Don't even THINK about asking what her dark secrets are...

by: Mirri

The Lost Lioness

All the others are given quiet lives
Friends, family and eventually wives
Their cubs happily together play
But this path seems not my way

Forever in Darkness do I walk
Forever at a distance from all who talk
Sometimes I stumble upon others
Usually cubs with all their mothers

Members of prides they all are, yes
Not having a clue about my mess
They lend a paw, want to help
Take pity on this sobbing whelp

But when I finally tell my story
All their honor, vows and glory
Turn to hatred, for now they see
My god, why have you forsaken me?

So I walk alone, forever wandering
Leaving all behind to their pondering
Of why the lioness so pure and white
Has a heart darker than the moonless night...


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