Stories by: Mirri

The Tall Tails of Catwood

Chapter Too


Mika sticks her head into Mirri’s room, ”Dinner’s ready. Tell your brother. I’m only gonna say it once.”

Mirri rolls her eyes, ”Yeah, yeah. Don’t get your fur all ruffled.” She knocks on her brother’s door as Mika makes her way down the stairs again, ”Dinner, bro. Move it.”

Tika comes out and looks a lot more energetic and confident than usually, ”Coming, my sweet tigress.” He purrs with half-lidded eyes. Mirri just shoots him an odd glance and looks skyward, mumbling something unintelligible.

The two sit down at the table just as the elevator door chimes and Perihelion steps out. He carries a large deer over his shoulder and a wide smile on his face, ”Heya kids. How was school?”



”Glad you like it.” He moves into the kitchen to give Mika a quickly kiss before putting the deer down in the huge freezer located next to the stairs.

Senajit stirs in his basket under the stairs and figures it is time to get up. He rises to his feet lazily, shakes himself and slowly pads into the kitchen, looking around for his food bowl.

Mika sets the last few things on the table and the twins dig in, ”How was your day?”

Perihelion sits down and sighs, ”Well, not too bad I guess. They’re testing out a new weapon in my hunting party, but as I keep telling them, nothing beats your senses and a bit of jungle magic.”

Mirri hehs, ”That’s easy for you to say, dad. The other’s pro’bly can’t just fade into the shadows and walk on dry leaves without a noise.”

”No, but they don’t want to bother learning it either. If it was up to them they’d invent a weapon that could kill all the animals in the jungle in one blast, not leave a scar on any of them and preferably have them gutted and ready to send to the plant already.”

Tika interrupts with his mouth filled with meat, ”Hya dad. Whn y gnna teach m tha?”

Perihelion shrugs, ”Some day, son. Just not right now, things are far too busy.”

Tika nods and keeps eating hungrily. He looks up at his sister who smiles back at him so innocently that he knows she is up to something. What he does not notice, however, is how Mirri grabbed something from her plate, is wiggling it behind her back to get the attention of the hungry tiger lurking in the kitchen, and then how she throws it under the table. Naturally, Senajit leaps through the room and rudely shoves everyfur’s legs away under the table as he goes for his prize. The meat landed right beside Tika’s feet and he is the one getting squished the hardest as the much too large tiger presses in under the table. The leopard gives off a whine as his feet are mercilessly squeezed between the chair and the side of the tiger.

Mika blinks at the big furry thing assaulting and conquering all the space under the table, and kicks Senajit’s side, ”Sen!”

The tiger mewls and backs out again with a piece of meat in his mouth. Mika realizes what is wrong and gets up to put something in his empty food bowl in the kitchen. Tika gives his sister ‘that’ look, his lips squeezed almost as tightly together as his legs were. Mirri just cannot help giggling, and keeps her eyes down in the plate so no one else will notice.

After dinner, Perihelion and Mika sit together in the large beanbag chair in the middle of the living room, arms around each other. Mirri goes to her room to finish the last bit of homework and after that just lies down in bed and goes to sleep without saying goodnight to anyfur. It does not take more than a few hours before the whole house is sleeping soundly.

Mirri’s door slowly opens and a shadowy figure sneaks inside. The dark form moves closer without a sound, right up until a certain point before Mirri’s bed. Tika smiles invisibly in the dark and kneels down beside her bed as quietly as he can. He makes a motion backwards at the door with his paw and another large shadow slowly slinks in on four paws, his striped form illuminated just slightly by the waxing moonlight shining in from the window.

Tika positions the tiger at the right place and puts a paw on his back until his striped friend silently moves into a crouch. A quick rub behind the ears tells the tiger he is doing well so far, and makes his mouth water slightly at the thought of the snack he always got after rehearsing this with his spotted owner.

Tika stands up a bit more and smirks at his sleeping sisters still face. She lies breathing rhythmically in her sleep, and her brother judges she must be pretty far gone. He reaches out at the most sensitive spot on her body, the whiskers, and bats at them gently with a paw to arouse the sleeping form.

Mirri merely lets out an irritated grunt at first, but after a few touches her feline instincts tell her something is not right. She opens her eyes as if an alarm had just gone off in the room and looks up at the fur, exhaling slowly as she recognizes him. Her voice is strained and whispering, ”What are you doing in here? It’s late, bug off.”

Tika looks back at the door in alarm and whispers back, ”I can’t. Somefur is moving around in the house. I woke up by a sound and when I looked out of the door I saw a really large anthro sneak up the hatch and go over to the place where we keep all our knives and swords.”

Mirri gasps and puts a paw over her mouth, ”Oh my gods.. did you wake up mom and dad??”

Tika shakes his head quickly, ”No. I sneaked along the wall into your room hopefully without getting seen. But I’m not sure. I kinda bumped into the door when I tried to open it.”

Mirri blinks, ”You WHAT!?”

Tika gulps and nods slowly, ”Yeah. I think he might be coming in here first to check out....”

Mirri looks from her brother to the door quickly, ”What?”

The leopard slowly moves backwards to sit down beside the bed and hide in the shadows, ”Ssh.. I think he’s coming. I heard something outside the door..”

Both their eyes stare at the slightly opened door, none of them dare breath even once.

Suddenly the door is slammed open and a large furry thing leaps up on the bed over Mirri with a roar. Mirri screams in sheer terror and beats at the sides of the dangerous beast with both her paws.

Tika’s laughter is drowned as his sister continues screaming her head off. The large furry form still keeps her pressed against the bed and muffles her cries as she wiggles and squirms and frantically tries to get it off her.

Eventually the frightened tigress notices that the assailant is licking her face, but she only realizes who it is when Tika turns on the lamp over her desk. She puts two paws to the tiger’s chest and pushes against him so hard and unexpectedly that the poor thing rolls off the bed and lands on the floor with a loud *thump*

Senajit *rowls* in protest at the rough treatment to anyone who cares to listen and moves to his feet again, shaking himself. Tika catches Mirri’s flying pillow before it hits his face and throws it to the floor on top of Senajit’s head.


The tiger thinks it would be good to get out of here before more bad things happen to him, and he grabs the snack Tika has put outside his own door before moving downstairs to his blanket.

Tika has not stopped laughing for a moment and is already on his way out the door, ignoring his sister’s threats.

”I’ll get you Tika! I’ll take a terrible vengeance! When you least expect it I’ll come into your room, drag you away screaming and put you upside down in a Parallian anthill till you rot! Our parents will never find your remains, do you hear me!?!”

Tika grins and sticks his tongue out at her, ”Yeah? You and what courageous army?? You’ll pro’bly run away screaming at the first furry thing you see on your way.”

Mirri grabs her pillow from the floor and throws it out the door, her aim quite a bit off in her anger, ”C’mere you petty excuse for a colorblind leopard! You miserable waste of fur!! I’ll tear off your tail and clean the toilet with it!”

The door to their parents’ bedroom opens and Mika steps out, blinking her half-lidded eyes at the scene as she walks over towards her daughter’s room, ”What in the name of Zagra is going on here?”

Tika stands outside Mirri’s door and still cannot stop grinning. He points into the room and shrugs, ”It looks to me like she’s getting in touch with her anger.” After that comment he deems the area has become hazardous to leopards and slips into his own room, cleverly locking the door.

Mirri steps up to her door and still has not regained her normal tone of voice, ”I’m fine! Just go to sleep again!” She slams the door shut and locks it before throwing herself on the bed and uttering phrases she surely did not learn in this house...


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