S. W., The founder of Nalaholics Anonymous. His purpose in founding this place is to provide a haven for Nalaholics, and allow them to meet each other more personally.

Nalaholics 1-10

Jim Burgess hails to us from East Conway, New Hampshire in the USA. He says that becoming a Nalaholic was a matter of a certain "LOOK" that caught his eye. Why did he want to be a Nalaholic? Because he could "feel the love" as he so aptly put. Congratulations, Jim, on becoming a Certified Nalaholic.


Marty McGuire Marty comes from Laurel, Maryland and lives in a blue house. When asked what attracted him to Nala he had much to say. Her eyes, her tail, her body all captivated his mind. His greatest dream? To cuddle up into Nala's soft, warm fur. Pure bliss to him. Congratulations, Marty, on becoming a Certified Nalaholic.


Justin Cooke Justin lives in Morningside in Alberta, Canada. He admits to loving Nala for her personality. As he says: "caring, intelligent feline figure, power, everything!" His dream is to locate an anatomically correct picture of Nala. Congratulations, Justin, on becoming a Certified Nalaholic.


Peter Sunnergren comes all the way from Mariestad, Sweden. He loves everything about Nala. "She has a beautiful personality, beautiful eyes and a beautiful body. I want to be a certified Nalaholic because I want something to do with anything that has to do with Nala!" His dream is to be near Nala but really wants to be a lion. At least that way no one will hate him for being sexually attracted to her. Congratulations, Peter, on becoming a Certified Nalaholic.


Dave Marchant considers himself the truest of true Nalaholics. A friend to all, he fell in love with Nala upon seeing "THE LOOK". Since then, Dave dreams about Nala day and night. His dream is to obtain a 'lust sized' Nala one day. His purposes: Unknown.  Congratulations, Dave, on becoming a Certified Nalaholic.


J. Takeshi A. comes from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. His love for Nala was at first due to her eyes which he found to be emerald, cute, sorrowful, grinning, and irresistible. He wanted to become a certified Nalaholic because it was an important (although not final =)) step in his Nalaholicacy. Congratulations, J. Takeshi, on becoming a Certified Nalaholic.


Shaun Daugherty hails from Annapolis, Maryland in the USA. Shaun fell in love with Nala from seeing her in The Lion King, various fanfictions, various pictures and well. . . Just seeing her :). He wants to become a Nalaholic because Nalaholics Anonymous deals with Nala, he wants to see more of Nala, because N.A. deals with Nala, and he LOVES Nala. Congratulations, Shaun, on becoming a Certified Nalaholic.

Mirco Zacher comes all the way from Hannover, Germany. Upon first seeing the "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" scene, he thought: "Mann, die hat einen Schlafzimmerblick." Meaning roughly: "Man, she looks as if she wants him . . . NOW!" Pointing out _THE LOOK_ as it has become known as, he admits that he has become addicted to her. His dream: A lust sized Nala to add to his collection of four already! Congratulations, Mirco, on becoming a Certified Nalaholic.