Leaders of the Pride: A Lion King Story (Part Fourteen)

Something's not right in the Pridelands. It appears that Scar has completely turned over to the side of evil. Scar's soul is begin filled with hate, greed, and a quest for revenge. And it appears he will do absolutely anything it takes to get what he wants...

Simba, inside Pride Rock, is thinking about the events that occurred, and how his mistake, the misconception of bravery, could have costed him his life. But for some reason, fate spared him. It's as if a lending paw reached out to him from the unknown. Simba, by all rights, should have been dead, but he isn't. Simba looks up with glistening eyes to hear heavy pawsteps on the promontory. "Dad?" Simba calls out. "No. It's me." Simba smiles. "Uncle Shisy!" Shisazen enters the den with a smile. "So, what did your father talk to you about last night?" Simba looked around aimlessly. "Well, he was really angry that I went into the Elephant Graveyards..." Shisazen interrupted. "And so he should be. You knew you weren't supposed to go out there...but knowing you, you'd fight any way to sastisfy your instincts...I knew you'd go out there." Simba awed. "You did? How? I said nothing!" Shisazen lausghed a little bit. "Your mother did, too. We knew, because...believe it or not, we were cubs once ourselves...getting into mischief." Simba dropped an ear. "Oh...cuz you're more experienced, huh?" Shisazen nodded. "You know, Simba, if you wanted to know what was out there, you could have asked me. I've been out there a few times. I could have told you everything." Simba was slightly confused. "But...you can't go out there, either, right?" Shisazen sat down next to Simba. "Simba, I'm the Pridelands Ambassador, I serve this kingdom under your father, Mufasa. But unlike your father, I'm allowed to leave the Pridelands." Simba looked up to Shisazen. "But...it's dangerous out there. Dad says I can only be brave when I have to be." Shisazen sighs. "I see far more than just the Elephant Graveyards or the Outlands. I've been to a nice area called 'The Living Lands.'" Simba smiled openly. "Wow. What's out there, Shisy?" Shisazen lied down next to Simba. "One day, Simba, I will take you to see these lands. It's across a vast desert, but there, is where I was born, and my daughter's cousin, Saria, was born there, too." Simba sat up. "What's out there, Shisy? Tell me!" Shisazen beamed. "It was a great place. Large trees, crystal clear waters, blue skies..." Simba interrupted for a moment. 'What do you mean...was?" Shisazen lost his smile. "It was ravaged by hyenas. I met Shenzi, Banzai and Ed there for the first time. But by now, I would think the Living Lands repaired themselves. To live is to be strong, life will always prevail." Simba may have misunderstood. "Shisy, Dad said all of us will die someday...we just never know when." Shisazen sighed again. "That is...also true. But the Circle of Life is called a circle for one very important reason. A circle is a symbol of eternity, so if one creature dies, another creature lives on taking it's place." Simba stood up. "So, when Dad goes, I'll take his place. But if you're serving alongside my Dad...what'll happen when he's gone?" Shisazen looked down at Simba, put a paw on his cheek and smiled. "I'll serve alongside you. My mentor Hakimu, your friend's great-grandfather, served alongside King Mohatu when he was young." Simba was shocked. "King...Mohatu?" Shisazen replied. "Your great-great-grandfather." Simba looked outside and walked toward the exit. "Wow. There's always more to being king...than just getting my way all the time, huh?" Shisazen nodded. "Go on now. I'm going to find your father."

In the deep caverns of the Elephant graveyards, we see Shenzi, Banzai and Ed arguing. Banzai is in pain and distress after the ferocious attack from Mufasa. "Man, that lousy Mufasa! I won't be able to sit for a week!" Banzai's rear is full of scratch marks. Ed begins to laugh at his brother's pain. Banzai is humiliated. "It's not funny, Ed." Ed tries to shut his yap...but bursts into harder laughter. Banzai is disgruntled. "Hey, shut up!" Ed simply CANNOT stop laughing. Banzai is fed up with his brother and tackles him. Shenzi notices the commotion and shouts. "Will you knock it off!" Banzai stops, and Ed, foolishly chews on his leg...he thinks he's winning. Banzai complains. "Well, he started it!" Shenzi is embarassed. "Look at you guys. No wonder we're dangling at the bottom of the food chain." With a trickle of drool, Banzai responds queerly. "Man, I hate dangling." Shenzi has a belief. "Shyeah? You know, if it weren't for those lions, we'd be runnin' the joint." Banzai agrees. "Yeah. Man, I hate lions." "So pushy." "And hairy." "And stinky." "And man, are they..." Shenzi and Banzai push their back together and reply simultaneously. "UuuugLEY!" There is echoing laughter. Scar, on his perch, insists. "Oh, surely we lions are not all THAT bad." "Ohh," Relieved from the surprise, "Oh, Scar, it's just you." Banzai, a moron. Then Shenzi has a witty but tacky response. "We were afraid it was somebody important." Banzai smiles. "Yeah, you know, like Mufasa." Shenzi agrees. "Yeah." Scar is dullified. "I see." Banzai shows impression. "Now that's power." Shenzi agrees once more. "Tell me about it. I just hear that name and I shudder." "Mufasa." "Ooooh. ... Do it again." "Mufasa." "Ooooh!" "Mufasa. Mufasa! Mufasa!" Ed falls back in laughter and Shenzi is just being a plain fool. "...Oooh! It tingles me." Scar rolls his eyes. "I'm surrounded by idiots." Banzai had no idea he was insulted. "Not you, Scar; I mean, you're one of us. I mean, you're our pal." Sarcastic Scar... "Charmed." Shenzi showed impression. "Ohh, I like that. He's not king, but he's still so proper." "Yeah. Hey, hey. Did ya bring us anything to eat, Scar, old buddy, old pal? Huh? Did-ya-did-ya-did-ya?" Scar pulled out the Zebra Haunch he had stolen fron Malaika's kill. It was a day old, but the hyenas didn't care. "I don't think you really deserve this. I practically gift-wrapped those cubs for you. And you couldn't even dispose of them." Shenzi spoke with her mouth full. "Well, ya know. It wasn't exactly like they was alone, Scar." Banzai agreed, swallowing hard in the middle of his statement. "Yeah. What are we supposed to do-- *gulp* kill Mufasa?" Scar smerks evily. "Precisely."

Back in the Pridelands, the evening skies have a lavendar-burgundy look to them, very pleasing, and calming. Slight winds pick up around the savannah, and the humidity begins to slowly rise. Mufasa walks along the soft grass, and bumps into Nala, who was sleeping. "Oof!" Mufasa looks down quickly. "Nala! I'm sorry, I didn't see you there! You okay?" Nala looked up. "I'm okay. What're you doing, Mufasa?" Mufasa looked around. "I'm thinking to myself." Nala queries. "About what?" Mufasa sighed. "So many things to do...and Simba...I have these...fears..." Nala is confused. "What kind of fears?" Mufasa sighed and sat down. "It's like nothing I've felt before..." Shisazen steps into the scene with Sarafina. Shisazen steps to Mufasa. "Muffy...I can sense something in you...it's pretty intense. Do you want to talk about it?" Nala looked at her father. "Sense...? how?" Sarafina bent down to Nala. "Your father, many years ago, was given certain Shaman abilities from my grandfather, Hakimu. Rafiki is currently training him to use those powers." Nala cocked her head. "Powers?" Shisazen looked to his daughter. "It's very complex, honey. Some day I will tell you, but you are too young to understand." Shisazen turns his attention to Mufasa. "Muffy, what do you feel? It's a strong sensation, isn't it?" Sarafina and Nala looked at the once brave Mufasa, trembling in his own fear. "It's about Simba..." Nala shouted. "Simba? What's wrong?" Shisazen shook his head. "No, Mufasa...I feel something much more...Saffy. Take Nala back to Pride Rock. This could be serious. I'm taking Mufasa to see Rafiki." Sarafina responded. "Is it the Koh'suul?" Shisazen shook his head. "No...but it could be something just as dangerous. I must be sure. C'mon Muffy." Shisazen placed a paw on Mufasa's back. Shisazen and Mufasa head to Rafiki's sacred acacia tree. Sarafina and Nala look worried. "Mommy, what's wrong with Mufasa? I've never seen him like this." Sarafina quivered. "Neither have I dear." Nala saw down into the grassy areas. "How does my Dad know? What's this power?" Sarafina responded. "It's very complex. Within the generations of Pridelands Ambassadors, each one posessed an ancient Shaman power. It was passed down to him when he was a cub, just before Mufasa's mantlement. His powers are part telepathic, but these abilities haven't been fully unlocked. They protect him as well as give him knowledge. And he knows something is wrong with Mufasa. What it is...I don't know. Be brave, Nala. It could be bad." Nala began to cry. "I hope Mufasa will be okay..."

At the Acacia tree, Shisazen taps on the side of the tree. "Rafiki, are you here? We need your help." Rafiki drops down from the upper main branch of the tree. "Mufasa...you don't loook too well. Come here. Let ol' Rafiki help you." Mufasa sighed heavily. "It's a strong emotion, and I can't explain it." Shisazen whispers to Rafiki. "My wife asked if it was the Koh'suul, I said no, but I actually wasn't sure. Could you see?" Rafiki jumped at Mufasa, and grabbed his face, looked deep into his eyes. He then pulled a few loose hairs from Mufasa's mane and placed then in the scrying bowl. He broke a fruit in half, and squeezed the juices from it. He then filled the bowl with water. "Hmm..." Rafiki swirled the water around, and made a circle from the fruit juices and Mufasa's mane fur. The circle was broken immediately. To be sure...he did it again, made a circle with his finger, and sat the bowl on the ground, not disturbing it. The circle broke yet again. "This is not good...Shisazen...come with me." Shisazen follows Rafiki to the top of the tree. Mufasa waits below, and he lies down. Rafiki speaks up. "It is a break in the circle of life, Shisy. There is nothing I can do about it. I don't know what it means just yet, but what I do know is that it will affect Mufasa greatly. We must remain close together and draw from each other's strength...hope for the best. That is all I can do." Shisazen began to frown. "So it isn't the Koh'suul...Is that all you can do?" Rafiki frowned. He then leaped back down to the bottom of the tree next to where Mufasa lied. He took his staff and shook it above Mufasa's head. "Kum sala aman shi ahn Aiheu. Deh'shi kuman tafa sen pukah." Mufasa looked up. "What did you just say?" Rafiki turned away. "Ancient language. That is all you need to know." Shisazen frowned as he looked toward his best friend suffer. Shisazen knew it was bad...he wanted to help. "Rafiki, isn't there something I can do?" Rafiki patted Shisazen on the back. "Be there for him." Mufasa got up. Shisazen helped Mufasa along. "Thanks, Rafiki." He turns his attention to Mufasa. "We're going home, Muffy. We'll get some sleep. Tomorrow. We will show Simba the special place." Mufasa tried to smile above his pain. They walked along slowly back to Pride Rock.

Pride Rock, everyone was sleeping...everyone except Simba. Simba's energy wasn't keeping him awake this time...rather...it was his concern. Sarabi notices Simba looking out of Pride Rock. "Simba, come to bed. Your father will be home soon." Simba ignored his mother. He continued to sit. For the next ten minutes, Simba would stare blankly at the starry skies...tears slowly rolling down his face. Nala comes up next to him. "I thought you were asleep, Simba." Nala whispered. "Shhh. I couldn't really sleep either. I hope you're Dad'll be okay" Simba cried. "Me, too." Nala gave a small cubby lick to Simba's face, cleaning away the tears. She smiled, and headed back to the den. Simba didn't turn his head. A couple minutes later, Simba notices his father and Shisazen coming back slowly. Mufasa is the first to walk up on the promontory. Simba looks up to his Dad. "Dad, are you okay? What's going on?" Mufasa hid his feelings. "Nothing. Go to bed son." Shisazen pushed Mufasa. "You go to bed, Muffy. I'll talk to Simba." Mufasa walked into the den. There he finds his loving wife. He lies down next to her, and gives her a warm lick on the head. "I love you Sarabi." Sarabi turned around. " I love you, too, Mufasa." Shisazen is next to Simba on the Promontory. "You know, Simba. Your father and I have a surprise for you tomorrow. First thing in the morning, we'll take you out back behind Pride Rock." Simba tilted his head. "Oh, the Summit. I've already been there." Shisazen shook his head. "No, not this place, Simba. This is far more special. It will link you with all of the great kings of the past. It's just for you." Simba smiled. "Can Nala, come?"" Shisazen thought for a second, and looked at Simba. "Sure." Simba smiled. "Is it better than the Elephant Graveyards?" Shisazen laughs. "The Elephant Graveyards could not compare to this place. It's the part of Pride Rock where time means nothing, and a beauty to behold so enchanting, it will mezmorize you. And only the Kings, Amabassadors, and their mates may go here. It's a secret place." Simba is awed. "When will we see it?" Shisazen smiled. "I told you, tomorrow morning. Better get to bed." Simba was beaming pounced aaway nearly hit Talani. "Hey, watch it!" Simba blushed. "Sorry." Shisazen shook his head, and walked into the den. He found his wife and his daughter sleeping together. Shisazen lied down next to them, and fell asleep.

Scar was right on the summit. "So...a special place...this I will have to see." Zazu flew in on the summit to break Scar's devlish speech to himself. "You're not allowed there, Scar, and you know it!" Scar grinned. "Then how come YOU know about it, featherbrain?" Zazu chuckled discontently. "I...uh...overheard the conversation that's all." Scar laughed. "Eavesdropper." Zazu stiffened up. "Well, you're no better!" Scar clawed the rock. "Whatever. I'm going down to the gorge with Simba tomorrow, Mufasa...uh...has plans for him." Zazu lifted a brow. "It's too early for Simba's mantlement. What could he possibly give Simba there?" Scar smiled evily. "Oh, you'll see." Zazu didn't trust Scar. Scar headed down the Summit and onto the edge of the Promontory. Scar lied down and went to sleep. Zazu ruffled his feathers, the wind was cold. "Huh..surprise my foot. I should tell Shisazen this the next morning. It sounds suspicious. Scar thinks he so great...so...so...magnificent...and he's just a petty thug. A moron! Yeah...what does he know! After all, he's only the king's...err...brother...*sigh* What am I doing...talking to myself...I just don't get it...I..." There was an interruption. A cheetah in the background hollered. "WILL YOU SHUT UP YOU ANNOYING BIRD!?" Zazu gulped. Zazu flew down to a tree and slept in a nest he made for himself. The cheetah looked down. "Man, how does Mufasa put up with that bird anyway?" A leopard walks behind the cheetah. "So what're you doing, Emmi?" The cheetah, now known as Emmi, scratched the ground. "Thinking of how I'm gonna get my next kill. What're you doing, Kataki?" Kataki the leopard was thinking of the same thing. His stomach rumbled. "Hungry. I need another hunt...I'm all out of energy. Do you think Scar could help us?" Emmi had no idea. "Trust that weirdo? I say we have better chances of getting Shisazen to help us."

The next day...

Shisazen jumps. "This is the fourth time you've asked me to help you hunt. Didn't your parents tell you how to hunt, Kataki?" Kataki shook his head. "They kinda...left me. Emmi and I have been doing each other's hunting." Shisazen looked at the two big cats. "A cheetah and a leopard. Well capable of getting their own food and they depend on us lions...sheesh. Request denied. There's plenty of wildebeest out there." Emmi screamed. "But I can't hunt down a wildebeest!" Kataki laughed. "Sorry, Shisy, she's such a moron." Shisazen furrowed a brw. Kataki giggled and then coughed. "Uh...heh...yeah...so, how do you plan to get a wildebeest, Emmi?" Emmi grunted. "Hmph. Whatever. If you want a wildebeest, go ahead and get one, I'm staying here." Shisazen laughed. "If you don't hunt, you get nothing." Emmi drooped her head. "I'm coming, Kataki, wait up for me." Shisazen shouted out. "If you use teamwork, you'll be more successful!" Mufasa came out of Pride Rock and let out a loud yawn. Shisazen turned his head. "Ahh, Mufasa. Good morning. Did you sleep well?" Mufasa was groggy. "Not really. Did that leopard and cheetah bother you again." Shisazen smiled. "Yeah, but I think I've got it taken care of. They're off trying to hunt wildebeest...waitaminute...what the..." Kataki dragged back a carcus..."It's mine, I caught it!" Emmi shoved Kataki. "But I ran it down for you!" Shisazen yelled out. "So, teamwork...worked, didn't it?" Kataki and Emmi stared at Shisazen. Shisazen called out again. "You'd better drag that kill to somewhere safe, someone..." Mufasa appeared from behind and ripped off a piece of the carcus. "Thank you." Emmi and Kataki hollered out simultaneously. "HEY!" Shisazen laughed. "Heh, that wasn't very nice, Mufasa." Mufasa, with the kill in his mouth, responded. "Got them to stop arguing, didn't it?" Shisazen looked at Kataki and Emmi, as they stared at Mufasa with part of their kill. Shisazen shouted out. "Are you gonna eat that kill or let the vultures get to it?" Emmi and Kataki stared at each other, then decided to devour the kill as quickly as possible. Shisazen padded over to Mufasa. "So, are wwe taking Simba to see the secret place?" Mufasa nodded as he ate. "I'll go get him then."

Simba and Nala stood next to each other as they witness the entrance to the secret place. Shisazen and Mufasa invite them in. "WOW!" Simba and Nala shout out. A river flows, glowing blue, bright green moss on the wall, and a mantle, sacred life lives here, and Simba sees it for the first time. Nala was allowed, due to the fact that she was to become Simba's mate when they became older. "Welcome, Simba and Nala." Shisazen smiles. Mufasa responds. "This place is for your eyes only. Noone else is to come here. This is our special place. Generations of Lion King and Pridelands Ambassadors visited this place, and have made it a second home." Shisazen replied. "Think of it as a place to treasure." Simba jumps over the river. Nala jumps over as well. "Dad, this is great! I love it! Thank you!" Mufasa smiled, and then sighed. Shisazen spoke to Mufasa as Simba and nala play in the special place. "It was a little different for us, Muffy. We went through a ceremony. Simba and Nala get to play." Mufasa paused. "They're cubs, Shisy." Shisazen turned his head to see his daughter. "So were we." Simba bounced into the river and splashed. "WOAH! THIS WATER IS COLD! LEMME OUT LEMME OUT!" Nala giggled. Mufasa picked up Simba by his scruff and pulled him out. "Son, you must be careful." Nala paws the wall. "This moss is really soft. Feels fuzzy." Simba sniffed it, then pawed it as well. "Yeah...cool!" Sarabi and Sarafina appeared in the entrace. "Mufasa, Scar wanted to know if Simba could go with him to the gorge. He says he has a surprise for him." Shisazen tilted his head. "I wonder why Taka aims to spoil Simba so." Sarafina replied. "It should be okay, it's the dry season. Simba will dry off pretty quickly in the gorge. There's no water there." Mufasa nods. "I suppose it's okay. I'll go find Zazu. We'll do a tour of the Pridelands. Shisy, taka Nala back to Pride Rock." Shisazen looks to his daughter. "Did you have fun, Nala?" Nala smiled. "Sure did!" Everyone exits the secret place...it was the last time it would be seen...for a very long time.

Out in the Pridelands Gorge, Scar unfolds his devious plan. Clouds roll slowly across the sky, as if they were telling a story. Simba sits on a rock next to a small tree as Scar tells Simba of his surprise. "Now you wait here. Your father has a marvelous surprise for you." Simba was thinking to himself. "Two in a day? This is terrific!" He had to ask. "Oooh. What is it?" Scar smiled. "If I told you, it wouldn't be a surprise, now would it?" Simba figures he can squeeze water from a rock. "If you tell me, I'll still act surprised." Scar laughs. "Ho ho ho. You are such a naughty boy." Simba tries again. "Come on, Uncle Scar." Scar shakes his head. "No-no-no-no-no-no-no. This is just for you and your daddy. You know, a sort of... father-son... thing." Through Simba's expression, we see that he resents Scar's dismissive attitude, but soon shrugs it off. He is expecting something even more. Scar begins to head off. "Well! I'd better go get him." Simba insists. "I'll go with you." Scar snaps "No!" He then lowers his tone. "Heh heh heh. No. Just stay on this rock. You wouldn't want to end up in another mess like you did with the hyenas..." Simba was shocked. "You know about that?" Scar rolls his head. "Simba, everybody knows about that." Simba, meek and embarassed. "Really?" Scar nods. "Oh, yes. Lucky Daddy was there to save you, eh?" Clearly enjoying himself; he puts a paw on Simba's shoulder. "Oh... and just between us, you might want to work on that little roar of yours. Hmm?" Scar starts to pull away. Simba slouches. "Oh... Okay..." Scar pats Simba roughly on the head, then moves off. Simba bounces up again. "Hey, Uncle Scar, will I like the surprise?" Turning back over his shoulder, he responds. "Simba, it's to DIE for." Up on top of the gorge, the 3 hyenas we've come to love to hate, waits for Scar. Banzai's stomach growls. Shenzi gets mad. "Shut up." banzai was feeling upset. "I can't help it. I'm so hungry..." He jumps and perks his ears. "I gotta have a wildebeest!" Shenzi gets in his face. "Stay put." Banzai works his way around Shenzi. "Well... Can't I just pick off one of the little sick ones?" Shenzi shouts. "No! We wait for the signal from Scar." Scar then appears over a rock cliff. "There he is...let's go." Back on the gorge, Simba was disgruntled with himself by his own puny roar. "Little roar. Puh!" He then spots a chameleon, and growls. "Rarrr!" The chameleon has no reaction to this first attempt. Simba then jumps down and tries again. "Rrrraowr-h!" The chameleon still did not flinch. For the third attempt, Simba moves closer again and inhales deeply. "RAOWR!" A loud echo...a rumble. The chameleon skitters off screen. Simba's roar echoes around the canyon. Shot of Simba lifting his ears to relish the echo. The echo is soon eclipsed, however, by a low rumble. Simba looks down and sees pebbles jumping. We see a herd of wildebeest coming over the lip of the canyon. Simba is terrified, then Simba takes off in front of the herd. The hyena trio bites at the legs to force the Wildebeest into a raging stampede. A couple hundred feet from the gorge, Zazu notices the Wildebeest, and notifies Mufasa. "Oh look, sire; the herd is on the move." Mufasa sees a peculiarity. The herd has no reason to form a stampede. "Odd..." Scar runs up, out of breath "Mufasa. Quick. Stampede. In the gorge. Simba's down there!" Mufasa dropped his face. "Simba?!" In the gorge, Simba is running and climbs up a dead tree. Zazu flies ahead of Mufasa and Scar, down into the canyon. He spots Simba.

At Pride Rock, Shisazen notices a rumble in the ground. "Honey, did you hear that?" Sarafina responded. "Um...a little. What is it?" Shisazen hops up. "I'm going to go see." Shisazen trots off, but on the way, Shisazen runs into Emmi and Kataki. "Guys, what's going on?" Kataki looks up. "We're practicing to hunt like you asked us to." Shisazen turns his head. "So that was the rumble?" Emmi shook her head. "No, it wasn't us." Shisazen darts off. Emmi shouts. "Hey, wait!"

Back at the gorge. Simba is clinging precariously to a tree. "Zazu! Help me!!" Zazu flies in and gives a path of confidence. "Your father is on the way! Hold on!" Simba begins to lose his grip. "Hurry!" Mufasa and Scar are on the lower ledges of the gorge. Zazu flies back to Mufasa and points out where Simba is. "There! There! On that tree!" Mufasa shouts. "Hold on, Simba!"

Back in the Pridelands, Shisazen is running as fast as he can...but Fabana is there. "YOU MURDERED MY HUSBAND!" Shisazen is startled, and slides in the dirt, and smacks into a rock. Shisazen is knocked unconcious. "Uuuhh..." Fabana growls as she watches Shisazen trip over his own feet, as he was distracted. "Now it's your turn, Scar. Noone will interfere now...heh heh heh"

In the gully, a wildebeest rams the tree Simba's on, nearly breaking it. "Ahhhh!" Mufasa runs out into the herd, joining the stampede. Zazu squwaks out at Scar. "Oh Scar, this is awful. What will we do? What will we do? Hah ... I'll go back for help, that's what I'll do, I'll go back for he--oomph!" Scar backhands Zazu into a rock wall, knocking him out. Scar then follows Mufasa's progress from the lip of the gorge, his shadow cast mysteriously from the bottom of the gully. Mufasa runs with the herd till slightly past the tree. He whips around the front of some wildebeest and runs into the herd towards Simba's tree. He gets rammed head-first once, throwing him to the ground. A wildebeest hits Simba's tree, throwing Simba into the air. Mufasa gets up in time to catch Simba in the air with his mouth. He gets hit again and accidentally throws Simba. Simba dodges a few oncoming wildebeest. Mufasa runs by with the herd and grabs Simba. He jumps up to a near rock ledge and sets Simba down, but is immediately struck by a wildebeest and carried off into the stampede. Simba shouts out in horror. "DAD!" Simba watches in horror as he cannot find his father in the swirling mass of wildebeest below him. At the last second, Mufasa leaps out of the herd and starts to climb with great difficulty up the sheer rock slope. Simba turns and starts to climb up to the top of the gorge. Out of Simba's sight, Mufasa reaches a point right below a ledge where he can't climb due to the steepness. His claws are scraping and his back paws have no traction. Above him on the ledge is Scar. Mufasa calls out for help. "Scar! Broth--Brother! Help me!" Mufasa is slipping. Scar looks disdainfully down, and then suddenly latches onto Mufasa's forepaws with claws extended. Mufasa roars, primarily from the sudden pain of Scar's claws, but no doubt also due to the sudden flash of realization. His expression slowly changes to one of horror as he recognizes Scar's intent. Slowly and evilly, Scar whispers. "Long live the king." Scar throws his brother backwards. Mufasa free-falls, back first. The camera follows Mufasa down from under him, then from above him, showing the stampede raging below. Mufasa cries in in pain as he plummets. "Aaaaaaahh!" The echo...the stampede...the evil. The prophesy was true, even with Shisazen's power, he could not save his friend. Shisazen lies unconcious next to the rock several hundred feet from the gorge as Mufasa cries in despair. Mufasa hits the ground with an awesome strike, instantly ending his life. Simba cries out in fear. "NOOOOOOOOO!" Moments later...the herd passes. Everything is clouded by dust. Simba bounds to the canyon floor. Mufasa is nowhere to be seen. Simba coughs as he yells. "Dad!!" A pattering sound is heard in the distance. Quietly, Simba opens up. "Dad?" We see a stray wildebeest run past, the source of the sound. The wildebeest curves around a log further down the gully. Under the log is Mufasa, laying on his side. He is not moving or breathing. Simba approaches the body. Simba is heartbroken and is full of intense emotional pain. "Dad? ...Dad, come on." He rubs up against Mufasa's cheek. The head merely rolls back in place after the rub. "You gotta get up." He places both forepaws on his father's cheek and pushes. "Dad. We gotta go home." He tugs at Mufasa's ear. Again the head limply moves back in place. Simba runs off a bit, obviously very scared. "HEEEEELP! Somebody!" His voice reverberates hollowly off the sides of the gorge. "Anybody... help." He cries. Simba turns back to the body. He nuzzles up under the limp paw so that his father is embracing him. Scar appears from within the dust. "Simba. ...What have you done?" Simba jumps back, and cries. "There were wildebeests and he tried to save me... it was an accident, I... I didn't mean for it to happen." Embracing Simba, yet still distant... "Of course, of course you didn't. No one... ever means *pulling Simba closer* for these things to happen. ...But the king IS dead." Looking with mock regret at Simba "And if it weren't for you, he'd still be alive." Simba is crushed, believing his guilt. Another thought "occurs" to Scar. "Oh! What will your mother think?" Simba sniffles in pain. "What am I gonna do?" Scar stares his nephew down. "Run away, Simba. Run... Run away and never return." Simba runs off blindly, obviously broken. Slight pause. The three hyenas appear behind Scar. "Kill him." The hyenas take off after him; Scar stands motionless. Simba is chased up the entire length of the gully. He reaches the lip only to see a sheer drop on the other side. Having no choice he jumps and tumbles down into a patch of briars below. The hyenas pursue the entire way. When they are running down towards the briars, Banzai sees them and recoils. "Whoa!!" After skidding extensively, Banzai manages to stop just above the brambles. He heaves a sigh of relief. Then Shenzi and Ed run into him, propelling him into the bushes. "YEOW!!!" Jumping back out of the bushes. Shenzi and Ed laugh hysterically. Shenzi sees Simba emerge from the far side of the briars into the desert."Hey-- There he goes! There he goes!" Pulling out thorns with his teeth, Banzai could care less. "So go get 'im." Shenzi chuckles. "There ain't no way I'm going in there. What, you want me to come out there looking like you? Cactus Butt?" Ed laughs. Banzai spitts out thorns into Ed's laughing face; Ed lets out a small yelp of pain} "We gotta finish the job." Shenzi has a so-so attitude. "Well, he's as good as dead out there anyway. And IF he comes back, we'll kill 'im." Banzai shouts. "Yeah! you hear that? If you ever come back, we'll kill ya!!!" "Kill ya" echoes off as we see Simba still running into the desert. The Hyenas make their way off the cliffs back to the Pride Lands.

Back near the rock, Sarafina and Nala nudge Shisazen to awaken. Shisazen gets up slowly. "What...OW..." Sarafina pawed his head. "Careful, you knocked yourself pretty badly." Shisazen slowly got up, rubbing his head. "What happened?" Nala looked straight into his father's eyes. "They're dead." Tears began to pour from her eyes. Sarafina bursted out crying. she jumped over to Shisazen. "Shisy...they're dead. Simba and Mufasa were killed in the Stampede." Shisazen opened his eyes wide...it's as if he swallowed a tree branch. "No...it can't be..." Nala cried. "Daddy!" She begins to pout. before she could head to her father, he runs, and roars at the top of his lungs. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!" Shisazen roars ferociously. He then runs at his top speed into a random direction. Nala and Sarafina cry their hearts out, and they hug each other, staring at the gorge which would be Mufasa's final resting place. "Mommy...I can't believe it..." Sarafina hugs her daughter and tears rolls from her eyes.' She closes her eyes and bends her head down and hugs Nala. Nala continues to pout. Fabana exited from the Shadows to see Sarafina and Nala crying. "What happened?" Sarafina turned her head...she growled. Hyenas were not welcome in the Pridelands. "None of your business." Fabana stepped back. She then stared at the gorge. "That was some stampede...someone could've got killed." Nala screamed. "Someone DID get killed!" Sarafina growled again. "If you must know...Mufasa and Simba are dead...are you happy?" Fabana was happy. She did her job, but she had to make it look like she was horrified. "I'm...sorry to hear that...I really am." Sarafina roared. "GET OUT OF HERE." Fabana backed down...and turned in the other direction. She began to chuckle beneath her breath. She whispers to herself. "We're one step closer, Scar."

The night hours overshadow everything, and bring nothing but pain to the entire Pridelands. Scar is on the Promontory of Pride Rock. He gives eulogy of false pain and empty promises, to further satisfy his greed. "Mufasa's death was a terrible tragedy; but to lose Simba, who had barely begun to live..." Lionesses everywhere share their pain. Nala sits below Sarafina. Shisazen, returned from the long run, and notices Scar on the promontory. Shisazen stares and growls. Some of the lionesses, with Zazu, are comforting Sarabi, who bends her head in extreme pain. Nala is rubbing against her mother's paw, crying. Scar continues. "...For me it is a deep personal loss. So it is with a heavy heart that I assume the throne. Yet, out of the ashes of this tragedy, we shall rise to greet the dawning of a new era..." The hyenas start emerging, casting eerie green shadows and laughing hollowly. "...in which lion and hyena come together, in a great and glorious future!" Scar ascends Pride Rock as the hyenas appear in full force. The lionesses drop their jaws and widen their eyes, and they look all around them. Something isn't right. Rafiki in the distance shakes his head. Rafiki then heads back to his home. The symbol of Simba on the wall, he smears in pain.

Shisazen, cues Scar on his position. "I can't believe you're doing this Taka. As soon as Mufasa and Simba are gone, you make things ten times worse! You invited the HYENAS INTO THE PRIDELANDS! What do you expect is going to happen?" Scar licks his paw and strokes his mane. "I am the king now, Shisazen, and you are going to be taking orders from me. Is that clear?" Shisazen growls. "Crystal." Scar paces in a circle on the promontory. He fakes his sadness through a pathetic lecture. "Mufasa and Simba...the best of the best. What a tragedy. Too bad." Shisazen growls. "Sounds to me like you couldn't care less." Scar smerks. "Oh, but I do care. But we must fight. That's why I've invited the hyenas. With their help, we can make the Pridelands a better place." Shisazen roars. "Oh baloney. You know as well as I know that these hyenas are only good at stealing! They're terrible hunters! They have poor hygiene. And I think they couldn't care less about Mufasa and Simba's death either! You can take your orders and stuff it. Sarafina and I will be going elsewhere." Scar picked his teeth. "And where will you go? You're stuck here. You don't have a choice. Stay here, or starve." Shisazen furrowed a brow. "If we stay here, we will starve." Scar didn't want to believe him. "With the abundant supply of food here, I think not." Shisazen growled. "Don't you remember Taka, what your father said to you about the Circle of Life? It's delicate balance? We must set a standard rule here! We can't overhunt!" Scar rolled his eyes. "What about all of those double kills, hmm? I suggest you think it over, Shisy. Your options are limited. With Mufasa and Simba gone, you will have to help me." Shisazen protruded his claws into the ground. "This isn't over, Taka. I do not believe you are fit to rule the Pridelands. You'll see. The lionesses will rebel aganinst you." Scar laughed. "If they do that, they'll be left with nothing." Shisazen was worried. "What happened to you? I once considered you a friend...now I'm not sure what to think." Shisazen climbs off the Promontory as Scar stares Shisazen down.

Shisazen turns back to Sarafina and Nala. He sees them with Rafiki. "Rafiki, what's going on?" Sarafina bowed her head down. "Shisy, Scar should not be king. You should be." Shisazen shook his head. "But I'm not of royal blood, and neither are you, Saffy." Nala looked up. "But, Dad, you're the Pridelands Ambassador!" Shisazen sighs. "I know. But as Prince Consort, Scar has used his rights to claim the throne because of his brother's death. And since Simba is gone, too, we have to listen to him." Sarafina disagreed. "I don't think so! We can't just back down like this!" Rafiki looked up. "Shisy, behind Pride Rock is a place where Scar cannot go to." Shisazen answered. "Scar knows, Rafiki." Rafiki gasped. "How?" Shisazen frowned. "He found out about the secret place. But he may never go there. We can probably seek safe refuge there. And begin to train Nala." Nala opened her eyes wide. "Train me? For what?" Shisazen answered. "I'll will teach you everything that Hakimu told me. Sarafina and I will help train you to become the best hunting Lioness of the Pridelands. In order to survive, we must stay alert at all times." Nala looked up, and began to understand the situation.

It was going to be a long time before the Pridelands would ever see any happiness. A renegade pride from out of nowhere was searching for refuge. Tacasai, Amalai, Shendere, and Zira. These four lions were to enter the Pridelands. Zira looked around. "This seems like a nice place to rest." Scar from the Promontory sees the four lions enter the Pridelands. "You there! Answer me! What are you doing?" Zira looks up, and sees a black-maned brown-furred lion with green eyes. "Why...we're looking for a place to stay. Would you mind if we stayed here?" Scar jumped down off of Pride Rock, and headed toward Zira. Shendere interrupted. "I don't trust him, Zira." Zira shakes her head. "Oh, pul-eez." Amalai opens up. "He...could it be?" Tacasai has a revelation. "This lion is the descendant of Uru Akase..." Amalai was shocked. "Uru Akase was the queen of the Pridelands...she was a friend to my older sister, Mapenzi." Scar sees Zira. "Why do you want to stay here?" Zira smiled. "My, aren't you handsome..." Zira coughs. "...we need a place to stay. Our lands are out of resources, low on water and food." Scar smiled. "I'd be happy to have you as guests in my lands." Shendere whispered to Zira. "His lands? These lands belonged to Mufasa." Scar heard Shendere. "Whoever you are..." "My name is Shendere." "...yes, Shendere. My brother Mufasa...died...in the most unfortunate accident. A wildebeest stampede." The four lions didn't do anything, not even a hint of emotion. "Well...I have claimed his throne. You're welcome to stay here." Zira smiled..."Why, thank you...tell me, what is your name?" Scar smiled and stood close to Zira. "Taka. But you may call me Scar." Zira was being a flirt. "Tell me, do you like...Zebra?" Scar was smiling. "One of my favourites." Zira smiled. "Let me hunt tomorrow and I'll show you how to get one real quick." Scar was weak in the knees.

Shisazen, in the promotory, saw Scar meeting the rogue lions. "We're not supposed to let outsiders in here."

The plot is thickening...Scar is about to let 4 rouge lions into the Pride, under the rule of King Mufasa, this was against the law. Absolutely NO outswiders were permitted into the Pridelands unless for special circumstances. During this time, Nala would be tranined by Rafiki, Zazu, Shisazen, and Sarafina to become the best hunting lioness of the Pridelands. What's going to happen to the Pridelands. Is Simba really...dead? Only time will tell. The story, is going to go into overdrive.

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