Johannes Overmann comes all the way from Cologne, Germany. He never thought it was possible: After watching TLK the first time, he felt a strong attraction to this lioness called Nala. Somehow he became more and more familiar with her, but it was more: He loved her. Nala as a whole that made him love her. He is a little jealous about Chad, but I wouldn't mind to be a lion either. His dream, To wake up beside a lust sized Nala. Congratulations, Johannes, on becoming a certified Nalaholic.

Nalaholics 11-20

Jesse Peterson likes Nala because she is the hottest thing on four legs. He comes to Nalaholics Anonymous to become just like the other Nalaholics, certified and accepted. He no longer wants to hide his shame when friends pull him from the Disney store. His dream is a close personal encounter with the lioness of his dreams. Species doesn't matter to him, Nala is wonderful in any form. Congratulations, Jesse, on becoming a certified Nalaholic.  
Baine S. Brock is located in Texas, USA. He loves Nala for her eyes, flawless personality, sleek, majestic figure, and much more. He is quoted as saying, "She's just perfect!" Becoming a Certified Nalaholic was not a want but a need. He wants to be a part of everything that has anything to do with Nala, case closed. He is proud of his 426 score on the Nalaholic Anonymous test and has a love of Nala that forces him to do some... pretty extreme things. Congratulations, Baine, on becoming a Certified Nalaholic.  
Daniel Borgshammar lives in Staffanstorp, Sweden and is completely lost on _THE LOOK_. Ever sense seeing her as an adult, he has been unable to fight the strong attraction that controls his mind. He's dreamt about her many nights and professes that losing friends means nothing in his love for Nala. He wants to be a certified Nalaholic because he loves and adores her very much. Congratulations, Daniel, on becoming a Certified Nalaholic.  
Bruce "Simba" Porterfield has gone by Simba for the last 32 years and lives in Jamestown, New York. He likes many things about Nala. Amongst the wonders he things of her, he feels no mere human could ever hope to have the beauty that is Nala. To be a Nalaholic, for him, is to embrace the feelings that this lioness brings out in him, to let us know we to are part of the Circle of Life, that we are not alone in our feelings. His envisions his dreams with Nala as making "Gone with the Wind" seem like a bad soap opera. Congratulations, Simba, on becoming a Certified Nalaholic.  
Frank Post lives in Holland and is currently 16. When asked why he likes Nala so much he says: Well . . . who doesn't?!?!?! He likes her look, her eyes, just every inch of her. And he likes to draw her too. Frank wanted be a certified Nalaholic because he was a Nalaholic who wanted to be certified! He dreams a quiet swim alone with Nala. Congratulations, Frank, on becoming a Certified Nalaholic.  
Oliver Feiler In Munichen, Germany, Oliver is well known as a Nala lover. He fell in love with Nala after the watching the movie twice. Even with friends saying he's sick, Oliver perseveres on in his love for Nala. He wanted to be a Certified Nalaholic just so he can say: "Hello world, I'm a Nalaholic!" His current project, a Win95 Nala program that will certainly be popular around the Nalaholic circles. He's got his wish. Congratulations, Oliver, on becoming a Certified Nalaholic.  
Kelli Jaunsen firmly believes that Nala is the greatest character ever.  Kelli also is happy to call Nala 'Queen of Pride Rock' and give her loyalty forever and ever. Congratulations, Kelli, on becoming a Certified Nalaholic.  
Benjamin G. is from Western New York State and likes Nala for a lot of reasons. He enjoyed her as a playful cub, watched her serious side with a careful eye, marveled at her violent side, reached out to her concerned side, and was completely blown away with "The Look". He wants to be a Nalaholic so he can mingle with the other Nalaholics and let the world know how wonderful Nala really is. Congratulations, Ben, on becoming a Certified Nalaholic.