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About who, you ask? Well it's about us, nafklt, the group that brought you this website. Hope you enjoy... The Savanna!


Well, what is there to say about me? Nothing really. I'm just any person that's obsessed with "The Lion King". Even that name, again, "The Lion King" sounds pretty majestic and colossal, don't you think? Well... okay back to me. Let's see, my hobbies include: collecting TLK stuff (duh), computers (no games other than TLK or SIM-related), making model aircrafts, table tennis or ping pong or whatever you call it, and finally, sitting back and relax to watch The Lion King over and over, well something like that. I love TLK fan-fiction as long as it doesn't alter the story of the movie. I haven't seen TLK in IMAX theatres (darn), something I regret terribly. Although I have seen different languages of The Lion King, which include: English, French, and Chinese (Mandarin). I also have some TLK stuff I bought in China, weird... but cool. For one thing is that I liked all three TLK movies, apart from Simba's big blob of mane from TLK 2 and the frequent and short pauses of TLK 1 1/2, but I liked everything else. Okay now, games. I really liked Simba's Mighty Adventure, for it is very good, and TLK for PC. Other from The Lion King, I like SIM- games like SimCopter or The Sims, especially SimCity. I am currently trying to create The New Amsterdam Theatre for SimCity 4. I also like cameras and astrophotography, even though I'm not very good at it. It was my New Year's resolution to upload this website before the New Year of 2003. The is my first website, after many failed attempts. I think that's the first time I used the italic type on this site. The newest member to my TLK collection is the TLK toothpaste and toothbrush I bought from London Drugs, I think I'll never use it. Oh, and if anyone shall want to contact me, I'll be waiting in a cave that goes by the address, scscc3@yahoo.ca. Don't ask why "scscc3" please.


Hey wasup everyone, I'm William, the “Screen shooter”. I like playing Table Tennis (Ping-Pong) with friends, computer stuff (especially games, I'm totally obsessed with games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! = )) Also Lion King stuff (movies, games you name it) though I'm not totally obsessed with it. If anyone wants review, FAQ/ Walkthrough, or cheats for a game, please contact me at false_chaos@hotmail.com.


oHello I am Roham, the game reviewer and editor. My hobbies are sports, photography and games. I love basketball and soccer. I like playing ping pong (Table Tennis) with my friends. I like Lion King but I am not obsessd with it unlike my friend (Robert), but I do like it a lot and especially the music. I have an interest in cars and planes. I like biking and running especially the annual Vancouver Sun Run.


Hi, I'm Christy. The new "Overseas Reporter". I live in Kuwait (So you'll be hearing about "Kuwaiti" news. I like to skateboard (It's cool), draw, play (almost every game) and read. I also like cars and FOOOOOOD!! If you'd like to contact me, please write to: chrispothen@hotmail.com.