No more yellow, I'm going blind! / These things have thoroughly warped my mind

by: Mirri

Mirri's Pokémon Theme Interpretation

I wanna be the very worst
Like no one ever was
I'll beat 'em hard until they burst
The world will feel no loss

It will travel across the land
Spreading far and wide
This is not something to understand
Bug you as it might

Jokemon! It's you and money
How expensive can this stuff be??
Pokepun! Oh, you're my worst friend
In a joy we must pretend
Pokemoan! A price so true
In the toystore they'll pull us thru
You poke me and I'll poke you
Chokemon! Gotta scratch 'em all
Gotta scratch 'em all

Every episode along the way
Shoved deep down my throat
I have to see them every day
Kids have stolen the remote

Play with me the time is right
Asses I will cream
There's "no violence" in this fight
Yet I can hear them scream

Yolkemon! It's Pikachu
Easter eggs like this one're few
Brokemon! Oh, it'll never end
On merchandise we spend
Croakemon! To level 90 they climb
Mine'll pound yours anytime
You beat me and I'll beat you
Provokemon! Gotta squash 'em all
Gotta squash 'em all


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