K. K. What made him like Nala? That's a very simple question. Not just 'the' look, as it has come to be known among The Lion King fandom, but all of the looks. From those she gave Simba as a cub after pinning him...to the one she gave Simba as an adult...after pinning him, he finds her eyes to be the most startlingly perfect thing about her. He want to be a certified Nalaholic because he knows there are others like him out there and he want to meet them, it's that simple. Congratulations, on becoming a Certified Nalaholic.

Nalaholics 21-30

"the Panther" has been a true Nalaholic for a long time. He sees the spark in her eyes, and finds that to be the main thing that attracts him to her. He says that one can see the whole of her strength in her eyes. Her intelligence and beauty are also key factors in his love for Nala. Congratulations on becoming a Certified Nalaholic.  
Katie Reihman is an artist, and when she watched the movie, the movement, the harmony in her eyes the way she looks likes she know everything, a understanding. And yet there's a curiosity there. It moved her to painting drawing and sketching her in textbooks etc. She wants to be a Nalaholic because maybe there is a way if she can get into her mind in a way, then Nala, and her movements will flow onto the paper like water. Congratulations, Katie, on becoming a Certified Nalaholic.  
Remy Monsen comes to the NA listing all the way from Bergen, Norway. To Remy, Nala has it all. Not only is she the most beautiful creature, but intelligent and funny. Upon being asked why he became a Certified Nalaholic, the response was "If I'm already a Nalaholic, why not get Certified?" Congratulations, Remy, on becoming a certified Nalaholic!  
Fangmei loves nearly everything about  Nala. Her design, her voice actors, everything from her playful and caring attitude to the way she bats around hyenas like rag-dolls! She's adorable as a cub and when grown-up she has matured into a beautiful lioness. But what he likes most about her are her eyes, claiming, "I'm just a sucker for the color green!"  Why does he want to be a Certified Nalaholic? Why, what else but to let everyone know that he loves Nala and is PROUD of it! Congratulations, Fangmei, on becoming a Certified Nalaholic.  
Steffen Kilb likes everything about Nala, especially her nice body, her shining eyes, her elegant tail, her voice, and above all: Her intelligence, love, powers of persuasion, and faithfulness. He really admires the fact that she reminded Simba of his place in the Circle of Life and helped him to remember his past. Nala really is a great personality, as a cub as well as an adult and he wishes he'd be able to meet her in real life. He wants to be a Certified Nalaholic because he loves her so much and wants to express this love as much as possible.  
Sha joins the NA ranks from Mexico City. He claims that TLKoB and the animation in the movie, made him LOVE Nala's. He listens to the TLKoB CD all the time because Nala has such a beautiful voice. After reading a few stories, he began to see in Nala a different way. Now he dreams about her when he's sleep and when he's not. He wants to be a Certified Nalaholic as a tribute to Nala, the source of his inspiration and because there is no one as human, feminine and leonine like Nala. Congratulations, Sha, on becoming a Certified Nalaholic.  
John Burkitt resides in Nashville, Tennessee and likes Nala for several reasons. In fact, it was more than hormones, she has a great mind too. "What a set of brains!" He wants to be a Certified Nalaholic so Nala will see him listed while searching the web and want to meet him in person. If he can accomplish that, he surely wants to make her, his. Congratulations, John, on becoming a Certified Nalaholic.  
JFT is a Nalaholic from Houston, Texas. He loves Nala's beautiful blue-green eyes so much it makes him want to howl. But since he's a tiger, he'll settle for purring. He wants to be a Certified Nalaholic because he loves her and plans on stealing her away from Simba! Good luck. In his dreams, he sees him and Nala as together as one. Congratulations, JFT, on becoming a Certified Nalaholic.  
DarkUnicorn is mailing from Germany. He fell in love with Nala when he saw the Lion King. He likes her intelligence, her strength, her beauty and ... well almost everything of her. He wants to be a Certified Nalaholic because he didn't know that other people like me existed before he came to NA and he thinks that it's a really good idea to tell all those people out there how lovely Nala is! His dream is to be alone with Nala in the jungle for the rest of his life. Congratulations, DarkUnicorn, on becoming a Certified Nalaholic.