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Below is a list of all of the updates that I have done to the site since the 'overhaul'...

18/01/2004 -- I added images to the faces of the Characters, and checked over the rest of the site.

23/01/2004 -- I added an image to the face of the Jet, added custom titles under the pictures and checked over the rest of the site.

13/02/2004 -- I changed the addresses of the images of the characters, and added Status Bar messages to the links.

15/02/2004 -- I generally modded the site, making sure everything was in order. I also added a new diary page, to set 2003 and 2004 apart.

15/02/2004 -- I added the description for a new character of mine, Haze.

27/02/2004 -- I added the picture for, Haze.

16/04/2001 -- I added the "Feel free to roam the page..." text on the status bar of all pages. | NB: This only works with Internet Explorer.

17/04/2001 -- I added a new Re-worked banner, and added a status message and Alt message when you hover over it.

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