"WHAT?!" Shenzi and Banzai screamed in unision.

"You mean to tell us that unless we learn ta get along with you, we ain't never gonna be in our own bodies again?!" Shenzi said.

"That's right." Simba said. The four animals walked away from the tree, Simba was probably the only one who wasn't moping the whole time.

"Well, at least it can't get any worse." Nala said. As soon as she finished saying it, there was a boom of thunder, a flash of lightning, then suddenly all the animals were soaked with rainwater.

(A/N and it kind of looks like that scene in Tarzan when Jane mentions things can't get any worse, and then it starts raining on her)

"On the other hand-" Nala said, hanging her head.

"Look let's just all go back to where we were, then we might be able to figure this whole thing out tomorrow." Simba said.

"For your sake honey, you better be right." Shenzi said, walking away with Banzai along side her.

Simba and Nala turned around and went back to the gravyard.

When Shenzi and Banzai got back to Priderock, Shenzi wasn't exactly in a happy mood.

"What's with you?" Banzai said after they shook the water from their fur, like the hyenas they used to be.

"Nala's body doesn't like water!" Shenzi answered back, shivering and annoyed.

"Oh." Banzai said. They walked up to where the lionesses were sleeping, then looked for a small cave to their right.

Before they left to go back to Priderock, Simba and Nala had told them they slept in a cave right to where the lionesses slept.

Shenzi and Banzai's eyes widened when they found it. For them, it was a little too close for comfort.

Plus, there was a space in the middle for sleeping, just big enough for two.

"I am NOT sharin' a sleepin' rock with you!" Shenzi said to Banzai.

"Well I ain't sharin' one with YOU!" he said back.

"Well somebody's gonna have to deal with the rain tonight." Shenzi said.

"Sure ain't gonna be me." Banzai said. Shenzi gave him a 'is that so?' look.

A few minutes later...

Thunder clapped again as Banzai tried to cover his head from the rain. Shenzi, like always, got the better of everything, and the dry sleeping area.

"And here I thought bein' a king was gonna be easy." Banzai said.

"You just wait 'till tomorrow." Shenzi said, lying down on her side, facing away from him.

"There's gonna a few changes around here."

Simba and Nala arrived back at the skull, soaking wet. They shook their heads back and forth to get the water off like the lions they used to be.

"That's a funny way to dry off." They looked up, startled to see T looking at them. Simba and Nala looked at each other.

"T, what are you doing up?" Nala finally asked.

"I got thirsty and went for a drink, then when I came back I found out you guys weren't here so I waited." T answered.

"Well we're here now." Simba said. "Let's all just get some rest." he said, lying down in Banzai's spot in the skull.

Nala went to Shenzi's spot and got comfortable. Then like she did the other morning, T went up to Nala (who she thought was Shenzi) and curled up beside her.

Nala looked surprised and raised her head up to see T sleeping, her body leaning against Nala's.

Nala and Simba looked at each other. Maybe there was some good in Shenzi and Banzai, there had to be after what they just saw.

The next day was comfortable, still a little muggy from the rain last night, but the sun warmed the place up.

Simba and Nala had told Ed and T they'd be going out for awhile.

Nala even gave T a quick nuzzle before she left, for some reason Nala had grown to like her.

So T and Ed just lied around the skull, waiting for them to come back.

"Hey Ed, ya hungry?" T asked him. Ed nodded his head yes.

"In that case, sit tight! Be right back!" T said as she got up and ran out of the skull.

T never said much about her old home or her parents, but where she came from lions and hyenas lived in the same area, and hunted on the same land.

To the hyenas, the lions were just higher links in the food chain that found them all annoying, especially T.

She had been like a Dennis the Menace to all the hunting parties; on some occasions as some lionesses were about to pounce on a zebra, or some other game, T jumped out and snapped at its heels, scaring it over to her old clan.

Unfortunately for the lionesses she always did it right as they were starting to pounce, so when the zebra moved out of the way, they all ended up with mouths full of dirt and dust-coated fur.

Then they'd yell her name in anger as she ran, laughing, to her family to enjoy the meal with them.

T smiled as she thought of the good ol' days, but she was incredibly grateful to the three hyenas who helped her up on her feet again, even if at first she didn't want them to.

Of course she knew her stay was just temporary; sooner or later she'd get better and have to leave them. Plus, the clan still saw her as the new girl.

But deep down she knew she'd never forget the trio who possibly saved her from getting mauled and ripped apart by lions.

Especially the leader who spared her life. Some even noticed her amazing resemblance to their matriarch, and gave her the nickname 'mini Shenzi'.

T and Shenzi were probably the only ones who failed to notice their similarities, and just ignored the other hyenas when they'd make up theories like 'separated at birth' or 'long lost twin' because like those two, a lot of them barely even made sense.

T came out of her daze when she saw an injured zebra a few feet away from her, it would be more than enough to fill her and Ed.

And there would even be enough left when Shenzi and Banzai returned. T crouched down and waited for the right moment to strike.

But her hunt was suddenly interrupted by a loud roar.

Shenzi stretched her legs before coming out of the cave to see Banzai.

"Sleep well?" she asked, looking down at him, knowing his answer.

"Not really." he answered, looking up at her. He got up and both went up to an area of Priderock where they could see the entire savanna.

"So, what should we do first?" Shenzi said, lying down on a rock above Banzai's.

"How 'bout a guest cave?" Banzai said, shaking the water from his fur.

"Relax, you get the cave this time tonight."

"Yeah, when it isn't raining." he said, getting water out of his ear.

"Man you wouldn't believe how heavy his mane gets when it's wet!"

"Quit bein' such a boy." Shenzi said to him.

They both just looked out on the horizon, not hungry for once in their lives.

They laid their heads on their paws, bored and too focused on the fact that these bodies could be permanent if something wasn't done and fast.

Of course they knew what had to be done. But how could they learn to get along with the lions?

They knew that after their alliance with Scar hyenas were considered lower than dirt.

Their thoughts were interrupted when they heard a lioness yelling;

"Hyena in the Pridelands!" Then they raised their heads up as they saw a couple of lionesses who heard it run down to the savanna.

"Hm, maybe it's somebody we know." Shenzi said. Both looked out to see the two lionesses chasing something.

Whatever it was, it was too short to be seen above the tall grass. Shenzi and Banzai just watched until they saw what the lionesses were chasing.

Shenzi and Banzai looked shocked when they saw the hyena they were after was really T!

Shenzi didn't know what she was doing here, probably hunting she figured, but she didn't want those lionesses to lay a paw on her.

Banzai suddenly looked up when he heard Shenzi growling, then get on her feet. And before he knew what was happening, she went racing after the lionesses.

Banzai got up as fast as he could to try to follow her.

"Shenzi! Shenzi wait up!" he called running after her. But Shenzi was too focused on getting to T before those lionesses did.

T was running for what she knew was her life. She managed to keep a distance between herself and the two lionesses that were after her.

Shenzi was gaining on both lionesses with amazing speed, while Banzai was all the way at the end of the chase, struggling to keep up.

Finally, T realized she had run into a dead end, and tried to turn around and run. But it was too late because the lionesses had her trapped.

T backed up from them as far as she could. The lionesses began to close in on her until they all heard roaring.

Then T saw one lioness suddenly get pulled back and swung away from her by a third lioness.

Then the same one lunged, roaring, at the other one and scared it running towards the one who had been pulled away.

Then T saw a male lion, breathing very heavily, walk up to them, and stop a few feet to her right.

"Why do--girl lions--have to be--so--fast?" he said, gasping for air. T looked to see the two lionesses cower before the third one, who was now standing her ground in front of her.

"What do you two think you're doin'?!" Shenzi yelled at them. The two were confused and silent.

"WELL?!" Shenzi yelled, growing impatient. One lioness, the one Shenzi didn't pull away from T, spoke up.

"W-we were just p-punishing this hyena for c-coming into the Pridelands." she stuttered out, scared.

"Did I say you two could go after her?!" Shenzi yelled at her. The lionesses were quiet.

"DID I?!" Shenzi yelled. The lionesses cringed from the noise.

"N-no your majesty." the same lioness said.

"I didn't think so." Shenzi said.

"Now you two best get outta here before I tear up both your hides!" The lionesses just stood there.

"I SAID NOW!!" Shenzi yelled and the lionesses gave small shrieks and were sent running off.

T was surprised and confused; from the way Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed (sort of) always talked about them, she thought all the lions here hated hyenas.

But this lioness had just saved her life and her mate had even tried to come help her. T saw the lioness turn around to her, no longer angry.

"You ok, kid?" Shenzi asked her. T nodded her head yes.

"Oh yeah, you really acted like the queen back there babe." Banzai said to her sarcastically. Shenzi growled at him, he backed off.

"What are you doin' in the Pridelands anyway?" Shenzi asked as T got up.

"My friend and I were hungry so I went hunting. He can't go because his jaw's hurt." T replied.

Shenzi and Banzai looked surprised, they knew she was talking about Ed.

"How?" they asked in unision.

"Some monkey came over to the graveyard a while ago and whacked him over the head with a stick."

"Well that figures." they said in unision again, under their breath though.

"Y'know, you shouldn't be hangin' around here, kid. In case you haven't noticed, it can get a little dangerous for a hyena like you." Shenzi told her.

"Hey, I got a name. It's T." T said, tired of being called kid.

"Thanks, we never woulda guessed." Banzai said, looking at Shenzi. Shenzi then looked at the grasslands and saw an antelope carcass nobody was tending to.

"You wait right here for just a second honey." Shenzi said to T.

"Watch 'er." she said to Banzai and walked over to the carcass.

"So, why aren't you two ripping me apart right now?" T asked.

"Probably because hyena isn't one of the things on the menu for us." Banzai answered.

They both looked to see Shenzi dragging the carcass over to them. Then she dropped it at T's feet.

"Here. If you're gonna go back to the graveyard, take this with you." Shenzi said.

"Yeah, and while you're at it, share it with that friend 'a yours. He needs ta eat more." Banzai said.

Shenzi gave him a look and T looked at him, confused.

"Or, so I've heard!" Banzai said quickly. T grabbed the carcass with her teeth and started dragging it towards the graveyard.

Banzai looked over and could see Shenzi was still nervous; she was looking all around the grasslands making sure it was safe.

Banzai looked at T again and then nudged Shenzi on the shoulder. She looked over at him.

"Y'know, if ya want, we could walk 'er over ta the graveyard ta make sure nothin' else happens to 'er. " Banzai said.

Shenzi looked surprised at Banzai.

"Really?" she asked, still surprised but not smiling.

"Why not?" Banzai answered back, shrugging. A smile came on Shenzi's (Nala's) face.

"Banzai honey, I'd kiss you if it didn't gross me out because you're a lion right now!" Shenzi said and went over to T.

Banzai looked completely surprised from Shenzi's comment. Then disappointed.

"Dang." he said under his breath and went to help Shenzi out.

Simba and Nala came back to the elephant skull, puzzled, after not finding Shenzi or Banzai anywhere in the Pridelands.

They saw Ed pacing back and forth in the skull until they walked up to him. Nala looked around the skull.

"Ed, where's T?" she asked him. Ed babbled words that were ineligible to her.

"T went out hunting and hasn't come back yet?" Simba said. Ed nodded his head.

Then, Simba and Nala looked completely appalled, now he could understand what Ed was saying! Nala looked at Simba.

"Must have something to do with me being in Banzai's body." Simba said.



"Well this is my stop." T said as they reached the border of the graveyard.

"You sure you're ok?" Shenzi asked her.

"Yeah I'm fine. It's gonna take more than a couple 'a wimpy lions ta finish me off. Uh, no offense." T said.

"None taken." Shenzi and Banzai said in unision.

"Well thanks for the food." T said as she was dragging the carcass back to the skull.

"Sure, no problem." Shenzi said as she and Banzai turned around to go back to Priderock.

Simba saw Nala looked a little worried and he was puzzled. But Ed, thinking Nala was still Shenzi, wasn't because he knew Shenzi liked T.

Then they looked up to see T dragging a carcass into the skull.

"Anybody hungry?" T said to them. Ed rushed over and happily helped himself to the food.

"T where've you been?" Nala said.

"I was just hunting. You two went out so, so did I." T replied. (A/N not a typing error; I meant to type that)

"In the Pridelands?" Simba asked her, showing a little frustration.

"Where else is there food? 'Cause there sure isn't here!" T replied.

"But T, what if the lions saw you?" Nala said to her.

"They did see me." T replied, acting as though it wasn't a big deal.

"What?!" Simba and Nala said in unision. Ed's head even jerked up after hearing it.

"Oh no, are you ok?" Nala said coming over to her.

"Yeah, lemme finish." T said.

"I said that lions saw me, but only four."

"That's still enough to-!" Nala couldn't say anymore.

"Yeah I know, but half of those four weren't even trying to rip me limb from limb." T said. Simba and Ed looked confused while Nala still looked worried.

"What do ya mean?" Simba asked her.

"Oh I just had a little talk with the king and queen before I came back here, is all." T replied.

"They even helped me bring breakfast back to the graveyard."

All three of them looked surprised, well, Ed actually looked more shocked.

"So that's why we couldn't find them anywhere." Simba and Nala thought to themselves.

Ed babbled more words Nala couldn't understand, but to Simba and T, they sounded like this;

"T, you're lucky to even be alive! Because all the lions, hate us! Especially the king and queen!"

"We do not hate you." Simba said, annoyed. Ed and T gave him a puzzled look.

"I-I mean they do not hate you!" Simba said quickly.

"S-so I've heard." he finished.

"Look, we have to go out again tonight so promise me you won't go into the Pridelands when we do. At least until tomorrow. Please?" Nala asked T.

T looked at Nala for a minute, and saw how worried she was. She sighed because she hated it when everybody worried about her just because how young she looked, despite her age.

"Ok." T said. At that, Nala looked relieved.

"So can we eat or what?" T asked everybody. Ed went back to eating and T happily went to chomping on a leg.

Nala even joined in. Simba had learned to deal with the fact that his mate was a carnivore but didn't really mind because this was Nala.

But he still said;

"I think I'll skip breakfast today."

Nala smiled at Simba but went on enjoying the meal. But when she got close to T, she couldn't help but notice a peculiar odor on her.

That night, Nala could hear something outside the skull. At first she was frightened and wanted to wake Simba, but then realized it sounded familiar.

She looked to where Simba and Ed were sleeping, they were there, snoozing away.

Then she looked to her side, the place T was supposed to be sleeping; no T. Nala looked a little worried and decided to go find out what the noise was.

She walked through the darkness with as much ease as her original body walked in daytime, her new eyes helping her every step of the way.

When she came outside the skull, she saw T leaning over a puddle. Then she saw her pick up a little water in her right paw and dab it on her cut.

T hissed at the pain. Nala's heart melted and she went over to help her. T heard a twig snap and she immediately jumped up and started growling, now knowing she wasn't alone.

But she calmed down when she saw it was (who she thought was) Shenzi.

"What are you doing?" Nala asked her.

"Nothing, just getting a drink." T said.

"T, we both know that puddle's too shallow for anything to drink out of." Nala said, sitting beside her.

She saw T hiss and slightly wince from her cut, now bleeding a little, T turned her head from the pain.

"Here, let me help." Nala said. T didn't want her to, and kept her head turned away. But eventually she turned her head towards Nala so she could clean it a little.

T winced as Nala gently ran a wet paw over her cut.

"Don't worry, I'm almost done." Nala said, still cleaning her cut.

"There." she said, finished. T sighed, knowing she needed her help at that moment.

"Thanks." T said, looking away.

"You shouldn't be afraid to ask for help." Nala said.

"Especially from those who care about you."

"You, care about me?" T asked her, looking back at her.

"Of course I do." Nala said about herself, then remembered she was supposed to be Shenzi.

"I'm pretty sure." she finished. What she didn't know is she was right; Shenzi did care about T. T was quiet for a bit, then sighed again.

"Can I tell you something?" T asked her.

"Go ahead." Nala said.

"This cut," T said, rubbing her paw against her cheek, looking away, "I didn't really get it from a lioness like I told you."

Nala was surprised but wanted to know more.

"Go on." she said.

"Actually, I got it from a human." T went on. Nala looked shocked. This hyena had come in contact with humans and yet she still stood before her.

It was no wonder she smelled strange to her and Shenzi, and to somewhat, Banzai. She had the scent of humans on her.

"Ya see, when I told you my parents were killed by humans, that was true. And I really did have to leave or else I'd be next." T said.

By this time Nala could feel something that was like a thousand butterflies in her stomach.

"But I didn't tell you the whole story; ya see me and family were just eating lunch on our savanna, like we did everyday. But suddenly there was this loud bang from outta nowhere.

Everybody looked up and they all looked terrified. Then my parents pushed me forward and we all ran towards our home. But while we were running, another bang rang out and my mom fell to the ground.

My dad ran to her but told me to keep on running. Then I saw a human creeping up behind him.

I called to my dad to watch out but the guy had already slammed a cage on top of 'im. My dad fought back and started biting the guy which made 'im mad.

Then I saw 'im take out a really sharp knife and I guess I got really ticked off, because the next thing I knew, I jumped on the guy and started biting 'im. Then when I looked at my dad, I saw he wasn't moving.

That moment seemed to last longer than eternity, but the next thing I knew, there was this really sharp pain on my face.

It was like a huge thorn digging deeper into my cheek, until I finally realized what was happening and bit the guy one last time before I jumped off 'im and ran.

That last thing I heard before I left was another bang. I looked to my right to see a twig on a log I was running next to, snapping apart all by itself."

Then T grew silent, just looking at the ground. She failed to see the tears in Nala's eyes. But before T even knew what was happening, Nala hugged her tightly.

T was surprised at first but then just let her tears fall, silently because she didn't want herself to know she could be weak.

T and Nala cried for awhile, not letting any sobs escape. The bad memories seemed to flow away as T sat there with Nala, her head lying on Nala's (Shenzi's) shoulder, tears running down her cheeks.

Finally, they both stopped and calmed down. They let out shaky sighs, the kind you get only after crying, and smiled at each other.

"Better now?" Nala asked her. T nodded. Nala started walking back towards the skull.

"Hey Shenzi," T called out to her, quietly as to not wake anybody up. Nala turned her head around to her.

"thanks." T said.

"If you and Banzai and Ed hadn't 'a took me in, I dunno what would've happened to me."

Nala was completely surprised but was careful not to let T see it; she turned her head back around, her mouth open slightly and her eyes wide open.

But she calmed down, and turned back to T and smiled. T smiled back.

Simba woke up in the skull and looked out one of the eye sockets; it was dark and the moon was already out.

Rafiki was expecting them for another meeting that night. He said he had something planned there that the four would like.

But Shenzi and Banzai thought it was just another plan to get a whack on the head.

Simba looked over to see Ed, snoring quite loud. Then he saw Nala curled up with T, both looking a little tuckered out, but smiling.

He could see T shudder in her sleep but didn't know it was an involuntary reflex after crying.

Simba quietly walked over to Nala and pushed her a little on the shoulder.

"Nala." he whispered to her. She still slept.

"Nala." he whisperd a little louder, tapping her on the shoulder. Nala groaned, opened her eyes and looked up to him.

Simba looked confused because he could see that her eyes were slightly red.

"Something wrong?" he asked her, forgetting to whisper. They froze when they heard Ed make a grunt in the middle of a snore, then switch positions to his side.

They calmed down when he started snoring again, back to sleep. Simba looked at Nala. She just looked at him.

"Is something wrong?" he asked again, whispering this time.

"What?" Nala said.

"Your eyes, are you ok?" Simba asked her. Nala realized her eyes must've looked red from all that silent crying.

"Oh, oh, I'm fine." Nala said, wiping her eyes. Simba still looked unsure.

"Well, c'mon. Rafiki said to come back to his tree tonight." Simba said, walking towards the exit.

Nala slowly stood up from under T. Then so her still sleeping body wouldn't fall to the ground, Nala put her head underneath her.

Then slowly pulled it out from underneath, gently putting T back on the sleeping spot, which was still warm from their body heat.

Nala smiled and gave her a soft nuzzle before following Simba out of the skull.

Nala was quiet the whole walk to the tree. Simba looked behind his shoulder to see her looking at the ground, both still headed towards the tree.

Now fed up with Nala's sudden change in behavior, he turned around to face her.

"Ok, say it. What happened?" Simba demanded.

"What are you talking about?" Nala said.

"Nala, back at the skull you were curled up tighter than a cheetah's hold on a gazelle's neck with T.

And when I woke you up, your eyes looked like they sprung a leak that lasted five hours.

Then when you got up from underneath T, you handled her like she was some kind of cub from our pride!

And you haven't said a word the whole time we've been walking. Now what's wrong?" Simba demanded.

Nala looked to the ground and was quiet for awhile, then she raised her head up to him.

"Rafiki couldn't have been more right when he said that T was more than what Shenzi and Banzai told us." she said, tears starting to swell up in her eyes again.

Simba saw this and walked up and sat beside her.

"What's the matter?" he asked, now looking worried.

"Hey, about time! Where were you two?" they heard a female's voice say.

"Yeah, we were waitin' for almost five minutes!" they heard a male's voice say.

Simba looked up to see Shenzi and Banzai walking towards them.

Nala looked up at them, her eyes shining in the moonlight. Shenzi and Banzai looked surprised.

"Whoa, what happened ta you?" Shenzi said. Nala just stared at them for awhile, then smirked. She stood up.

"You two are really a piece of work." she said, then walked past them to Rafiki's tree. All three of them watched her go.

Shenzi and Banzai looked at each other, puzzled, eyebrows cocked. They looked at Simba. He just got up and followed Nala.

Shenzi and Banzai looked at each other again and followed. All four animals stopped short when they saw an antelope herd in front of them.

Shenzi and Banzai hadn't had a chance to eat due to Timon and Pumbaa interrupting all their meals, and licked their lips at the sight.

Simba and Nala looked at them worriedly.

"What are you staring at?" Nala said.

"Me and Banzai just haven't eaten in awhile." Shenzi replied.

"And I'd say that a midnight snack wouldn't be too bad right about now."

"Yeah." Banzai agreed with her. Then Simba and Nala saw them staring at a young gazelle that had wondered off just a little too far from the others.

"Y'know, gettin' that thing wouldn't be all that hard." Banzai said.

"Wait a minute!" Simba said.

"Shenzi, Banzai, no! Even if it is food, it's so cute!" Nala lightly objected.

"Dinner time!" Banzai said as he and Shenzi ran towards the herd. Simba and Nala looked horrified as they saw them getting closer.

"Shenzi! Banzai! Don't!" they said running after them.

A few minutes later...

Simba and Nala watched, relieved, as the gazelle herd leapt to another part of the grasslands.

Then they turned around to see an angry Shenzi and Banzai.

"Did we mention we hate you?" they said in unision.

"Oh but guys, have a little heart." Nala said.

"It looked barely even a month old! And it was so cute."

"Cute enough ta eat!" Shenzi said. Banzai laughed a little from the comment, Shenzi smirked at him.

Then they all looked up to see a wilderbeast herd a few feet away.

"The fun never stops, does it?" Simba said, looking at Nala.

"Yeah, and this looks any better than any gazelle herd." Banzai said.

"And don't even think 'a tryin' ta stop us!" Shenzi and Banzai said in unision to Simba and Nala.

The two fomer lions looked uneasy. Then they watched as Shenzi and Banzai went after an injured wilderbeast that was limping a little far from its herd.

Simba and Nala then cringed as Shenzi and Banzai met their mark; the suffering wilderbeast barely even knew what hit it.

A few more minutes later...

Simba was looking away while Nala was watching Shenzi and Banzai eat the wilderbeast they had caught.

Simba couldn't stand the sight of his body actually eating and enjoying meat.

"Are they done yet?" Simba asked Nala.

"Almost." Nala said, looking back at him. Simba took a chance and looked over to see a few bare bones on the wilderbeast carcass; mostly its legs.

Simba put his hand over his mouth to keep himself from doing anything unpleasant.

Then Simba and Nala looked over to see Shenzi and Banzai's (originally their) muzzles, drenched with blood.

"Uh, Shenzi, Banzai." Nala said. They both looked at her. Nala pointed to her own (Shenzi's) muzzle, to show where they had blood.

Shenzi and Banzai looked in a puddle and saw their mouths covered in blood. Shenzi rubbed her wrist across her muzzle, getting the blood off it in one stroke.

(A/N kind of like that scene in Brother Bear when Kenai did the same thing to clean off his mouth)

Banzai wiped his mouth off with his paw. Then they both looked at Nala, who nodded.

"Let's just get to the tree." Simba said. They all walked off to Rafiki's place.

"You four are probably wondering why I asked you here tonight." Rafiki said.

"Not really." Shenzi and Banzai said in unision. Rafiki hit them both over the head with his stick.

"Ouch!" Shenzi and Banzai yelled.

"I knew it." they said, through gritted teeth, rubbing their heads in pain. Rafiki turned to Simba and Nala.

"What would you like out of dis switch?" Rafiki asked them.

"What?" Simba and Nala asked him.

"De reason I asked you all here tonight is to grant you whatevah you wanted from 'dis switch." Rafiki replied.

"Can you be just a bit more specific?" Nala asked him.

"You four may have anyting you want, so long as you're switched." Rafiki replied, saying the last part a little slowly.

"Anything?" Nala said.

"Anyting." Rafiki replied.

"Well I know what I want." Simba said. Rafiki got out a bowl he made from half a coconut.

"Go on." Rafiki said. Simba looked at Banzai.

"As long as we're switched, Banzai can't eat meat as long as he's in my body." Simba said.

Banzai's jaw dropped. He looked at Shenzi, who shrugged.

"If dat is what you wish." Rafiki said, putting powder in the bowl.

"Whoa whoa whoa, wait a minute!" Banzai said.

"Hang on a sec." Shenzi said, sliding a paw in front of him.

"I'm guessing these things are non-changable?" Shenzi said. Rafiki nodded his head. Banzai looked mad.

"Well in that case," he began, "kingy over there can't chow down on any bugs as long as he's in my body!"

Simba's eyes widened. He looked at Nala, who just gave him a 'you should've saw that coming' look.

"Ain't it just typical for you ta waste a wish like that?" Shenzi said to Banzai.

"But yeah, I want somethin' outta this." she continued, then looked at Nala.

"I wanna change that whole law about hyenas havin' ta be killed if they's caught in the Pridelands." she said.

Simba and Nala looked surprised. Then Simba looked angry.

"Absolutely not! I won't allow it!" he yelled.

"I'm afraid dat you have no choice my king." Rafiki said. Simba looked at him confused.

"I said dat de four of you could have anyting you wanted. And I meant, anyting you wanted."

Shenzi looked pleased with herself after hearing this, Banzai just gave her a look like he could've predicted this.

Nala stared at Shenzi hard, then said;

"I know what I want." she looked at Shenzi.

"I want you to tell me why you want to change the law." Nala said looking at Shenzi. Shenzi looked surprised, then looked at Nala hard.

"I'm not tellin' you anythang!" Shenzi yelled at her.

"Like I said to de king, you have no choice." Rafiki said. Shenzi growled and looked away, mad.

She really didn't want to say why she did, fearing they'd all think she'd gone soft. Banzai of course knew why she wanted to change the law, but didn't say anything.

Finally, Shenzi looked at Nala. Her eyes burning into the former queen's.

"T almost got killed today because of your stupid law." Shenzi said quietly but firmly, then looked away.

Banzai looked in the opposite direction Shenzi was looking in.

Nala looked horrified.

Simba and Nala walked back to the graveyard after the meeting with Rafiki. Nala blaming herself for what Shenzi told her, the whole way.

"This is all my fault! I should've made sure she'd stay in the skull! I shouldn't've left her alone!" Nala said to herself.

Simba turned around to her.

"Nala, stop blaming yourself! There's nothing you could've done.

Just be glad that T wasn't hurt, and that Shenzi and Banzai saw what was happening and could stop it before it was too late." he said.

"But, still I..." Nala looked to the ground. Simba sat beside her. Nala sighed and sat down too.

"Simba, there's something I have to get off my chest. And you're the only one I can tell."

"I'm all ears." Simba said.

"Because look at 'em, they're a lot bigger than my old ones." he said, smiling and grabbing his ears with his paws.

He and Nala laughed a little. Then Nala got quiet again.

"Simba, T's an orphan." she said. Simba looked surprised.

"Really?" he was quiet for a minute.

"How did it happen?" he finally said.

"Well, where she used to live...humans came and...her parents..." Nala was starting to tear up.

"Ok, you don't need to say anymore." Simba said, putting a paw on her shoulder.

"But it really wasn't your fault she was attacked today. It wasn't anybody's fault. I mean, T's still alive isn't she?"

Nala looked up at him, and nodded, smiling. Then Simba looked confused.

"But wait a minute, if she's an orphan, then what's she doing with those three?" he asked her. Nala laughed.

"Do you believe that there's good in everybody? I do now." Nala replied. Simba looked confused, then surprised.

"Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed, took in-?" he couldn't even say it because he found it so hard to believe.

Nala nodded her head. Then they both got up and headed towards the graveyard again.

"Well let's just go back to the skull. And, as soon as we get there, you can curl up next to T as much as ya want 'till she finally gets so annoyed, she'll want her own sleeping spot." Simba said.

Simba and Nala laughed.

"Oh and uh, don't tell Shenzi or Banzai what or that I told you. Shenzi would probably kill me when she got her body back."

"The things those hyenas will do just to keep their image." Simba said. Then they both laughed as they walked back towards the graveyard.

Back at the skull, before Simba and Nala got back, Ed was snoring away until he woke up when he heard a twig snapping outside.

He looked out of the skull to see a small gazelle walking around. Ed licked his lips at the sight of it.

Suddenly, he felt like a midnight snack. Then he saw the gazelle leap away and Ed followed it, carefully and quietly walking past T.

Ed walked out of the skull to see it leap off into the fields. Ed, being Ed and all, followed it into the Pridelands.

Eventually he was running after it in a big field of tall grass. He sneazed a couple of times due to it constantly rubbing against his nose.

Then he saw the gazelle leap into some greener, taller grass. He jumped after it and the leap led him to the water hole, but Ed couldn't see where the gazelle went to.

He looked disappointed and was about to leave until he saw two familiar looking faces in the water across from him.

Shenzi and Banzai were getting a drink after the meeting with Rafiki. Ed was about to call out to them until he saw two lions across from him.

It puzzled him so much his head started to hurt.

"Y'know, I think we got this drinking water thing down." Banzai said to Shenzi, who was licking her top lip.

"I'm just surprised to see you in a good mood after Simba said you couldn't eat meat." she replied.

At that statement, Banzai looked depressed after remembering.

"Did ya have ta remind me?" he said to her. Shenzi gave him a friendly shove on the shoulder with hers.

"C'mon, creepy-crawly eater, let's go home." Shenzi said walking towards Priderock.

"Hey, don't call me that!" Banzai yelled and started running to catch up with her. Ed watched as they both left.

Then he looked behind him and was appalled when he saw who he thought were Shenzi and Banzai walking towards the graveyard.

Ed pondered for a minute, wondering what he should do. Follow the lions? Or head back to the graveyard?

Ed carefully made his way along the lionesses, trying hard not to wake any of them up.

He stepped over tails and walked over bodies until he finally saw his two former hyena friends walking up to Simba and Nala's cave.

He crept up silently to them and hid behind a rock near the cave.

"Well, like I said, you get the cave tonight." Shenzi said finding a spot to get comfortable outside of it.

Banzai was about to go inside of it until he turned around to Shenzi.

"Hey Shenzi?" he said. Ed looked surprised.

"Whaddya want Banzai?" Shenzi said, lifting her head up to look at him. Ed looked even more surprised and confused. Banzai was quiet.

"Uh, nothin'." he said and went in. Shenzi laid her head back down and closed her eyes. As soon as Ed thought she was asleep, he crept inside the cave.

Turns out Shenzi wasn't asleep, and heard footsteps outside the cave. She opened her eyes to see Ed going inside it.

She looked surprised and quietly followed him in. Banzai was asleep on the rock inside the cave. Shenzi stopped when Ed stopped.

Ed looked at Banzai, then looked around, but not behind him.

"What the heck is he doin' here?" Shenzi thought.

Suddenly, they both saw Banzai yawn and look up at them through sleepy eyes. Then they widened when he saw who it was.

"Ed?" Banzai said. Ed yelped and jumped back only to jump back into Shenzi.

He shrieked again until he remembered why he was here again. And his suspicions were right.

Now he just needed them both to confess. By this time Shenzi had moved beside Banzai.

"Uh...you, better get outta here before me and her wake up those lionesses and have them run you outta here." Banzai fake threatened, bluffing.

He wasn't going to do that to Ed whether he left or not, and neither was Shenzi. Ed just looked at them, suspiciously.

Then he spoke in words only Banzai could understand. Banzai looked a little worried.

"Wha'd he say?" Shenzi said to him.

"He said he knows why we're both out late at night." Banzai said. Shenzi looked skeptical.

"Oh c'mon Banzai, he can't know. This is Ed we're talking about." Shenzi said. Then Ed talked a little more.

"Now he says he knows why we aren't sleeping in the same cave." Banzai said. By this time Shenzi even looked a little worried.

"We'll just say it's marital problems." she said. Then Ed talked again. Banzai looked completely scared.

"Wha'd he say now?" Shenzi said. Banzai gulped.

"He's says he knows why we keep callin' each other Shenzi and Banzai." he said.

They looked toward Ed, who was coming closer to them, they backed away. Then Ed looked at them very angrily, Shenzi and Banzai looked scared.

Ed talked again.

"What've we done with your friends?" Banzai said. Shenzi and Banzai looked at each other, maybe Ed didn't know about the switch.

At least, Ed didn't know until a huge swarm of fireflies flew up and completely illuminated the cave.

Ed looked at a clear-looking rock embedded in Simba and Nala's cave, and was shocked.

A few feet below the three...

"Nothin' better for a midnight snack than a few fireflies eh Pumbaa?" Timon said, popping one into his mouth.

"You said it Timon!" Pumbaa said chewing.

"How many times do I gotta tell ya, not ta talk with your mouth full?" Timon said to Pumbaa.

Ed looked at the reflections of the two, frozen in fear, lions and saw the image of his two, frozen in fear, friends.

"Ya see that's kinda the thing Eddy." Banzai said.

"We are your friends!" they said in unision. They waited for Ed to do something but he just stood there, staring at them.

Until finally, he fainted.

"Ed! Ed!"

Ed could hear two voices calling his name repeatedly. He was in complete blackness.

"C'mon ya bonehead, wake up!" Banzai yelled at him.

"Oh that's great." Shenzi said to Banzai sarcastically.

"We wanna convince 'em we're his friends barkbreath!" she yelled at him. They started calling his name again.

"Ed! Ed! Wake up!"

Ed finally opened his eyes to see Shenzi and Banzai above him. They both sighed from relief to see Ed come to.

"Ok then." Shenzi said.

"Ya all right there Eddy?" Banzai asked him. Ed heard them talk as his eyes came into focus. Suddenly, Ed's eyes widened and he shrieked.

"Hey hey stop!" Banzai yelled.

"Ed it's alright!" Shenzi said. Both she and Banzai were yelling at the same time. Ed got up and started running around, still shrieking.

"Ed! Ed! Calm down, ok?! Calm d-" they both called. Until they sighed and gave up.

"This isn't gonna work." Shenzi said. Then she and Banzai picked up a couple of rocks.

Shenzi saw Banzai's was big enough to possibly knock Ed out and slapped him on the head.

Then took away his rock, threw it over her shoulder, and gave him her rock. Then got another one for herself.

Then they both hurled them at Ed's head to get his attention. They hit, and Ed immediately put his hands to the back of his head, rubbing it in pain.

Then he turned around to them. They grabbed him by the front scruff of his neck and pulled him a little closer so he wouldn't freak out again.

"Ed, listen, we didn't do this." Shenzi said.

"In fact, we're not sure who did." she said looking away.

"But we'll be fine, don't worry." she said looking back at him.

"Yeah, in about a week's worth your ol' pals Shenzi and Banzai'll be back ta normal." Banzai said.

Ed calmed down, then suddenly looked mad. He pulled away from them and talked angrily at them.

"What's he saying?" Shenzi said.

"He's mad at us for not tellin' 'im about this and for lettin' 'em think that Simba and Nala were us." Banzai replied.

Then Ed said some more words in anger. Banzai looked surprised.

"Hey, whoa, ya don't gotta use words like that!" Banzai said.

"What'd he say?" Shenzi asked him, curious.

"You don't wanna know." Banzai replied. Ed talked angrily again.

"And now he's mad at us for lyin' ta T about this, and that he should've suspected something when she came back, saying she talked to the king and queen of the Pridelands, and they didn't rip 'er apart."

Then Ed plopped down on the floor and got quiet.

"Better now?" they asked him in unision. Ed talked a few words.

"A little." Banzai said to Shenzi. The three hyenas were quiet for awhile.

"So, as long as you're here-" Shenzi began.

"Hungry?" they asked him in unision.

Nala and T were just beginning to wake up, as well as Simba, when they saw Ed dragging a zebra carcass into the skull.

"Whoa!" T got up and ran over to him.

"Where'd ya get this?" she asked him. Ed didn't say anything, he just looked at Simba and Nala.

(A/N In case you already haven't guessed it, Shenzi and Banzai gave him it to take back to the skull)

Ed then happily used his head to push the kill towards T, at least she was honest with him.

But he felt sorry for her, not knowing what became of their two friends.

"For us? Thanks." she said and started digging in. Ed looked at her face and said something only Simba and T could understand.

"Yeah I guess my cheek is getting a little better." she said and went back to eating. Then stopped and looked up at him.

"Hey, how come you're not hungry?" T asked him.

Earlier that morning...

Banzai just watched, miserable, as Shenzi and Ed dug into a wilderbeast carcass she had ordered the lionesses to catch for them that morning.

Not mentioning anything about Ed as he and Banzai were ducking in the cave when she gave the order.

Banzai licked his lips from hunger. Ed looked up at him, puzzled, then looked at Shenzi.

"Don't ask." she said and both just went back to eating.

Ed just talked in a plain tone.

"No reason?" T said, looking at him puzzled. Then just shrugged and went back to eating.

Then she saw Nala take a few bites from the carcass (Ed watching her, annoyed) and then leave with Simba.

"Hey where ya guys goin'?" T asked them.

"Oh, we're just going out for a walk." Nala said, turning around to her.

"Be back in awhile." she finished as they both walked out.

Truth betold, Nala and Simba were actually going to try find a log far from the graveyard so Simba could at least try to eat something.

"We're up unusually early, Timon." Pumbaa said, partially wondering why.

"That's right Pumbaa! Because those little cream-filled bugs I like so much, come out at only this time 'a day!" Timon replied.

Little did they know, they were on the opposite side of a log Simba and Nala had found for Simba to eat something.

"Y'know you're never gonna be able to get anything anyway." Nala said.

"I can try." Simba said, and went over to the log. Pumbaa went to get a drink from the water hole as Timon was picking out blue, squishy bugs and putting them on a leaf he was using as a platter.

Nala was walking towards the water hole as well, failing to notice Timon as she walked past him.

Suddenly, he heard a noise very close to him.

"Huh?" he looked up to see the log moving towards him.

"Ahhhhhhh!" he screamed as it rolled over on top of him. Timon managed to claw his way out from under it, grunting the whole time, then dusted himself off.

Then he angrily turned around and jumped on top of the log to confront whoever did it.

"Say, what's the big idea rollin' logs on unsuspecting meerkats like me?" Timon said with his hands on his hips then pointing his thumb towards himself on the 'unsuspecting meerkats' part.

Then looked horrified to see Banzai's face looking at him, Timon's jaw dropped. He screamed and went running towards the water hole, knowing Pumbaa would protect him.

But as he was pushing the tall grass from out of the way, he ran into something and ended up falling on his back onto the dirt.

Turns out it was Nala's (originally Shenzi's) back right leg. Nala turned around to see Timon lying in the dirt.

He looked up, and his face looked terrified to see Shenzi looking down at him. Timon started to scream.

"AHHHHHH! Help! Pumbaa! Help!" he screamed.

"Hey hey wait, it's ok!" Nala said. But Timon continued to scream.


"Stop!" Nala said. Timon looked up to see Shenzi's body, surprised he wasn't eaten by now.

"We're not going to hurt you!" Nala said, not angry but trying to get through to Timon. Timon still looked frightened.

"Oh I know you're not." he replied, getting up, not taking his eyes off her, and pointing a finger at her.

"You're too busy focused on eating me!" he yelled up at her, still pointing. Then he cupped his hands over his mouth, and yelled towards the water hole.

"Pumbaa! Help me!"

He screamed when he saw Banzai's body run over to them. He screamed again as he tried to run away but was stopped when a paw smacked into him and he ended up slamming on his back against a rock.

He groaned before he fell into unconsiousness.

"There." Shenzi said, who was the one who delivered the blow.

"Man that was annoying!" Banzai said.

"What are you two doing here?" Simba and Nala asked them.

"What are you two doing here?" Shenzi and Banzai asked back.

"You tell us first, then we'll tell you." Simba said to them. Shenzi and Banzai looked annoyed.

"We came to see what was up after we heard somebody screamin' their head off from over here." Shenzi said.

"Who knew meerkats had that kinda lung compacity?" Banzai said to Shenzi.

"What's your story?" Shenzi said to them.

"We just came to get a drink." Nala said.

"Fine, but keep that creepy meerkat down. I don't care what ya gotta do, just keep him shut up!" Shenzi said, the 'shut up' part with a little attitude in it.

Then they both turned around and walked away. Nala walked over to Timon, who was beginning to come to.

He sat up, groaning and rubbing his head in pain.

"Hey. You ok?" Nala asked him. Timon let out a small yelp of fear, but then looked at (who he thought was) Shenzi, confused.

She smiled at little at him. Timon just stared at her for awhile.

"So uh, why haven't ya eaten me yet?" Timon said, standing up and dusting himself off.

"I wanna know if you're ok." Nala said.

"Are you?" she asked. Timon still looked a little confused. He looked over and saw (who he thought was) Banzai, hiding in the grass from Pumbaa, getting a drink from the water hole.

He looked up at her again.

"Yeah." he said, confused about why Shenzi was all of a sudden being worried about him.

"Good." Nala said. Timon looked uneasy.

"Uh, you're not taking me up on that offer about the other night are you? You know I wasn't serious right?

You know it was all just a way to stall you guys, right?" Timon said to her.

"What are you talking about?" Nala said.

"Oh come on, don't make me say it!" Timon said. Nala still looked confused. Timon sighed, covering his face with his right hand.

Then he took it off and looked up at her.

"The marriage proposal! The night everybody was fighting at Priderock, before I sent you and all the other hyenas falling in a tunnel, I tried to stall you with a marriage proposal!" Timon yelled.

Nala looked completely appalled. She never knew that Timon had asked Shenzi to marry him, let alone had the courage to send her falling through a tunnel.

But then laughed a bit, silently, as she thought of how Shenzi could've reacted at his question. No wonder Shenzi had called him creepy.

In fact, Nala was surprised Timon was still alive. Then she looked down at him and smiled.

"Look, we both know I'm not exactly your type." she said to him. Timon nodded.

"But I hope we can be friends." she finished. Timon looked shocked.

"Friends?!" he said, like he never heard it before in his life.

"Me, and you, friends?!" he was about to say more when suddenly, a snake struck out at him from out of nowhere.

"AHHHHHHH!" he screamed after he dodged the attack and saw the snake staring at him hungrily.

It was about to strike out a him again when suddenly Timon saw a paw smack the snake right across the grasslands.

Timon looked up to see Shenzi's body, inspecting her paw to see if she was bitten in the process, which she wasn't.

"You...you..." he said, pointing at her, looking shocked. He thought "Shenzi" had saved his life.

Shenzi, the hyena who said she'd use him as a toothpick if he ever humiliated her with something like a marriage proposal again.

Shenzi, the hyena who tried to chomp on him countless times with the help of her two friends.

Then it hit him. Banzai! He didn't even try to eat him!

Nala smiled at him. Then saw Simba running towards them.

"Uh, I've gotta go." she said as she ran off with him back to the graveyard, leaving a very confused Timon alone.

Then a few minutes later, Pumbaa walked up to him.

"Hey, Timon, whatcha doin'?" he said. Timon didn't answer.

"Timon?" Timon blinked and slowly looked up at Pumbaa.

"Whatcha doin'?" he asked again. Timon just got up on Pumbaa's back, taking Pumbaa's ears in his hands.

"Pumbaa, I'm startin' ta think that maybe even hyenas can change." Timon said, with a low tone, still looking where Nala and Simba ran off.

Pumbaa looked at him, puzzled.

"Timon," he said, Timon looked down at him.

"you're not going to ask that one to marry you again, are you?" Pumbaa asked. Timon laughed.

"Y'know Pumbaa, I think I'd like ta spend a night at Priderock tonight. Whaddya think?" Timon asked Pumbaa as they walked towards it.

Dusk was just now beginning to set in and the sky had turned an orangish-purple.

"I'd say that sounds like a good idea!" Pumbaa happily replied. He liked spending a night every now and then with their friend Simba.

Plus lions were always happy to have them there. But tonight, they wouldn't be as welcomed as they usually would be.

Timon and Pumbaa looked up to see two lionesses running up to them. They didn't run away because they recognized them from Simba's pride.

"You two," the first one said, whose name was Apio.

"do you plan on spending the night at Priderock?" she asked.

Timon and Pumbaa looked at each other, they were never asked that. Even as they were settling in along with all the lions when it was time to go to bed on past nights that spent there before.

"Yes." Timon said, a little confused. The lioness who had spoken gave a quick nod to the one who was beside her, who was her sister Adongo, and she nodded back.

Then Adongo ran to Priderock (up to Simba and Nala's cave), and then came running back and whispered something into her sister's ear.

"In that case," the Apio spoke up again, "you'll have to sleep at the very bottom of it."

"What?!" Timon and Pumbaa said in unision.

"Why?" Timon asked, hands on hips.

"Orders from the king and queen."Adongo said.

That same evening at Priderock...

"Just remember, I get the cave tonight." Shenzi said to Banzai, walking towards it.

"Whatever." he said. He was laying on the rock floor on his stomach, trying to block out its grumbling.

He was too focused on hunger to think about anything else until he saw two shapes running towards Priderock.

He raised his eyebrows when he recognized the figures and smirked, thinking Shenzi would freak out if she saw them.

"Hey Shenzi." Banzai turned around to her. Shenzi stopped walking and turned around to him.

"What?" she asked, annoyed.

"Ya in the mood for a little company?" Banzai asked, still smirking. Shenzi looked surprised.

"Banzai!" she yelled at him.

"Not me!" he said.

"Look over there." he said, turning and looking out to the plains.

Shenzi looked out towards the plains, still annoyed, then her eyes widened when she saw Timon and Pumbaa heading towards them.

She tried not to let Banzai see her reaction, but of course he did and smirked, satisfied with himself.

"Can't we just get those lionesses to chase 'em out or something?" Shenzi said.

"Hey, you heard the king, we can't lay a paw on 'em if we wanna keep this thing from getting' ta T.

'Least we don't gotta worry about Ed now that he knows about it." Banzai said, switching positions from his stomach to his back, forgetting all about hunger.

"You're the king now." Shenzi said to him, just pointing it out, no scheme intended.

"Physically yes." Banzai said.

"There's still some thangs I can do about it." Shenzi said quietly. Then walked over to a couple of lionesses who were lying down.

"You two!" she yelled at them. They jumped up at her voice, then struck a pose; sitting up straight, faces forward, all four paws on the ground.

"See what those two are doin'." she said, cocking her head towards the approaching meerkat and warthog.

The lionesses looked over and saw them, then quickly bowed their heads at Shenzi then ran off to the fields.

They figured "Nala" just wanted to know if Timon and Pumbaa were going to spend the night so she could make room for them.

Of course both lionesses were new at serving the king and queen (unknown to Shenzi and Banzai), the first one a little more sure of what she was doing but the other one showed more signs of being a rookie.

But both still knew this happened a little often so when they got to Timon and Pumbaa they got straight to the point.

Shenzi walked back up to Banzai, on his stomach again, and both watched as one of them talked to the meerkat and warthog, then nod at her sister.

The second lioness came running back to Shenzi and Banzai.

"Well?" Shenzi said to the lioness.

"They plan to spend the night here, my queen." Adongo replied, slightly bowing her head.

At hearing this Shenzi let out an annoyed sigh, she didn't exactly want them here (especially Timon).

Of course if she was in her original body she wouldn't mind if those two close by, in case she got hungry.

And she still wanted revenge on Timon for humiliating her, still disgusted by his very "indecent proposal".

She also knew that she'd be tempted to eat them the first chance she got, and the fact that she couldn't lay a paw on them didn't help.

And what about Banzai? Even if he couldn't eat food, he didn't mind torchuring it a little.

She'd seen him (back when they were both still hyenas) hit, slap around, and push into the ground to the point of breaking bones to his food sometimes before he ate it.

She'd even say something about him "not supposed to be playing with his food" one on occasion or another.

But bottom line, she didn't want Timon and Pumbaa around, period. Even if they did think she was Nala.

Shenzi looked at Banzai who just flashed her a quick smile, showing his teeth, then closed his eyes as he laid his head on his paws, looking away from her.

"Well...make 'em sleep somewhere as far away from this cave as possible." Shenzi said to Adongo.

"The bottom?" she asked her.

"I don't care, as long as they're away from me!" Shenzi yelled.

"Yes your majesty." Adongo said, bowing her head. Then quickly ran back to her sister.

That night...

The wind blew constantly around Priderock but few noticed it as they were either too deep in sleep, or too warm from their friends' body heat due to being in a group.

Outside Simba and Nala's cave, Banzai shivered as the wind continued to blow on him.

He tried to warm himself up by covering his head with his paws or rubbing his arms with his paws but it wasn't any use.

Finally, he decided to try to sleep in the same area with the only person he felt comfortable with here, hoping she'd allow it.

He got up and walked towards the cave's opening, then stopped at the entrance.

"Shenzi?" he said, then listened. No answer.

"Shenzi?" he said again. Still no answer.

"Shenzi?" he said, a little louder, stretching it a bit. Finally, he could hear moaning from inside the cave, and knew he succeeded in waking her up.

Despite his new eyes being terrible to use in the dark, he could make out a tired lioness opening her shiny blue eyes and then look up at him.

"What is it?" she asked, still tired.

"Uh Shenzi, it's kinda cold out here so, if you don't mind, could I-?" he was cut off by Shenzi, who's eyes widened at the last part.

"Oh-ho no!" she said, now fully awake.

"In case you haven't noticed, it's a little too close for comfort for the likes of us in here."

"I don't take up much room!" Banzai said.

"With that built-in shelter all around your head, I think you'll live 'till tomorrow." Shenzi said, and started to lie back down until Banzai talked to her again.

"Well you come out here and tell me if it's cold or not!" Banzai said. Shenzi let out an annoyed groan and got up, then walked out of the cave.

She walked out to Banzai and waited a minute then was about to walk back inside the cave until the wind blew on her, hard, all through her fur.

She shivered. Then looked up at Banzai, who was giving her a 'what'd I tell ya?' look, smirking.

She rolled her eyes and let him follow her into the cave.

"Scoot over, Banzai." Shenzi said.

"I did scoot over." he said, just pointing it out, not annoyed. Both former hyenas' backs were touching.

They kept switching positions until they both finally ended up lying on their stomachs.

Their sides were still touching, but they just let out annoyed sighs and tried to get some sleep.

The cave really wasn't cramped. To a couple like Simba and Nala, it was just right.

But to Shenzi and Banzai, who were only friends, it made their skull back at the graveyard look like a mansion.

Banzai opened an eye to look at Shenzi and saw her reflection in the shiny rock in Simba and Nala's cave.

He smiled a bit. He hated to admit it, but he thought she looked kind of cute when she was sleeping...or angry, or...anything else.

He liked the sight of his and her reflection beside one another, but would've liked it a whole lot better if it were actually real and they were in their own bodies again.

He just lied there with her, still slightly smiling.

Shenzi opened an eye and turned her head towards him to see him looking at her. Banzai quickly snapped out of it and turned his head around, hoping she didn't notice anything.

She raised her head up to look at him. Banzai tried to make an attempt to cover his tracks.

"G'night." he said, then closed his eyes tightly. Shenzi looked at him, puzzled, an eyebrow cocked at him.

She was sure she saw him smiling at her a second ago. But she just laid her head back onto her paws, closing her eyes, and returned the comment.

"Night." she said.

(A/N "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" Featuring Timon and Pumbaa!)

Crickets could be heard at the bottom of Priderock as Timon and Pumbaa tried to get some shut-eye.

Pumbaa was lying on his back in the grass. Timon was standing up. Both were fully awake.

"Oy, crickets are great for eating in the daytime, but for the nightime...Eh let's just say they're not exactly soothing ocean waves." Timon said, covering his ears.

"It's so unlike Simba and Nala to want us to sleep so far away from their cave." Pumbaa said, not worried about the crickets.

"I know!" Timon said, throwing his hands up in the air.

"It's like they don't even want us around anymore." he said, falling onto the grass on his back, arms crossed.

Suddenly, Pumbaa's eyes lit up, a firefly just happened to shine above his head when they did.

He looked at Timon, whose arms were crossed and was looking at the sky.

"Y'know what this place reminds me of?" Pumbaa said, sitting up.

"What?" Timon said, looking at Pumbaa. Pumbaa smiled.

"A wee mo way

A wee mo way

A wee mo way

A wee mo way"

Timon's face brightened up when he realized what Pumbaa was doing. Then he sat up and put his hand up to Pumbaa's mouth, not covering it though.

Pumbaa was confused until Timon pointed up to the top of Priderock. Then Pumbaa opened his mouth in a smile and nodded.

Then the two ran up to the top.

Timon ran up to the edge and cleared his throat, Pumbaa standing a few feet behind him.

(A/N Don't worry there's still more!)

Shenzi and Banzai were just beginning to relax and drift off until they heard a noise outside the cave.

They opened their sleepy eyes and raised their heads up off their paws. They could hear it not far from the cave.

"A wee mo way

A wee mo way

A wee mo way

A wee mo way,

A wee mo way

A wee mo way

A wee mo way

A wee mo way"--

"In the jungle,

The mightly jungle,

The lion sleeps tonight."

They could hear Pumbaa doing the back-up lyrics and Timon doing the lead singing.

They covered their ears with their arms, as they laid their heads back on the ground, annoyed.

"Aw man I hate this song!" Banzai said. Timon had started to sing a little louder.

"In the jungle,

The mighty jungle,

The lion sleeps tonight!"

"Not if 'e keeps hearin' that all night!" Banzai said.

The other lions could hear it as well. But didn't mind because it seemed to relax them.

At the graveyard, Ed, T, Simba, and Nala could hear it too. It didn't seem to bother Simba and Nala and they continued to sleep.

But T and Ed couldn't stand it at all! And tried their hardest to block it out. T buried her head as much as she could into Nala's (Shenzi's original) side.

And Ed covered his head with his arms. He hoped Shenzi and Banzai could put a stop to it before it drove all the hyenas in the graveyard insane.

Finally, Shenzi couldn't take it anymore and got up to go out. Banzai didn't hesistate to follow after her.

Timon and Pumbaa could barely see in the dark and made it up to the top of Priderock almost completely by memory.

While Timon and Pumbaa were still singing, Shenzi and Banzai grabbed Pumbaa and shoved him into a small opening in one of the walls at Priderock.

Timon, who was singing even louder now, failed to hear anything.

"I can't hear ya back there Pumbaa, back me up!

A weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-eeeeeee-eeeee-eeeeeee-eeeee-eeeeeee-eeee

O wum boo way!"

(A/N sounds like the same singing he did in the first movie when Pumbaa went after that bug and left him alone)

Timon quickly realized he didn't have a back-up voice behind him anymore.

"Pumbaa? Pumbaa?" Timon then started to call out to him as he walked away from the edge of Priderock, his hands cupped over his mouth.

"Pumbaa! Oh Pumbaa! Pum-ack!" He was cut off when two big paws grabbed him.

Then they threw him into a crack in one of Priderock's walls. Timon made panicky sounds as he tried to figure out where he was.

They sounded a little like;

"Huh?! Wha?! Ahh!"

"Timon?" came a voice from the dark.

"Ahh-!" Timon started to make a panicky noise until he recognized the voice.

"Pumbaa?" he said. He realized his guess was right.

"Pumbaa! Thank goodness! Didja see who jumped us?" he said, standing up on Pumbaa's stomach, due to the inside of the opening being so small.

"Uh no but, whoever it was, I'm guessing didn't like music." Pumbaa replied.

"Hmmmm." Timon said, rubbing his chin, looking at his feet.

It was a foggy morning at Priderock, and all the nocturnal animals were just starting to go to sleep.

Although it was daytime the sun had yet to peak over the horizon. It couldn't have been later than five o' clock a.m.

Back at Simba and Nala's cave, Shenzi and Banzai were sound asleep. And were surprisingly comfortable, despite last night's unwanted conciert.

Banzai tried to get a little more comfortable and curled up a little closer to Shenzi.

Shenzi didn't wake up but still looked annoyed in her sleep. Then she went back to her regular expression as she continued to sleep on.

Unknown to them, the lionesses were already beginning to wake up.

Sarabi was already wide awake and watched as the other lionesses yawned and stretched before coming out of their sleeping cave.

She walked over and looked down the edge of Priderock and was puzzled not to see Timon or Pumbaa sleeping at the bottom.

Then she heard a noise coming from a crack in one of the walls.

"Is that...snoring?" she thought to herself. Then she walked over to the crack and saw Timon and Pumbaa snoozing away.

Timon was lying on Pumbaa's stomach and Pumbaa was lying on his back on the rock floor below them.

Sarabi was puzzled as to why Timon and Pumbaa were there but just shrugged her shoulders and went back to the lionesses.

She walked up to one of them (not one of the rookie ones I mentioned in the previous chapter), who was licking her right paw.

"Inala." she said to the lioness. At hearing her name, she looked up at the queen, smiling.

"Yes my queen?" she asked Sarabi.

"Where is my son and my daughter-in-law?" Sarabi asked the lioness. Inala looked around at the pride, but didn't see them anywhere.

"Still asleep I'm guessing." Inala replied with a shrug of her shoulders. Sarabi was confused, she thought Simba and Nala had gotten used to waking up for their morning hunts.

"Do go wake them up then dear." Sarabi said kindly to the lioness.

"Yes your majesty." the lioness said with a bow and went up to Simba and Nala's cave.

Shenzi and Banzai were still sound asleep when the lioness came up to the entrance of their cave.

Then she walked over to them and gently nudged "Nala" with her right paw.

"Your highness." she said, trying to wake her up. Shenzi just moaned and switched positions from her stomach to her side, facing away from the lioness.

Seeing she had failed to wake her up, she went over to "Simba".

"Time to wake up." she said, nudging Banzai with her paw. Banzai moaned but didn't wake up. He turned his head away from the lioness.

Inala was puzzled and went down to tell the queen she couldn't wake them.

A little below Simba and Nala's cave, all the lionesses were looking at the crack Timon and Pumbaa were sleeping in.

Sarabi and a few other lionesses were just outside the opening, while the rest were crowded a few feet away from them.

Sarabi and one lioness started tugging Timon and Pumbaa out of the crack with their teeth.

Sarabi latched onto Timon while one lioness started pulling on Pumbaa. Finally, they managed to get them out with a "pop!".

Timon was hanging upside down by his tail, which was in Sarabi's mouth. And Pumbaa was hanging by the scruff on the back of his neck, which was in the other lioness' mouth.

Then Timon and Pumbaa woke up. Timon mumbled a bit, then rubbed his eye with one arm while he yawned and stretched his other arm.

He saw that he was looking at the ground and was puzzled. Then looked up at Sarabi, then panicked and screamed.

This woke Pumbaa up, and he saw that he too, was in a lioness' mouth. He screamed as well.

Sarabi and the lioness saw that they were scared and quickly put them down on the ground. Then they stopped screaming.

Timon rubbed his back and looked up at the lionesses. Who were looking at them with puzzled looks on their faces.

They were wondering why Timon and Pumbaa were sleeping in a crack in the wall.

"What?" Timon said.

"Bad hair day? Dirt in my fur? Drool on my cheek.?" Then they saw a lioness running to them.

"My queen, I'm sorry, I couldn't wake them." she said to Sarabi.

"Wake who?" Timon said, with an eyebrow cocked and his hands in his hips.

"The queen and king." the lioness replied.

"So, old king Cole and his marry old soul--mate need waking up huh?" Timon said, then laughed. Pumbaa laughed too.

"No time for jokes now Pumbaa." Timon said, quickly getting on Pumbaa's back and taking Pumbaa's ears in his hands.

"C'mon, we got a couple 'a sleep in's ta wake up!" he said, pointing to Simba and Nala's cave.

Pumbaa nodded and ran up to it.

Timon and Pumbaa looked in to see the two still sleeping away. Timon went over and jumped on Simba's back.

"Ok kingy, enough shut-eye, let's get goin'!" Timon said in "Simba's" face.

Banzai rolled over away from Shenzi, Timon screamed when he realized what was happening and ended up underneath him.

Pumbaa just went over to try to wake "Nala".

"Wakey wakey." he said, waving a paw in front of her face. Shenzi just groaned again and rolled onto her stomach.

Timon managed to claw his way from out under Banzai, grunting while he did, then stood up and dusted himself off.

Then he rubbed his chin, then his eyes light up and he snapped his fingers.

"Pumbaa, I've got an idea that'll wake these two up without fail!" he said. And Pumbaa followed him out of the cave.

A few minutes later...

Timon and Pumbaa looked in to see Shenzi and Banzai still asleep.

Timon gave Pumbaa a thumbs up, signaling him, and Pumbaa gave a thumbs up back.

Then they sped off and went up to a rock that was covering an opening near Simba and Nala's cave.

By this time the sun was already starting to come up, and was shining very brightly.

Timon gave Pumbaa another thumbs up, and they both started pushing the rock away from the opening.

Finally, they succeeded and ran away quickly, as to not block any of the sun's rays.

The beams quickly made their way through the opening and onto two completely unsuspecting and unprepared, "lions".

Shenzi and Banzai screamed and jumped up as soon as the light hit their faces. Timon and Pumbaa could hear them a few feet away.

Timon folded his arms and smirked, knowing his plan had worked. But Pumbaa looked worried, he hoped the two were ok.

Shenzi and Banzai stared walking around and shaking their heads, trying to get their sight back, their eyes were closed in pain.

"Great! Now I've gone blind all over again!" Shenzi said, shaking her head, looking angry.

"I don't think I'll ever see wilderbeast again!" Banzai said, shaking his head, looking worried.

Their eyes weren't permanently damaged, their pupils were still intact as were their retenas.

Finally, Shenzi and Banzai slowly opened their eyes and could see their surroundings slowly forming around them. They sighed and shook their heads again.

"Whoever did that is gonna be in a bodycast when I'm done with 'em!" Shenzi said angrily, walking out of the cave. Banzai followed her.

Timon and Pumbaa saw them walking out, Timon smirked again but Pumbaa was just relieved that they were ok.

Then the two former hyenas went down to the pride, who were waiting for them.

They failed to see Timon and Pumbaa, sneaking behind some bushes towards the back of the pride.

When Timon and Pumbaa got there they tried to look innocent. Timon whistling and rocking on his heels with his hands behind his back.

And Pumbaa also whistling, looking down and rubbing the dirt with his left front hoof.

"There you are. We've been waiting for you all morning." Sarabi said with a smile.

"Huh?" Shenzi and Banzai said in unision.

"Sarabi we've lost a lot of daylight, if we don't hurry fast enough we won't get to the herds." one lioness said.

"What?" Shenzi and Banzai said. Sarabi looked at them.

"You don't know?" she asked them, puzzled. Shenzi and Banzai looked at each other.

"We...forgot?" they said. Sarabi looked at them up and down.

"It's time for the morning hunt." Sarabi said.

"Morning wha?" Shenzi and Banzai said, now looking confused.

"Since the weekend's over, you two have to come with us to the fields so we can hunt down one of the morning herds." on lioness said.

"Y'know, ta get food for the pride. You two help get food for us, we help get food for you." she finished.

Shenzi and Banzai were quiet for awhile, then they saw Sarabi looking at them confusedly, and Timon and Pumbaa looking at them worriedly.

They tried to look inconspicuous.

"Oh, that morning hunt!" they said in unision, smiling worriedly. The pride looked relieved and started walking off.

Sarabi walked off too, but not before looking back at the royal couple with suspicion. Shenzi and Banzai reluctantly followed them.

Timon and Pumbaa watched them leave.

"How come they get ta stay behind?" Banzai whispered to Shenzi, looking back at Timon and Pumbaa.

"Queeny and kingy never mentioned this when we got switched." Shenzi said.

"Yeah, and they never mentioned getting' blinded either!" Banzai said. They lingered on at the very back of the pride.

"I'm gonna kill Simba/Nala." they thought to themselves.

(A/N Shenzi was thinking the part about Nala and Banzai was thinking the part about Simba, I just did that to save space. But more importantly: Don't worry, they don't mean that in literal terms.

It's like when somebody does something ta really tick you off, and you say "I'm gonna kill (insert name (s) here)" So in case you did get a little worried there, sorry!)

Back at the elephant graveyard, Simba and Nala were starting to wake up. They could see Ed and T snoozing away.

Nala put her head under T's body and gently let her down to the ground, like the last time she did, as the former lion queen got up.

"Well now what? Thanks to those morning hunts every weekday, we're used to getting up at five in the morning." Nala said.

"Shenzi and Banzai were just lucky they trespassed on a weekend." Simba said. Then both looked shocked as they remembered something.

"The morning hunts!" they said looking at each other, then ran out of the skull.

T and Ed raised their heads up to see what made all the noise, but they were still tired (thanks to a conciert by a certain meerkat and warthog), and couldn't see anything, so they just laid their heads back down and went back to sleep.

Meanwhile, the pride was quietly creeping up to a wilderbeast herd. Shenzi and Banzai were falling behind because they were both still tired.

From what Simba and Nala said, they expected their food to be handed to them every time they wanted it.

Simba and Nala never said anything about morning hunts, and that made Shenzi and Banzai angry.

They wondered what else the royal couple hadn't told them about.

Suddenly, the pride stopped and crouched low behind some bushes. Shenzi and Banzai were relieved that they finally stopped and rested their heads on a rock.

The rock was about as tall as a lion's shoulder height so Shenzi and Banzai would look like they were still in on the hunt instead of falling back to sleep, which was what they were really doing.

Simba and Nala were coming over a grassy hill. They knew they shouldn't be in the Pridelands but they needed to get to Shenzi and Banzai and explain themselves before they were too late; which they were.

They looked up and saw a young wildebeest grazing a few feet away from them. It looked up and saw them.

Then it let out a cry of fear as it ran towards its mother. When the mother saw them she too let out a cry and started running away which panicked the rest of the herd and they all started running too.

The lions were all confused when they heard quick hoofs running across the plain, getting louder and louder.  The noise woke up Shenzi and Banzai with a start. Then everybody, including them, looked above the bushes to see an ENORMOUS herd of wildebeests rushing towards them.

Shenzi and Banzai's eyes widened and everybody, including them, yelled in terror as they turned around and ran for their lives as the herd came closer. Shenzi was running beside Banzai who was started to fall back due to lack of food. She knew she had to do something before they both got trampled.

Then she saw a rock ledge just a few feet ahead of them, it would keep them safely elevated from the wildebeests until the stampede had subsided.

She nudged Banzai with her head and he looked at her, then Shenzi cocked her head towards the ledge. Banzai looked up and saw it too, he understood and nodded, then they both ran as fast as they could to the ledge. Shenzi climbed onto it with ease but had to help Banzai up, due to him still being a little weaker from lack of food.

Then they both watched as the herd ran, a total sea of wildebeests galloping below them. It was like every one second twenty wildebeests had already ran by. Until finally, they all disappeared around a turn. Shenzi and Banzai looked to their left to see if anything else was coming.

When they knew it was over they climbed down off the ledge, panting.

"Ya ok?" Banzai said to Shenzi.

"Yeah, I'm good." she replied. Then they heard a twig snapping and looked over to see Simba and Nala walking where the wildebeests had stampeded.

Simba and Nala didn't realize Shenzi and Banzai were looking at them a few feet away; they didn't see them.

At first, the hyenas looked surprised, but then growled when they remembered them not mentioning anything about waking up at five in the morning to hunt, and when they realized why the herd must've stampeded.

Simba and Nala quickly raised their heads up to see Shenzi and Banzai looking at them angrily. Both lions looked nervous but then tried to shake the two off.

"So ya see, that's why hyenas shouldn't go into the Pridelands." Nala said, nervously laughing. But Shenzi and Banzai didn't look happy at all.

The two began walking closer to Simba and Nala, who started backing up.

"I guess it's too late to mention the part about the morning hunts is it?" Simba said.

"Sorry, I guess we forgot about it, what with the switch and everything." Nala said.

"Five a.m. in the morning, FIVE DAYS IN A ROW!!" Shenzi yelled.

"HOW CAN YA FORGET ABOUT THAT?!" She and Banzai yelled at them in unision.

"We're just so used to it." Nala said. Suddenly, she and Simba quickly cocked their heads to look behind Shenzi and Banzai.

"USED TO GETTING UP AT FIVE-" Shenzi started

"A.M.?!" Shenzi and Banzai said in unision. Simba and Nala didn't reply. Shenzi and Banzai saw they weren't listening.

"Hey we're talkin' here!" Banzai said, snapping his fingers in front of them. But Simba and Nala still didn't respond, in fact, they weren't even looking at them. Shenzi and Banzai looked at each other then looked to see what Simba and Nala were staring at.

Their eyes widened when they saw the entire pride right behind them. All the lionesses were staring angrily at the two hyenas they saw.

Need to know info:

The law about killing hyenas if they entered the pridelands did change thanks to Shenzi, but there were some circumstances she relunctantly agreed with while changing it (A/N the underlined part is the changed law, the not underlined parts are some of the circumstances):

Hyenas still couldn't come into the pridelands but if they did, instead of being killed, they'd be chased out.

Also the lions couldn't injure the hyenas unless the hyenas struck out first.

Finally, if the lions did strike out in self-defense, they couldn't inflict a fatal wound.

Any violators of this law would be punished by imprisonment for one day per hyena they killed.

So says Queen Shenzi.

(Except she wrote Queen Nala but you get the idea)

Well the pride certainly did consider causing a stampede as striking out first, and charged after Simba and Nala.  Both former lions fled as the pride sped after them, past Shenzi and Banzai, who struggled to keep their footing as the pride shot past. Then once they both regained their balance they looked up and watched in horror as they saw their bodies running from the pride.

They knew their bodies wouldn't be killed, but they didn't want them to be injured either! Especially anything permanent! And Simba's pride looked pretty vicious. Shenzi and Banzai raced after them.

Finally, both managed to catch up to the front where Sarabi was. Banzai had forgot all about hunger by now and was running just as fast as Shenzi. They could see Simba and Nala a few feet ahead, and the pride was gaining. Shenzi looked worried and looked around trying to come up with an idea of what to do. Then her face lit up, just the idea she needed! She whispered it in Banzai's ear.

"Think it'll work?" he asked.

"Dunno, but if it keeps our bodies from getting' torn ta shreds, I say it's worth a shot." Shenzi replied. Then she got a little closer to Simba's mother.

"Hey, Sarabi!" she yelled, trying to get her to stop. Sarabi looked over at her.

"Tell the pride ta hit the breaks! I-I mean stop!" Shenzi quickly said. Sarabi looked at her, confused, then turned around to face the lionesses and roared. They all stopped, as did Simba and Nala to see what was happening. Sarabi looked at "Nala".

"Me and him'll handle these two, the rest of ya get back ta the herds!" Shenzi shouted at the pride. They all looked puzzled, then looked at Sarabi. Sarabi nodded her head, and they all left, leaving Shenzi and Banzai. As soon as all the lions had left, both former hyenas turned around to the two former lions.

"Are you tryin' ta get us killed?" Shenzi said to them.

"I thought the law changed." Nala said, slightly mocking her.

"Yeah well by the looks of your pride they all got short-term memories!" Shenzi said.

"Well as long as we're all here, I came to say Rafiki wants another meeting tonight." Simba said.

"He says it'll be the last one so dont' worry." he finished, turning around to walk away.

"Hold on a sec.!" Shenzi and Banzai said in unision.

"What?" Simba and Nala asked them in unision.

"How long has it been since we switched?" Banzai said to Shenzi. Shenzi started to say something but then realized she didn't know either.

"Hmm." she said, rubbing her chin. How long had it been since they switched? They all thought for a minute, then it came to them;

"Four days!" they all said in unision.

"We've wasted four entire days and now there's only three left to get our bodies back!" Simba said.

Shenzi and Banzai were panicking just like Simba and Nala were until they realized something.

"Hey wait a minute." they said in unision. Simba and Nala looked at them.

"Your pride said we only went on crazy five a.m. hunts on weekdays. Well Monday and Tuesday just went straight on by." Shenzi said.

"Yeah, and we didn't go on no hunts neither!" Banzai said.

"That's because they don't go hunting if something comes up. Take Monday for instance, you two were busy changing the law, so that's why you didn't go on that day. And on Tuesday, Timon and Pumbaa came over for the night, and that's why you didn't go on that day either." Nala said.

"Nothing came up today, so that's why you went." she finished.

"Not to mention we all switched on Saturday and were all busy getting used to our new homes on Sunday." Simba said. Shenzi and Banzai, still mad but somewhat satisfied with what Simba and Nala had told them, turned around to leave. Then they stopped short.

"Uh, one last question." Shenzi started, turning her head around towards them, as did Banzai. Simba and Nala turned around to her.

"Anything else ya need ta warn us about?" Shenzi asked them. Nala thought for a minute, then her face looked surprised as she remembered something.

"Oh wait a minute, today's Wednesday." Nala said to Simba.

"Oh right." Simba said, looking like he just realized something.

"Didn't we just cover that?" Shenzi and Banzai said in unision again.

"Well, I wouldn't worry about today if I were you two. The only thing you need to worry about for today is the local hearing." Simba said.

"What's, the local hearing?" Shenzi and Banzai asked.

"And that's why I think the gazelle herds should be allowed the same privileges as the antelope ones." a lead gazelle said to the couple.

"Thank you." he said bowing quickly, then walked out. Shenzi and Banzai laid on a rock in a cave, bored more than they've ever been in their lives.

"Man, if boredom was food I could eat, I'd be swimmin' in wildebeest entrees right now!" Banzai said when the gazelle left. Simba and Nala had said the local hearing was when some of the animals from the public came to either complain or suggest about ideas or laws.

They said it was once every week, usually on Wednesdays, lasted for four hours, starting at noon, and lasted all through the day and it took up most of the afternoon. And it was held in a cave especially used for it, about medium sized.

"Look at this place! It's sure a whole lot more roomier than kingy and queeny's own cave." Shenzi said.

"Yeah, why can't we share this one?" Banzai said. Shenzi gave him a look.

"What?" he said. Shenzi just rolled her eyes at the ceiling, annoyed, and looked at a hole in the cave wall. Simba and Nala had said the local hearing was over at early evening, when the sun completely filled in the hole.

"Then again who'd be dumb enough ta look at the sun?" Shenzi thought to herself. "Besides Ed."

"They warned us about this thang bein' boring but this is what should be against the law!" Shenzi said.

"What you said girlfriend." Banzai said. They looked to see a lioness walking in.

"How many more 'a these guys do we gotta take?" Shenzi said, rubbing her head, which was starting to hurt.

"There's a line outside, I'm not exactly sure how many there are but there's only a half hour left so it shouldn't take long." the lioness said and walked out. Shenzi and Banzai looked at each other then went out to see how long the line was.

Their jaws dropped when they saw it reached from a few feet away from the cave, to a few feet from the horizon.

(A/N just a signal, when you see this sign, --switch--, it means it switched between animals. Also, I'll try to make it obvious as to what animals are talking to them. And every time you see the word 'next', that's Shenzi and Banzai talking. Ok, cool now? Good! Back to the story)

A few minutes later..

(Shenzi and Banzai are seen getting jumped off the floor every time this animal stomps)

"I think the hippos should get the large waterhole and give that medium one we used to bathe in to the rhinos. It's just (stomps) not (stomps) big enough!" (stomps, then stomps hardest of all and Shenzi and Banzai are sent through the cave roof)

(Muffled through the cave roof) "Next."


(Shenzi and Banzai are seen squashed against the wall due to this animal's large size)

"Yeah, I think we elephants should be able to go wherever we please, and sit wherever we want to too, yeah.

(A/N the elephant that is talking is actually the one from the episode "Zazu's Day Off", Jumbo Jumbo I think is his name. Anyway it's that elephant)

(Barely able to breath) "Next."


(Shenzi and Banzai are seen looking up while this animal is talking)

"I think the zebras should stay on their own side of the Serengetti so us giraffes aren't made fun of anymore! Excuse us if we can't help how long our necks are!"

"Next." Shenzi and Banzai, still looking up with bored expressions on their faces while they say it.

The giraffe walks out but as Shenzi and Banzai look back down, a sickening crack comes from their necks.

Shenzi and Banzai look like they're both in extreme pain.

Half an hour later...

"Wow, you two got a lot less serious whiplash from the giraffes than last week." one lioness said as she was rubbing a gel made from plants on the back of their necks.

"Oh that's just great." Shenzi said sarcastically as the lioness finished with her.

"Lower, lower, lower, a little ta the left." Banzai said as the lioness was rubbing his neck.

"Oh yeah, right there." he said, sighing in relief, as she got to the most painful spot. Shenzi frowned and slapped the back of Banzai's neck.

"OUCH!" he yelled. The lioness looked at Shenzi, puzzled. Then Shenzi remembered she was supposed to be Nala.

"Oh uh, I thought I saw a flea on his neck." Shenzi said. The lioness looked at Banzai's neck closely.

"I don't see anything." she said.

"Hm, musta got 'em." Shenzi said.

"I'll say ya did." Banzai said through clenched teeth, fighting back tears.

That night, as all the lions were sleeping, Shenzi and Banzai snuck out to meet Simba and Nala. They found them sitting by the waterhole, looking at their reflections.

"Enjoyin' the view?" Shenzi said as she and Banzai walked over to them. Simba and Nala didn't say anything until they saw four barely noticeable imprints on the back of Simba's original neck. Shenzi hadn't really cut Banzai when she slapped him, her claws just trimmed his fur down a bit.

"What happened to me?" Simba said demandingly. Shenzi and Banzai noticed he was looking at the back of his neck.

"Oh that?" Shenzi said, "I just gave 'im a playful slap on the back, and 'e took it like a pup."

"First of all, the heck it was playful! Second of all, it wasn't my back it was the back 'a my neck! And third of all it was just a neck rub! She did yours too 'cause we both got whiplash!" Banzai said.

"The giraffes again?" Simba and Nala said in unision. Then they both looked at each other.

"Well let's go, this might be important." Simba said. All four started walking around the water hole. Banzai started walking beside Shenzi.

"Just so ya know, I prefer the kinda girls that don't try ta kill the real me." Banzai said.

"In that case, I think it'd be wise if you stayed away from me." Shenzi said.

"What could possibly make a couple like you two continue to argue so much?" Nala said.

"I know. Two mates like them always fighting over nothing." Simba said. Simba and Nala's words stopped Shenzi and Banzai dead in their tracks.They turned around sharply at them both.

"Wha'd you just call us?!" They demanded in unision, getting right in Simba and Nala's faces.The royal couple looked at each other, confused. Then just answered plainly.

"Mates." they said in unision.

"What the heck gave ya that idea?!" Shenzi and Banzai said in unision again.

"What you mean you aren't?"Nala said.

"NO!" Shenzi and Banzai answered back.

"Oh. Well, I just thought that maybe you were since I always saw you both together." Nala said.

"Maybe that's because friends like ta hang out sometimes!" Shenzi said.

"Ok. Well, it was only a thought that you were." Nala said.

"Well we're not. So drop it." Shenzi said. Simba and Nala looked at each other, then just walked off ahead.

"Hmph, can you believe them? Callin' us mates." Shenzi said, sitting up.

"Yeah, weird." Banzai said, laughing nervously. He looked at her a minute.

"Shenz', were you jealous of that lion girl?" he asked her.

"What? No!" Shenzi firmly answered.

"I was just used ta bein' the one who usually took care 'a thangs back there. Y'know, I was the one who always plucked the thorns out and the stickers, and those sticky little seeds ya hate so much. And I really did see a flea on the back 'a your neck." Shenzi said, looking away at the last part, but not looking less convincing. But Banzai wasn't falling for it.

"Right." he said sarcastically, smirking and walking away. After a few seconds Shenzi looked in his direction and saw that he was ahead.

"Hey, wait up!" she yelled as she ran after him.

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