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Makadhi's portrait

Nature has undeniably been generous to this young lion, even if life has not. Makadhi is strikingly handsome, his movements fluid and powerful despite his massive size and build. He bears the soft browish-gold fur of Pride Lands royalty, and his fiery red mane has grown thick and shaggy over his large head and broad shoulders.
In many ways, the resemblance to a young Mufasa is uncanny, but the heritage of his father, Scar, is still plainly visible to those who look closely. You can see it in the black claws of his forepaws which don't quite retract fully, in the tufts of darker fur at his knees... but most especially in his haunting emerald green eyes.

Makadhi lives at TLKMuck, and is currently in residence at Pride Rock. Among the members of his large and infamous family are his father Scar, his mother Elanna, his siblings Kanisha, Bjori, and Kopa, his half-siblings Rudisha, Tu, and A'shanti, his uncle Mufasa, his cousins Simba and Jespah, and most recently, his beloved mate Shina.

Makadhi's portrait was generously done by Nicole Fennessy. See more of her excellent work at Utendi's Pride:

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