Stories by: Mirri

The Tall Tails of Catwood

Chapter Eleventy


Tika is sitting in the living room, zapping through the seemingly endless amount of channels and tries to find something worthy of his interest. He keeps telling himself he definitely does not want this night to end now by surrendering and limping off to bed, so the poor thing falls asleep right there, the remote falling to the floor from his paw as he drifts off to sleep.

Suddenly a predatory roar is heard through the room, not a really loud one, but plenty to reach deep into the leopard and prickle his instincts. His eyes jump open and he looks around with a start, the first image he sees being that of a huge tiger leaping at him, but fortunately not getting any further than the TV screen. Tika frowns and looks down at the floor where Senajit lies, lashing his tail back and forth and giving the wall-sized TV his undivided attention. The leopard rolls his eyes and looks around for the remote, finally noticing it between the tiger’s paws.

”You’d better not’ve scratches the channel buttons with your claws, Sen.”

The tiger ignores him utterly and watches his two kindred sniffing and greeting each other the feline way. Tika gets up, grabs the remote from the floor and sits down again while changing the channel. Senajit gives off a quick whine and turns around to look at his master with huge, pleading eyes.

”I can’t believe you keep watching that stuff. I bet it just makes you even more lonely.” He sees the tiger’s expression and shakes his head, ”Oh no you don’t. Don’t you dare give me that look. I’m watching something else, got it?” He finds a mediocre show, which he has no interest in whatsoever and tries to concentrate on watching it, but his eyes keep springing back briefly to the begging tiger’s eyes.

”Oh, alright!” He grumbles and zaps back to channel 2461, ”There, knock yourself out.”

Senajit turns his head back and his tailtip once again starts moving back and forth across the floor as he watches the show. A groan is Tika’s only comment about this and he watches two tigers fighting over territory now. He bets Senajit actually understand more of what’s going on than he or even the narrator do, so he decides to be patient and listens to the informative program. Unfortunately as with most other informative programs Tika has seen, this one gets really long in some places and he is soon off to dreamland again.

The first prickling sensation goes unnoticed. The second prickle makes Tika *mrf* and move his arm a bit in his sleep, but finally the third time the tickling feeling is enough to wake him up fully. He just has time to blink once and look down in front of him before Senajit chews on the leopard’s paw once more.

The documentary seems to be over, and Tika now finds himself with Senajit sitting in front of him and trying to wake him up by nibbling on his fingers.

”Oww, stop it, Sen!” Tika grabs the tiger’s shoulders, firmly pushing him away and pulling his paw back so he will not be attacked again, ”What’s gotten into you?!”

The tiger rolls to his back and paws up at the leopard.

”Oh, so first you bite me and now you want me to scratch your belly?”

Seems like it.

Tika sighs, ”Alright, just this once.” He slides out of the beanbag to his knees and rubs his paw over Senajit’s white, furry tummy, instantly getting a pleased purr in response. The living room slowly comes into focus again as Tika was so abruptly awakened, and he can tell by the taste in his mouth that he has been asleep for maybe an hour or so.

The leopard lifts his head and looks up at the ceiling as if trying to see whether the others are already asleep. However, waits for Senajit to move away before he begins thinking too much. Tika rises to his feet with a yawn and fuzzles the tiger between his ears. Senajit just purrs happily and rubs himself against Tika’s legs before padding off to his blanket to catch some shut-eye.

”Not a bad idea.” Tika thinks to himself, turns off the TV and swallows the sad remains of the candy. He looks around for telltale misses that Senajit did not eat yet, but cannot find any, not even the tiny little popcorn shells that always fall on the floor. Not very surprising really. Senajit seems to have removed every trace of the spectacle. Not even the scent of the candies or popcorn is left, how the tiger managed to eat that too, Tika has no clue. That makes him wonder what else the little bugger could have been stealing and eating for all this time when he can cover his tracks this perfectly.

”Maybe I should try getting Sen to clean up my room?”, he ponders idly while heading for the kitchen. The leopard throws out the empty bag and heads upstairs. Halfway up the steps he addresses the cuddled form underneath the stairs, ”Goodnight Sen..”

No answer.

”Goodnight Sen.”


”That’s better.”

Tika partly stumbles into his room and throws himself on the bed, suddenly feeling the exhaustion overcome him...


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