by: Mirri

When Gods Tread The Ground

She just came to me one day
In my bright and sunny spot I lay
Thinking of nothing, enjoying the morning
She pounced into my life without warning
Happy and playful she were for sure
For her lack of company I was the cure

This white lioness was quite puzzling
Soon we would do nothing but nuzzling
Her love was clean and pure as her fur
Together with her the world turned a blur
My love was strong with the lioness of chalk
Until one fateful day she 'needed to talk'

Turned out my live for her wasn't enough
Hearing this came like the hardest cuff
She wanted to feel special, be my only one
I told her I was sorry, this can not be done
I have a pride, many others to care about
My dilemma here, surely she couldn't doubt

She didn't care, she only wanted me alone
Her dreams of us together a bit high-flown
My definite 'no' she did not take as a sport
Answering me with a growling snort
I explained how I couldn't abandon my pride
But she could always stay here by my side

'No one else will ever have you as mate'
When I understood, it was already too late
BeforeI knew it she was at my throat
Blood gushing, spilling onto my coat
Choking, trying to withstand her claws
She cared not for regicidal laws

Across my good eye her deadly claws flew
Just red, agonizing darkness it knew
A scream, my only response to the molest
As she tore herself horribly through my chest
At her head, I could but feeble paw
My cries simply drowning in her clenched maw

All of a sudden my strength returned
And while the blood in my eye still burnt
I pushed her away with a roar of pain
Blood flying at the shake of my mane
Anybody else I would have killed on the spot
Alas seeing her cry like this, I could not

Her hurt had turned to blind anger and rage
The poor lioness' body shaking at this stage
She cried I could not love, out loud
Everyone of my lionesses simply a crowd
Not a single one I truly loved for real
For that, it would be -her- time to squeal

I hit her so hard she flew away from me
That I could defend my honor, all would see
Her tumbling body was not a pretty sight
But what she had said just couldn't be right
As a rogue, true pride judgment she did lack
I knew she was only trying to hurt me back

She finally impacted with the ground
Landing on her neck with a nasty sound
I had constantly hoped we could make amends
But sadly, this is not how the story ends
My point of view I just wanted to prove
And now she... did not move...

If it was one of her tricks I did not care
To lose her my heart suddenly could not bear
She flinched not at my desperate poking
Oh gods how I hoped she was only joking
My realization of it all came just when
I knew she had left me already then...

I have sat alone now for days, crying in vain
Time heals all wounds, but the scars remain
When I said 'no', if I had made the right choice
Then why would I sell my soul just to hear her voice?
Was it all right, were we truly not meant to be?
In her own words, all she ever wanted was me

Had she purrhaps not been in such haste
My mind would not now be a total waste
She really was the kind that'd grow on you
She'd offered this troubled lion to begin anew
Now she's gone, vanished just like that
Her silent body all that's left of my cat

The next morning her body had simply gone
I sat there staring, feeling like a moron
Suddenly I grasped what had happened here
What kind of creature I had been so near
White fur, her grace, the sudden appearance
The work of the gods, in all its incoherence

The whole experience was completely backward
And now all my questions will stay unanswered
Had I passed a test, or rejected a gift?
Am I on solid ground now, or forever adrift?
She must be up with the gods, looking down
Seeing how in remorse and sorrow I drown

Was she the best thing that happened, or a curse?
I have not had a predicament any worse
Of her love there will never be a measure
Now the gods have reclaimed there treasure
Not a day goes by where I don't mourn my 'no'
If she was my soul mate, I will never know...


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