The Savanna


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This Land Screenshot from TLK DVD (April 22nd, 2004- February 6th, 2005)

Yes, very temporary.

Sunrise Over the Savannah (April 22nd, 2004) Happy Earth Day!

Sunrise: first layer

First Impression

Fixed up, bolder curves

Darker & more realistic


Added border

Resized once again



Savanna landscape (February 27th, 2004)

Landscape made with a total of six layers in Photoshop

First portrait made in Photoshop

Tried adding grass to the landscape, but looked empty

2nd try: Added new layer with logo (note the misspelling: ...on your left. It was supposed to be your left)

Added another layer and grass. The grass was blocking the message.

Last concept



Zazu (December 30th, 2003)

Zazu from Brian Tiemann's collection of clipart


Last revised on February 6th, 2005