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Well, as you may know, I go to several forums, to post and chat. I also RP(Roleplay). I would be glad to RP with you. But to do these things, I have made up several Characters. All of which you will find about below...
I will explain the various details of the characters below...

My Characters are:

  • Imani
  • Jet
  • Sikunu
  • Shinzu
  • Tortion
  • Haze
  • Imani

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    Look into my eyes
    You see a soul, full of life..
    Come and be a part of it...

    Imani is a Tiger. He's a HE, contradictory to popular belief (Joke there). He's my first character and he's the character I use most, really. If you are going to some of the boards as written in my About me page, then you will be most likely to see me as XxImanixX.

    Imani has Blue eyes and a very strong build to him. He has a calm attitude to life, generally.. but he can snap sometimes although he is generally a happy person. He has the normal Tiger stripes, but with a deep red shade running through the centre of the stripe, and a 'Prong' shape with the same design as the general stripes, to his nose (an example of this is in Here..)

    Imani is generally playful, but is serious when he needs to be. He has never had to back down from a fight yet, due to his build and he always goes everywhere believing that he can, and will conquer anything that may come his way.

    I created Imani because I love Tigers, and I Always have. I chose the name 'Imani' because it means "Believe" and "Faith", and I think that having those elements behind a name, helps to remind me that my Belief and my Faith is important in my life.


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    Custom Title:
    Carving silhouettes across plains...
    Lands come and go...
    Will you?

    Jet was a more recent creation of mine. He is a cub of Imani's, and an adventurous one at that! Jet is an adolescent ,half Wolf and half Tiger, which means that he has a strong sense of family. So, if one of his family, or friends are in trouble, he won't stop at anything until they are safe again.

    He also has stronger, and more sensitive nose and ears than a normal Tiger, or Wolf which is advantageous, of course, and has deep red eyes and is just over medium build. He is VERY playful, almost to a point of not knowing when to stop sometimes. But he is very caring and would never do anything to hurt his friends or family.

    I named Jet 'Jet' because I thought it sounded quite good, put primarily because I wanted to exaggerate the speed element to this character. I have done numerous RP's with Shoka, (A great friend of mine), and within those RP's you really do get the impression that Jet is a lightning fast runner.

    As with most of my characters, Jet is very close to my heart, and reminds me that my friends and family are there for me... even though I may be over protective of them sometimes.


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    Custom Title:
    My eyes tear through your soul
    Watching you day and night
    Come save me...

    Sikunu is another one of my recent creations. And, yet again he is a cub of Imani's. Sikunu is a very shy character. He is an adolescent and, like Jet, half wolf and half Tiger. He is a very good character and is always concerned about his friends and family, even more so than Jet or Imani. He is a very friendly character and starts to get more adventurous with close friends.

    He is black, has red eyes, with light grey fur stripes, with a hint of red in his grey stripes. He is medium build, but he would almost always back out from a fight, unless it relied on the safety of his friends and family.

    I named this character Sikunu, because it sounds quite nice. But I also think that there is a meaning behind it. However i can't find it at the moment, but i will try to get it as soon as i can.

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