do. Even if there are hyenas involved." With that, Timon received a bonk on the head from out of nowhere.

"Ouch!" he said, even louder than before, covering his head with his hands. They could hear Rafiki laughing. Timon groaned, annoyed.

Back in the cave, Nala and Simba, after they recovered from the startle, were starting to close in on Shenzi and Banzai.  They crept towards them, growling. Shenzi and Banzai saw they had no choice but to fight back.

They too, got in a pouncing position, growling. Suddenly, all four looked up to see the entrance being covered with a huge boulder, then it was completely blocked by it. The only light was a small hole at the top of the cave. And although the cave was small, it was very tall.

But Simba and Nala turned back to planning to attack Shenzi and Banzai again. They all failed to see Rafiki at the top of the hole, working on some kind of project, grinding berry seeds in a bowl.

"I don't know how you two got here, but now you'll get what you deserve for trespassing." Simba said.

"Hey, we wouldn't even be here if it weren't for your stupid meerkat friends!" Shenzi said back at him.

"Yeah, they built a tunnel right under our graveyard!" Banzai said.

"You two expect us to believe that?" Nala said.

"Who else would be stupid enough to trespass in the same area twice?" Simba said.

"Hey, you'd trespass too if you were starvin' ta death in your own hometown!" Shenzi said.

"That's really your fault then. Because you all had your chance at eating at the Pridelands, and your kind sucked it dry!" Nala said.

"Well maybe if we weren't already starvin' we wouldn't 'a ate in such a hurry!" Shenzi said. By now Rafiki had finished what he was doing, and was waiting for the right moment to use it.

"Well enough talk. Let's finish this now!" Simba said.

"Females first!" Banzai said, making fun of him. Shenzi hit him on the head. Simba and Nala tried to pounce on them but Shenzi and Banzai dodged them again.

Then the two hyenas pounced on them and starting biting. Shenzi dug her teeth into the back of Nala's neck. Nala swung her off and the two females were growling right in each other's faces.

Simba was trying to hit Banzai with his paws. He swung at him, and it hit. But Banzai got back up, growling, and watched for the next hit.

Rafiki decided now was the time to use his potion, and poured the fruit punch-colored powder into the opening in the cave. The powder landed on all four of them and they started coughing.

"What?" Simba and Nala said in unision, looking up at the hole.

"What the?" Shenzi and Banzai said in unision, also looking up at the hole. Then Rafiki covered the hole's opening with a rock and waited. Shenzi and Banzai looked from the hole to the lions. They could see the nervousness in Simba and Nala's eyes.

They knew the lions knew the two hyenas could see in the dark. They looked at each other with evil grins on their faces and moved in. They could easily grab onto their necks and Simba and Nala would just swing around recklessly until Shenzi and Banzai had finished them off.

But then, all of a sudden, Shenzi and Banzai went blind.

"Ahhhh! Banzai, I can't see!" Shenzi said, trying to make out shapes in the dark.

"I can't either!" Banzai replied back. Suddenly, Simba and Nala realized that they could see clearly now. The darkness seemed to fade as they focused their eyes.

"But we can." Simba and Nala said in unision. Shenzi and Banzai realized they were in serious danger. But instead of showing their fear, they both growled fiercely. But these growls didn't sound like the ones that usually came out.

Instead, they came out sort of like...

"And you two are-" Nala started to say, but was cut off when she saw something that shocked her to no end. Shenzi and Banzai grew tired of Nala's failure to finish what she was saying, and started up the sentence again for her.

"Are?" they both said in unision. By this time, Simba could see what Nala was looking at, and his eyes grew wide with horror.

Or to be more technical, Banzai's eyes grew wide with horror.

Back at the hole's opening, Rafiki was passing the time by meditating. Timon and Pumbaa walked up to him.

"Hello Rafiki. Why are you meditating next to this tall cave's hole?" Pumbaa asked him. Rafiki meerly put up his finger to his lips and shushed him, not opening his eyes.

"Shh!" Rafiki said.

"Oh sure, he gets a 'shush', I get a wack on the head." Timon said, which earned him yet another hit on the head.

"A-how!" Timon said, rubbing his head, fighting back tears. "How many times are ya gonna keep doin' that?!" Just then, Rafiki opened his eyes and got up.

"It is done." Rafiki plainly said, then walked to the entrance of the cave, planning to remove the boulder he put over the hole when Simba and Nala entered it. Timon and Pumbaa just looked at each other and shrugged, then went back to Timon's colony.

Simba and Nala stood there, their mouths wide open in shock. There in front of them, were what used to be their bodies. But now they held inside...

Just then, they saw the boulder in front of the cave's entrance move.

"Let's get outta here." Shenzi said to Banzai without looking at him.

"Right behind ya." He said as they started to run towards the exit until they saw two very familiar faces in front of them. None of the four could believe their eyes. And, weren't they just in a different spot in the cave? Then they all noticed a clear-looking rock embedded in the wall of the cave.

It took awhile for Shenzi and Banzai's new eyes to adjust to the darkness, but Simba and Nala could see the terrifying sight just fine.

In the rock, they saw their own, true reflections, but when they looked at themselves, and each other, they saw the person a few feet away from them in the clear rock.

Shenzi saw her real reflection in the rock. But when she looked at herself, she was terrified to discover that instead of her light black fur and piercing yellow eyes, there was blonde fur and blue eyes in their place.

It didn't help either when she saw what used to be her body, looking at her with a frightened look on her face.

Back at the graveyard, T was just beginning to wake up. She looked around and was puzzled when she didn't see two of the now four hyenas that lived here. Then she saw Ed, looking around outside the skull, looking more confused than usual. She came up to him.

"Ed?" she said. He turned around, startled, then calmed down when he saw it was only her.

"Where're Shenzi and Banzai?" she asked him. Ed only babbled lightly as he shrugged his shoulders. Then he went back to pacing in front of the cave, waiting for them to come back. T watched him for awhile, then tried to ease his worries a bit.

"Maybe they went to look for lunch." T said to him. But Ed just shook his head. T looked a little confused, then just plopped down on the cave floor.

"But they'll come back no matter where they went to though, right?" T asked him. Ed looked a little relieved and quickly nodded his head yes. T smiled a bit from relief and waited with him.

There wasn't an animal alive in that part of Africa that didn't hear the screams of the four animals, staring right at their bodies as they were.

Including a certain baboon who was just walking back to his tree. He cupped his hand around his ear, until he heard them.


"De plan, has begun." he said and walked back to his tree.

The animals looked in the rock again, horror still written upon their faces. Then, they noticed someone they knew standing beside them in it.  They all turned to each other. Both pairs taking a good look at their used-to-be lion or hyena friend.

"Banzai?" Shenzi said to Simba's body.

"Shenzi?" Banzai said to Nala's body.

"Simba?" Nala said to Banzai's body.

"Nala?" Simba said to Shenzi's body. All the animals original voices stayed with them despite the body switch.

"Please tell me we are lookin' in a water hole!" Shenzi said to Banzai, looking at their original bodies.

"Simba? Nala? Where are you two?" They all looked up to see a couple of lionesses walking by the cave. Simba and Nala knew they'd be killed if they were seen like this, and that the lionesses would never let them live long enough to explain, and even if they did of course they wouldn't believe them.

So before the lionesses even looked in the cave, Simba and Nala ducked behind the rock used to cover the hole. Shenzi and Banzai watched them with raised eyebrows until they heard the lionesses behind them.

"There you are!" one of them said, Shenzi and Banzai turned to see them both walking in the cave.

"We've been looking all over for you two. What are you both doing in here?" the other said.

"Uh..." was all that came out of their mouths, for they too didn't know why Simba and Nala had picked that particular cave to waltz right into.

"Well, nevermind. The reason we were looking for you both is because we got word that there's a couple of hyenas trespassing in here." the first one said.

"You two haven't seen anything, have you?" the other asked. Shenzi and Banzai looked at the rock without turning their heads, then back at them. Just when Simba thought they were going to be ripped apart, he and Nala heard them say,

"Nope." Banzai said.

"No hyenas here." Shenzi said. Simba and Nala were speachless.

"Hmmm." the other one said, looking at the ground.

"Well, if you do see anything, let us know." the first one said. And with that, they both walked out of the cave.

"They're gone." Shenzi and Banzai said in unision when they turned their heads towards the rock. Simba and Nala came out from behind the rock.

"Why didn't you two reveal us to them?" Nala said. Shenzi shuddered.

"Y'know, there's somethin' that's just plain unnatural when I hear your voice, comin' outta my body."

"Likewise." Nala said.

"And to answer your question; Hello, you're in our bodies." Shenzi said.

"Yeah. And when I get my body back, I want it back without any permanent damage." Banzai said, with Shenzi nodding her new head.

"Well, I've still gotta know one thing." Simba said to them. Shenzi and Banzai raised their eyebrows at him.

"How'd you two get here?" Simba asked them. Shenzi and Banzai pointed their paws at the rock. Simba and Nala looked at the rock, then at each other then looked at the two former hyenas like they were crazy.

"Look under it, there's a hole underneath." Shenzi said. Now it was Simba and Nala's turn to raise their eyebrows at them.

"It's the truth!" Banzai said, after a pause.

"Excuse me but I specifically remember that rock being there when we walked in here." Nala said.

"Well it wasn't there when we did." Shenzi said.

"Then how did it cover up the hole so fast?" Nala asked her.

"I don't know!" Shenzi yelled, now annoyed. Simba and Nala looked at each other.

"Show us." he said.

"Move it yourself." Shenzi and Banzai said in unision.

"We can't, your original bodies aren't as strong as ours are." Nala said.

"Are you saying we're weak?" both hyenas said in unision again.

"Just do it!" Simba yelled.

"Alright! Yeesh!" they both said, walking to the rock. Simba and Nala watched as Shenzi and Banzai pushed onto it and completely removed it from atop the hole.

"There, ya see? We-" they both started to say until they stopped when they saw Simba and Nala giving them both looks. Shenzi and Banzai looked at them, then each other, both a little confused. Then they turned around to see the hole had disappeared; it was completely filled in.

Their mouths dropped open.

"Alright, alright, what gives?!" Timon said to Rafiki as he stomped the dirt flat with his foot.

"First ya make us dig a tunnel, all the way between the Elephant Graveyard and the Pridelands! Then ya make us put an unimaginably heavy rock on the only possible exit right as two hyenas step out!

Then ya bring us all to the Elephant Graveyard ta fill it back up! Did it ever occur to you that there might be hyenas here that might wanna eat us?!" he yelled. Timon's colony looked incredibly scared.

"Be at ease Timon. No hyenas shall devour any of your family and friends, as long as I am here." Rafiki replied.

"Me too, Timon! These tusks aren't just here for nothin'!" Pumbaa said, then snorted. Then Timon walked up to Rafiki and lowered his head down, waiting for the pain of a stick's impact to his head.

"What are you doing?" Rafiki asked him.

"Well ya've hit me every time ya saw me today so ya might as well just get this over with!" Timon replied. Rafiki just laughed.

"What's so funny?" Timon asked.

"You silly 'ting, I can't have a meerkat scream in pain in de Elephant Graveyard." Rafiki replied.

"I promised everyone brought here no harm would come to them. Be it from hyenas," he lowered his head to Timon's level, "or even from me." he finished. Then he raised his head back up and laughed.

Meanwhile, T and Ed were still waiting on Shenzi and Banzai to come back.

"I wish we had some food right now, it's already past noon." T said, laying down. Ed nodded.

Then the whole meerkat colony, followed by Pumbaa and Rafiki, ran by their skull.

T and Ed's mouths could be seen already dropped and their eyes already popped open. Then they turned their heads to see where they were going. Then T closed her mouth and her eyes when back to normal as she got up. She smiled mischieviously.

"Well it looks like we'll be the ones getting dinner tonight!" she said. Ed laughed like he usually did and they both ran after the meerkat colony.

"I swear, it was right there!" Shenzi said as Simba and Nala walked around it.

"Right where you're standing!" she finished. Simba and Nala just gave them both a look.

"Face it Shenz', there never gonna believe us." Banzai said, lowering his voice so only she could hear him.

"Well, we've gotta sort this out." Nala said.

"I know just the monkey." Simba said as he and Nala started to walk towards the exit. Shenzi scoffed.

"You two aren't really goin' out like that are you?" she said.

"Yeah, you saw those lionesses lookin' for us. You step one paw out there and you're dead!" Banzai said, not looking scared though.

"Well, what else can we do?" Nala said. Shenzi and Banzai were quiet.

"Well, maybe we can do this without getting caught." Simba said. The other three looked at him like he was insane.

"I'm serious," Simba said. "there's a path we can take that's so full of tall, thick grass, nobody'll notice us."

"Are you sure it'll work?" Nala said.

"'Cause if it does, you gotta show it to us!" Shenzi and Banzai said in unision.

"I'm not showing either of you anything!" Simba said. "While we're trying to figure out how to get our bodies back, you two have to rule Priderock while we're gone!"

Simba then quickly covered his mouth, not realizing what he said until it was too late. Nala looked uneasy. Shenzi and Banzai's eyes widened and their mouths opened slightly. They looked at each other.

Simba and Nala nervously waited for them to do or say something. Then they were horrified to see them calm down then smile mischieviously.

"If you know nothing bad's gonna happen to any of us, why are you making us run like we're being chased by hyenas?!" Timon said, running in front of his colony.

"I know nahting bad will happen to you because you are all running like you're being chased by hyenas!" Rafiki replied.

"WE'RE BEING CHASED BY HYENAS!!" they heard a meerkat scream.

Then Timon and Rafiki saw T and Ed gaining on the back part of the colony.They were already snapping their jaws at some of the meerkats. Rafiki and Pumbaa frowned and moved to the back of the colony. They stood their ground in front of the hyenas, not letting them go any further.

"Go and get everyone back home!" Rafiki yelled to Timon.

"Don't worry, we'll handle these two!" Pumbaa yelled to him. Then snorted and ran his foot through the ground like a bull. Timon then reluctantly fled with his colony out of the graveyard, he didn't want to leave Pumbaa alone with a couple of hyenas.

Pumbaa decided to take on T while Rafiki raised his stick at Ed. T growled and tried to pounce on Pumbaa, but he moved out of the way. Ed tried to snap at Rafiki but missed and was hit in the face by Rafiki's stick.

Then Ed, still looking stupid with his tongue hanging out and eyes in different directions, fell to the ground, unconscious.

T looked at Ed worriedly, knowing Shenzi and Banzai might be angry if they knew Ed was injured partly because of her, but also scared he might be hurt. Even though she just met him, he was one of the few friends she had here. She got in front of Ed and growled, trying to ward Rafiki off.

Pumbaa got in front of Rafiki and squealed angrily, like the warthog he was. But Rafiki put his hand in front of Pumbaa's face, knowing T was more concerned about her friend than the fight. Then Rafiki and Pumbaa left.

After they did, T dragged Ed back to the skull, not looking worried because she was too busy noticing how heavy he was.

"Don't even think about it!" Simba and Nala said in unison.

"About what?" Shenzi and Banzai said innocently.

"You two know what we're talking about!" They said in unison again.

"And you aren't going to make all the lions suffer by letting all your low-life hyena friends go into the Pridelands!" Simba yelled.

"Low life?!" Shenzi and Banzai said in unison.

"I don't even know what that means!" Banzai said, angrily. Shenzi hit him on the head.

"Ugh." Nala said, shaking her head. "You cannot do that while you're me. Especially to him! He's supposed to be your mate!"

"Hmph, he wishes!" Shenzi said, looking at Banzai.

"I'd rather marry Ed than marry you!" she said to him.

"Oh yeah? Well I'd rather marry T than marry you!" Banzai said to her, lying.

"Who's T?" Simba and Nala asked in unision. Shenzi and Banzai looked at them, wondering if they should tell them or not. Because if they did they'd have to tell them about taking her in after seeing she was wounded, tired, and hungry. And that would seem completely out of character, especially for the hard-core image they were going for.

Shenzi and Banzai looked at each other, then back at Simba and Nala. Shenzi spoke up first.

"Oh her? She's just this girl that's visitin' us. Temporarily of course." Shenzi said.

"Yeah." Banzai said. Simba and Nala looked confused.

"But I don't think that's what matters right now. If I were you two, I'd get outta here bahfore those lionesses showed up again." She continued.

"And where would we go?" Simba asked, still wanting to make sure they still knew who was king around here.

"Where else?" Shenzi and Banzai smirked. Looks of horror came on Simba and Nala's faces.

"Oh no." Simba said, managing a determined look on his face.

"Well, seems to me like you don't have a choice, kingy." Banzai said.

"But we haven't been to the Elephant Graveyard since we were both cubs!" Nala exclaimed.

"That's really your problem then." Shenzi said, quoting Nala, who gave her a look.

"But you two can relax a bit though. We ain't moved from our old home, so it's still in the same place ya found it." Banzai said. Simba and Nala looked uneasy.

"Well we have to tell somebody about this; we need help." Nala said.

"And who's gonna believe us?" Shenzi said. "We tell anybody about this whole thang and they'll think we're crazy."

"Yeah, and I don't know about you guys," Banzai said, "but I'd rather not end up in a nuthouse!"

"Use a nice word for everything now that you're king." Simba said. "Call it an asylum."

"Nuthouse, asylum, that ain't gonna get us our bodies back!" Shenzi said.

"Well, I don't think you have to be concerned about the lionesses finding out." Nala stated. "Just do what you two think we'd do whenever you're in a situation. At least they won't notice anything."

"And, no making laws without consulting us first!" Simba said.

"And if you're gonna pull me off," Banzai began, "you gotta use a lot less big words."

"Yeah, our clan's definitely gonna know somethin's up if Banzai starts actin' smart all of a sudden." Shenzi stated. Banzai glared at her, but knew it was wiser to hold it back for another time.

"And if you wanna pull me off," Shenzi said walking up to Nala, "you gotta stop bein' so friendly all the time. You're so sugar-coated, it'd make a sugar-cane sick!"

"Well in that case, if you want to convince everyone that you're me, you have to tone it down a bit; that means no yelling, no sneaking around, and absolutely, no hitting your husband." Nala told her. Banzai smirked at Shenzi; she gave him a look.

"In other words, no fun." Shenzi concluded.

"What about Ed?" Simba asked.

"Oh, don't worry, I'm sure Ed won't notice. And T, well, as long as ya keep our mouths shut, ya should be fine." Shenzi replied. Simba and Nala still weren't so sure.

"Well, can't we go to Rafiki like you said?" Nala asked her mate, who sighed.

"Not at this hour." Simba replied, making his new head look at the ground. Then suddenly, it jerked back up. The other three were unaware that he just had an idea.

Meanwhile, Ed was starting to come to. T guarded the exit, making sure nothing else would happen until he woke up.  She walked over to him to see if he was alright.

"Hey. You ok?" she asked him. He rubbed his head in pain but nodded yes. T smiled, but sighed.

"Would you say I'm a wimp if I told you I'm startin' ta get worried?" T asked him. Ed laughed and gave her a look that said 'Hello, can't talk the way you do, remember?'.

"Oh, yeah." She said laughing. But Ed shook his head no at her question, then whimpered a little.

"You're startin' ta worry about 'em too?" T said. Ed nodded. Then, all of a sudden, he looked completely shocked. Until now Banzai had been the only hyena who could understand him. And on her first day of meeting him, T was able to almost perfectly make out what he was saying.

Ed just stood there, staring at her, more dumbfounded than usual.

"Well, I'm gonna look outside for them again." T said, getting up.

"Don't worry, I won't leave the skull."

Ed watched as T walked to and laid down near the exit of the skull. He thought maybe he'd try to talk the guys out of letting her go after she was in good shape again. That is, if they could understand him.

The four animals were walking back outside the cave. Shenzi and Banzai went out first, to see if anybody was around.

"All clear!" they yelled behind them to Simba and Nala. The two former lions quietly crept out of the cave and slunk into the tall grass.

"We'll go to the Elephant Graveyard, like you two said." Simba told them. Shenzi and Banzai were surprised but nowhere near as shocked as Nala.

"What?!" Nala said to him.

"But we need to figure out how to get our bodies back. You two may be king and queen, but you're still lions. Do you want that?" Simba continued, ignoring Nala. Shenzi and Banzai just looked at each other then back at him.

"Keep talkin'." They said in unison.

"Meet us at that tree as soon as everybody's asleep, go it?" Simba said, pointing to Rafiki's tree.

Shenzi and Banzai looked to where he was pointing. The tree didn't look that far from Priderock, but still a small vision in the distance. They looked at each other again.

"Ok, we'll meet you guys there come nightfall." Shenzi said, but walked up to them very seriously.

"But, if one word of this gets to Ed or T, you two are gonna wish your bodies weren't king and queen!" Banzai nodded his head. But Simba didn't looked scared at all, instead he threatened them right back.

"And when we get back, we better see all our subjects, not eaten. You can eat whatever the lionesses bring you, but that's it."

"Wait wait wait," Banzai began, "you're tellin' us that we can just order some lionesses to go out and bring us back some food, and they do it?!"

Simba and Nala nodded. Shenzi and Banzai smirked at each other, being the king and queen was going to be easier than they thought.

"Oh, and that especially goes for a certain meerkat and warthog that come around here every once in a while too." Simba said. Just then, the four heard yelling, and looked to the right to see Timon riding on Pumbaa right towards them.

The four couldn't exactly see who it was, then looked surprised when they saw them clearly (especially a couple of former hyenas).

"Hey look, it's lover boy!" Banzai said laughing. Shenzi groaned, remembering that embarrassing night when Timon asked her to marry him.

"Bet you're glad you're married this time!" Banzai said, putting an arm around her. Simba and Nala looked confused. Shenzi gave Banzai a look, then grabbed the arm that was around her and locked it in a hold behind his back.

"Yowch!" Banzai said in pain. Nala gave Shenzi a look.

"Nobody saw it." Shenzi said. Simba and Nala knew it was getting a little risky as they saw Timon and Pumbaa getting closer. They started to run away. Nala went ahead to the graveyard but Simba turned around.

"Don't forget to meet us!" he yelled, and followed Nala away from the Pridelands.

"Are you gonna let go of my arm now?" Banzai said to Shenzi. She let go of it then pushed him to the ground. Banzai got back up and they both hid in a crack in one of Priderock's walls when Timon and Pumbaa reached where they were standing. They both looked around.

"Are you sure this is where you saw Simba and Nala?" Pumbaa asked Timon.

"'Course I'm sure!" Timon replied. "They probably just headed to the water hole, I say we meet 'em there!" he finished, tugging on Pumbaa's ears. Then they both left, Timon still riding on Pumbaa's back. After they did the new royal couple came out of their hiding place.

"Man it was cramped in there!" Banzai said. Shenzi didn't care how cramped it was. She was happy as long as she got away from that creepy meerkat, who she now couldn't take revenge on for completely embarrassing her by eating him.

Shenzi and Banzai looked up and watched as Simba and Nala, disappeared into the fields.

Simba and Nala looked upon the dark and eerie wasteland that stood before them.

Before, this would've been some kind of game to them, but now they were face-to-face with a childhood horror.

They could've chuckled at their own sneakiness; they'd be trespassing on hyena territory and the hyenas wouldn't even know it.

But all they could think about is the horrible events that happened here; nearly being eaten, Zazu being shot out of a geyser, not to mention Scar's plot to murder Mufasa and Simba.

Nala looked frightened but Simba moved along first with her following closely behind.

They jumped up, startled when a geyser went off a few feet away from them, but kept going.

After what seemed like forever, they finally reached the skull. Simba remembered him standing in front of it as a cub, he remembered saying in front of it;

"I laugh in the face of danger; ha ha ha ha!" which was made more terrifying when he heard one hyena laughing from inside it, it was Ed.

Nala was horrified and ran behind Simba. Then they saw Ed and T walking out of it. Their hearts still pumping like they would burst any minute.

"Hey! Where were you guys? We've been waitin' for ya all day!" T said as she ran up to them.

Simba and Nala were appalled; here was a hyena in front of them that looked almost completely like Shenzi, if it weren't for the fact that she was just a little shorter than Shenzi, they'd have thought she was the one who switched bodies with her.

They turned their gaze toward Ed as he walked up to them laughing.

"W-we j-just went for a, walk." Nala managed to stutter out, obviously scared.

"Well you two aren't gonna believe what happened while you were gone!" T said. Simba and Nala weren't sure they wanted to know.

"A bunch of meerkats ran through here today, a whole colony of 'em! And they even had a warthog and a baboon with 'em!"

Simba and Nala's eyes widened, she couldn't've been talking about Timon's colony along with Pumbaa and Rafiki.

Then they thought that maybe Shenzi and Banzai were telling the truth about the meerkats digging a tunnel through the graveyard.

But they shook their heads at the thought, knowing it'd be impossible. Seeing as how Timon's colony was the one that feared hyenas more than any other colony in the savanna.

"Well anyway, that's not even the best part!" T continued. Simba and Nala looked extremely worried, hoping she wasn't going to say that she and Ed managed to grab a few of them for an afternoon snack.

"Those meerkats ran through this HUGE wilderbeast heard, and scared 'em all into the graveyard!

The whole clan's having a feeding frenzy and me and Ed got the best one!" Ed happily nodded his head.

Nala looked calmer now but wasn't anywhere close to how relieved Simba was.

"So anyway, there's plenty ta eat! C'mon, I saved a couple 'a haunches for ya!" T said as she and Ed ran back into the skull.

Simba and Nala looked at each other and reluctantly went in. They'd never gotten a chance to see the inside as cubs, but they weren't exactly curious.

"Well, at least we know its brains aren't in here." Nala said, trying to lighten the mood.

Simba only watched, disgusted, as T and Ed tore into the wilderbeast carcass. Then they both looked up at them, puzzled.

"Hey why aren't you guys eatin'?" T asked them, with her mouth full of wilderbeast.

"Uh...we ate before we got here! Yeah uh, we filled up on, antelope!" Nala said. T ripped off another hunk of meat, chewed it up, and swallowed it down.

"Well, you two don't know what you're missin' here." T said. Ed laughed in a way that had the same tone as 'uh-huh!'

"I'm sure we'll live." Simba said.

"Will there be anything else, your majesties?" a lioness asked the new king and queen of Priderock.

"Naw, we're good!" Shenzi and Banzai said in unision, looking at the two antelopes the lionesses had caught for them.

Banzai was licking his lips, and Shenzi was staring hungrily at hers.

"Very well then." the lioness said as she bowed, and left. Shenzi and Banzai grinned at each other, and then quickly lowered their heads to their dinner.

But before they could even get a bite out of either antelope, a certain meerkat and warthog got in front of them, the meerkat in front of Shenzi and the warthog in front of Banzai.

Shenzi and Banzai stopped themselves before sinking their teeth into them instead of the carcasses, their jaws were just inches from their faces before they pulled themselves back.

"Simba! Nala! Where ya been?! Me and Pumbaa have been lookin' all over for ya!" Timon said. Shenzi and Banzai frowned as they recognized the two.

"Well anyway, ya gotta hear this joke I was tellin' Pumbaa earlier!" Timon said, half hysterical.

Shenzi and Banzai looked at each other, not very eager you might say. Timon cleared his throat.

"Hey Pumbaa, whaddya call a hyena with half a brain?" Timon started. Shenzi and Banzai looked surprised, then started growling, not caring how unnatural it felt when they heard their growls come out.

"Beats me, Timon. What?" Pumbaa asked, going along with it.

"Gif-" Timon started to say, but was cut off by a hit from Shenzi, sending him across the room.

At about the same time, Pumbaa was sent flying across the room by a hit from Banzai.

Shenzi and Banzai looked at them, annoyed, then went back to their dinner. Timon and Pumbaa got up.

Timon started dusting himself off.

"Well, we see you two are busy right now so we'll just-" he was cut off again by growling he heard behind him.

He turned around to see a few angry lionesses, who had gotten a vibe that their king and queen didn't want to be disturbed.

Shenzi and Banzai just smirked as they saw the meerkat and warthog being chased around by the lionesses before being run out of the Pridelands, back to Timon's colony.

That night, as everybody was sleeping, Simba walked up to Nala and gently pushed her on the shoulder with his new paw.

Nala was a bit scared when she first woke up, but after being reassured and reminded of what happened by Simba, she quietly followed him out of the skull, past Ed and T, who were both sleeping off a big wildebeest dinner.

By the time they got there, they could already see Shenzi and Banzai waiting for them; Banzai lying on a rock and Shenzi pacing back and forth. Simba and Nala walked over to them. Shenzi and Banzai heard something in the grass and turned to see their bodies walking out of the fields.

"'Bout time." Shenzi said as Banzai came off the rock.

"Sorry, we figured everybody would fall asleep faster on full stomachs." Simba said. Shenzi and Banzai looked at each other, then at him, confused.

"Never mind." Simba said.

"Why'd you bring us out here Simba?" Nala asked him.

"I'd like to know that myself." Shenzi said, Banzai nodding. Suddenly, they all heard laughing in the trees. They looked up but didn't see anything. Shenzi and Banzai looked at each other, confused, while Simba and Nala did the same thing.

Then they all quickly backed off as a baboon fell down in the middle of them from out of nowhere. Nala smiled, now knowing why Simba had brought them there; if anybody could help them, it was Rafiki, and Simba knew Rafiki could almost always be found at his tree at night.

"Well now, what is dis? De king and queen of Priderock being seen with a couple of hyenas?" Rafiki said.

Shenzi and Banzai started growling again. Simba decided he should hurry up and talk to Rafiki before Shenzi and Banzai ripped him apart. Obviously they must've heard a lot of hyena cracks at Priderock.

"Uh, Rafiki." Simba said walking up to him.

"I know this might seem a little strange, but well, we have kind of a problem here."

"And what might dat be?" Rafiki said, pretending to not know.

"Well, let's just say that today this afternoon, we weren't...ourselves, anymore." Nala said.

"Oh, I see." Rafiki said.

"I think I may have de answer to your problem, come with me." he said, taking Simba and Nala aside but Shenzi and Banzai stood up.

"Hey, anything you're gonna tell them, you can tell us!" Shenzi said.

"Yeah!" Banzai said. Which earned them both a hard smack on the head with Rafiki's stick.

The hyenas did sort of a yelp as they jumped back, startled but annoyed. Then they watched, still annoyed, as Rafiki took them some feet away from them so they could talk in private. When Rafiki made sure they were out of ear range, he turned around to face the two former lions.

"Well now, what can I do for a couple of hyenas like yourselves? Or should I say, what can I do for my former king and queen?" he said, bowing a bit.

Simba and Nala were surprised, but not completely. Rafiki was the wisest shaman of the Pridelands, and on some things there were no explanations on how he knew. Some animals had come to the conclusion that he was magic; others, sneaky.

The rest of the animal population just figured he was an annoying monkey who need that stick taken away from him (including Shenzi and Banzai).

"How'd you know?" Nala asked Rafiki. Rafiki had started meditating.

"Correction, how could I not know?" he said, not breaking his trance. Nala plopped down beside him, as did Simba.

"Rafiki please, we need help." Nala continued.

"Nope! Dat is where you are all wrong!" Rafiki said getting up. Then he motioned the two to follow him, which they did. The hyenas saw them running past them.

"Now what?" Shenzi said. Then she and Banzai started going after them. They all followed Rafiki to a distance, then were suddenly interrupted by a loud-

"STOP." Rafiki said, not yelling, but putting his hand up to make them stop running. Simba and Nala screeched to a halt as did Shenzi and Banzai but the two slammed into the back of them when they tried to.

"Oof!" Simba and Nala said as they were slammed into. Shenzi slamming into Nala and Banzai slamming into Simba. But neither lions fell from the impact. Rafiki walked over to some tall grass and pulled the blades back to reveal a clear water hole.

"Look down dere." he said. The four walked over to the water hole, but couldn't see anything.

"We don't see anything." Simba said.

"Shh!" Rafiki said, putting a finger to his lips.

"Look hardah." he said. Shenzi and Banzai rolled their eyes but looked anyway. All four looked for a long time, but quit after they couldn't find anything.

"Well that's it I give-" Shenzi started to say as she sat down then was startled by what she saw in the water. Banzai saw her looking surprised and went over to her.

"Shenzi? What's up?" he said. Shenzi pushed his cheek with her right paw, turning his head towards the water.

Banzai's eyes widened as he could see what she was looking at. There, in the water, they could see their real, true reflections. Even Simba and Nala could see their original bodies.

"You see, reflections tell all." Rafiki said.

"Great, so if we wanna keep this thing a secret we gotta break every shiny rock in the Pridelands." Banzai said.

"Or the graveyard." Simba said. Rafiki walked over to him, along with Nala, and pulled him aside.

The hyenas saw them leave but decided to stay at the water hole, wanting to see what they really looked like again.  After a few minutes of looking they tried to get a drink of water, but it was surprisingly not that easy. Hyenas usually put the front part of their mouths in water and sipped it down.

What they didn't now is since lion's noses were more on the front of their face than hyenas' were, they had to lap up water. They tried to get a few sips down but quit after they got too much water up their noses.

"Man, these guys can't even drink water right!" Banzai said.

"Makes you wonder if being like royalty's really worth it." Shenzi said. Then they perked their ears up when they heard rustling in the grass across the water hole in front of them.

They looked across the water hole, but it was hard to make out since it was so dark, but were surprised to see T coming out for a drink. They watched her sip it down with ease, enjoying every gulp.

"Show off." Shenzi and Banzai said in unison. T raised her head up after she stopped drinking and looked over to see the king and queen looking right at her.

T wasn't afraid of lions, but she did have some sense as when to leave them alone. But she was all the way at the other end of the water hole from them. Shenzi and Banzai waited for her to do or say something. T just stood there, looking at them.

Then, a small smirk formed over her face. T then licked her lips to show how much she liked the water, just to make them both annoyed. But instead Shenzi and Banzai gave her a 'not impressed' look, a dull expression with their eyes half closed. T then just walked away, the smirk still on her face.

"Kid's got guts, I'll give 'er that." Shenzi said. Banzai nodded.

Meanwhile, Simba and Nala were still trying to get Rafiki to tell them how to switch back.

"Isn't there anything you can do at all?" Simba asked him.

"I can't." Rafiki said. "But you, all four of you, can."

"How?" Simba and Nala asked in unison.

"You must be able to learn to cooperate with de hyenas." Rafiki answered. Simba was quiet for awhile.

"WHAT?!" he finally said, so loud even Shenzi and Banzai could hear it. They were a little confused and looked around but just shrugged and went back to struggling to get a drink.

"How can you even say that?!" Simba said to Rafiki.

"How can you even suggest that I learn to get along with the same people that helped my father's murderer?!"

"Mufasa has forgiven dem." Rafiki said. At hearing this, Simba stopped freaking out.

"What?" he asked Rafiki.

"Mufasa has forgiven dem for dier past deeds. For he sees, dat dere is goodness in dem. Dat dere is goodness, in all de hyenas, even if it comes in small proportions." Rafiki said.

"How?" Simba asked him.

"Dat hyena, T, she is more dan dey tell you."

"What do you mean?" Nala asked.

"I can say no more. What I can say, is dat you must learn to get along with de hyenas, if you evah wish to return to your original bodies." Rafiki answered. Simba and Nala were quiet for awhile.

"I can also say dat you have to do it by midnight one week after you've switched bodies."

"Why?" they both asked in unision.

"If you do not learn to cooperate with de hyenas, or dey do not learn to cooperate with you, de switch, shall remain permanent."

Simba and Nala looked horrified. If they didn't learn to get along with their closest enemies, they'd end up in their bodies for the rest of their lives. Rafiki could see the fear in Simba and Nala and walked over to them. Simba was looking at his reflection in a small puddle of water.

Rafiki looked in it too and put his hand on Simba's shoulder.

"You need not to worry my king. I, or Mufasa, would nevah make de king and queen, do anything we 'tink dey couldn't do." he said.

Then he walked away and climbed back into his tree. Nala looked at Simba unsurely. Simba just looked at the stars and thought to himself, calmly;

"I wonder how Shenzi and Banzai are going to take this."

Then he gave Nala a reassuring smile, and they walked back to the hyenas.

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