FCoS: Corpus Mufasa Chapel

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Well met weary web surfer...

and welcome to the Corpus Mufasa Chapel of the First Church of Simba. I am St. Ahrens, also known as Kovu, the presiding member of this institution. Just what kind of institution this is, the local authorities have not yet decided... but please, come in. Warm youself from the heat thrown off by the various computers within, and allow yourself to be guided by the ghostly glow of the many monitors. As you make your way through these hallowed halls, please do not disturb the apparently homeless people scatered about... They are the one's who comuned a little too much at comunion.

Please, feel tree to make yourself at home and look around as much as you like.

Enter into the chapel
Yeah! Sing it kid. The first portion of our tour of the chapel covers various things about it's presiding member... me! So mozzey on in if you like and have a look about. Some would say this is an interesting section, but I assure you these vicious rumours are greatly over exaggerated.

Remember who you are... The next chamber contains one of the pseudo-sacred texts of FCoS (and the TLK comunityin general) entitled The Effect of The Lion King. It was written by me and details the effects that The Lion King had on me.
Rainbow triangle On a more serious note, FCoS does not fear the unknown and so is not afraid of people who lead alternative lifestyles. Check this room to debunk various myths and general information.
Mufasa's Ghost The following chamber contains the teachings of Mufasa... As presented by Mufasa's Quote of the Day. Alternatively, there is another archive kept at Ken Leung's page. I hope you feel inspired by these words of wisdom.
ALL RIGHT! This chamber contains the copious number of links we use here at the chapel, and there are many of them. If numbers approaching infinity intimidate you, then do not enter here...
FCoS And finally, this tunnel leads you to the First Church of Simba's very first establishment. We appologize, but the light at the end of the tunel has been turned off until further notice because of funding cuts.

In case you are wondering, this page has been visited Spaz Counter times.
We appologize, but our counter seems to be having problems... Our best theologians are dealing with the issue...

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