On the eve of the release of Disney's Brother Bear to home video roving Animated News reporter Christian Ziebarth has scored an exclusive interview with the moose brothers, Rutt and Tuke. Follow the 'More' link for the complete interview and a few screen grabs from the movie.

CMZ: It's a pleasure to meet you two. Thank you for agreeing to the interview.

Rutt and Tuke: Thank you for agreeing to interview us, modern-age North American human guy. You don't hunt moose, do you?

CMZ: No, I'm not a hunter. At least not the kind Denahi was. Were you surprised when you were offered the opportunity to provide the commentary for the Brother Bear DVD?

Rutt: Oh, yeah. We were surprised about that because usually it's the director or one of the lead actors or the set designer or the foley artist who provides the commentary but not the comic relief.

Tuke: But we jumped at the opportunity when they told us there'd be free popcorn and pizza.

CMZ: I noticed that this DVD has an unusual feature in that viewers can listen to the commentary with the images of you two turned off or turned on.

Tuke: Yes, but the smart people will obviously choose to see us. That way it makes it like Mystery Science Theater 3000 or The Lion King 1½ or Beavis and Butthead.

CMZ: While listening to your commentary I got the impression that Tuke is loaded with all sorts of film knowledge. In fact, he actually sounds like a film teacher.

Tuke: I am a film teacher. I hold a class in the woods every other Thursday evening.

Rutt: And very few animals show up for it.

Tuke: Trample off, eh? It might not be many but my students are going to be very important in the prehistoric North American film industry.

CMZ: I noticed there's a little girl in the film who looks an awful lot like Lilo from Lilo and Stitch.

Rutt: Yes, that actually is Lilo, but they had to make her look less like a Hawaiian and more like an Eskimo.

Tuke: You're supposed to say "Inuit." Eskimo's not a PC term anymore.

Rutt: What does "PC" mean?

Tuke: I don't know. I think it means "Pathetically Canadian," but I know you're not supposed to be saying stuff that's not PC.

Rutt: Well, how am I supposed to know if something I say is PC or not?

Tuke: I don't know, but if you say something that's not PC then you get all these activist groups after you.

Rutt: Well, I don't want any activist groups after me.

CMZ: I take it Lilo had to leave Stitch in Hawaii when she went to film her part for Brother Bear?

Rutt: No, she brought Stitch with her and he even messed up one of the scenes while we were shooting. I think they put it in the outtakes on the DVD.

CMZ: Have either of you two appeared in other movies?

Tuke: We both appeared as humans in Strange Brew and Rutt starred in Honey, I Shrunk the Calves about a bumbling moose scientist who accidentally shrinks the lower part of his legs.

Rutt: No, you hoofer. I didn't shrink the lower part of my legs. I shrunk my calves. Calves are what little moose children are called.

Tuke: I know that, you knob. Apparently you didn't appreciate my little word play there.

CMZ: Last question. How does it feel to be the latest comedy duo in the Disney pantheon?

Rutt: It's a beauty, eh?

Tuke: The only downside is that now people call us the Timon and Pumbaa of Brother Bear but as sure as the Northern Lights shine brightly in the night sky so also will the day come when people will think of Timon and Pumbaa as the Rutt and Tuke of The Lion King.

bb1 (56k image)
Hot off the success of her self-titled movie, Lilo humbly accepts a smaller role in Brother Bear

bb7 (56k image)
Ranger Smith's ancestor wasn't around to keep Yogi's ancestor from stealing the pic-a-nic basket.

bb3 (68k image)
Obscure Fact: The show was originally going to be called Brother Butterfly

bb4 (58k image)
"Oh we march from here to there . . . "

bb5 (101k image)
Tuke: "This reminds me of The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock."

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