Welcome to our FAQ. Hopefully you'll find all the answers you've been looking for regarding the site.


* Do You Own All Of This?

No, as much as I'd like to, I don't actually own a lot of what's on here. This site is just here to serve as a database to what's out there. It's not a personal collection.


* Is Any of This Stuff For Sale?

I don't actually own what's up here so unfortunately I'm not able to sell any of it. I'm sorry about that.


* Can You Tell Me Where I Can Get Lion King Items?

The best I can do is suggest checking eBay. If you're looking for collectibles or lot of stuff that's not sold in stores anymore (which a lot of this stuff is) that's the best place to look around on. Hopefully it will turn up what you're looking for. If this doesn't help then the only thing I can think to suggest is checking your local stores for more recently released items & your local garage sales or flea markets for older items.


* I Own This. Would You Like A Better Picture Of It For Your Site?

Of course! If you have a better photo of something that's up here I would absolutely love to show it off. A lot of the images on this site are collected online so clear photos are an absolute joy for me. If you'd like to contribute just drop me an e-mail at; kubo_hyena@hotmail.com & I'll replace what's up there & also credit you on that item page.


* I Own This But I Don't See It Anywhere On Here.

If that's the case you probably own something that I'm not aware even exists. Go you! If this is the case, then feel free to let me know about it. I always enjoy discovering new things out there! If you'd like me to add your item to the database just send along a photo, scan or link to the item. Any additional information also helps such as, Dates, Product Numbers, ISB#'s, Titles, or Limited Edition Info, if you have it. Any help is greatly appreciated & will always be credited on the site.


* Seriously. How Do You Have Time For All This?

I do this entirely out of my spare time. It's really kind of a hobby project for me so my apologies if a lot of the site is incomplete. Hopefully, over time, the site will come together little by little :)


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