Everything you never wanted to know about Kovu (and didn't want to ask)

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You have managed to stumble into the chamber which contains the (not so) volumous information regarding the presiding member of this chapel, Kovu (aka Jason Ahrens.) Whether you came here on accident, on purpose, because someone threatened you with bodily harm, bribed you with a large sum of money, or you just had too much to drink, I will try to keep this portion as painless as possible.

Ahem... Currently 23 years old, I was born in Ottawa, Ontario Canada back onFebruary 8th, 1975... Oh, wait, I said I'd try to keep this interesting didn't I... Ok, well, let's try this one then...

Well.. There's really not much to my life that makes it overly interesting. I'm 23 years old, go to Algonquin College for Computer Engineering, and I'm gay. For those of you who are open minded to accept this, you are among the enlightened. To those of you who do have a problem with that last one... To them I have only one thing to say...



Seriously though... For those who have a problem with this, you have no business being here...

Now then... With the plesantries out of the way, down to business.

Most of my interests lie with computers... Hence the reason for my choice to go into computer science. However I do have several other interests outside of this field. A list of many things that interest me are:

    * The Lion King
    * Role Playing Games
    * Fantasy
    * Furries
    * Science Fiction
    * Mucking
    * Spending time with friends
Looking downhill
Unfortunatly, busy work and college schedules sometimes make the last one very difficult.


My Mosh and me

My Mosh and me!

Athough from the above, it's very easy to read in that I have no friends, this jsut isn't the case. I have many really good friends, some of them even in RL! You can check out the homepages of those who have them if you like...


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