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About me

Well, where do i begin?

My real name is Steve, and I live in England.. and i am a Christian!

yeah the land where summer is always rain. I play the piano and have done ever since I was 5. I don't really like too much pressure or confrontation in life, so i tend to just play the piano for leisure and not really for too many exams. Although i have taken some. I am going through College at the moment, so I haven't got a lot of time on my hands but i try to spread my TLK 'life' with my 'public' life. If you see what I mean.

Back to TLK...

I have a main character called Imani, which I think means "Faith" and "Believer" in Swahilli.

Imani is a Tiger... Why did you pick a Tiger, i hear you ask..Well, ever since I was small, I have been in awe of the power and majesty of a Tiger... such powerful animal that deserves so much respect.So I thought that I could take my adoration into a Fursona situation.

I have tried to create other animals Characters in the past, but they have always ended up being a Tiger or something to do with a tiger in the end. I dunno, anything else just doesn't *sit* right inside..

I am a great TLK fan, I fell in love with The Lion King the first time I watched it. And recently, I have been to see it on IMAX and on Broadway. I don't quite know how to explain what TLK has done for me, but it has inspired me to be more create a Fursona, and challenge my drawing abilities at the same time. And through doing that, I have met many friendly and great people. Well, I am a great TLK fan, but TLK has inspired me to be more of a furry...Anyway, I do love TLK art and i check through as often as i can. I would say that I am a TLK Fan, more than a furry though...

I live close to another furry, Shoka...he and I see each other almost every day, and he was the one that brought me to be a furry. He showed me the Furry forum, and I instantly fell in love with the whole idea of being a furry. So, as I got used to this new 'world' I searched around for more places I could meet and interact with people, and I found the other forums I go to, too, which have been forums that has given me the most sense of family and community spirit. I love the places.

I have spoken to Azi Wolf on the phone, and I plan to meet up with him and Shumba as soon as I can. I would love to go to a Furry Con or a Furry Meeting, but I would have to wait a while until I can drive there, otherwise I don't think I could go yet.


I have been curious about drawing and animals ever since I was really small. I draw purely for pleasure, and if anyone asks me to do a drawing for them, then I try to do it the best I can. I like to think that I am improving with drawing, but I love to see other people's drawings. They give me inspiration, and so then I will go and draw for a few more hours.

I don't know how I learnt to draw animals, I guess because I love everything that is wild I sat down one day and started to doodle. I never used to show anyone what I drew, but since I became a furry I have learnt to share more things with people and the comments I have gotten from people have helped me to get better but I always want to get better I don't know why I seem to be my harshest critic though, and I have been told that a lot. I tend to use Pencils, I think it's because I can draw more accurately with pencils.

I like to shade too...but once I have scanned in a pencil picture I like, I tend to use Adobe Photoshop 7 to colour it in. I haven't tried with any other programs because of the age-old philosophy - "If it ain't broke, don't try to fix it!". I would like to use other techniques like pencil crayons and watercolours but I just haven't gotten round to it yet. Expect tonnes more drawings from me in the next couple of months, cos now I am away from school I have lots more time to draw. I don't know how I learned to draw realistically, but it isn't my main style. Nowadays I try to draw more simplified Tigers and Lions, or whatever...but I like to mix that with more realistic features too. So I wouldn't say it was my main style, but I do like to experiment with drawing techniques.

I will be adding more to this, but that's all I can think of right now...

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