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by: Mirri



In the horizon we see the bright morning sun
Rising as it did even before life had begun
Down upon all the earliest of rays beam
The light is touching everything it would seem

It tears through the dark shroud of night
Revealing the world from a different side
And through the early fog and haze
We see the world quickly picking up its pace

A lioness her journey 'cross the land make
The savanna grass gently bending in her wake
With determined strides and eyes of blue
You will see her as I did once too

That soft smile resting upon her face
Fitting in neatly with the rest of her grace
And while the waking world around her is teeming
She takes a look at the morning, her eyes gleaming

Her graceful strides are matched by few
But she has still picked up a bad habit or two
In fact if at the waterhole you didn't see her gurgle
You'd think this cat was a true promise to the Circle

But even though she is looking quite tough
Of soft belly-rubs she can never get enough
And trust me, I would do anything to her
Just to hear my Norwegian lioness purr

A deep breath of air is all it will take
For this young lioness to properly wake
She flicks her tail once and stretches her spine
Oh yeah, this morning is sure looking fine

On her breakfast she will hopefully soon pound
She has killed more prey than she can even count
Ever since she was a cub she simply loved to pounce
Now it's just a bit of sneaking and a deadly bounce

She will surely not be very mild
In bringing down something wild
A mighty huntress is she, the world is knowing
But the herds are moving, better get going

Hunting alone in the wilderness
This leonine will settle for no less
Let's see, grubs, birds or mice, nope
zebra, gazelle and antelope

She watches the unknowing flock with interest
While keeping herself downwind and to the west
Her tongue darts out quickly to lick her muzzle
Soon after grass near the herd is beginning to rustle

At hunting this lioness cannot fail
She leaves no wildebeest to tell the tale
Of how it got away without a scratch
Cuz this feline always gets her catch

Claws in the dirt, kicking up grass
Doesn't take long to reach the mass
Of prey trampling and screaming in a fit
All hoping that she won't pick it

But a little sick one she has found
Shouldn't take long to bring it to ground
Three more strides and then a leap
Landing on its back, tumbling in a heap

One swift snap of her powerful jaw
And the playful wildebeest is no more
Panting hard, the mouth is watering already
Trying to focus, but still feeling a bit heady

The body comes into focus with a frown
There is more meat here than she can chow down
However, the lioness would much much rather
Hurry and eat her fill before scavengers gather

Not that they really mean any harm
She can feel the body is still warm
Though nowhere near as warm as the lioness
Wow, will you take a look at this bloody mess

Hooves, horns, legs and tail
It does look a bit more pale
She's caught her breath and is ready to eat
Digging her fangs in the sweet, rare meat

Soon her entire face is covered in blood
Streaming from the 'beest and mixing with the mud
No matter, a grooming will settle that in a flash
It will take a bit longer to get rid of that gash

The stupid 'beest just had to try and defend itself
Despite its efforts, her claws still ripped the pelt
Licking away blood now her tongue does
She sighs and thinks to herself, what a fuss

But at least now she'll be able to rest contently
Without food for a few more days she can easily be
The lioness is smiling and happily humming
The poor wildebeest hardly even saw her coming

The taste of the flesh she loves so
But hyenas are gathering, time to go
Her paws once again make their way through
The tall, thick grass towards something new

Since she was a cub she has been wandering
But never even once been seriously pondering
Why not stay with other lions somewhere
But anyplace she finds looks good to her

She might be good at hunting and stalking
But the lioness will surely never stop walking
She is determined to see the whole world
Into all kinds of adventures she is hurled

She never knows when a new will begin
She is just confident she will win
Whatever she is going to find in the end
Whatever is lurking just around the bend

She wanders and wonders why she was adopted
But her train of thoughts is rudely interrupted
As something down below powerfully pushes
Think it's time to pay a visit to the bushes

She has seen much during her long travels
Everytime waiting till another tale unravels
Her desire for action was never that dire
But still it ignites around her like wildfire

When she passes other lions just to stay
And socialize maybe just for a day
She's always a big hit with the younger cubs
Letting them play on her and handing out hugs

They enjoy batting at her tailtuft
Snuggling it and thinking it's so soft
What the cubs don't know and she's not saying, never
Is that once she leaves again, she'll be gone forever

She just leaves in the dawn, never hears the cries
If she did she could not handle all the goodbyes
But such is the solitary life she has chosen
To survive, a part of her heart must remain frozen

This pretty lioness has no home
How much longer will she walk alone
Maybe she is looking for the one
Or maybe just out having fun

No one can know fursure but she
And surely no one will be more lucky than he
That is, the lion she finally one day will choose
But so far upon her choice we can only muse

She is smaller than most, but not small in beauty
Just looking at her you can tell she's a cutie
Her broad tail, her ample curves
To lure the males it neatly serves

But they can flirt away to their hearts content
For herself she can easily fend
She is still young and feels she doesn't want
More burdens to carry around, no unnecessary bond

Many a king has asked her to join their pride
But in laughter her eyes always go wide
Laughing merrily as if she heard a good joke
Trust me, this lioness is forever rogue

Her beauty will not last forever more
One day this angel will no longer soar
But then maybe a lion will love her
Just for the lioness inside the fur

Then cubs would not be far away
Yeah sure, that'll be the day
I think she would be a good mother
If she would just take the bother

Getting offspring would be pretty clever
Nothing but hugs and nuzzles forever
But that is some time from now, no future is set
Whether she ever gets that far I would not bet

But one thing I know for sure
This female was made to endure
Although she might seem fuzzy and tender
She is a feline who will never surrender


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