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As with "The Mark of the Beast," Rev. Chambers holds firm to the literal word of the Bible regardless of how unusual his ideas may seem to others. As with all his writings, he feels that one must take the entire Bible literally, not just those parts of it that are convenient. This is simply beyond the comprehension of most religious people today.

Walt Disney's "Lion King:"

Homosexuality and Voodooism


Joseph R. Chambers, D.D.

Children have become the prime target of deception and demonism in preparation for the New Age religion and the one world rule of Lucifer. Anyone who doubts that there is a conspiracy to brainwash the next generation and prepare them to receive the coming delusion are either deceived themselves, blind to spiritual realities or a part of the deception. Almost every toy, television series, comic books or items targeted for lhe young generation is steeped In occultic practices and psychic phenomenon.

Parents, grandparents or guardians must learn that the world syslem is under the conlrol of the I Angel of Light, Lucifer, and draws a sharp line between darkness and light. There is no natural zone any longer. In the past, especially here in America, almost every institution that affected our society had principles to live by and to control their methods and philosophy. Traditions were steeped in Judeo Christian ideals and no business was likely to succeed that was adverse to these principles. This is no longer true. Presently, there is an overt effort throughout our society, not only to disregard those great traditions but to supplant them with liberal and humanistic ideas. Liberalism and humanism always end up in bondage to vile habits and the spirits of witchcraft. The rise of homosexuality and lesbianism is directly tied to these trends and always follows liberal, humanistic policies that disregards genuine spirituality. Mankind cannot live and maintain balance in a Godless vacuum. To reject true Biblical concepts is to eventually replace them with strange religious ideas.

Tbe Lion King

This new "Disney" phenomenon is another slick production of "raw idolatry" dressed up in the garb of entertainment for children. Apparently, they (Disney) believe it's okay to producc cntertainment for children that glorifies a baboon shaman and his witchdoctor methods and to promote thc worship of a sungod. A true picture of Christianity would surely be out of their interest. All of the idolatry of this production is so neatly concealed in dramatic imagery that it blinds all but the most careful observer. To show Christianity in a favorable light would be giving preferential treatment to the churches of Jesus Christ, but to show idolatry favorably is considered acceptable.

The entire script of "The Lion King" is a carefully orchestrated picture of a pagan society with animals as the actors. Everything from the king and his heir down to the witchdoctor is acted out in the panorama of idolatry and pagan bondages. The struggle between good and bad IS a classic occultic picture of black and white magic. Even the relationship of the king and his evil brother draws attention to the pagan suggestion thatJesusand Satan were brothers. Satan has historically obscured much of his activity as white magic. Witches will often disavow any belief in Satan and deny thcy arc less than a legitimatc church. It's the ultimate lie.

The script opens with the animals coming from far and wide to a place called "Pride Rock" wherc the Lion King was to present the new prince to the citizens of his kingdom. They gather as a multitude and wait. An "ancient" baboon (note this description) comes forward and proceeds to ascend to the throne room for the great ceremony. He is called "the great mystic" and bears the name Rafiki. Every description of this baboon is religious or occultic: he is called "ancient", a Biblical description of our true God; he is called "the great mystic" and bears a name similar to an Eastern guru.

The Baboon appears to be the religious confidant of the King and they embrace before the throng of worshippers. The witchdoctor Rafiki takes the cub from his mother and the ceremony begins. First, he takes a gourd and breaks it to remove a substance to anoint the Prince, then he sprinkles cosmic dust and raises the cub while he ascends to the top of Pride Rock. The worship begins when he raises the prince to a sungod and the crowd cheers and bows to worship. Thc followlng is their description of Ihe event. "'There he is,' one of them shoutred. Rafiki's holding the new prince!' "At once everyonc cheered and stampcd thcir feet. 'Welcome!' they shouted. 'Welcome to Prince Simba!'

"Rafiki waited for the dust to settle. Then he raised Simba high in the air. The clouds parted, and a shaft of sunlight broke through, shining down on the future king. The animals fell silent and bowed. "Rafiki slowly lowered his arms and took Simba back out of sight." (Disney's The Lion King, Disney Press, 114 Fifth Avenue, New York, New York, p. 6.)

It's impossible to call this event anything but idolatrous. God's people are commanded "to worship the Lord thy God and Him only." They are even commanded to make no images to their God and not to use His namc in jest or in vain. To allow our children to glory in or be entertained by such a pagan ceremony is an abomination. An archaeologist of Cambridge University said the following about the sun-god whom he identified as Lucifcr. "The great deity who made the universe and ordered the lives of men was female. She was Diana who, to the Greek world, was known as Artemis. Diana was at first invisible, but she created light in the form of a male consort, Lucifer. He was represented by the sun, the greatest light known to men. Diana, as queen of heaven and darkness was represented by the greatest object in the night sky, the moon." (T. C. Lethbridge, W@tches, First Edition [Citadel Press, New York, 1968], pp. 13-14.)

The Earth And Creature Worshippers

The theme of the occultist is always connected closely to the earth and the animal kingdom. Wild eyed ecologists love any idea that glorifies the earth, offers complete protection for every creature from the bug to the whale. They have a strange affinity with the creeping creatures and beasts of the earth. This story is a clever glorification of this idea. Here is a conversation the king has with his young prince. The prince asks the following question and the king answers.

"'Do you thing I'll be a good king, Dad?' Simba asked. "Mufasa grew serious and looked into his son's eyes. 'YoU will be a good king if you remember this: Everything you see exists together in a delicate balance. As king you need to understand and preserve that balance. You must respect all creatures-from the crawling ant to the leaping antelope.' "'But we eat the antelope!' said Simba. "'Yes, we do,' said Mufasa. 'Let me explain. When we die, our bodies become the grass. Then the antelope eats the grass. And so we are all connected in the grcal Circle of Life.'" (Ibid., p. 10.)

According to the Lncyclopedia Britannica, "Reincarnation in religion and philosophy, (is the) rebirth of thc soul in one or more successive existences, which may be human, animal, or, in somc instances, vegetable... In Hinduism the process of birth and rebirth-I.e., transmigration of souls-is endless until one achieves moksa or salvalion, by realizing thc Iruth @hal liberates-i.e., that the individual soul (Atman) and the absolute soul (Brahman) are one. Thus, one can escape from the wheel of birth and rebirth (samsara)." (Encyclopedia Britannica, Vol. 9, 1990, p. 1009.) This goes beyond the interdependency in the animal kingdom in which animals die and decay, thus providing nutrients for the growth of plant life. Providing nutrients for the fertilization of plant life and becoming plant life are two totally different processes.


In this same conversation about the earth and other animals or creatures the idea of Reincarnation is (Contin-ued fram page 10) suggested. The circle of life" is a clever reincarnation term and is the name of one of the songs sung in "The Lion King" movie. As you read the verses, note the phrases "on the endless round" and "'til we find our place on the path unwinding in the circle of life . In the above quote from Ihe Encyclopedia Britannica they called it "the wheel of birth". In An Encyclopedia Of Occultism under "Reincarnation" they tell us that "the great proccss of reinicarnation draws to an end, and the pilgrims enter the Path which leads to perfection." (An Encvclopedia Of Occultism, by Lewis Spence, Carol Publlshlng Company, 1993, p. 336.) You must understand that life is not "endless", but ends at the time of our death: not when we "find our place on a wheel, a circle, an endless round, or a path. Here are the words of the song, "Circle Of Life":

"From the day we arrive on the planet and blinking step into the sun there's more to see than can ever be seen, more to do than can ever be done. There s far too much to take in here, more to find than can ever be found. But the sun rolling high through the sapphire sky keeps great and small on the endless round.

"It's the circle of life and it moves us all through despair and hope, through faith and love til we find our place on the path unwinding in the circle, the circle of life."

Reincarnation is a major part of the new paradigm thinking being promoted by "New Agers." The world view of traditional religion is individualistic and protective. While everyone is created with equal rights, everyone does not deserve our respect and unjudged acceptance. The theme song is sung by an avowed bisexual Elton John, which fits the whole idea of global equality regardless of lifestyle and beliefs. Here are some very revealng quotes made by Elton John himself

"...I'd rather fall in love with a woman eventually because I think a woman probably lasts much longer than a man. But I really don't know. I've never talked like this before. Ha ha. But I'm not going to turn off tbe tape. I haven't met anyone I would like to settle down with - of either sex." "There's nothing with going to bed with someone of your own sex," Elton said. "I think everyone's bisexual to a certain degree." "I just think people should be very free with sex - they should draw the line at goats. " (Elton John, The Biography; Harmony Books, NY: 1991, by Philip Norman, p. 332)


One of the important lessons the imaginary king teaches the young prince is to trust in the stars. As they return from the rescue of Simba, the young cub, the father promises the son that he and the past kings will always be available by communication with the stars. The conversation was as follows. 'Dad,' said Simba, trotting alongsidc the king. 'We'll always be togetber, right?' Mufasa stopped. 'Simba, let me lell you somclhing my father told me. Look at the stars.' Simba gazed upward. 'The great kings of the past look down on us from those stars,' said his father. 'Really?' asked Simba. 'Yes,' said Mufasa. 'So whenever you feel alone, just remember that they'll always be there to guide you-and so will I.' Simba nodded. 'I'11 remember.' (Ibid p. 27)

After the king was killed and the prince had grown up, the baboon witchdoctor received a revelation that the time had come. He is then enabled by psychic powers to find the young prince where he has fled and teaches him more of the astrology lies. An incredible lesson of psychic powers are then displayed as the witchdoctor causes the dead king to appear. First, the prince sees his father's image in a pool of water and then in the sky. His voice and presence is said to fill the air. These are the words the young son heard from his father by ESP (not named, of course).

'You have forgoten who you are,' said the voice of Mufasa.'And so, you have forgotten me.''Oh, no Dad,' insisted Simba. He felt a sob rising in his throat. 'I'd never forget you . Mufasa's voice grew gentle. 'Look inside yourself, Simba. You are more than what you have been. You must take your place in the Circle of Life.' 'But Dad, l've made a place for myself here.' explained Simba. 'I'm not who I used to be. How can I go back?' 'Remember who you are,' said his father. 'You are my son and the one true king.' Mufasa's voice started to fade . 'Remember who you are. . . ''Dad!' pleaded Simba. 'Please don't go! Don't leave me!''Remember . . . remember. . . ,' repeated the voice as it faded away. ' Dad?' Simba called faintly. Simba searched the huge starry sky, but Mufasa was gone." (Ibid., p. 53.)

If someone wants to believe in astrology, that's their business, but to subtly teach it to children is another matter. Parents should be highly offended when their parental rights are violated in this fashion.


One of the clearest warnings in the Holy Bible is concerning "communication with the dead" (necromancy). Bible students will remember the judgment and destruction that King Saul experienced after visiting the witch of Endor. The God of Pure Religion will not fail to judge any person that tries to communicate with the dead. To begin with this is only the clever trick of demons who feign the voice of the expected person.

In the end the entire opening ceremony is repeated. The young prince is now the king and a new prince is anointed by the witchdoctor. The story has a fascinating power. It is a perfect vehicle for teaching the occult and psychic powers promoted by Satan. For the children and youth that become fascinated by this strange tale they will learn a little more of the ways of the demons and false gods.

False gods and idols have no power to do good or to do evil. They are helpless. But to those who learn the ways of evil and seek to follow and practice these designs, even in games and play, there is poison in the pot. Some children will be affectcd only marginally, others will be lightly affectcd, but some will be captivated and destroyed. Already a large company of our next generation has been destroyed.

Some have killed or been killed while toying witb Dungeons and Dragons. Others have murdered tbeir own parents because of involvement in witchcraft and the occult. The list of destruction is terrible.

Every organization or person that promotes witchcraft and satanic ideas has responsibility. It's time that the entertainment industry took some responsibility for their promotion of these strange false religions of paganism. Parents must awake themselves. The foundation of the home is truth, honesty and faith in God. There is no solution for our problems, from drug addiction to homicide, until we rebuild the foundation on which the lives of our youth rest.

"If the foundation be destroyed, what can the righteous do?" Nothing!