James Maxwell comes to NA from Missoula, MT in the United States. He likes Nala because of all the Disney Heroines, Nala is by far the smartest, most beautiful and real one out there. He feels that she has avoided falling into the mold of the typical female role. An immense sense of pride, and a devotion to her duty and family is her her driving force and she puts others before her self. James wants to be a Nalaholic to fully and officially declare his love for Nala and let the world now that he is not ashamed. Congratulations, James, on becoming a Certified Nalaholic.

Nalaholics 171-180

Roogs (lion_roog on the message board) is from the Ol' Pueblo in Arizona. He likes Nala for her personality and how hot she would look in a mini skirt. One goal of his is to find his Nala, and make her his wife. He fell in love with Nala in 1998 and she has always held a special place in his heart.  Congratulations, Roogs, on becoming a Certified Nalaholic.


Loonylion comes to NA from Preston Polytechnic University, Lancashire. He first saw The Lion King in 1994 or 1995 and really liked it at the time. After a long hiatus, he saw it again and began paying more attention to the scenes with Nala. The attraction was strong and kept nagging him. He realized it was love When the story got to the LOOK, but tried to deny it. He did not want to admit to loving a cartoon lioness, however beautiful and perfect she was. Loonylion found NA by accident whilst browsing the LK.org member directory, and realised that he was not alone. After taking the Nalaholic test; and getting the second 'most Nalaholic' result, he decided to hide it no more and thanks Nala for everything she has done for him beacuse his life just keeps getting better. Congratulations, Loonylion, on becoming a Certified Nalaholic. 


Vitai is a Nalaholic from Jacksonville, Florida. After falling in love with "The Lion King" and eventually falling in love with Nala, he went searching for a website to express himself and his feelings. He found NA and has been here ever since. Vitai still has a great love for Nala.  He hopes to someday find a mate like himself with the personality of Nala and great heart that beats in her chest. Congratulations, Vitai, on becoming a Certified Nalaholic.


Plohotniuc Dimitrie joins NA from Bucharest, Romania.  He first saw TLK in February 2004 and loved it, feeling it the best thing he'd ever seen.  While searching the net for TLK stuff he came across Nalaholics Anonymous and at first took it as the joke it was intended to be. After a short while he came to realize he was visiting the site daily and stopped to find out why.  The reasons were clear: Her kindness, Her love, Her teasing, Her angelic looks and her way of handling situations make her the perfect female. He signed up to the message boards and discovered a great community and made one of his best friends there. Ke wants to become a Certified Nalaholic as Nala is part of his heart and he doesn't want to hide it. Applying for this title is one of the ways to praise Her and show that I love Her without being afraid of the consequences. Congratulations, Plohotniuc, on becoming a Certified Nalaholic.